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I still believe Trump will – and must – win


IF A man shoots someone in cold blood having carefully planned the killing for months, and the camera footage, fingerprints, DNA evidence and multiple witness statements all confirm this to be so, is he guilty of premeditated murder?

A lawyer might answer ‘no’, averring that a man is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. But most of the rest of us would answer ‘yes’. Our sense of natural justice tells us that that murderer is a murderer whether or not a judge and jury have formally convicted him. And if that murderer goes unpunished, we don’t shrug our shoulders and go: ‘Ah well. Maybe we’ll have better luck nabbing him the next person he tries to kill.’ Rather we go: ‘This is wrong. This is seriously wrong! This cannot be allowed to stand – and if it does we can never trust the System again.’

This is where we are right now with the US presidential election. Trump clearly won. (Read the Navarro Report.) Yet the System is pretending otherwise. Trump’s lawyers have provided copious irrefutable evidence of concerted and extensively pre-planned electoral fraud which tipped the balance in lyin’, cheatin’, stealin’ Joe Biden’s favour. But rather than acknowledge this shameless crime and redress the injustice, the System has decided it just doesn’t want to know.

The Democrats, the GOP mainstream, Congress, Big Tech, the mainstream media, the state judiciaries, the Supreme Court, even the conservative commentariat: they’ve collectively decided to hand the presidential election to Joe Biden. Not because he actually won (many, if not most, of them know perfectly well by now that he didn’t) but because for various reasons they consider it inconvenient to allow justice to be done.

But if justice isn’t done, what you end up with is injustice. The System may be comfortable with this state of affairs. But I’m not sure we the people will be. At least we shouldn’t be. When 74million Americans vote for a presidential candidate only to be cheated out of their preference by blatant skullduggery, that is not a wrong that can be allowed to go unrighted. It must be contested to the bitter end, even if it means bloodshed, even if it means civil war. Whatever lengths we go to in ensuring that Trump gains his rightful victory will be as nothing to what we’ll have to go through to undo the damage if we’re stupid enough to allow him to lose.

‘Appeasement now, war later’ is how Steve Bannon’s War Room pithily puts it. Bannon – as he has been for years – is dead right. Of course the measures required at this stage to get President Trump his rightful second term will require blood, toil, tears and sweat. But the alternative is – or ought to be – unthinkable.

Let’s allow ourselves briefly to think that unthinkable thing: America’s president will be a corrupt, senile, malleable buffoon in hock to the Chinese Communist Party; his administration will be the most rabidly Left-wing in US history; the Swamp will have been confirmed in its belief that it can do whatever the hell it likes, and the little people be damned; the Republican party will resume its natural state of comprising spineless RINOs scarcely differentiable from their Democrat opponents; the voting system will go unreformed; Big Tech will go unchecked; the economy-destroying, freedom-sapping fake ‘pandemic’ will flourish at the behest of Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the CCP-controlled WHO. And that will just be the beginning. There will be no functioning US democracy left to retrieve by the time Biden and his inevitable near-immediate successor Kamala Harris have spread their rot through the Oval Office. The land of the free and the home of the brave will have become just another satrapy of the globalist elite.

All this is sorely missing from the analyses of those ‘conservative’ commentators who glibly reassure us that it’s all OK, in four years  there’ll be a chance to vote in another Republican, perhaps even the Donald himself. And that in two years, the Congressional elections should provide sufficient checks and balances to curtail the Biden/Harris presidency’s wilder excesses.

Yeah, right. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 2020, it’s that the integrity of the system – all those checks and balances so thoughtfully and presciently devised by the Founding Fathers – can  be guaranteed only if its constituent parts act in good faith. If the Republican leader of the Senate owes greater fealty to his Chinese business interests than to his president, say, or if seven out of nine Supreme Court justices decide that much as they love the power of their jobs they’re uncomfortable with their concomitant responsibilities, then suddenly all bets are off. The System is broken, perhaps irretrievably so. Time for a new Age of Heroes to ride to the rescue of Western Civilisation at another of its darkest hours.

This is why I still have faith that Donald Trump is going to win his rightful second term as president (and I mean now, not 2024). It’s not that I underestimate the vastness of the forces arrayed against him. Rather it’s that I believe there are enough people out there – from those 74million Trump voters to the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe to the tenacious, fearless, 5-D-chess-playing President himself – who understand that this attempted election theft poses an existential threat to the Republic and, by extension, to the Free World. They will not let this crime happen because they are fully aware that the costs of nipping this globalist coup in the bud now will be as nothing to the costs of dealing with it should these evil-doers be allowed to prevail.

My suspicion is that Trump has known this for years, that he has been preparing for it all along, and that he and his most trusted advisers are simply biding their time before they strike.

If I’m wrong, well, my having been wrong will be the least of my worries and of your worries too. It will be game over for Western Civilisation. And I won’t draw any satisfaction from being able to say ‘I told you so.’

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