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Hope Not Hate – the ‘charity’ built on deceit: Part One


THIS is not the first time I have expressed my concerns about the increasingly baleful influence of the registered ‘charity’, but in fact activist outfit, Hope Not Hate (HNH). Its original purpose in 2001 was to counter the rise of the British National Party (BNP). Its declared mission today is ‘to work tirelessly to expose and oppose far-right extremism’ as though that was the major threat to society today. Its undeclared but barely disguised mission, as I will argue in these articles, is to position itself as the definer of political discourse and arbiter of free speech.

This ideological thought control aim became clear in 2017 when HNH negatively associated Brexiteers (over half the adult population of this country) with racism and the ‘far right’. By 2019, they had totally lost their way, justifying their existence by extending and distorting their definition of far right to anyone to the right of Jeremy Corbyn. And just as day turns to night, they have subsequently raised the spectre of Tory ‘Islamophobia’  based on a naive embrace of Islamism and determination to classify any critique of the religion or its anti-democratic activists as ‘Islamophobic’, segueing neatly into a new definition of ‘far right’. 

It’s a deceit that slipped the notice of both Tories and the newer Reform UK and making them a sitting duck for HNH’s favourite offence archaeology activities. Candidate selection has proved an easy target, with Labour alone apparently exempt. HNH has capitalised on the party’s amateurish mistake of not vetting all of its candidates properly but has also tarred others with perfectly legitimate views and concerns with the crime of wrongthink. 

Gloating over these political scalps, HNH’s confidence has never been higher as they openly boast that they will be campaigning against political candidates who cross their ‘red lines’.  How I wonder does that fit with being a charity?

From UKIP to the Brexit Party to Reform UK, HNH has a grudge against any political party which has actively supported Brexit. And by focusing on any harmless but lunatic fringe members they can dig up, the ‘charity’ manages to smear the justified concerns of millions of Reform’s supporters over sovereignty, uncontrolled immigration and Islamism. All of it becomes racist, fascist or extremist. It is not only risible but treacherous.

If HNH’s world of ‘far-right extremism’ was ever a threat in the past, as in the days of the BNP, it has not been for years. Meanwhile the escalating menace to democracy created by the love-in between the Left and Islamism – the real extremism – which dwarfs any ‘real’ far right, is something that bothers them not. Blind to demonstrably anti-democratic and anti-freedom forces, HNH has become a caricature of itself and an increasingly dangerous one.

Yet in their eagerness not to be seen as ‘Islamophobic’, both the Conservative Party and Reform UK are foolishly allowing HNH dictate to them – even boasting that they are HNH-vetted

With terms such as ‘racist’, ’fascist’ and ‘far right’ now so overused as to lose their punch, HNH have come up with a brand-new all-embracing smear term – the ‘radical right’. Anyone who values what were once seen as mainstream views, such as patriotism, border control, democracy, freedom of speech, Christian values, family and community, are now part of a ‘radical right’, according to HNH. So too is anyone who protests against the impoverishing and repressive covid and climate change scams imposed on us by our politicians seemingly at the behest of supranational organisations.

TCW does not escape their notice. We are described as part of the ‘conspiracist radical right’ because of our opposition to oppressive, anti-science covid lockdowns. It should amuse TCW readers to know that according to HNH the site is also ‘anti-Semitic’ having trawled the BTL commentators for Jew hate to dig out any that slipped the moderation net. This is typical of how HNH conduct their investigations and arrive at their judgements. If they read the articles they would find in TCW one of the very few British publications to have consistently stood up for Israel and against anti-Semitism in the face of much BTL abuse!

They have form when it comes to fabrication. After the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox in 2016, HNH grossly exaggerated the number of social media posts revelling in her death, wrongly claiming that 50,000 tweeters were guilty of this ‘hate crime’ and that her murderer was being called a hero. Both claims were debunked by the Economist yet no apology was ever forthcoming.

Tommy Robinson, described in the past by HNH as a ‘pint sized Fuhrer’ despite his pro – Israel sympathies and repudiation of anti-Semitism, is predictably a favourite target. In fact their reporting of him reads like a personal grudge. But of course he has served as a convenient hate figure for their ‘injustice’ and ‘anti-racism’ campaigning, as well as a smokescreen to obfuscate real racism and exploitation. What he will never be forgiven for by the woke, tyrannical left or by their fellow Islamist travellers, who Hope Not Hate now appear to represent, is his determined exposure of Muslim grooming gangs and uncompromising stand against Islamism. But, as we will see, you don’t have to be a Tommy Robinson to incur HNH’s wrath or to be demonised for your inappropriate (in their view) behaviour. You can be a respected member of the establishment who has never been on counter protest, but make the ‘mistake’ of ‘liking’ a ‘right-wing’ tweet – then you too will fall foul of their thought police. 

In the next two parts of this series I will further examine the role of Hope not Hate not just in deflecting attention from real and threatening ‘extremism’ but in creating a scenario in which any possible serious investigation of it is stymied by insisting that any such attempt is by definition ‘phobic’.

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Karen Harradine
Karen Harradine
Karen is an anthropologist and freelance journalist. She writes on anti-Semitism, Israel and spirituality. She is @KarenH777on Twitter.

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