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Have we the courage to repel the Great Reset?


A VERY small group of control freaks, who own or manage the majority of the world’s wealth and exert huge political influence, are intent on forcing us to comply with their schemes to shape the world into the image of their mad ideas. Your intrinsic value and the quality of your life, and that of your children and future generations, is being taken from you. Their tactics to achieve control of populations are instability in the present, promotion of negativity for the future, and ultimately subjugation to the ‘common good’ for all.

They’ve tested the extent of our possible compliance with their plans with a fictitious health scare, and inveigling governments into providing the funds for their work and the control systems for its implementation. By both subtle and brutal means they are undermining the very fabric of stable, moral society.

Subtle: through decades of leftist-controlled education, continuous low-level propaganda building to louder and louder concocted urgency, the twisting and misuse of scientific data, the demonising of historic norms and values, gradual displacement of communities.

Brutal: through the use of proxies such as violent and destructive BLM and Antifa groups, release of man-made viral diseases, coerced vaccination of national populations with untested drugs, forced removal of personal freedoms in lock-downs, uncontrolled illegal immigration of oppressive cultures.

But how many can see that there is one central evil, with its tentacles spreading out into all walks of life: politics, science, culture, religion, education and health? Like a WEF diagram, all are linked back to a central control and philosophy.

The foundation of the success and longevity of our Western culture has been based on the principles of Judeo-Christian philosophy and faith, the order they bring to society, and the rights and freedoms they give to individuals to make the most of their lives and opportunities. All of that is under concerted attack.

Family is the bedrock of society, the glue that binds it together. Without family there is no stability for children, no safe haven in times of trouble, no security against adverse outside influences, and no parental model for life. Family is the enemy of the ultra-wealthy schemers who wish to reconfigure the world, who want to sow confusion and bring chaos to undermine the standards and orthodoxies that have shaped successful, moral society up to now. Instead, we have the destruction of the nuclear family, replaced with a call to sit under a centralised ‘family’ of a social construct that does away with both father figure and mother figure.

Sex and sexuality are essential for life. There is man and woman, designed for love and procreation. Without both there can be no continuance of life. The absolute fundamental requirement for population replenishment is male/female couples. But in the world of the control freaks, common or garden citizens are too plentiful, so they corrupt children’s minds with normalisation of dysfunctional gender-bending identification, bringing instability to their understanding of relationships, and normalising the unnatural.

Education should enable children to develop understanding of truths; in science, in nature, in life, and learn to think and question for themselves. But our schools and colleges and universities have been hijacked by leftists who see it as their duty to indoctrinate children and young adults with the orthodoxies and lies of the cult they worship, and discourage any free thought and challenge.

People should be able to benefit from the fruits of their labour. Those fruits are now reserved for governments through increased taxes, subsidies and levies to pay for the obscenely expensive global agendas that are being pushed by the power-hungry and obsessively dictatorial elite. So you will have little if any spare cash to buy the things you enjoy, that improve your life and make it more enriching.

Being able to feel safe in our freedom of thought and expression is a thing of the past. Give the wrong opinion, express concern or criticism of something you consider unhealthy, dangerous or immoral and you could find yourself ostracised by brainwashed friends and family, being visited by the police thought-checkers, in court, or losing your job. We should have freedom from the shackles of authoritarian government, but we are hedged in by diktats and enforced norms of dubious morality and overbearing control.

Eugenics (the devaluing of life into a commodity) is a growing theme in the propaganda of the globalists. You and I are disposable entities, with limited use. If not functioning well enough to provide the labour, service and taxes they want, and becoming a burden on the state, then why not kill us off?

They call it the Great Reset. I call it a Great Regression; no more individual freedom, no more open questioning and considered dissent, no more opportunities to expand one’s horizons and improve our quality of life. 

This has come down to a war between those who would have supremacy over the planet’s human population, and that human population that needs to get out from under the thumb of such an evil cabal. They use the divide and conquer strategy to distract from their overall goal. Get people arguing over individual issues, bog them down in smaller singularities, so they don’t recognise the looming giant that will gather them up.

In H G Wells’s novel War of the Worlds, alien invaders who were taking over the earth were defeated by an unseen bug, harmless to mankind, but deadly to the invaders. Can our innate spirit of courage, freedom, truth and morality be that bug that will overcome the would-be conquerors who would steal our rights and freedoms and take us back to the times of lords and serfs? It is only by recognising the central danger, not being distracted by any one particular problem, rejecting the agents and propagandists of the globalists’ ‘Great Reset’ and standing strong against it in all its many forms, that maybe sometime soon we can all say we defeated the Great Regression.

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John Hale
John Hale
A semi-retired would-be poet, with a keen interest in politics and a love of the countryside, over 35 years of world-wide business development experience, and most importantly nine grandchildren. His substack, Driving Out the Money Changers, is here.

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