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I’m coming out as a ‘far right’ extremist


ONLY a few decades ago, the far right were defined by hating Jews and non-whites and opposing all immigration while trying to convince people that Hitler was a victim of demonisation. In Western countries, people who espouse such views haven’t come anywhere close to power since the end of World War Two. And no, Italy’s newly elected leader Giorgia Meloni isn’t one of them.

However, over the past decade or so, the predominantly left-leaning media and their woke activist allies are constantly warning us of the ever increasing threat from the ‘far right’. This baffled me until I realised they were actually talking about me and lots of other ordinary people, or ‘deplorables’ as Hillary Clinton would call us. The terms ‘far right’ and ‘fascism’ no longer mean what they once did, having been completely reinvented by those who champion both globalism and woke progressivism. You can be deemed far right or fascist for holding certain political or social views that almost everyone apart from a small number on the outer fringes of the political spectrum held until relatively recently. The views of that once outer fringe are now dominant. According to our increasingly progressive culture, holding any of the following views is now viewed by many as indicative of being on the far right: 

1. The family is the foundational block of a cohesive society. While there are great single parents, adoptive parents and step-parents, on average, children fare better when raised by married biological parents who are committed to each other and their children. To progressives, promoting this ideal is ‘hate.’   

2. While immigration has benefits it should be regulated and resource constraints taken into account. It should also be limited and selective to preserve the culture and values of the indigenous population. The state should promote integration and not the segregation that results from emphasising multiculturalism. There should be strict limits and screening of people from cultures that despise the values of liberal democracy. Borders are sacrosanct and illegal immigration should not be tolerated. Today, the ‘Conservatives’ don’t even promote these commonsense immigration policies.   

3. Western civilisation and culture, with its emphasis on individual liberty where the power of the state over the individual is highly curtailed (well it used to be), is superior to those non-Western cultures that favour various forms of authoritarianism and brutal tribalism. For far right bonus points, emphasise that the British Empire wasn’t all bad in that we recognised slavery as evil while all other empires at that time, along with African tribes, continued to keep and sell slaves, and that in bringing Christianity to Africa we drastically reduced the murders of twin babies motivated by superstition. So-called social justice champions will deem you far right if you prefer an aspect of European culture over non-European culture, as the scientist Richard Dawkins found out a few years ago. However, it’s not a sign of racism for me to state that I prefer black American soul music to the Céilí music of Scotland and Ireland. Their whole agenda has nothing to do with opposing racism. In fact, it’s steeped in anti-white sentiment and its motivation is to dismantle the fabric of western civilisation. Wokeism is merely repackaged neo-Marxism. 

4. Western governments who imposed authoritarian lockdowns and coercive vaccine policies violated the social contract between the state and the citizen that underpins liberal democracy. How did western culture get to the point where opposing authoritarian governments that prevented you from working, visiting your loved ones, peacefully protesting and deciding what to put in your body lead to accusations of being on the far right from many media outlets and various western leaders including Canada’s Justin Trudeau? 

5. Israel has a right to exist and defend itself. Bafflingly, for many progressives and self-proclaimed anti-fascists, anyone siding with Israel over the Islamists who dominate in Palestine is viewed as far right. When you point out that a large proportion of Palestinians openly admit to wanting to ethnically cleanse Jews from Israel, kill gays, blasphemers and apostates, you are merely expressing ‘Islamophobia’. Again, for fascist bonus points, inform progressives that many Muslims in the West (far from all though) openly hold similar extreme views to Palestinian Muslims and that therefore it would have been wise to have been highly selective in our immigration policy concerning the Muslim world. Sadly, that ship has sailed with the consequence that Islamist terrorism is an ever-present threat in the West.  

6. Exotically costumed transvestites shouldn’t be reading stories that promulgate radical trans ideology to small children. Anyone who has an issue with this will be labelled far right, as recently occurred in Ireland. 

7. Eddie Izzard is not a woman. Do you know who else wasn’t attracted to women with penises? Hitler. Case closed. You’re a Nazi. Some of them have even infiltrated the Labour Party. 

8. Being physically fit can be a sign that you’re a fascist. There are a plethora of articles on line warning that getting physically fit increases your risk of becoming a far right extremist. Here’s one from Guardian columnist Zoe Williams. I wonder does the Guardian believe that it’s just enjoying exercise that makes me have many socially conservative views?  Should I be worried that eating my five a day will turn me in to a white supremacist because I wouldn’t be into that kind of thing at all as I get on great with a black Christian lad at work and I don’t want to have to throw out my extensive Soul & Jazz CD collection. I might have a couple of lazy days on the sofa eating pizza and chocolate just to be on the safe side and cut back a little on the swimming and long walks as I wouldn’t like to end up becoming one of those notorious neo-Nazi yoga instructors.

So there you have it. You thought you were just a moderate centre right conservative or even a centre left social democrat with some traditional views. Welcome to the ‘far right’.

What was once the norm is now viewed as the extreme, thanks to the frighteningly effective process of ‘delegitimisation’ practised by the left on anyone who disagrees with their world view. This involves the deliberate manipulation of language and the creation of a false left/right dichotomy as explained by the great Roger Scruton in his 2015 book Frauds, Fools and FirebrandsThinkers of the New Left. Make no mistake, the new, ‘progressive’, woke, anti-democratic left uses these means of advancing its totalitarian ideology to silence debate and annihilate any opposition.

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Andrew Devine
Andrew Devine
Andrew Devine is an Orwell Prize winning writer & blogger

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