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Hamas’s message that the Western world is ignoring


AFTER Hamas’s mass murder of young concert-goers, entire families and the raping of women and desecration of corpses on October 7, I naively thought that the radical Western left would now surely see Hamas and those who support them for what they are, but no, their immediate reaction to the Islamo-fascist slaughter of more than a thousand Israeli civilians was to take to the streets in an alliance with Islamists. At a pro-Palestine rally in Brighton, an elected representative from Sussex University’s student union described the Hamas terror attacks as ‘inspiring’ and ‘beautiful’. Many in the crowd applauded her.

Similar sentiments have been openly expressed and recorded at Pro-Palestine rallies across the Western world. Ireland’s far left, which has serving MPs in the Republic’s parliament, even used photos of Hamas fighters on captured Israeli tanks to advertise their pro-Palestine demonstration just in case there was any confusion about exactly who it was they were standing with in solidarity.

Meanwhile, Islamist allies of those scruffy Dublin communists had no fear of being filmed walking around London looking for Jews to attack as the police looked on. Maybe we shouldn’t be too hard on the Met though: they’re probably exhausted from the volume of ‘non-crime hate incidents’ they have to deal with and will eventually get around to dealing with Islamists hoping to initiate a pogrom against Jews on UK streets once they’ve finished looking for edgy memes on Laurence Fox’s children’s iPads

Anyway, if you think those pro-Hamas protests in the West are bad now, imagine what they will be like after another five or ten years of continued mass immigration of young men from across the Islamic world where radical Islam has widespread support. Call me a prejudiced bigot if you wish, but I suspect it’s a certainty that more than a few of those thousands being housed in hotels at taxpayers’ expense across the five nations of the British Isles are a lot more likely to take to the streets in support of Hamas than they are in solidarity with Jewish civilians being slaughtered.

The brutal reality is that those pro-Hamas marches are indicative of the greatest social policy failure in the history of Western civilisation. As I wrote for TCW last year, Western immigration policies have facilitated the growth of radical Islam in the West, and radical Islam and liberal democracy cannot co-exist. 

Meanwhile back in fantasyland, people who view themselves as reasonable centrists are still calling for dialogue and diplomacy to find a negotiated settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Does it never dawn on them that you can’t reach a negotiated settlement with someone whose red line is wanting you and your family dead and your country dismantled and replaced with an Islamic state when your own red line is for none of those things to occur? Hamas clearly assert time and time again that their agenda is the ethnic cleansing of Jews and the destruction of Israel and its replacement with an Islamic state. The so called ‘moderate’ Fatah party who govern the West Bank also have a long history of supporting attacks on Israeli civilians, and while they claim to be open to a two-state solution have turned down the offer of a Palestinian state twice this century. Their intransigence makes Northern Irish politicians appear flexible.

While naivety and/or ignorance underpins the centrist mindset that Hamas are conducive to a negotiated settlement, the far left on the other hand fully subscribe to the Islamist narrative that every inch of Israel is an evil colonialist state that needs to be dismantled and handed over to the Palestinians. When you show them the evidence that this Palestinian state replacing the land of Israel would likely be a sharia-governed state, with all the barbarity that entails, supported by a majority of Palestinians, they shrug their shoulders in indifference. They are so blinded by their hatred of Israel, which they view as a capitalist imperialist enterprise, that they are willing to be the useful idiots for Islamists who tell us quite clearly that their eradication of Jews from Israel is just the first step in their subjugation of all non-Muslims across the globe, and that includes whiney, blue-haired polyamorous septum-pierced ‘social justice activists’, or communists as they used to be called. The far left who waste much of their time wildly exaggerating a ‘far right’ threat and accusing centre right social conservatives of being ‘Nazis’ at the same time either openly support, sympathise with or equivocate for Hamas, which is a Middle East equivalent of the KKK but far more brutal. You can’t be an anti-fascist while being an ally or apologist of Islamo-fascism. 

What those naive centrists and revolutionary socialists refuse to grasp is that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict isn’t about land. It’s a battle between Western civilisation and theocratic barbarism. Israel is merely the outpost at the forefront of that battle. In the days since writing this piece yet another French citizen has been murdered in an Islamist terror attack and two Swedes have been gunned down by an Islamist in Brussels. The radical left won’t be marching for them.  

Radical Islam is an existential threat not just for Israel but to the wider Western world. It is an enemy that needs to be dealt with along with those who enable and give it succour as we shamefully witnessed on Western streets over the last week. However, I have no faith that Western leaders will take any steps to deal effectively with that threat as they continue to facilitate the mass importation of the Islamist mindset across borders they refuse to defend. Unless we change course rapidly I see very dark clouds on the horizon. Some of them have already drifted into our midst.

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Andrew Devine
Andrew Devine
Andrew Devine is an Orwell Prize winning writer & blogger

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