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How vaccination is actually driving Covid to be more infectious


Neville Hodgkinson, the former medical and science correspondent of several national newspapers, including the Sunday Times, Sunday Express and Daily Mail, has been researching and preparing a ‘round-up’ for TCW detailing the scores of indications of harm from the Covid mRNA jabs, from myocarditis, menstrual irregularities and infertility to teen and under-30s deaths and increased rates of cancer. In a series of articles for TCW, he has been focusing on each of these adverse effects and more. You can read his introduction here, his article on heart damage here and yesterday’s article on fertility issues here. 

THE lockdowns, mask mandates, school closures and care home disasters triggered by Covid are increasingly being acknowledged as ghastly and costly mistakes, but the vaccines we were pressed so hard to take are still being promoted as a ‘safe and effective’ triumph of modern medicine.

As TCW readers were reminded last week, the data do not support that picture. The immune response to the jabs can sometimes enhance risk of illness, and there have been many warnings as to why that should be the case.   

In the most vaccinated nations, people are now dying from non-Covid causes at worryingly faster rates than expected compared with recent years. What is more, the jabbed are now clearly more at risk of catching Covid than the unvaccinated – an astounding seven times more, according to one report.

Geert Vanden Bossche is a top vaccinologist and expert on the immune system who controversially declared from the start that mass vaccination during the pandemic would be a huge and dangerous mistake.  In an extraordinary interview on Sunday (already taken down by YouTube) he spelled out in detail the immune system mechanisms he believes are at work.

‘The real science is very, very powerful, but not sufficiently understood by the opinion leaders and health officials,’ he told Dr Syed Haider, of the US campaign group Children’s Health Defense. ‘The biggest enemy in control of the pandemic is the lack of insight into the immunology.’

Bossche said that when somebody is vaccinated in the midst of a pandemic, and becomes exposed to the virus before antibodies have matured and become fully functional (which takes several weeks), the antibodies put partial pressure on the virus but not enough to stop it from replicating. This ‘sub-optimal’ response has dangerous consequences.

‘When viruses replicate they automatically produce mutants – variants. So the virus will select those variants that are capable of overcoming the immune pressure from the antibodies.

‘When you do this massively, in large populations, you select mutants able to overcome this sub-optimal immune pressure, and they will start to dominate. That is why, all of a sudden, we saw these infectious variants become dominant. The changes we are seeing have to do with the impact of the mass vaccination. The virus strains are becoming more and more infectious.’   

This high infectiousness is accompanied by the production of ‘non-neutralising’ antibodies that do not eliminate the virus, but which usually stop it from penetrating more deeply into the body and causing severe disease. 

That is why we are currently seeing extremely high infection rates, but without rocketing hospitalisations, Bossche said. ‘Virulence – the capacity to cause severe disease – will only happen when the virus manages to overcome the pressures exerted by the non-neutralising antibodies, because these prevent severe disease.’

It had been his fear all along that mass vaccination could become a threat if it drives the evolution of variants that are not only more infectious, but more resistant to the protective effect of the non-neutralising antibodies.  His own studies of variants suggest that is still a risk.

‘Vaccines are not reducing infection rates. They have never been so high. What I am talking about is to a large extent happening behind the curtains: mass vaccination is putting pressure on the virus that forces it to evolve in a way it can survive. We have arrived at what I think is the very last stage of what the immune system can possibly compensate for. Once that hurdle is overcome, we will end up with a situation that I think is very, very dire.’

In March last year, Bossche published an open letter to the World Health Organisation and other agencies warning that ‘mass vaccination amidst a pandemic will create an irrepressible monster’.  Countless authorities dismissed his claims.

He has proved right about the rapid evolution of increasingly infectious variants, but wrong in his ‘doomsday’ prediction of a variant that would not only be highly infectious, but cause severe disease.

‘That will only happen if the virus manages to overcome the pressures exerted by the non-neutralising antibodies, because they prevent severe disease,’ he says.  ‘My fear is that this will be the end station, where these mass vaccination campaigns will bring us.

‘I have been wrong about the timeline. I thought it would evolve much faster. I was predicting this outcome for this summer. What I have learned is that the immune system is extremely resilient. It can compensate and compensate, delaying the evolution of the virus. But the mutations are becoming larger, and accelerating.’

If a more damaging strain does emerge, the vaccinated would be at particular risk because of lacking the innate immunity developed when we become infected naturally. 

‘Breakthrough infections occur more easily in vaccinees because they have not trained the innate immune system, which can take out a big chunk of the incoming virus. This combination of more infectious virus spreading and lack of innate, trained immunity, will make the vaccinees more susceptible to the new emerging strains.’

It was a mistake, Bossche says, to believe that vaccination can generate herd immunity – the idea that as more people become immune to a disease, that will help prevent the spread to others. ‘On the contrary, the vaccines are a breeding ground for these highly infectious strains.’

Immunity acquired naturally, through exposure to the virus, has to be the basis of herd immunity. ‘When you take this away – for example, in 80 per cent of the population [through vaccination] –  you can no longer have herd immunity.’

Bossche suggests one way to prevent an explosion of disease would be to give antiviral drugs to the vaccinated, to reduce the transmission rate of the virus. ‘People have to realise: even if we stop all vaccinations tomorrow, all over the world, we will not stop the consequences of the mass vaccination. Once you have started this, you cannot stop it unless you dramatically intervene in the infection rate of the virus. 

‘Forget the unvaccinated – when they get infected, they eliminate the virus. But for the vaccinees, that is really a challenge, because mass vaccination has only promoted high infection rates; whereas herd immunity, based on natural immunity, is doing exactly the opposite.

‘And do not vaccinate the children, for God’s sake! That is very, very important. They are a core element of herd immunity. They easily develop natural immunity, even without developing the disease, let alone severe disease.’

Vaccinating children is ‘the biggest mistake ever’, he says, because that is destroying one way of stopping the virus evolution – simply by not vaccinating. ‘Just like most of the African countries. That’s why I am saying, Africa will win – this battle, at least. Because they will develop herd immunity. It’s the only way you can contain the pandemic.’

Bossche says his speaking out on Covid has ‘nothing to do with my passion for vaccines.’ He has been involved in vaccine research and development for most of his working life, including periods with the UK pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI (formerly the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation) and the German Centre for Infection Research, where he was head of vaccine development. He is now a biotechnology and vaccine consultant and researcher.

His analysis says nothing about the toxic ‘spike’ protein characteristic of the genetically engineered virus, whose production is induced by the mRNA jabs in ways that make it more of a threat to health than the virus itself, as explained in the first article in this series.

Other studies have pointed to directly damaging effects from the Covid jabs on the immune system, increasing the risk of triggering or worsening a variety of conditions ranging from shingles and other skin reactions (including a reported ‘explosion’ of hair loss), to cancer (see here and here). The European Medicines Agency has acknowledged that frequent booster shots could adversely affect immunity.

A massive variety of conditions, arising in part from immune system damage, has been reported in the wake of the jabs. This is one of the factors obscuring recognition of the dangers, because with such a wide range of adverse effects, regulators continue to insist they are not proven to be caused by the vaccines, despite the unprecedented numbers.

In the last article of this series, we will look at brain and nervous system disorders, which constitute the great majority of adverse events reported. 

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Neville Hodgkinson
Neville Hodgkinson
Neville Hodgkinson is the former Sunday Times medical and science correspondent who created an international storm by reporting a scientific challenge to the ‘HIV’ theory of Aids. His new book, How HIV/Aids Set the Stage for the Covid Crisis, is an expanded and updated version of his previous book on the controversy. It is available here.

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