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Hate-filled, paranoid crank – Bill Gates’s Soviet role model


BILL Gates, the computer salesman who somehow became an expert on epidemiology, vaccines, climate change and agriculture, has a pseudoscientific predecessor. Communist regimes, like the totalitarian Great Reset of today, subverted science for the pursuit of ‘progress’, with no contradictory facts or objective inquiry allowed to stand in the way. Former peasant and plant-breeder Trofim Lysenko, the Soviet Union’s favoured (but unqualified) agriculturalist, insisted that wheat and corn would learn to grow according to the doctrines of Marxism-Leninism.

Lysenko followed the heredity thesis of French scientist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, whose work was published decades before Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Inheritance of acquired traits was supposedly demonstrated by the neck of the giraffe, whose stretching resulted in offspring able to reach the upper branches of trees. Darwin’s theory of natural selection prioritised nature over nurture, the mechanism later explained as random mutation of genes.

Lamarckianism endured, however. It inspired the creative evolution of Henri Bergson’s élan vital, and the outlook of leading American psychologist William McDougall. Its accommodation of free will appealed to idealists, while its malleability served the communist ideology of the ‘New Man’. Instead of the involuntary process of Darwinian selection, people and society could improve themselves and their progeny through education, hygiene and social intervention. But Lamarckian theory was largely discredited by scientific research. Russian universities had several noted scholars in Mendelian genetics, but they were purged from their posts in the 1930s, some perishing in Siberian labour camps. George Bernard Shaw, a supporter of Stalin and a vitalist, would surely have approved of this ‘weeding of the garden’. In 1936 the accomplished Medico-Genetical Institute in Moscow was attacked by Pravda, leading to its closure. 

Illustrating Lysenko’s unscientific ideas was his claimed transformation of one species of wheat (the spring wheat Triticum Durum) into another (the winter wheat Triticum Vulgare) in two to four years of planting. As Swapnil Ghose explained on the Medium website, the genetic constitution of these two types of wheat is radically different, and so conventional horticulturalists knew this to be impossible.

However in 1948 the Central Committee of the Communist Party endorsed Lysenko’s politically correct biology, to rapturous applause. He was awarded the Order of Lenin and made a Hero of the Soviet Union. Martin Gardner in Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science (1957) described his appearance: ‘A nervous, shy man in conversation, with unruly dark hair and the tanned face of a farmer, Lysenko becomes a Russian William Jennings Bryan when he lectures. His eyes blaze with hidden fire.’

Gardner noted that ‘almost all the chief characteristics of the paranoid crank are exhibited by Lysenko; he is egotistical, fanatical, filed with hate for his enemies, and profoundly ignorant of scientific method’. Western scientists mocked him as illiterate and ignorant. Geneticist S C Harland remarked that ‘when I say that some of his assistants were using plant pots without drainage holes, your amateur gardening readers will understand’. 

Lysenko’s experiments were rarely published, but when positive results were reported, these unwittingly confirmed Mendelian laws. Of course, Lysenko attributed success to his manipulation of environmental conditions. He rejected statistical methods and probability – his absolutism left no room for chance. Gardner explained the value of Lysenko’s doctrine to Stalin’s regime: ‘Evolution, in Mendelian theory, is a slow process which operates by means of random, purposeless mutations. The overall result is progress, but a progress in which an individual cannot feel that his own improvements are directly passed on to children. Lysenkoism offers a more immediately attractive vision. Humanity becomes plastic – capable of being moulded quickly by new conditions and individual efforts. Russian children can be taught that the Revolution has ‘shattered’ the hereditary structure of the Soviet people – that each new generation growing up in the new environment will be a finer stock than the last. Every Soviet citizen, regardless of his genetic background, will soon be able to feel himself superior in heredity to citizens of decadent, bourgeois environments.’

Liberation from nature!  Needless to say, crops failed and people went hungry. In China, Maoism was even more extreme in its environmental manipulation. In the Great Leap Forward, launched in 1957, people were ordered to kill sparrows to reduce loss of crops. The harvest was devastated by the consequent increase in insects, which birds had kept in check.

But the difference between communist folly and the current globalist tyranny is that at least the intent of the former was good. The likes of Bill Gates want not to improve productivity, but instead to replace nature with genetically engineered or artificial stuff, amenable to total control. ‘Green’ really means synthetic.

The latter-day Lysenko of the emerging global technocracy is following in the footsteps of his father William Gates, who led the US abortion provider Planned Parenthood. Bill’s dabbling in demography began with his funding of reproductive health interventions in Africa and Asia. His contraceptive injections worked too well on some recipients, before he moved into immunology and vaccines. Gates may be lacking in medical qualifications, but that has not stopped him from becoming the most influential figure in the World Health Organisation. 

Gates has similar traits to those of Lysenko. In his irritability he may sound like Kermit the Frog, but to incur his wrath would be seriously detrimental to a professional or political career. Gates calls the shots. Professor Angus Dalgleish, an eminent oncologist with decades of clinical and research experience who writes for TCW, is ignored by the mainstream media because he opposes the narrative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which lavishly funds newspapers and broadcasters. Dalgleish, author of The Death of Science, is merely one example of a genuine expert cancelled on YouTube, while Gates can say whatever he likes without scrutiny.

As Gardner remarked, ‘the really frightening thing about Lysenkoism is the fact that a great culture has unequivocally made scientific truth subordinate to political control’. Western culture, infused with Enlightenment values, has been so corrupted that it is now no more rational or less brutal than Stalin’s Politburo. Gardner ended his chapter on Lysenko thus: ‘Let us hope that Lysenko’s success in Russia will serve for many generations to come as another reminder to the world of how quickly and easily a science can be corrupted when ignorant political leaders deem themselves competent to arbitrate scientific disputes.’

How soon lessons are unlearned.

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