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How to speak Leftie


WE have discussed before how the Left invert virtue and vice. They also invert language, their use of which is both shameless and brilliant. So fantastic is the switch that even I find myself blinking at how they manage to put so many people on the back foot even though they are so clearly the ones in the wrong. Much of this stems from the fact that in an interview, for instance, the conservative accepts the premise of the debate and the question.

Often the best thing you could do is to spend the first few minutes just rubbishing the premise of the debate. In fact, I have made a crib sheet of the most outrageous language flips the Left attempt.

1) Speech is violence, actual violence is peace.

Yes, in Orwell’s 1984 we all know that war was peace and peace was war and very nasty things indeed occurred in the Ministry of Love. Today, especially on the American campus, quite nasty things can happen at the hands of Leftist protesters. If the Left hear that a conservative speaker is going to come and use scary words, they will look to shut this speaker down in violent ways.

Speech is not violence. There are clear laws prohibiting incitement to violence; anything that falls beyond this is not ‘harmful’. Speech cannot make feel people unsafe or excluded. It might challenge your Leftist viewpoint and many of your opinions that you know deep down are wrong, but that is not the same thing as saying the speech is ‘harmful’. If it causes you emotional distress this is probably because you know what they are saying is true, and what you believe is built on a stack of Leftist lies.

Yet the people who are threatening violent or committing acts of violent are somehow not the violent ones. According to them the person that they are committing violence against, the peaceful speaker, is the violent one. Confused? Exactly,

2) The Left want diversity. In reality they demand total conformity.

I explained this one before. When the Left talk about diversity they mean they want people to look different but not say anything different. If an ethnic minority has different views, they are committing acts of violence. They do not want people to have a diversity of views or beliefs they just want diversity of genitals and skin colour.

3) Inclusion often leads to exclusion.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that those who talk about inclusion the most practise it the least. If you have a point of view that deviates from the orthodoxy, the Left will exclude you from public life (see Roger Scruton), employment (see tax experts and teachers), the academy (see Jordan Peterson) or just the historical record (see all the statues that have tumbled in the US). Sometimes inclusion means you have to exclude others. You know that way it is – peace is war etc, etc.

4) The anti-fascist fascists.

Antifa, the so-called anti-fascists, are in fact fascist. They believe they are entitled to impose their anti-fascist beliefs by using fascist tactics. They denounce conservative speakers as fascists and, madly, they do this while wearing black balaclavas, baseball bats and smashing in windows. If you end up getting hurt in the process, then it is all your fault.

5) The anti-democrat democrats.

You know those people who claim they are standing up for democracy while they have spent the last two years either calling into the question the legitimacy of a democratic election or a democratic referendum? They are the anti-democrat democrats.

In the last two years, we have seen politicians and the media not merely criticise the President of the United States but perpetuate a lie that the election was not legitimate and therefore Trump was not a legitimate President because he ‘colluded with the Russians’. We know this was a fabrication of the Left, who believe that they should be in power for ever.

Similarly, there have been quite a few politicians and some in the media who would have us believe that the referendum to leave the EU was won by ‘dark money’, perhaps Russian money, and not because people were fed up with the status-quo. We are told that we might never again be able to have another free and fair election because of Facebook! Something tells me that if things go Leftward once more, they will be singing a different tune.

These are just a few examples of the neat linguistic tricks the Left always play. Others include telling us that knife crime is a public health issue, and that abortion, the killing of an innocent unborn child, is in fact ‘care’. You know the drill: war is peace and killing is caring etc, etc.

Truth is not a value for the Left. As they are not bound by truth they can say anything they want. That is why listening to the mainstream media is so maddening. They tell you right is wrong, virtue is vice and truth is lies.

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