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How we let the state gain absolute control


NONE of us, or at least very few, had heard the phrase ‘gain of function’ before 2020. It refers to the research that Barack Obama banned in 2014 which Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) managed to continue on ‘exemption grounds’ and by outsourcing it to Wuhan’s Institute of Virology – specifically the NIAID-funded, EcoHealth Alliance bat coronavirus vaccine (DEFUSE) project, since blamed for the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak.

Because of covid and Wuhan and because British-born Peter Daszak, who heads the EcoHealth Alliance, has just appeared before a US Congressional committee looking into the covid disaster, more of us now know what it is (genetically altering organisms to enhance their functions, such as infectivity). And because Dr Daszak didn’t come out that well. One headline read: ‘Hearing Wrap Up: EcoHealth Alliance Should be Criminally Investigated, Formally Debarred’.

A reasonably straightforward conclusion. These people are crooks and should be in prison along with their political protectors or stooges from Biden, Johnson and Ursula von der Leyen to their down-under co-conspirators Morrison and Ardern. The EcoHealth Alliance itself is but one research/consultancy outfit working for deep state on bioweapons research; a key operator of the Covid State but not its progenitor. From Fauci’s NIAID to CEPI (the Centre for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations), there is an international web of pandemic hucksters, with connections to the Wuhan lab, to the American deep state and DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), exposed in all their glory by Paula Jardine at TCW.

There are heroes too, in the outing and relentless pursuit of these covid co-conspirators. One is Senator Rand Paul, who has pursued Fauci like a dog with a bone. Another is Robert F Kennedy Jr whose book The Real Anthony Fauci should be required reading for anyone with a still half-formed view on the ‘plandemic’. Senator Paul’s Oversight Committee stated what researchers such as Jardine already knew, that gain of function research creates potential pandemic pathogens.

In other words, they created covid, deliberately making a coronavirus more pathogenic (meaning causing or capable of causing disease).

The exposure of these covid ‘plandemic’ networks by the Congressional Committee is a better-late-than-never outcome. Whatever one’s theory of the origins of covid, and there is still work to be done on this, the converging opportunists (and worse) identified by Paula Jardine did two things: they helped to create the very idea of a pandemic, which covid certainly wasn’t, and they created the Covid State.

It was quite a week, really, with AstraZeneca’s announcement that it had withdrawn its covid vaccine for ‘lack of demand’. Little wonder when it has provenly caused fatal blood clots, a matter which has made it, very tentatively, into the mainstream conversation. The dots remain to be joined among the dumb-as-sh*t covid class. The covid guilty, far from cringing, are of course not giving up just because of the emergence of damning evidence against them.

There is a broader lesson here. The whole development of the modern state has been a gain-of-function tale for over a century. There is a phrase for this – mission creep. The last century has seen the emergence of the total state characterised by its depth, its breadth, its exclusion of dissent, its essence of purpose derived from and defined by the state, its brutality of execution and the finality of its pronouncements.

The modern state, a true Hobbesian Leviathan, has been enabled by apathy, technology, lies, manufactured crises, convergent opportunism, the urge to power, ideology and a desire to create utopias. We never consented to any of this. It is the ultimate victory of Rousseau over Locke. Somewhere along the way, there was a gain of function and it was predicted. The elite theorists of democracy – Pareto Mosca and Michels – described a version which had little to do with popular accountability. The American philosopher James Burnham saw the coming of a managerial caste which would take over running the democratic state.

One of the great fallacies is that the modern state was ‘inevitable’ owing to the emergence of mass society and the need to manage it. This is a big lie. The thinker who saw this coming crisis most clearly was Friedrich Hayek. His Constitution of Liberty and The Road to Serfdom spelled it out. There are two approaches to the modern political problem. One sees the task as perfecting society according to some central vision. The other acknowledges our weakness and complexity as well as the need for limited government, because of our disparate personal objectives and the utter incapacity of a centralised state to manage these.

Of all people to see this clearly, the British historian David Starkey has nailed it in a modern masterpiece of a speech. His debt to Hayek is explicit.

Starkey contrasts the teleological state, with its utopian visions of a society with an ultimate purpose, inevitably imposed top-down, versus the organic development over time of a society suited to its citizens, honed by experience. As Starkey calls it, the free market of ideas tested by time. The ultimate failure of the Enlightenment is to have left us with the former – an all-controlling state, an administrative state. A deep state. The Covid State. Powered by technology. Enabled by declarations of crisis. Characterised by deceit. Lethal in its consequences. Tethered to a narrative of ‘saving us’ from our sins. And, ultimately, excused by our own acquiescence.

The state has gained function. It has made the state more pathogenic. Somehow, on our watch, we have enabled the Peter Daszaks and their deeply networked coteries to take the reins of an already corrupt deep state and to allow it to get a little bit deeper.

What is striking is the extent to which the state has itself enabled its own extension, utterly beyond the reach of we-the-people. Mostly, without our knowledge, over time, bit by bit. A state run by outsourced policy-makers in the woke NGOs, the unelected bureaucrats, the ‘experts’, the technocrats, the global corporate class, the oligarchs, the managerial class. We lost the reins a long, long time ago.  

God knows how we get them back.  After all, most of us don’t even know it has happened.

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Paul Collits
Paul Collits
Paul Collits is a freelance writer and regular contributor to Quadrant Online

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