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Hysterical woke teacher versus polite, sensible pupils – the trans debate at Rye College


THIS is a complete transcript of the recent conversation between a female teacher and two female pupils at Rye College, East Sussex, after another pupil allegedly self-identified as a cat. The recording, obviously made by the pupils involved, was uploaded to Turning Point UK (an independent news website) and has since gone viral on GB News, with a slowed-down version of the recording to protect identities. This conversation took place during a lesson which included the subject of how people ‘identify’.

Here is the transcript:

Teacher: You’ve just really upset someone, gender is about how you identify. Where do you get the idea there are only two genders?

Girl: If I respect their opinion can’t they respect mine?

Teacher: It is not an opinion.

Girl: There’s only a boy and a girl, there’s no other private parts. 

Teacher: Gender is not linked to the parts you were born with; gender is about how you identify. 

Girl: I just don’t agree with it. 

Teacher: There is [sic] actually three biological sexes. You can be born intersex: you can be born with male and female body parts or hormones – did you know that?

Girl: I am talking about biological sex in terms of gender.  

Teacher: There are lots of genders: there is transgender, agender, people who don’t believe they have a gender at all. 

Girl: Yeah, but you can’t have that.

Teacher: What do you mean you can’t have that? It’s not a law.  

Girl: It’s our opinion: we just don’t agree with it. We just think if you have a vagina you’re a girl, if you have a penis you’re a boy.

Teacher: But cisgender is not necessarily the way to be. You were talking about the fact that cisgender is the norm, that you identify with the gender of the sexual organ that you were born with or you’re weird: that’s basically what you’re saying which is really despicable.

Girls: Yeah.

Girl: If I called my mum right now she’d say the same.

Teacher: Well, that’s very sad as well, then.

Girl: How is it that loads of people agree with that there is only a small majority of people who think that?

Teacher: And why do you think we have so many problems in the world with homophobia?

Girl: That’s not homophobia. That’s transgender.

Girl: I’m fine with lesbians and gay people. I’ve got nothing against them.

Teacher: But there is a link between it – you’re saying that people can’t change to who they want to be. 

Girl: No they can’t. Unless you get a penis attached.

Teacher: You are so wrong. 

Girl: No I’m not.   

Teacher: You’re confusing sex and gender. 

Girl: No I am not though, because if you have a vagina you’re a girl, if you have a penis you’re a boy.  

Teacher: Gender is how you identify. IT’S NOT AN OPINION!

Girls: YES IT IS! 

Teacher: No it’s not and if you don’t like it you need to go to a different school. I’m reporting you to Miss Willis. You need to have a proper educational conversation about equality, diversity and inclusion, because I’m not having that expressed in my lesson while I am teaching you about you can be who you want to be. How you identify is up to you.

Girl: They [obviously meaning most people] just don’t say it because all this happens.

Teacher: Maybe because they’re polite and maybe they’re sensitive.

Girl: I haven’t said anything in all of the lessons I’ve been in. It’s just because they turn around and start saying something so I said how can you identify as a cat when you’re a girl?

Teacher: THEY are now writing a statement. I would imagine that you will be asked to write a statement as well.

Girls: Yes we will.

Reader, please go to  to hear this dialogue. It may have been removed by the time of publication, hence my compiling a transcription.

So let’s just unpick this. Firstly the teacher is challenging the pupils’ opinion that there are only two genders. She then goes on to explain that there are people who are born intersex. I personally happen to know this is true because I had a friend (now deceased) who was born with both sets of organs. Yvonne was a good and much-loved friend of mine but she never talked about her gender or sexuality. She never forced her opinions on anyone.

So I personally have no problem with that. However, the teacher then goes on to challenge the girls’ right to an opinion and her tone becomes more hysterical during the interchange.

The tutor becomes particularly irritated by the girls’ persistence that a boy has penis and a girl has a vagina and that there are no other private parts.

Astoundingly, the teacher then expounds the theory that gender effectively has nothing to do with the parts you are born with, it’s what you identify as.

When the girls respond that it is their opinion, the teacher then completely invalidates their point of view by deliberately obfuscating, and denying their right to an opinion by overriding their comments with the use of the word cisgender – another piece of woke terminology to describe a person who identifies as the sex they were born with, which is the majority of us.

The teacher goes on to refer to the girls’ views as despicable, even though the girls persist in expressing their views forcefully but without any hint of rudeness or displaying any kind of animosity to others’ opinions, unlike the teacher who then threatens them with Miss Willis, who apparently is the assistant headteacher.

The whole tone of this conversation demonstrates the attitude of the teacher: authoritarian woke, unwilling to have her views challenged and clear that her opinion only is the valid one. She even suggests that the girls find another school.

This conversation has now gone viral on mainstream media and has opened up the discussion on the whole concept of gender ideology.

There are indeed only two sexes: male and female, biological fact. Yes, some people are born with genital disfigurements or, as is mentioned here, both sets of organs and yes, such people are supremely entitled to decide which gender they want to be.

Other people suffer from gender dysphoria (a feeling of being born in the wrong body). Again, this is an issue which needs to be dealt with sensitively and preferably by medical professionals.

However, this teacher, as many of the woke disposition do, appears to be supremely intolerant of any other opinion than her own.

Let me record here once again, for the hard of understanding. I couldn’t care less if you want to identify as a cat, a dog or a duck-billed platypus. That is merely your wish. It doesn’t mean everybody else has to acknowledge it.

I – and most of the population – refuse to buy into the current hectoring, screeching, bullying mindset that refers to me as cis. I am a woman. Woman = adult human female.

These two brave girls were merely reinforcing their own sexuality and stating biological facts. Yes, it is their opinion in the same way that anybody who identifies as something or somebody else is an opinion. If this teacher is stating that opinions are not facts, then she is contradicting herself if, by that, she means that only certain people are entitled to opinions and others are not because she disagrees with them.

Confused? I’m not surprised. In my opinion, people can be whatever they want to be as long as they are not hurting others, inflicting their views on others and accepting that other people may not agree with their opinion. They want it one way: tolerance – but only towards them.

Unfortunately in their book, tolerance is a one-way street. It is not to be exercised towards anybody who disagrees with their hysterical worldview.

It’s like the other woke lot: the ones gluing themselves to the M25 to force others to listen to their viewpoint. There is zero tolerance towards anybody who disagrees.

This is not the way the world works. You cannot inflict your opinions – and certainly not falsehoods – on to the wider population and refuse to enter into reasoned, calm and mutually respectful debate.

This teacher obviously does not understand that concept and in my opinion, if anybody should be having a chat with Miss Willis, it’s her.

Venomous interchanges, threats and hate speech are indeed despicable. These two girls were merely expressing their own view. We have something called freedom of speech in this country – it is clearly not valued by this teacher.

All those in fear of expressing an opinion can join the Free Speech Union. I have been a member for two years. Go to and join today. This country is increasingly becoming a place where people are in fear of expressing their opinions.

The reaction to this exchange has been huge, mostly in support of the two girls whose identities should continue to be protected. I salute them for tackling the kind of bullying we are all now subjected to if we dare speak against the prevailing mindset which, like all playground bullies, is comparatively small, but extremely loud.

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Kim Rye
Kim Rye
Kim Rye is a former Fleet Street copytaker. She is a sub-editor on 007 Magazine & Archive.

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