Jane Kelly: Feminist BBC would rather canonise Bowie than admit the ugly truth of Cologne

In church on Sunday migrants were mentioned in the prayers and there was a call for the churches in Germany to keep hold of  ‘justice.’ All very vague and I didn’t feel that the problems of German women living in a new society were being addressed. In the evening I went to a neighbourhood party. I wasn’t intending to talk about politics but somehow over the Ottolenghi salads and Waitrose cheeses, it happened. I made a rather oblique comment about how surprising it is that no feminist voices have been raised about the recent attacks on women in Germany, Switzerland and Finland.

There was no response. I tried again a bit more obviously by asking if it wasn’t odd the way the news about Cologne had been reported. As I mentioned the town, no one could pretend they didn’t know what I was talking about.

‘Well, we don’t know that migrants did it,’ said a former Oxford graduate. I said we did know, and it hadn’t been reported for five days. ‘Well the greater good of the community is more important than the rights of the individual,’ she said. I asked her to repeat that so we could really hear what she’d said and was it was OK then, for migrant men to attack women and get away with it?

‘Yes, there was an argument for that,’ she said quite seriously. Another neighbour, from Romania, opined that on no account should the ethnicity of criminals ever be mentioned because it might stigmatise a community. ‘That is far too dangerous,’ he said.

I could tell that it was even too dangerous to have that very conversation. Talk quickly shifted onto the folly of Tony Blair’s war in Iraq and the lasting evils of the British Empire.

That was the end of a weekend in which I had been regularly hearing that the rule of law, one law for all, and the rights of women to live safely were now all in question, continually questioned by the BBC, partly by its silence but also its commentary.

As evidence of the attacks in Cologne had mounted and over a hundred women complained to the police, the BBC had been forced to report the events. I spent Saturday listening out for their updated reports. At 8.35 am the BBC Today programme called in an expert, Dr Andrea Den Boer, a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Kent, who specialises in gender and the causes and consequences of violence against women.

She has studied violent gangs of young men in China and India, where men vastly outnumber women. She did not mention that extreme gender imbalance exists in those countries because of gender selected abortions and infanticide. No one mentioned it. In the UK and presumably Germany similar gender selection is now also going on. Here, the only case brought against two doctors to try to prevent the destruction of female foetuses was thrown in 2013 by Keir Starmer QC, then Director of Public Prosecutions.

The good Dr was cagey about her results, refusing to relate them to the culture or religion of the men. She would only say that they were detached from family and society, that was her explanation of their violence towards women. Her theory couldn’t explain why Pakistani husbands and fathers in the north of England and Oxford recently attacked large numbers of young girls, and no one asked her.

At least the point was made about the threat posed by roaming migrant youths. By 10 am we were back to BBC equivocations. Radio 4 news concentrated on far-right demonstrations in Cologne, after what they termed vaguely, ‘a night of crime in the city.’ They knew what crime it was but didn’t say, and also knew that it had not just happened in Cologne but right across northern Europe in what were suspected to be co-ordinated attacks.

Then came the Woman’s Hour weekly roundup. The programme aims to, ‘give the female point of view.’ It’s a notoriously hard-left programme, often entering the realms of extreme silliness, but I was interested to hear what their take on Cologne would be. They didn’t mention it. That silence of course spoke volumes. For them, migrants being ‘victims,’ can do no wrong. If they do, it cannot be mentioned.

At 12 noon a news report described the attacks in Europe as, ‘attacks on women by some migrants.’

The main news report was on mosques in Germany where imams were inviting non-Muslims in to read the Koran, ‘in the interest of cohesion.’

Later in the day, BBC news reports were taken up by the C of E fighting about gay rights again, this time accusing itself of not being kind enough to gays and trannies in the past. We were into futile historic breast-beating. No mention of events in Germany. Obviously the rights of heterosexual woman are lower in the pecking-order than those with, ‘gender issues,’ at least for the Left.

By the early hours a complete retrenchment seemed to have taken place as a BBC voice referred to, ‘rare incidents such as the events on New Year’s Eve.’

I had breakfast on Sunday to the voice of Vince Cable saying: ‘We don’t know whether North African mobs were instigated by the extreme Right.’

As the weekend passed so did the story, which is now largely dead. By Monday, the BBC was much happier dealing with the death and canonisation of pop singer David Bowie. A Today reporter told us that he was a ‘genius’ and ‘master of countless innovations,’ without naming one. The programme boasted that it had held an interview with the singer, a very rare thing. This turned out to be made long ago and conducted entirely by email. Jeremy Corbyn was given the chance to comment on air. He told us the star’s success was based on Britain’s ‘diversity,’ rather than the individuality, which we might have suspected. Then came memories from a  former lover of the singer, who hadn’t seen him since 1973.

‘Was he as electrifying one to one?’ she was asked, as she started to plug her book about their brief encounter. It was teen magazine journalism, well away from anything difficult or demanding firm values or certainties, or even a strict regard for the truth.

That ended a weekend of listening to astonishing gobbledegook and double-think. Shocking because I kept hearing feminists and hard-lefters saying that women being assaulted was no longer important.

In May 2011 Ken Clarke nearly destroyed his long career by saying that ‘Date rapes in my very old experience of being in trials [from his time as a practising lawyer]...do vary extraordinarily one from another, and in the end the judge has to decide on the circumstances.’ At Prime Minister's Questions, Ed Miliband, then Labour leader, said Mr Clarke's comments had implied there were ‘serious rapes and other categories of rape’ adding: ‘The Justice Secretary can't speak for the women of this country when he makes comments like that.’ He suggested that Clarke should quit for effectively suggesting there were ‘other categories of rape.’

Well we all know that there is another category of rape – Islamist rape which might also be called, Migrant rape. They are in a different category altogether, whether in Cologne or Rotherham.

Jane Kelly

  • sfin

    We, all of us, know that it has always been a feature of left wing thinking to place ideology above everything. Even when confronted by the overwhelming evidence of human misery their doctrine creates, they act like children being told that Santa Claus doesn’t actually exist – they cling to their beliefs.

    The attacks across Europe, both lethal and sexual, have plumbed new depths of evil and they are now starting to result in societal breakdown in a country famous for its order.

    I really can’t see a quick solution – the left are too entrenched within the institutions. Personally, I would make a start on academia. Oxbridge is producing too many poisonous minds.

    • Craig Martin

      “…I really can’t see a quick solution – the left are too entrenched within
      the institutions. Personally, I would make a start on academia.
      Oxbridge is producing too many poisonous minds.”

      Damn right. And for the sake of everyone.

      • Bernard from Bucks

        “Oxbridge is producing too many poisonous minds.”

        There seems to be a ‘common purpose’ at work here, does there not?

    • Duckworth Keats

      Yes. They think it more important to obsess about the statue of a long-dead white man than the destruction of our culture and values right under our noses.

    • Chalcedon

      The solution will be violent and bloody. It will not happen tomorrow, but give it a few years.

  • Tricia

    The programme called “Loose women” was on in the gym yesterday and I could not find the controller to switch off. However, this was fortunate as the debate began with Cologne and they actually had a member of the panel who was of Asian descent, a journalist and had been attacked in a similar manner in Pakistan. She plainly informed all that this was a cultural issue and was what people from these countries accepted as normal. She had been brought up in England and had not thought her parents warnings were relevant until she had undertaken the journalistic event in Pakistan. Amazing, the only truthful story in the media!

  • David

    Academia and the left generally has lost interest in reality and evidence. It ignores the purpose of the Enlightenment which requires arguments to be based upon reason. Moreover it hates Christianity and Christian morality. Instead it chooses to inhabit an unreal world of unsubstantiated theories and dogma, which is also totally isolated from the wisdoms of our historic faith. Unless this armour plated mental separation from reality can be breached and brought down, the west is doomed, short of a popular uprising. Sadly I am beginning to think that such direct action will become necessary, although it is not a prospect I relish.

    • Phyllyp Sparowe

      Strength of feeling over strength of fact to appease the increasingly shrill snowflake generation.

  • Phyllyp Sparowe

    Xenophilia has become a key tenet of the religion of the Regressive Left. It is in part because they have many in their order suffering from pathological altruism and also because they cynically rely on specific communities for block votes. The coalition thus hangs together despite the inconvenient beliefs and behaviours some of its members hold.

    • Johnnydub

      There are two key pathologies at work here.

      One is out right hard racism – the refusal to hold minorities to the same standards as white people e.g. Manspreading vs Cologne Rapes (and more relevantly the Guardian / BBC’s attitude to both)

      The other is simply the regressive left has come to loathe the white working class. They see them as uncultured, mundane (as opposed to exotic foreigners) racists who Shock Horror! voted for Maggie. That’s where the policy of “if we cant take the white working class vote for granted, we’ll simply import another voter base” came from.

  • geo

    The liberal media and our lord and masters are desperately trying to keep a lid on the immigrant crisis. The peasants mustnt be allowed to know just how bad its got and how much its costing.
    Problem is pressure is growing. Soon the cost will be unhidable. murders by extremist muslims (who ARE following the teachings in the koran) will become weekly events, lynchings will start as people become more frightened of the obviously alien culture festering in their midst, the govts will come down hard on vigilantes but the problem will keep growing.
    What happens next is really scary and more suited to a cyberpunk tale of a distopian society. Problem is the govts of europe have no idea how to deal with the mess.

    • Tom

      Th tragedy is we cannot stop almost anybody from coming here to live. The NHS, our schools, transport and accommodation, cannot cope now. It will only get worse, far worse.

  • D1ss1dent

    Well, we all know about the rape allegations in the SWP and the attempts to brush it under the carpet.

  • bufo75

    A pity you conflated the two Jane, my “right-wing” sons and grandson all idolised Bowie but would fully agree with you over the BBC’s “handling” of “Cologne”.
    The fact is that Merkel has opened a 3000-a-day floodgate and neither she nor anyone else at the heart of the EU has a clue what to about it.
    Attempts to bury “Cologne” under “other news” show just how desperate our leaders are, the real story is far from dead.
    The Reverend “Oilwelby” has opened another floodgate which he will live to regret, unless he genuinely wants to split the C of E. He MUST know the strength of feeling among Anglican Bishops in Africa on homosexuality.
    C of E, RIP – I’m afraid I no longer care, it’s already just another tool of the left.

    • Colonel Mustard

      Effectively becoming the religious wing of the Labour party, conflating Christian belief with political socialism.

      • bufo75

        Agreed the “God of our Forefathers” has been replaced by the triumvirate Gaia/Marx/Allah !

    • Cogito Dexter

      Because Anglican Bishops in Africa have no sort of enlightened view of human sexuality, they must be listened to? How about they are cut adrift as the bigots that they are? Nobody honestly believes that homosexuality is a choice these days, it’s only spouted out of pride and fear of embarrassing oneself if one has to do a volte face from one’s previous unconsidered opinions.

      (NB: Even the Bible, which is quoted by this bigots as justification, does not speak about people who are and always have been homosexual – it simply speaks about heterosexual people acting contrary to their God-given nature, which is – reasonably enough – deemed sinful. By pure logical deduction, therefore, forcing anyone to renounce their natural sexuality and either suppress it or act contrary to it would naturally be equally sinful. But don’t expect a bigot to acknowledge the truth, oh no!)

      • Tricia

        You understand nothing and you are a racist in describing the African Bishops as if they are second class and backward. African Bishops are well educated Godly men who put their Western weasel compatriots in the dock. You do not re-write 2000 years of Christian moral teaching to appease a western culture which has become obsessed with sex. Christianity does not force people to follow the teaching, but if you are a Christian moral standards are expected of you, especially in positions of leadership as laid down in the Canon of the church.

        • Cogito Dexter

          Racist? Hardly. It’s nothing to do with the colour of their skin. I simply responded to the point raised by bufo75 where ‘Anglican Bishops in Africa’ were identified as a group (re-read bufo’s comment if you don’t believe me). If the group had been ‘Anglican Bishops in Greenland’ or ‘Anglican Bishops in Australia’ I would have made precisely the same point.

          As for rewriting teaching – I’m not. You can point to any biblical passage you like that is used to condemn homosexuality and I’ll point out to you that it’s not written the way you think it is. Bigoted and ignorant people have taken it out of context for centuries and, to begin with, as understanding of human development was limited, it was somewhat understandable, but it certainly isn’t now. In the same way that we now understand that wearing clothes made of mixed fibres is no longer sinful, or that eating shellfish is no longer sinful, or that the keeping of slaves IS sinful, we should update our understanding of what the Bible actually says rather than what we wish it said.

          Christianity has not been and will not be a set-in-stone religion. It has evolved over the centuries as attitudes change. Or would you insist that 1 Tim 2:12 should still apply now? Look it up…

          • Tricia

            You commented that the African Bishops were not enlightened – they are enlightened by the Spirit of God not the Spirit of this Age. From Genesis to Revelation the Bible is clear on sexual behaviour. Jesus was a Rabbi who came to fulfil the law and the prophets. St Paul had to deal with behaviour in Greece and Rome territories. His teaching is very clear. The shellfish argument is a red herring and has nothing to do with personal morality or self control. The New Testament is clear on moral teaching. Referring to Timothy: It has never been a sin to be a woman and many leaders in the early church were women. However, having not been against the ordination of women I have decided I was in error as so many of them prefer equality to the truth of the Gospel and have become wolves in the flock.
            Read 1 Peter 8-9.

          • Benthos

            “The shellfish argument is a red herring” How can a shellfish be a red herring?

          • Tricia

            Ha ha!

          • Benthos

            I am glad you took it the right way, the way it was meant.

          • Cogito Dexter

            Jesus never condemned slavery. We do now though. Are we wrong?

          • Tricia

            Another red herring. Jesus came that you may have Life, life in all its fullness, with Him. That life is a life of obedience and service. No man has an owner, Jesus sets us free. Slavery is part of the sin of the world, but as the slaves sang: “we shall overcome”.

          • Tom

            I suggest that the ROP follow that dictum!

      • bufo75

        Welby has proved time and again that he is the wrong man for the job, but now he is fighting the wrong battle at the wrong point in time.
        The “Church of my Forefathers” needs a massive schism like a hole in the head.
        Whether the African Bishops are bigots or not, they probably represent the majority view, so why does Justin initiate a battle that he’ll probably lose, and at THIS moment ?

      • Tom

        There’s natural sex and unnatural sex. Therein lies the confusion.

        • Cogito Dexter

          What’s confusing about it? The sexual attraction that is natural between heterosexual people is unnatural to homosexual people. And vice versa. I’m not sure how you can be confused about that.

          • Tom Collins

            I’m not confused! I leave that to others! Your argument is too weak to debate.

          • Cogito Dexter

            If you really think the argument is ‘weak’ you should be able to demolish it easily. Your failure to even attempt to do so speaks volumes.

  • Nockian

    It’s like we are all living through an even bleaker, more twisted version of Atlas Shrugged. Can anyone point me to Galts Gulch ? I feel an overriding need to commune with intelligent, independent, rational people. The rest of this world is going down the drain.

    • RandsWrath

      Galt’s Gulch is everywhere. Offices, tea rooms, canteens, shop floors, living rooms. Full of people talking freely about events without the cloying dead hand of the left over their mouths. Even when people have to talk in code, we know what each other are thinking. An exchange of looks is all it takes.

      The irony is of course that all this (self) censorship does is increase the pressure in the kettle. When it finally blows, the left will not know what hit them. Hopefully we will see that attitudes can change on a dime, and I am seeing and hearing this shift everywhere. Look at the popularity of Trump – entirely due to people who are sick of not being able to say the truth as they see it.

      There was an article in the New York Times the other day, a very liberal organ, stating that in the wake of Cologne Germany must start deporting ‘migrants’ and Merkel must stand down. Comments were about 70% in agreement, and those that agreed were getting over 20 times the likes of those that didn’t.

      We could be approaching a time when tiresome virtue signalling and BadWhite witch hunts are treated with the same disdain that anything that could be construed as racist used to.

      • Nockian

        I hope so, though I believe it’s simply reactionary as it was in 1930 s Germany. We aren’t altering the underlying philosophy in any significant way. Instead it’s all just pragmatic knee jerks. I have zero conversations about the underlying philosophy, some agreement from thin libertarians in regard to lassez Faire- but the same pragmatism pervades libertarians . We aren’t addressing reality, we are swinging from star to star.

    • Bogbrush

      I am spending increasing time researching the options of emigrating to New Zealand in the next few years. Does that count as intelligent or rational?

      • Nockian

        If you can I think it’s definitely rational. Unfortunately my age and circumstances prevent me doing likewise.

      • WoRaft Chihuahua

        Get on with it. Several bloggers have done so, and so has at least one family I am familiar with. Do it while the children are young as they will have longer to establish themselves. Like anywhere, younger children find it easier to fit in than teenagers.


      • Woman at home

        Sadly, I am actively encouraging my daughters to move abroad.

      • Bernard from Bucks

        New Zealand?
        Great if you’re vegetarian. It’s all hallylally meat out there.

        • Bogbrush


  • Swansea_Jack

    Sexist, bigot, racist and homophobe. These are the labels that are used regularly to destroy people’s reputations and careers. Everyone knows of a person who has been made an example of – and now everyone avoids saying anything that could be used to attack and destroy them. If people of the left get caught out – they get protected and excused – whereas those on the right get to feel the full force of the organized left (on-line and in the media). The PC enforcers play a similar game as the Islamists by using their take-downs as an example to others that they might also get taken down if they step out of line. Freedom of speech is no more than a concept in today’s society.

    • Maurice Snackbar

      This is the root of it all…


    • Tom

      If minorities, and their supporters, demand tolerance, then they should be prepared to offer tolerance to differing views. After all, both camps can get “offended”!

  • Cogito Dexter

    A perfectly valid complaint about the vicious treatment of women by people of differing cultures (rightly or wrongly) and in particular where those cultures differ to those indigenous to where they’re living is not made any better by peddling old-fashioned and offensive epithets about LGBTQ people, viz “trannies” and identifying people who are LBGTQ as having ” ‘gender issues’ “. If you want your point to be taken seriously (and it should be) by the people with whom you have differences, you should probably avoid going out of your way towards being offensive to them.

    • bufo75

      Why “rightly or wrongly”, is there doubt ?

  • derekandclive

    The liberal progressive chatterati really are the new evil in this land – listening to apparently educated champagne socialists condone the behaviour of rapists and paedophiles is sickening but not unexpected – they live in a fantasy world of historical and factual revision, built to satisfy their own egoes, soothe their self loathing and bolster their virtue signalling credentials, whilst justifying the contempt they have for the indigenous little people whose views and opinions disgust them so much.

  • The Git at the Gobshites Rest

    It takes a particularly extreme form of stupidity to on the one hand canonise David Bowie while at the same time ignore the threat to all our freedoms that the cologne attacks exemplify. The BBC will drone on for Bowie for decades. And why. when all is said and done the Beeb love him because as well as writing great innovative pop music ( even more importantly in their view) he was a ” gender bender” who as well a having sex with women also had sex with men. He perfectly fits their cultural Marxist narrative.
    Compare and contrast the wall to wall coverage of Bowie with the attempted censorship and then retroactive propaganda over Cologne. The BBC will move heaven and earth before it admits a single negative aspect of Islamic immigration. Has it ever dawned on the lefty progressive wonderminds at the Beeb that the two news events are inextricably linked. Another 20 years of Islamic immigration and artistes like Bowies will not be topping the charts. Rather they will be hurled from tall buildings! Women will be entirely subjugated and afforded no rights at all. The BBC is journalism brought to you by people who for decadent resons absolutely refuse to join up the dots.

  • twinscrew

    You need to examine your lifestyle, two mistakes you are making one is, firstly you are mixing with the the wrong people and secondly you are using the BBC and expecting a balanced view.
    Anyone who knows what a Ottolenghi salad is in my view suspicious, try watching RT on freeview 135 to put a perspective on things.

    • bufo75

      i now go straight to RT for the news, then check it with France24, but after googling Ottolenghi salads I must admit that they sound utterly delicious !

      • ColTPride

        There was a Radio 4 programme about him and his food recently – lived in Jerusalem, moved to London and set up in the restaurant business with a Palestinian from Jerusalem. Has a food column in the Guardian – is probably why I had not heard of him.

        In fact Ottolenghi did not click with me until I read your comment – never seen it written before.

        • gelert

          Suggest you take a look at their cookbook,”Jerusalem”. Full of delicious recipes.

    • Malcolm Marchesi

      Spot on my son . I don’t know what an Ottolenghi Salad is and I can recognise the crap that is put out by the BBC , but then I didn’t go to a University and I support UKIP so in the eyes of those who dispense information to us , what the bloody hell do I know !!

  • The Git at the Gobshites Rest

    The so called Islamic state
    The so called British Broadcasting corporation.

  • The Git at the Gobshites Rest

    David Bowie was popular the world over. With one major exception. He wasn’t a household name in Islamic coutries. Hmmmmmmmm I wonder why? Surely the envelope pushing cutting edge BBC could send reporters to countries such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in an attempt to explain why the flamboyant bisexual Bowie never quite caught on there. Na it would never happen would it. The Beeb are completely incapable of explaining the reality of Islamic culture to the masses.

  • sandy winder

    If these disgusting, sexual attacks had been carried out by white, indigenous Brits holidaying in Cologne, there would have been total coverage by the BBC and Bowie would hardly have got a mention.

  • Ken

    Having watched this unfold over the past week, my take on the feminist attitude is that if the rapist is a white male, then rape is profoundly evil and the rapist must be punished severely. However, if the rapist is brown / muslim, then it’s ok.

    It really is a sad take on feminism today that they have arrived to this.

    • RandsWrath

      These days, Feminism is just a device to undermine white males and is basically indistinguishable from cultural Marxism.

      Islam is an ally in this quest.

    • runningdog

      No, no your analysis is wrong. It’s not that if the rapist is brown / muslim then it’s ok, rather it’s because the white victim is at fault because of her dress, her temerity to venture out without a family escort or because, as she is not muslim, she has a code of ethics that makes it ok for her to be assaulted.

    • Tom

      Just as long as this doesn’t occur in the UK.

      • Rick.Brown

        It will as soon as this muslim filth get their EU passports so Germany can move them on.

        • Tom Collins

          Call Me Dave is actively encouraging Turkey to join the EU! As from October the 75 million Turkish (muslim) citizens may well ALL have the right to come here to live!

          • Tony Walker

            That is indeed a truly terrifying prospect. ALL of our children will be at risk.

    • Arthur Peacock

      They are Marxists first and feminists second. And for Marxists, “the agenda is always the revolution”.

      • Dave

        The end always justifies the means on the path to socialist utopia comrade.

  • richardofkent

    The Germans need to take lessons from the Swedes who have successfully, until now, kept secret mass assaults by immigrants during a music concert in the summer of 2014.

  • Chalcedon

    Do note that the Daily Mail, love it or hate it, is still running horror stories about these Islamic scum in Germany and Sweden. And that is what they are. Uncivilised, barbarian scum. They are not fit to live in the West. Merkel has asked for an invasion of mostly alien men with no shred of compatibility with Western values or Western culture.

  • Thomas Fuller

    The Left hasn’t quite got there yet. In Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell coined the term ‘doublethink’ to describe the faculty of holding two contradictory opinions at once. The expert doublethinker does not suffer from cognitive dissonance; but cognitive dissonance is what we are seeing now, after Cologne, from the BBC and the rest of Left.

    Rape = Bad

    Anyone not a heterosexual white male = Good

    Rape + ANAHWM … does not compute! Zener diodes overheat, smoke begins to issue from ears and nostrils, hair catches fire, etc., etc.

    • The Git at the Gobshites Rest

      Yes for all their apparent sophistication they can’t do joined up thinking!

      • Thomas Fuller

        I should have written ‘Anyone not a heterosexual white male OR Margaret Thatcher’ and ANAHWMORMT’. Sorry about that!

  • Trojan

    It might be that many feminists, burdened with the guilt of white colonialism and capitalism are quietly approving – perhaps enviously – of the gang rapes by the oppressed. Perhaps I am putting it rather crudely, but feminists with Marxist organizations have long tolerated rapes within the Marxist/Trot parties. And take a look at feminists within the student bars who have long offered themselves as easy meat for the ‘set my people free’ chaps who frequent these places. Basically, many feminists are spooky and their silence is indicative of approval.

    • ColTPride

      Wow! If you had made that comment a couple of weeks ago you would have been shot down in flames by lefty feminists foaming at the mouth in fury. I wonder what will happen today?

      • Trojan

        I am ready for them, as I was thirty years ago. Way back in the days of Anti Apartheid – a noble cause – I recall university feminists easing the suffering of exploited Marxist revolutionaries from SA. More recently, the Socialist Worker Party has its problems over an alleged rape case. But among my favourites was Gerry Healy, aging leader of the Workers Revolutionary Party who took his pleasure from 26 party members who shared his belief that they were contributing to the class struggle. See link. Today, the time has come for the migrants https://tendancecoatesy.wordpress.com/2011/05/19/vanessa-redgrave-and-the-red-sex-slaves-a-marxist-analysis-er/

  • runningdog

    ‘Well the greater good of the community is more important than the rights of the individual,’ That’s the argument used by the national socialists in Germany in the 1930’s/40’s and by Daesh now, to euthanise mentally handicapped children. Of course in the 1930’s the Fabians and other Labour supporters in UK strongly posited eugenics.

  • CB

    I asked her to repeat that so we could really hear what she’d said and was it was OK then, for migrant men to attack women and get away with it?

    I really do despair at this. How does one make these type of people see sense? The only thing I can think is to move from nameless victims to the highly personal, asking questions such as ‘would you be happy if a migrant raped you and got away with it?’ Or ‘would you advise your daughter not to report her rape if a migrant had carried it out?’

    • Rick.Brown

      Well said.

  • Jen The Blue

    Yes. Well said. It just shows how sick the left are.

  • Tom Collins

    You do seem to have some strange neighbours! Guardianistas?

  • Andy

    I think the coverage of Bowie’s death has been completely over the top. He wrote a few pop songs. He was hardly Bach.

    • DWWolds

      It was sickening!

    • edithgrove

      and he lived in the US since the seventies so its difficult to understand Corbyn describing him as a product of Britain’s diversity.

      • Dave

        Corbyn is correct. Bowie became desperate to find a way out of Brixton……

  • realfish

    Perhaps, Jane you might have had enough on Sunday morning when the BBC’s Hugh Sykes thought that as part of his report from Cologne, for Broadcasting House, it would be worth mentioning that;

    ‘…and there are conspiracy theories in the air that the New Year’s Eve attackers were encouraged to make sexual approaches to German women, told that it was the normal thing to do on New Year’s Eve. If true, they may have fallen into a well-laid trap…’

    No attribution at all, no evidence at all, but a conspiracy theory worth building on. Once again the BBC employ their, ‘some people say’, tactic to rubbish an argument, a person or as a device to shape the story in the way that they determine.

    The BBC is a dishonest organisation that has lost its integrity.

    • zurga

      No attribution needed. Obvious that the trap must have been laid by the FRW – The Far Right Wing, because the left wing only ever do good deeds. Hence Vince Cable’s comment that we don’t know that it was not ‘instigated’ by the extreme right. Well, he is correct of course, because there is no proof that it was not!

    • Dave

      If the BBC ever had any integrity it must have been some time before the Falkland’s War. The bastards clearly wanted us to be decimated in that war at the hands of the military fascist government of Argentina. I don’t know if they were any better before then – too young to remember

    • grutchyngfysch

      The fact that they might see this as “mitigating” is in itself deeply disturbing. If the conspiracy were in fact true, it would mean that we have just invited in some of the most gullible, easily led individuals anywhere in the world. Their utterly astounding credulity – particularly given that this “theory” is designed to divorce the actions from the culture/religion of the perpetrators – means that all it takes is a couple of well-timed temptations to turn an innocent clean-living Muslim into a rapist.

      It’s absurd, it’s offensive to the intelligence of both the refugees and the audience having to listen to it, but to the BBC it is preferable to the bitter, nasty truth laid out in front of them.

  • zurga

    Jane Kelly deserves a medal just for watching/ listening the BBC with such persistence, and to write a detailed list of her observations. I would probably throw a brick at my TV if I had to watch BBC for that long.
    The Cologne Syndrome has created in me a more general fear for the future of our society: I have seen women from Cologne interviewed, who by their own account, have been molested/ attacked/ robbed, usually by (not immigrants, that word is taboo) people of ME or NA appearance; these women, who habitually carry and use defensive weapons such as pepper spray and rape alarm, but are emphatic that they see no connection between their bad experience, and immigration. After all, they say, bad people exist in all societies and groups. I am no psychologist, but cannot help thinking that the apparent irrationality of these women, their insistence on defending the indefensible, can only be described as having been induced by brain washing. We know that brain washing – for want of a better word – has existed and been used in certain corners of the society before, for example the way that certain cults have been able to recruit victims, but its practice now seems to be very wide, and if Germans can fall victims to it, then presumably we are not far behind – hence my fear.

    • Dave

      They were handpicked to give the right narrative to the cameras. Must have taken them days to find the right people. That’s probably why they waited so long to cover it. Some of them probably weren’t even there.

  • zurga

    Dear Jane Kelly

    You obviously realise that subjects you have referred to in this article – immigration, feminism – are important. I guess that of the two, immigration is the more important, and in that context I wish to make an appeal to you. I am concerned that the issue is discussed publicly in two different ways, neither of which is particularly useful in advancing our outlook.

    One place where immigration is discussed seriously, I guess, is in circles well familiar with Ottolenghi salads, which thanks to you, many more people now have learned about it. In those circles, I guess (because I don’t read The Guardian, so guessing is the most I can do), immigration, multiculturalism, diversity, are all unquestionably wonderful and enriching, and the only question is why the Far Right Groups, people like me, don’t fully subscribe to it. They may be absolutely correct, but I just don’t feel convinced by them.

    The second place where the subject is discussed is articles such as yours here, where judging by the readers comments, we get a lot of heat, but not much light. The only difference between the readers comments are their level of anger, but otherwise they not only agree with you, they are in fact even more emphatic than you. Put another way, this kind of article is just like The Guardian, but its mirror image. It does not encourage discussion, descent, argument, and therefore it is useful only as a safety pressure valve; it allows us to let off steam.

    So my appeal to you is that you might write articles, a series of articles not just one, that present a philosophical, logical, historical, intellectual critique of the whole idea of multiculturalism, about what it really means, and evidence as to how it is treated in different countries, and what effects it has had, and is having, on our society. After a year or two of such writing, and receiving comments, you might be able to compile the lot into a book, and become even more famous. The BBC might even be forced to call you in to comment instead of Dr Andrea Den Boer.

  • Odo Saunders

    I was listening to Radio 5 Live on Monday morning, and from eight o’clock to ten o’clock the conversation was about

  • normish

    Just seen the Womens Equality Party twitter feed – absolutely nothing on Cologne. But there is a tweet about a Rey figure in Star Wars monopoly.
    Sandi Toksvig should be chanting ‘All women are equal – apart from those who’ve been attacked by a dozen muslims – they are worth nothing.’

    • Dave

      Yes it was back to normal at the BBC who saw fit to report on that particular Star Wars “microaggression”. Anything to move the narrative away from rapey immigrants.

  • Odo Saunders

    I was listening to Radio Five Live on Monday morning, and from eight o’clock to ten o’clock the conversation was about David Bowie’s life, interspersed by excerpts from his music. No mention was made about the unfortunate women of Cologne or the people starving in Syria. I was sorry to hear about the death of Bowie, and my thoughts go out to his wife and children. Yet what we had on Radio Five was literally an orgy of hysterical outpouring of grief, orchestrated by Nicky “Gameshow” Campbell. Even the reporting of the third round of the FA Cup was reduced to a bare minimum, which from my point of view was no bad thing, in view of the fact that my team Swansea City had been outplayed by Oxford United the previous day! However, Five Live is meant to be a reasonably serious news channel, and it quite clearly failed to fulfil this obligation on Monday, which meant that as usual the poor licence fee payers were shortchanged. In the end I was forced to switch the radio off in disgust. The result was that the leftist BBC did not have to bother to report the current sate of the investigation into the events in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, and today there was again no mention made of the matter. I suspect that the matter will now be quietly dropped. I remember when the Rochdale child abuse scandel broke; it took Radio 5 Live a few weeks before it bothered to make any cursory reference to it, and that was conducted in a rather half-hearted manner. Surely, the time has come to get rid of the licence fee?

    • Dave

      I don’t really care about Bowie. He had a decent innings during which time he was treated like a god from the time of his teenage years right up to the present day and was stinking rich. He had a number of relationships with lovely and beautiful women (most of which he didn’t deserve). So he died at 69 of cancer – but he smoked like a chimney so what did anybody expect? People have been comparing it to Princess Diana but she was cut down in her prime. Most of the people lauding Bowie to the heavens have only a vague idea of who he was. You need to have been 55+ to have been in thrall to the man at his peak.

      • Odo Saunders

        I am now 65 years old, but I am not in thrall to the legend!

  • RingedPlover

    It’s all very well for the Oxford Graduate to say, ‘Yes, there was an argument for that,’ when someone else is attacked. But would she be quite as accepting if it happened to her and her attacker wasn’t a white English male?

    • Dave

      I suspect there wasn’t a great deal of thinking involved at all. Just because someone has a good brain doesn’t mean they feel obliged to use it when it would inconvenience them.

  • David Ncl

    Having friends who think like yours and remaining friends makes you part of the problem.
    Basically, your fraternizing with the enemy, with people who would be delighted at the death of our civilisation and in many case are actively working to bring it about.

    • RingedPlover

      The only problem is that they themselves will die too. But they don’t seem to see that.

  • fordwych

    BBC ignores immigrant misbehaviour SHOCK.

    Well,that could never have been predicted!

  • upset

    “…and the lasting evils of the British Empire.”

    Things are going so well in Africa since we left them to rule themselves.

  • Dave

    Time to take a list of names of those that were only too happy to ditch the cause of women’s rights in order to protect the Muslim voter base of Labour and the LibDems. It can be thrown back at them from now on.

    Fact is that many so-called feminists in the MSM are not interested in women’s right at all. They are just attempting to garner votes for the Labour Party or the LibDems by directing those female followers they have accumulated (by appearing feminist) in the direction of left-wing parties at election time. This is why the BBC and the Guardian employ them in the first place. As soon as these “feminists” realise that supporting women’s right would mean attacking Islam – they back off because it might mean turning off the 80% of Muslims that vote Labour. Muslim voter base trumps the feminist voter base (no doubt this has been carefully worked out by Labour’s internal pollsters).

    These “feminists” have been thoroughly exposed, but they know full well that this will all blow over soon enough. The trick is to say, every time they open their stupid mouths, “OK, so you are against patriarchy. When are you going to tackle Islam then?”. This is their biggest weak-spot, and it should be mercilessly exploited.

    • Odo Saunders

      What the Labour Party does not realise is that when the Muslim vote is big enough, a Muslim political party will arise thereby ensuring that the Labour Party will never again be able to win power on its own. Unfortunately, in that type of scenario, the Labour Party would be happy enough to form a coalition with such a party in order to win back power. Some of its candidates are happy enough at the present time to address segregated audiences!

  • Tony Walker

    None of this should come as any surprise. The Left accused 1400 girls in Rotherham of facilitating their own rape, or at the very least deserving it. So why should they be bothered about this?

  • Tony Walker

    I wonder how long it will be before Western women are compelled to cover up just in case they inflame the passions of Muslim men. It’s only a matter of time, the same as Sharia Law.

  • Quilty

    What will be the consequences of allowing the NYE offenders to get away with it, as looks likely? More offenders, more victims, more cities, more serious level of offences.

    • weejonnie

      The consequences will be a series of retaliatory attacks by the violent elements of German Society that don’t want these migrants.

  • BSO

    Spot on.

  • Isage000
    • Stigenace

      That is very disturbing. You can hear the poor woman screaming throughout.

      • Dave

        It is disturbing although I should point out it isn’t Germany – it is an incident that happened in Cairo a few years back.

        • Isage000

          I’ve just come to the same conclusion after reading some recent comments under it. Its faked as if coming from Cologne, but really from Cairo in 2011.

    • Neil2

      ‘Well the greater good of the community is more important than the rights of the individual,’ she said. I asked her to repeat that so we could really hear what she’d said and was it was OK then, for migrant men to attack women and get away with it?”. Perhaps the person that opined that should be shown that video just to check that that sort of behaviour is OK with her.

      • digitaurus

        I agree that it is a nasty incident but it has nothing to do with Germany as you can tell from the posters and signs in Arabic. Apparently it is from Egypt a few years ago.

        • Woman at home

          Nothing to do with Germany? Really?
          Nothing similar about the protagonists, patterns of behaviour and victims?

          • digitaurus

            Hello. I meant that the title of the video “Woman in Cologne Germany dragged into subway by migrants” was wrong because (I believe) the video was actually taken in Egypt (Cairo) a few years ago and certainly was not taken in Germany.

            The protagonists in both Cologne and Cairo were (apparently) young men, brought up in societies even more patriarchal than the West where this kind of awful behaviour is (arguably) more tolerated in certain situations.

            The pattern of behaviour in both situations appears to be isolation and molestation of young women in ‘Western’ dress by a large crowd of men with (it seems) none of the men making any effort to come to her aid. I personally doubt (and I would like to think) that this would never happen in a large crowd of young men brought up and educated in the UK, though I may be being naive.

            The victims in both cases were women. This behaviour cannot be tolerated in our society and Angela Merkel’s response to the situation seems to me to be right on the button.

          • Woman at home

            I agree the title was wrong, but not that Merkel’s response is on the button.
            She admits the situation is out of control, but is doing little about it. The borders are still wide open and her invitation has not been withdrawn.

  • musosnoop

    The left don’t care about women and never have. The left used women to increase the size of the state.

    Socialists preach empathy but possess none of it – we on the right are the ones with empathy. They know all right thinking people have the guilt gene and use it against us. They know we understand how important the family is to our tribe and they set about destroying it. They know we like to live in a world with standards because its good for everyone, so they keep lowering them. They know we like rules because everyone understands what their doing and it creates an even playing field. The left hates and ignores rule using the very same ones against us creating an uneven playing field.

    We can see the obvious danger to our entire culture on the horizon, and you think surely even the most stupid socialist could. Actually, no they cant and the reason the left disagrees with the right on hugely important matters, including the survival of our race and culture are genetic. Once you understand this then it all makes sense. (research r/k gene theory). Be prepared to have your mind totally blown .

  • WFC

    A very perceptive article.

    Why is it on the website of the supporter of a party which supports the “progressives” who brought this state of affairs into being?

    The party whose appointed Home Secretary complained that those of her own party who disliked this sort of behaviour had been the “nasty party”?

    • Mr_Twister-Morpheus

      this site has nothing to do with the CON Party.

      (though someone will correct me if i’m wrong)

      • WFC

        Ah! That would explain it. Thanks.

  • Otto Crum

    A good article. It now seems that the BBC has become a real problem in it’s inability to confront the truth of any matter it deems controversial. I take it this reflects the fear now gripping our liberal elites. Fear of what and who is the question.
    It cannot go on like this of course and we all know it. This year looks to be shaping up to be rather interesting.

    • MrJones

      For people who’ve known the truth for 40+ years if the BBC’s wall of lies finally comes down it will be like a great weight lifting.

    • Maurice Snackbar

      The Financial Times thinks we should all just roll over and die.


      The Financial Times has today published an article insisting that mass immigration from Africa and Asia into Europe is here to stay, so we’d better all get used to it.

      The article goes so far as to suggest that the migrant crisis currently engulfing Europe is some sort of payback for European colonisation in the 18th and 19th Centuries, and predicts, with no sense of loss, that European culture will be overwhelmed.

      Penned by the paper’s chief foreign affairs columnist, Gideon Rachman, the article spells out that, thanks to global demographic changes, Europeans are and will increasingly make up a rapidly diminishing proportion of the world’s population. That, paired with the ease of travelling to Europe in the modern age means that inward migration is set to be a way of life for the foreseeable future.

      Not only does Rachman therefore see attempts to control immigration as futile, he further believes that attempts to preserve European culture are necessarily doomed to failure. European values, he believes, are modern liberal values with shallow roots which will not withstand an influx of what he terms Middle Eastern and African conservatism. That, he suggests, will be liberalism’s triumph.

  • MrJones

    ‘Well the greater good of the community is more important than the rights of the individual,’

    They’ve been saying this among themselves for 50 years as they covered up the truth and gradually retreated further and further into the country side to protect their own kids from the consequences of their actions.

    They have so much blood on their hands.

    • Maurice Snackbar

      It’s almost like they have a common purpose.

  • The BBC is out of touch and out of control.

  • Maurice Snackbar

    Here is a good discussion of the immigrant sexual attacks from Polish TV and it reveals the following…

    German admin ordered the CCTV of Cologne attacks erased


  • Thomas Katz

    “Her theory couldn’t explain why Pakistani husbands and fathers in the
    north of England and Oxford recently attacked large numbers of young
    girls, and no one asked her.”

    did it because it’s their culture and they think it’s just another free
    benefit this country owes them. Get used to it, the PC brigade won’t
    allow anyone to curb a savage pedophiles “Human Rights”. The Liberal
    Elite are taking us to Hell, and there seems to be nothing that poor
    indigenous taxpayers can do about,

  • Phil R

    The Government is introducing a cap of £95000 to redundancy payments for public sector workers.

    This may or may not be a good idea, but what is interesting, is the public bodies that are exempt

    All the publicly owned banks and you guessed it, the BBC, Channel 4 and S4C

    It shows the power the BBC has over Government.

    “All animals are equal, but some are vastly more equal than others!”

  • Bernard101

    It isn’t that the “greater good of the community is more important than the rights of the individual”, it’s that the greater good of – multi-culturalism – which the left will never admit has been a dismal failure – is more important than the rights of the individual.” Likewise the right of a woman not to be raped or sexually by Muslims is secondary. Pretty soon, women will be told not to go out during the day, then not out at night, then to wear a scarf and then to cover their faces and be accompanied by a male relative. The left is becoming a greater danger to freedom that radical Islam.