Jane Kelly: Islamic State is coming to a street corner near you

Earlier this week,  Martin Bashir, the BBC Today Programme’s Religious Affairs Correspondent, reported that there is increasing fear among British Muslims about ‘Islamophobic attacks,’ in ‘the light of the recent terrorist attacks.’

That sounded very odd; those terrorist attacks were planned and carried out by British Muslims against the rest of the population. The BBC voice was referring to the attack, now termed a ‘hate crime,’ by a lone nut-case at the Finsbury Park mosque. That is obviously now being lumped into all the rest, including attacks in France, Germany and Belgium, for the purpose of community relations. There is now also a case in east London of a British man committing that most vile and cruel crime of throwing acid into women’s faces. An act most often associated with South Asian men who’ve had their marriage proposals rejected. In India about 300 such attacks a year are reported, in Pakistan 160 on average and until recently such attacks were not treated as a crime.

Because of ‘recent terrorist attacks’ in the UK it seems that the Muslim community here is now in a state of fear. Dal Babu, a former Met policeman who now works for the Muslim Council of GB, said attacks on Muslims were not as high as reported on social media but he pointed pithily to, ‘A contagion of fear.’

After the mosque attack in June, Runa Begum, ‘A lone Muslim woman’, said Bashir portentiously, gained some notoriety by confronting Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid.

‘I had to drop my son off to school and that was scary enough to do.’ She told him. ‘I was like are there any precautions put in after these horrible events. As a mother I fear for my child, not just now but I fear for him growing up in this country.’

This week the BBC produced her again. Inside her flat we heard her offering endless breakfast choices to her young son, who turned them all down with grunts. Later she wept, saying she is afraid to go out and lives in total fear in case, ‘they might drive a car at me and hit my boy.’

She said he’s growing up in this country with a target on his back. Bashir did not point out to her that everyone in the country now feels like that. We all move a step more quickly when we see a white van approaching at speed. We are also mightily inconvenienced and put in fear whenever we enter an airport, a crowded bar or concert hall. The general feeling now is that no one is safe. But Bashir assured us that the government is determined, ‘That Britain’s million Muslims would be ‘given all the help and security they need.’

The feature, which had started with Babu’s sensible sounding words quickly veered off from examining his,  ‘contagion of fear,’ to accepting it as valid, and blaming the rest of us in that society, which most of Britain’s nearly three million Muslims flatly refuse to join.

‘We are underestimating the problem,’ Babu said, and warned us. ‘We need to take a deep, hard look at ourselves and ask whether we are sleep-walking into Islamophobia, where Islamophobia is becoming the norm.’

He then began to chunner on about white British dinner table conversation, rehashing the words of Baroness Warsi when she warned the British against private anti-Muslim chit-chat.

Fear can be engendered by change, and all our lives have changed radically in the last thirty years. We’ve had Muslim mass migration to the West, reintroducing religion as a contentious issue to the British population outside Ulster, for the first time in three hundred years.

As of 2010, the EU was home to about 13 million Muslim immigrants. The Muslim share of the population throughout Europe has grown about one per cent a decade, from 4 per cent in 1990 to 6 per cent in 2010. This pattern is expected to continue through 2030 when Muslims are projected to make up 8 per cent of Europe’s population.

Huge changes have followed since 9/11 which introduced fear into every level of civic life, not known since the Second World War. Non-Muslims now recognise that the Muslim war on the West, fought on streets in Europe, is likely to intensify since the defeat of so-called Islamic State in the Middle East.

Naturally, some of us Brits who’ve always lived here, long for parts of the past and wonder if our lives will ever be the same again. We wonder these things secretly, in our heads, careful not to say such things out loud in case we offend the likes of Lady Warsi, Runa Begum and Dal Babu. Our fear of speaking has been the biggest change of all.

(Image: NoirKitsuné)

Jane Kelly

  • Bugle

    Never forget: the government’s response to acts of terrorism carried out in the name of Islam is to outlaw ‘Islamophobia’.

    • Irene Elizabeth Brown

      It is not Islamophobia when they are trying to kill you .

  • Owen_Morgan

    Islamophobia is like phlogiston, or the Welsh dragon: it doesn’t exist. An entirely rational fear of muslim terrorism and general criminality is not “islamophobia”, because those things undoubtedly do exist.

    • An argument that I’ve been making almost since the word was coined. My fear is rational and thus not a phobia. Why should I not be frightened of a people whose associates have been known to carry out terror attacks and kill people in this country for no apparent reason? Why shouldn’t I be afraid of people who believe that I should either join their religion or be killed? I do not have a phobia.

      • Labour_is_bunk

        I dislike what people of a certain sexual orientation do to each other – that doesn’t make me or others who agree with me “phobic” either.

        • Exactly, dislike of something is not a fear and therefore not a phobia.
          However, as well as being Islamophobic, I am Corbynphobic and Labourphobic. I have a rational fear of all of these.

    • Harley Quin

      As is a fear of Islamic influence on society in general.

  • Colkitto03

    The constant use of the word ‘islamaphobia’ by authorities and the MSM actually is counter productive. Many people start to believe that the establishment ‘doth protest to much’
    Overly frequent and vehement attempts to convince us of something can very often have the opposite effect.
    We start to believe the opposite is true.

    • Mark Ash

      I also think that many now take it simply to mean Fear of Islam, which is sure to spread.

      • Harley Quin

        The more one learns about Islam and Islamic history, the more fearful one becomes.

  • Anthony Bracey

    Challenge: rewrite “the boy who cried wolf” as “the left-wing media that cried Islamophobia”

  • James Chilton

    “Islamophobia” is an invention of insolent humbugs who, having imposed a gagging order on themselves, want to gag everyone else.

    • Flaketime

      As with every ‘ism and ‘phobia’ they are meaningless words. Ask for a definition and watch them struggle to give one !

  • Jenni Wren

    I haven’t got a target on my back

    • You’re probably not covering your head and arms.

    • Bik Byro

      Let’s hope you don’t become a mod and buy one of their parkas.

  • Flaketime

    There is a Muslim program called “Media Jihad” in which following any Islamic atrocity false claims and false flag attacks against Muslims are reported. This happens all over Europe and is a fully organised campaign. The Telegraphs Andrew Gilligan outed Tell Mama and Fiyaz Mughal as a liar for exaggerating attacks against Muslims, Mughal sued for slander, and lost. Gilligan was able to prove Media Jihad was real and taking place.

    Tell Mama then lost its government grants and all credibility, but alas the media are ever ready to report these lies, and even if it knowing reports lies, but attributes those lies to a person it’s OK by the governing body IPSO.
    Tell Mama is alas being given credibility again despite the fact that it is an unreliable source, so desperate is the government and the media to maintain the lie that white people are all horrible Islamophobes (and presumably guarantee their nice oil money rewards).

    On the subject of the horrible acid attack, I know from personal experience that people in the Muslim community don’t like to get their own hands dirty and will pay some no mark loser to carry out their attacks for them, thus meaning they cannot be prosecuted. It would not surprise me to learn in the coming days that this attack was instigated by a family member over a so called ‘honour’ issue with a girl who is certainly not a devout Muslim being alone with a male cousin on a trip away. Being Westernised is sometimes unacceptable to some people.

    • wiggiatlarge .

      ” Being Westernised is sometimes unacceptable to some people”

      But the benefits of Western society are very acceptable.

    • James Chilton

      I did some googling this morning in search of information about the diffusion of acid attacks – i.e. where most of them occur, how often, who carries them out, etc.

      Although there’s a large number of accounts of the attacks in London, I did not find any report willing to link them with the “honour” disfigurements that are frequent, apparently, in parts of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

  • Derek

    I’m not convinced religion is a force for good, except very occasionally. Religion is designed to breed identity politics and entitlement and therefore increasing division within an already divided society which the UK needs like a hole in the head.

    Labour politics today are based on identity politics and equality which together form a perfect oxymoron. The worst for educational performance are poor whites who are on free school meals. Indians were paid 8.9% more per hour on average than the white ethnic group in 2013. Bangladeshi men had the lowest pay of all ethnic minorities.

    I suspect these differences are much more due due to the very different values various groups place on education and attainment. Indians want their children to attain and become well educated with degrees and have good jobs (doctors being a popular chioce). They look for the best schools exactly as do the white middle class. Poor whites see no value in attainment or education Gypsies and travellers have low educational attainment but how relevant do they see any education to maintaining their lifestyles?

    Inequality is part and parcel or the mores that are implicit with identity.

    • Harley Quin

      In suggesting that religion may not be a force for good, you articulate a quite common viewpoint among the secular.

      One should however consider what societies without religion, or at least Christianity, have been like.

      For one thing, what is ‘good’? One finds that in our country, this is defined by Christianity, even when discussed by the secular.

      Genghis Khan, Islam, the N*zis and Stalin for exmple had quite different ideas about that.

  • HansMartinMezger

    It might be better if our new Met Commissioner knew as much as Jane Kelly clearly does about the cultural origins of the acid attacks.

    Instead we get this, from Clueless Cressida:

    >>Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dïck told LBC: ‘Acid attacks are completely barbaric. I think, until recently, we haven’t seent this at all, incredibly infrequent in the UK. It’s something that has been used in other countries… I’ve known it in some Caribbean countries, I think it has been used in South America.<<

    Anything to avoid the M word, it seems.

    • Harley Quin

      There was an item on the BBC lunchtime which Identified such attacks in Britain in the 1950s or earlier. Wouldn’t you know it

      What occurred over half a century ago is irrelevant. The present far greater outbreak started with Asians and Middle Eastern persons disfiguring woman who had upset them.

  • Harley Quin

    Thanks to immigration and the resultinfg demographics, it is quite likely that at some time in the not too distant future the native British are going to find themselves at the mercy of a dominant Muslim population and very possibly a minority in their ancestral homeland.

    Time to emigrate?

    • Rintintin

      No. Time for the silent majority to stand up and say we do not want the cultural changes that mass migration has brought and we are not prepared to see our way of life relegated to simply one “community” amongst the many that multi culturalism has brought. Immigrants should integrate and if that means abandon their culutral norms then so be it. They can always leave.

      • Harley Quin


        • John Birch

          And proud

        • Flaketime

          Except that there’s no such thing! If you can tell me what it is then I’d be glad to hear your definition

          • Harley Quin

            My post should have had an Irony alert.

          • TheRightToArmBears

            This is usually signalled by using waaaycist!

        • Rintintin


    • John Birch

      That’s the title of a very good book .
      Google or amazon it.

  • Bik Byro

    ‘As a mother I fear for my child, not just now but I fear for him growing up in this country.’
    Welcome to *our* world.

    • Lola Sapola

      A very obvious solution presents itself.

    • Lakesman

      For some reason, many years ago, I decided I din’t want to bring chldren into this world. I didn’t know why then but I sensed a shift towards the worse. I stand by that decision today, even more so.

      • The Banana

        Ditto. I’d probably top myself upon seeing the result of the state indoctrination centres on any offspring of mine.

  • AngularMerkilled

    Each and every single one of them is a potential attacker. Trust none of them.

    Any white who says otherwise is a race traitor scumbag.

  • cromercrox

    The division in society isn’t between Islam and the rest of us. It’s between a left-wing, educated, affluent, largely metropolitan cadre of opinion-formers who broadcast for the BBC and/or write for the Guardian … and everyone else. It’s a sad fact that ‘everyone else’ is now in a long-term state of decay in the countryside and a more precipitous decay in cities, as the membership of the Conservative Party is, literally, dying, or otherwise shouted down.

    One of the problems is that it is now difficult/impossible for people even on rather good salaries to own property, especially in cities. These people are the affluent opinion-formers of the future and should be voting Conservative but we give them every reason not to.

    Yesterday on ‘The Long View’ on BBCR4 a guest made the point that if the Conservative Party wants to stage a resurgence among younger voters, it should solve the housing crisis. Young people, said the guest, won’t vote Conservative unless they own property and have something to conserve. I hadn’t heard such good sense in years… the surprise was that it came from a Momentum activist.

  • John Birch

    Jane, this is the best article I have read on these problems. (Apart from yours and Allison Pearson of course.)
    There are five pages.
    I’ve Worked with Refugees for Decades. Europe’s Afghan Crime Wave Is Mind-Boggling. | The National Interest
    Allison should post on this site also.

    • Damaris Tighe

      This is a very interesting article and well worth the time to read. Thanks for posting the link. My one criticism is that the author doesn’t boil down the difference between the Afghan migrant ‘losers’ and the successful middle class Afghans. The strong implication is in ‘middle class’ and is something I’ve suspected since the Great Migration from 2015 onwards.

      The recent wave of migrants are from the lower classes of the societies they come from, hence their feral behaviour. The madness of allowing the Great Migration is that Europe opened its doors to the dregs of Muslim society. In other words, it’s a class thing. That doesn’t mean that a mass migration of educated middle class people would be ok. But it does explain the behaviour of the people Europe got.

      • John Birch

        Thanks Damaris, I respect your opinions they are clear and to the point.
        I thought the article interesting because it must have been hard for the author to write.
        But it sounds truthful and painful from her point of view.

  • Irene Elizabeth Brown

    The term Islamophobia was invented by the Muslim Brotherhood to enable Muslims in Europe and the West to claim victimhood .

  • Dave S

    It has been too late for some years now. That is the reality our leaders and media will not face. For understandable reasons as the alternative is unpalatable.
    After 7/7 and 9/11 the world really did change but most preferred to ignore this. Then came the attacks in France which were truly terrifying and those in England. Still the denial goes on.
    The direction a country takes is made up of millions of individual decisions and no one really knows how our behaviour has changed. At least not yet but I suspect that the indigenous shire people are gradually stopping going to London and other large cities. Certainly there is evidence that the indigenous are leaving London together with their children. That seems the critical point. Children and the need to consider the future. The converse is true.It is very rare to see a Muslim family at a shire event.
    None of this is able yet to be openly addressed. Eventually we will have to do so.
    I know that my own extended family has left the cities for good. I am not allowed to take my grandsons to London a city I loved when young.
    The Muslim population no doubt fears that the future offers all of us nothing but an increasing climate of fear. Islamaphobia is just a way of trying to express this fear . It is a word without any concrete meaning but it accurately describes the fragmentation of this country that is already here and gathering pace.

    • Colonel Mustard

      This is the reality of Dick’s “our communities”. Not the arrogant pretence that everything is hunky-dory in the multi-cultural nightmare they have imposed on the people of England.

      • martianonlooker

        Ah! D’ik, head of the Yard. She was out there at Finsbury Park mosque reassuring the community. She has seemingly foiled dozens of terrorist attacks in the last few days or weeks. As a supposedly CP PC does she count posts on here as being terrorism?
        Is she part of our problem?

    • Damaris Tighe

      I see the future as two countries, the cities and the shires – one country in name only. The cities will have their mayors and will probably be devolved. From time to time there may well be reciprocal raids between the two.

      • Harley Quin

        Damaris. An unusual, very nice name. I looked it up. It is a Latin baby name and means ‘gentle’

        A well- educated lady called Damaris heard Paul addressing the people of Athens, I read.

        • Damaris Tighe

          The whole name comes from a novel by Charles Williams, ‘The Place of the Lion’, which C S Lewis loved. Williams became a member of the Inklings, a group that included Tolkien. Williams’ Damaris isn’t very gentle though, but she does improve as the novel progresses!

          • Harley Quin

            Harley Quin is the name of a character from Agatha Christie.

          • Damaris Tighe


          • CRSM

            Damar, Tamar or Damaris is the traditional name of the daughter born to Mary of Magdala after she landed on the south-west coast of France. The legend would have been well known to Charles Williams with his membership of an offshoot of ‘The Golden Dawn’.

    • John Birch

      I think you are totally correct in what you say.
      All the new towns they are desperately wanting to build within about 50 miles from London are to house white flight Londoners.
      The cities now have virtually no link to the rest of the country.
      Cities vote labour, the rest vote conservative.
      As I live 50 miles from London I hate the need for all this new housing .
      But on one hand we need to be welcoming refugees from London.
      And on the other we need to thank god (our one) that Muslims don’t want to live in the country.
      They want to recreate the mess they came from here.
      It will end up with walls around cities to keep them in and us out.
      And it won’t be long.
      How the hell did we allow this to happen.

      • Blowmedown

        We were told that it was racist to question immigration. We were told we had to make reparations for the actions of our forbears. We were forced to admit to guilt we didn’t have by politicians and the “liberal elite” who hate us, their own people. We are being shafted by the very people who should be protecting us. Soon it may be too late, but as someone once said “it is better to die standing, than to live life on your knees”.

        • CRSM

          It started centuries ago when the church tried to make us believe in the fiction of ‘original sin’

  • MikePage

    “Martin Bashir, the BBC Today Programme’s Religious Affairs Correspondent”

    And there’s your problem. Some people still think Islam is a religion.

    • Jesus Actionfigure

      The other problem – the BBC think pilfering our money to blather about “religious affairs” is just fine.

    • Harley Quin

      The Head of BBC religious broadcasting is also Muslim, as was her predecessor.

      Says it all, really.

  • Fubar2

    “As a mother I fear for my child, not just now but I fear for him growing up in this country.”

    Then leave, sweetheart. Plenty of other Sharia based nations that you can raise your family in without any fear of anyone driving large metal objects at them…. oh wait….

  • Fubar2

    Nothing new from the Toady programme. Anything it can weaponise against anything outside of its own bubble, it will.

  • ethanedwards2002

    Thats odd – everyone else is concerned about real attacks by actual people claiming to be Muslims. Not imaginary ones on Muslims.
    Also isn’t a Phobia “an irrational fear” of something? So the MCB is worrying about an irrational fear of attacks?
    Our concerns are anything but irrational.
    You’re not the victims here.

  • SonofBoudica

    We are being colonised, and being made to feel guilty about it as the same time?

    • John Birch


    • John Smith

      We will know it is close if Khan ever sanctions shariah law in London.
      On the basis it is the democratic will of the majority of the ‘local’ people

      • Paul Williams

        He already knows it is in widespread use, and he undoubtedly endorses its use. I also keep thinking about what Corbyn said during the election campaign when he described Islam as a ‘wonderful religion’.

        13 million people endorsed that view in the election. Like I said, they have won and the rest of us have lost.

        • John Smith

          Yes it is surprising how quickly we all rolled over
          We will then be able to remember how our old culture was so successful

    • Corblimey

      It is not a classical colonial attack as we know it. In Malaysia widespread attritional attacks on the communities led to widespread slaughter. In the Chinese areas the Muslims do not push it because they will be swamped by the Chinese. We do not have this luxury here.

  • DearyMe

    “But Bashir assured us that the government is determined, ‘That Britain’s million Muslims would be ‘given all the help and security they need.’”

    That couldn’t be Bashir ‘deliberately’ telling a porky could it? “Britain’s million Muslims”, indeed, more like 3.5 million plus!

  • Fourmyle of Ceres

    when the history books a written

    we will be the first civilization in history that allowed in,fed,clothed, housed and apologised to the people that destroyed them

    • Birtles

      We won’t be writing the history. Unlike Rome, we won’t be honoured, our civilization praised. We will be abused by the historians of the future.

      • Harley Quin

        Who will be Muslim. The political class who arranged all this or who allowed it to happen will however be vilified for generations by the dispossessed who will be forced to live with consequences of their arrogance, contempt, malice, ignorance and stupidity.

  • The PrangWizard of England

    Whatever happens muslims and their supporters and promoters, the BBC but SKY NEWS too will continue to help them push their narrative of victimhood. And our PM Mrs May is as likely as not to arrange a policy of appeasement of their demands.

    The fact that they push this distorted narrative is sickening and frightening given the weakness of government in countering it.

    • Birtles

      In Nice, last year, 86 dead, 458 wounded and hundreds of bereaved families. The BEEB’s only online mention was yesterday, when they interviewed a Muslim who had lost a family member. Quite right, but the attack was on French people, children, families, on France as the home of the French, on Europe.

      • anna

        The disproportionate focus on one fearful Islamic family is rather like the huge publicity given to the murder (yes, horrible) of a Pole, for which xenophobia was blamed, the Polish Ambassador expressed horror and delegates from the Polish parliament came to express their dismay, with no mention of the 800+ Polish inmates in UK prisons for murder, rape, GBH and other horrific crimes.

        • lucysdad01

          And the attack wan’t an anti Polish attack in the end, just the usual random violence.

          • lms2

            Not that anyone would know that from the Beeb.

        • CRSM

          For some reason. Poles seem to have taken over petty crime in this country. This is very sad, as I would not have thought this likely to have happened. It shows that whoever we let in, we must be allowed to screen out the real undesirables.

          • anna

            Of course, the criminal Poles are a tiny percentage of the decent ones, just as the perpetrators of ‘hate crime’ – much exaggerated – are a minute proportion of the native population as a whole. As for foreign criminals, they have their spheres of operations. Romanian gangs are expert cash machine fraudsters; trafficking for prostitution in London is pretty well run by Albanians who get into the country pretending to be Kosovans. In the 1950s, the sex trade in London was run by the Maltese – the infamous Mifsud brothers. I knew one of their distant, deeply ashamed and very upright, devout Catholic relations.

  • Guardian’s Quitter

    ‘Islamophobic’. I would suggest the fear of a stone age death cult is not irrational.

    • Snoffle Gronch

      I don’t fear it.
      I merely detest it.

  • Snoffle Gronch

    Mohammedanism is incompatible with my way of life, and my culture. The only people who should be welcome in Britain are ex-moslems.

  • Birtles

    A year ago:

    86 dead, 458 wounded and hundreds of bereaved families. The BEEB’s only online mention was yesterday, when they interviewed a Muslim who had lost a family member. Quite right, but the attack was on French people, children, families, on France as the home of the French, on Europe.


  • Gasbag

    Perhaps we should look for a solution for living with Islam to muslim countries like Pakistan, indonesia, The middle east etc. where there is never violence or terrorism and no Muslim ever grows up with a target on their back.

    Hmm, Maybe not.

  • Ben Bow

    “An appeaser is somone who feeds the crocodile in the hope it eats him last”.
    Winston Churchill.

    • All men lose when freedom fails,
      The best ones land in filthy jails,
      And those who cried appease, appease,
      Are hung by those they tried to please.

  • Ben Bow

    The sentry at the Gates :

    • Blowmedown

      It is interesting to note how few upticks you get for posting a link to an organisation that monitors and reports on Islam and on things that are not reported or commented on by the MSM. Could this be from fear, or because people don’t believe what is going on?

  • Muttley

    Rational people need to push back against the invented concept of Islamophobia, a phrase coined by the left who were very quick to spot that out of the muslim terror phenomenon they could extract another rod to beat the white population with and silence justified criticism of islam.

    • Bugle

      You’re not wrong. ‘Extremism’ was the justification for the ‘British Values’ programme in schools. Mission creep hardly does justice to how the threat from extremists was used to label ‘homophobia’ a sign of extremism (Nicky Morgan). In today’s Mail, there is an article describing how a Jewish school is being closed down by Ofsted because it does not teach about gay and transgender issues. Yes, all this has been done in the name of tackling extremism, which started with terrorist attacks by radical Islamics!

      You may be interested to know that the Director of Corporate Strategy at Ofsted is a gentleman called Luke Tryl who used to work for Stonewall. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s always the Left who are pursuing an agenda: this guy was appointed by the Tories.

      • Naviro

        But we know that the tories, labour, and all other mainstream political parties are globalist single world government advocates.

        They are the would be destroyers of nation states.

        It’s true that some people are still fooled by the tories moniker, but even a cursory examination of their actions and policies make it clear that they are an islamo-marxist party.

      • Muttley

        I’m afraid these days when I say left, I include the Tories.

      • Busy Mum

        And it’s not only Luke Tryl. The Education secretary, Justine Greening, has the LGBT agenda as her priority. Besides which, she practises what she preaches.

        • Bugle

          People like this used to be called ‘one-issue fanatics’. Now they’re running the government – a Conservative government. Unbelievable. Anyway, I’ve been reading your comments for a while now – respect.

          • Busy Mum


    • bodmana

      It is good to read all these comments on this web site. We need to get across all this to our Conservative MPs. I am a Conservative activist and have written to my Association re having a moratorium on muslim immigration, banning Shariah law, etc. We need to keep getting the message across. If the Conservatives do not respond then UKIP should pick up the gauntlet.

  • paul parmenter

    So it appears that I must have neither a fear nor even a dislike of a readily identifiable group of people, out of whose midst comes a steady stream of shocking, unstoppable, single-minded mass murderers who continuously claim they are acting in the name of the common denominator of that group.

    Sorry, but I am having great trouble trying to rearrange the way my mind works in order to accommodate the concept that any such fear or dislike is so unacceptable that it must be counted as a crime. In particular, a crime that although it is completely victimless, is in some strange way even worse than the aforementioned murders; because they are just occasional aberrations that we must tolerate, whereas my fear/dislike is a serious threat to the stability of the entire nation.

    It seems that I must also rearrange my mind to accommodate the new definition of sanity. It’s all getting too much for me.

    • Blowmedown

      You may be having trouble rearranging the way your mind works, but our esteemed establishment will assist by classifying you as a criminal. Be afraid.

      • paul parmenter

        “Be afraid”. But that’s the whole problem, isn’t it? I am not allowed to be afraid!

  • La Face Nord

    ‘Acceptable’ opinions that can be held by ‘respectable’ people? Good further reading:

  • Vicky and the Snowflakes

    It’s the self censorship that concerns me most. Speak out, do not be afraid to speak your mind and ask questions, do not be cowed by the labels like ‘islamophobe’, they are designed to enforce your silence. Islam is not a race, it is not racist to criticise a political/religious ideology. Stand up for the Western values that have made our civilisation what it is.

    • CRSM

      We need to do more than just speak out.
      We must organise to take back our country. Otherwise, in 20 years time it will not exist.

      • Bill

        We nead a LEADER, not some terrified, dithering dummy posing in Number Ten after doing nothing about mass immigration for six years as an equally useless Home Secretary.

    • Bugle

      Western values as opposed to ‘British values’, that is.

    • You are correct, of course. I agree, but you know that is relatively easy for me over here in America. We have protections that the average Briton does not, baked into the cake as it were. While my British friends do need to, they also must weigh the possible consequences of doing so. I don’t envy them, but I do support them, and try not to back them into corners, many of us have commitments that are important, and we should not judge overly harshly, but when push comes to shove, well…I think you all know what must be done.

    • Corblimey

      BBC did a limitation on us trying to get us to go back Tunisia to be gunned down on the beaches. Some old bag saying we need to go back to pay for the fast breeder’s children. Two killed in Hurgada today. The MSM has not even headlined this. The kids nailed bomb at their concert and the London Bridge it is as if there’s have not happened. People are bored with Brentwood but it scary how they are normalising murder by terror.

      • John Birch

        It won’t be long that a bomb at a concert and many dead will be on page 38 if it’s reported at all.
        After all, every things fine and we would be unable to function without our immigrants .

  • anna

    The word Islamophobia is a nonsense and should be challenged every time it is uttered. A phobia is an irrational fear, such as my neighbour’s phobia about butterflies. A fear of Islam is not irrational; it is a perfectly valid response to a cult of terror and death which has inflicted misery on thousands in every continent. Branding opponents as ‘phobic’, i.e. mentally ill, is a smokescreen intended to protect Islam and its followers from valid and justified criticism.

    • It’s funny how we’re phobic after multiple attacks and silence from the General Muslim population but they’re justified in their fear after one, widely denounced attack.

      • Bill

        They’re aided exponentially by the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, an organisation expert at twisting the truth for political ends.

  • John Birch

    I’ve said it many times, but it’s simple. They should not be here.
    I’ve been in most of their countries and it’s obvious I should not be there.
    We are not all human beings, we are different tribes and their tribe is not our tribe. And it’s blindingly obvious that our tribes do not mix.

    • Budgie

      The people of the Raj – Indians – (mainly Hindus and Muslims) threw us out of India. And they were right to do so.

      Hindu terrorism is not a problem in the UK, but Muslim terrorism is. I think we must throw out those who refuse to fit in, as well as terrorists, and terrorist sympathisers.

      Just as Pakistan is for the Pakistanis so the UK is for the British.

      • Harley Quin

        Yes, it was ‘Quit India’, not, ‘Quit power’.

        It is not widely known incidentally, that India is ruled by one of the world’s most nationalist regimes.

      • Dr Evil

        And Europe for the Europeans.

  • Blowmedown

    Your last paragraph is chillingly accurate assessment of the state of liberty in this country now in that we have to wonder in secret for fear of the state taking action against us. By us, I mean the vast majority of law abiding British citizens; and this includes peoples of all races and religions. If the religion of Islam dictates how much freedom we currently have when Muslims are in the minority in the world, how much worse will it be when they are no longer?
    I fear for the future of western civilisation, because our politicians and the establishment do not.

    • MrJones

      we’re in the middle of an ongoing betrayal of the West by the political/media class

      unfortunately the sheer scale of the betrayal makes it hard for people to grasp

      • mjm6mjm6

        The one thing that gives me hope is the pendulum theory of history, the idea that an action provokes an equal and opposite reaction. The head of steam for the reaction is building.

  • Paul Williams

    It’s too late to change anything now. Islam has won, it’s appeaser have won, and the rest of us have lost. We’re even described as ‘non-Muslims’ now.

    Islamisation is real, and it will be here indefinitely. If you don’t accept it, you’ll be seen as a pariah or an outcast, or a good old ‘Islamophobe’.

    Reason is the biggest victim in all of this, because we cannot apply the laws of logic and reason to Islam, because Muslims will not accept it.

    We have to accept their way of life, not them ours.

    • “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
      Winston Churchill

    • Flaketime

      “it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.”
      David Cameron

      • Harley Quin

        He thereby revealed himself as an ignorant dimwit.

        • John Birch

          I’ve never seen cxxt spelt like that before.

      • CRSM

        And I don’t think he meant the large Chinese population around Nottingham University, near where I used to live.

      • MrJones

        big business colluded with guardianistas to create the current situation

        the Con leadership are funded by big business hence Cameroon style Tories are just as bad as Labour/Lib Dem

    • CRSM

      The is a policy of defeat.
      We are not defeated yet, although a very large group, comprising some very strange bedfellows, are massed against us.
      We have to be prepared to say publicly things that will cause others to hate us intensely. I have found this out to my cost. Surely there are more of us, than there are of them?

      • Muttley

        Not since successive generations of the young have been brainwashed at school and then university. Difficult as it was, we should have grasped the nettle earlier and not been so afraid of censure by the screeching liberals.

        • Thomas Katz

          That is very true “They” have control of our Schools!

        • captainslugwash

          It is not just the young.
          My mother is one of the ‘they are not all bad’ brigade. Of course She is not wrong, but this is a symptom of wanting to the see the good in people, whilst burying her head in the sand in a wish to avoid conflict.
          The fact is that there are a large number of people (usually women, dare I say it?) who will always choose the status quo and path of least conflict.
          The meek have inherited the democratic world which is why this matter will never be resolved by votes.

          • Muttley

            Of course “they” are not all bad, but they do constitute the swamp from which home-grown terrorists emerge, and the bigger the swamp, the worse the problem will be. And whether people like it or not, even those who are not “bad” hold views of how a society should be run that are profoundly at odds with ours. It would be so much better if this issue could be resolved through the ballot box rather than the way we are heading at the moment.

          • captainslugwash

            I don’t disagree. Unfortunately I believe that the democratic process in the UK is on the verge of being unfit for purpose, and no Party seems willing to tackle it.

          • Hertslass

            It will be resolved through the ballot box – it was regarding the Mayor of London, and Dianne Abbott’s re-election as MP, was it not? It will just get worse.

      • mjm6mjm6

        Yes – about 12 to one.

    • MrJones

      Islam didn’t win anything. The Guardianista caste in collusion with big business betrayed the West for their own separate reasons – Islam *may* be the eventual beneficiary of that betrayal but it’s not really their doing.

  • Emma Green

    I’m a Catholic and i can assure you that Christianophobia is alive and kicking particularly within the secular liberal elite who run this country. For example yesterday I went for a part time job interview and happened to say that one of my other part time jobs is selling advertising space for a Catholic publication. The atmosphere changed and the interviewer (a white, secular liberal) expressed surprise that anyone would want to do that job and that “everyone knows all Priests are paedophiles”. When I expressed my objection to that he replied that “everyone knows Catholics are fair game, we wouldn’t dare say that to a Muslim whatever we may think” Needless to say I’m not accepting the job offered.

    • Gympie

      I’m amazed that you think anyone would believe this tripe.

      • Why? I suspect almost all of us know of similar cases. I do in Britain, and I’m an American. Make sure you don’t believe your lyin’ eyes, now.

        • Gympie

          Well, she appears to be saying that overt sectarianism in England is the real problem, Catholics are the real victims, and she got the job anyway.

      • MrJones

        guardianistas are very often virulently anti-Christian and don’t attempt to hide it because in their circles being anti-Christian is a virtue signal

  • hugodegauche

    Stupid naive article. And a “perfect” example of why conservatism is losing. The focus on Islam/Muslims is completely missing the point. The only focus should be on the liberal elites who have brought about this situation. Without understanding the cause we are wasting our time. Islam is what it is – it has never pretended otherwise. The large businesses/ cultural and educational sectors however demanded open borders. I don’t blame Muslims for behaving as they do – I blame our leaders for throwing open the gates.

    The anti Muslim rhetoric will have traction beyond a small number of people. On the other hand a radical, coherent and consistent deconstruction of the liberal system is entirely possible. However the ‘conservative’ party is not capable of that because it is itself part of the establishment.

    • mjm6mjm6

      Have to disagree with you here. I DO blame Muslims for the way they behave in this country. If they are to accept the benefits of living here – which are many, when compared to the drawbacks of life of all Muslim countries – they have a duty to integrate with us and support the values of the society they find here. If they don’t like it and us, their moral imperative is to leave, not resist or retreat into enclaves, still less to murder us.

  • Great Briton

    Now we have acid attacks on Muslims in the streets.
    Is this down to the rise in Islamophobia?
    Just reflect on how great life is now with all the diversity and cultural enrichment compared to when I was growing up in the 60s

    • CRSM

      Your irony may well be lost on many here.

  • Dave S

    The almost despairing tone of many comments reveals much. That many feel this country faces a existential crisis that it has not faced since the Norman invasion. Of a quite different order though as that was a change as a result of a defeat in battle and what many fear now is unknown and never experienced before.
    There is no real discussion. The incomers cannot be blamed for coming if they can and if they choose not to integrate then they cannot be forced to do so.
    But what possessed those with power to permit this crisis to develop?
    There is no example in history of a settled culture welcoming another different culture without conflict. Did nobody in power understand this?
    it seems not and for this they deserve our anger. It was not their right to permit such rapid change on a settled people.
    The future looks bleak and the state power seems to be confused and reliant in the end on force to keep some sort of equilibrium. It has never worked anywhere and will not work here.

    • John Whitby


      Have a look at the plan he put forward for a Pan-European ‘nation’ run by an elite to prevent wars (like WW1) and to remove national identities. It involves effectively replacing the indigenous peoples of Europe with an influx of Sub Saharan’s, And then bear in mind that van Rompoy received the Coudenhove -Kaergi prize…

    • MrJones

      empires have done this throughout history – import different people into a region for divide and rule

  • Liberanos

    One thing we could do quite quickly. That is, stop treating with respect those who would harm us on the command of their god. The proper attitude is contempt. Contempt, not just for the deadly threat from the devout, but for the misogyny, the anti-Semitism and the homophobia of the general community of believers now among us.

  • BungleFever

    Well, if you don’t like it, I suggest you up sticks and move to a Muslim country because my sympathy went years ago.

  • Dr Evil

    Some of us are not frightened of speaking out. These 3 million are simply incompatible with their ideology/religion regarding our democratic ideology. They should never have been allowed in to the UK or Europe. Several wars/battles have been fought historically to stop this, yet in the 20th century politicians blithely let millions enter. Why?

    • MrJones

      the eurovile political/media class want divide and rule

    • Naviro

      The political class want to bring about a single world government.

      Christians already know this, it was written about in a 2000 year old book.

      In order to institute a world government, the nation state must be destroyed, along with any concept of national identity.

      With a borderless world, the citizens of nowhere who are loyal to nothing but their own ego, will logically support he formation of a single world goverment.

      It is increasingly likley to be an islamo-marxist government.

      It is not that the political class are incompetent or too afraid to do anything about the muslim problem for fear of being called racist. The opposite is true, they know exactly what they are doing.

      It is a deliberate plan.

      • mjm6mjm6

        One look at the bunch of hopeless drongos whom we elect to Parliament should, surely, cure you of the conviction that they could organise anything, least of all world domination.

        In fairness, who would want to be in the public eye nowadays? Only the narcissist and the otherwise unemployable.

        • Naviro

          You believe we’re being lead toward a global caliphate entirely by accident?

  • Muttley

    “Fear can be engendered by change, and all our lives have changed radically in the last thirty years.”

    I think “fear” is the wrong word. I think anger is more like it, especially when change is for the worse and imposed from above. It is wrong to say that people don’t like or are unsettled by change in general. Everyone accepts and welcomes real progress and change for the better. You don’t hear people complaining about medical advances or the technology that brings, for example, better and safer cars.

    “Diversity,” however, is something that has been foisted on us forcibly, to the extent that most of us have had to be brainwashed by offensive re-education courses in the workplace. But there is no clear upside to diversity and plenty of obvious downsides. So it is a fairly radical change for the worse. That’s what people are now daring to say, especially as it has gone so disastrously wrong.

    • Thomas Katz

      I think Ann Marie Waters of UKIP is the only (albeit slim) hope against Diversity

      • Muttley

        I’m not so sure. Just because she advocates anti-diversity doesn’t make her the person to represent it politically. It needs a really gifted communicator who can make it sound like the perfectly reasonable, widely-held position it is, rather than some nutty fringe movement.

        • John Whitby

          This was perfectly shown by the reaction to Enoch Powell, which effectively took Immigration of the list of things that could be mentioned in debate for decades.
          Yes, we have got a growing problem, many accept it privately but won’t say so publicly, and the Muslim community who are worried by the growing radical element are in the main too scared to say anything!

          • Hertslass

            The muslim population who are so happy to condemn people as Islamophobes, are too scared of their own belief system to do anything about it. Hypocrites – what kind of a system do they want, if there is no choice?

          • mjm6mjm6

            You remind me of something that T E Lawrence wrote, to the effect that the Arab mind was capable of simultaneously holding two opposing views. Remind me, what is the principal religion among Arabs?

          • Hertslass


      • Ben Bow

        A thousand upticks . . . GO . .AMW . . GO

      • Naviro

        The danger with AMW if she becomes leader is that she is not actually against diversity nor cultural marxism as a whole. She is only againt islam and the EU.

        The poisonous tree of cultural marxism bears much deadly fruit which AMW enjoys:

        – The teaching of biological dead end socially worthless s*xual practices to primary school children (yes homos*xuality)

        – The teaching of the outright lie of gender queer to primary school children

        – Reducing the age of consent to 10.

        – The destruction and eradication of our judeo-christian culture

        – The steady denigration of the heteronormative family and the denial of its rightful place as the only viable building block for a stable society.

        – The continued persection of Christians

        – An ever increasing size of state with unlimited powers to oppress and mole-st us all.

        – Continued punitive levels of taxation for the private sector

        – The denial of personal liberty and the continuation of thought crime (if it relates to her beloved LGBT gender queer atheists)

        AMW was a labour activist and campaigner for 10 years. In truth, were it not for the proliferation of islam clashing with her LGBT lifestyle, she would probably still be a labour activist.

        John Rees Evans has now entered the UKIP leadership race. He has clearly outlined his ambition to destroy the roots of the poisonous tree, not just remove 1 or 2 of the deadly fruits which offend him personally, while he continues to force feed the nation the rest of its toxic produce.

        JRE has my full support.

  • Mojo

    This article underestimates the anger in the country at politicians who have allowed this to happen. Mostly by wanting to garner votes. It is now being seen as a plan to destroy the British conservative way of life without considering the consequences. The consequences unfortunately are not being felt yet. The pain, frustration and betrayal of the British people will be the biggest consequence yet to come down the line.

    It will come from the snowflake generation we have today when they realise their children are being ignored, put to the back of the queue or indeed their daughters are being denied education and freedoms. Iran is the consequence of Muslim infiltration in Persia. The Persians didn’t see it coming and were crushed. But the Europeans have already seen it developing and they will not be so prepared to forfeit their freedoms on the alter of Allah

    • Hertslass

      Won’t they? They will have to do something about outing their politicians,very soon, if they are not prepared to forfeit their freedoms…

  • Thomas Katz

    Stop Moslem immigration, stop jihad’ys returning to Britain, stop paying benefits to those of them that can work, ban Halal and Kosher slaughter, Return to British values in all aspects of Life
    Those words are what you hear from those that get accused of racism, none of those things were in any party’s manifesto, you have never been given a chance to express “your” choices, so in a democracy, we are where we are at!
    Get used to being abused, LibLabCon Mp’s wont help you!

  • Jingleballix

    “………After the mosque attack in June, Runa Begum, ‘A lone Muslim woman’, said Bashir portentiously, gained some notoriety by confronting Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid.

    ‘I had to drop my son off to school and that was scary enough to do.’ She told him. ‘I was like are there any precautions put in after these horrible events. As a mother I fear for my child, not just now but I fear for him growing up in this country.’……”

    Given such feelings……..surely it is imperative that she emigrates.

    F*****g BBC – make my blood boil.

  • MrJones

    the EU is an empire – empires use divide and rule

  • Ken

    “‘That Britain’s million Muslims would be ‘given all the help and security they need.’”

    But what about the rest of us who are not Muslim? What do we get?

    • PendaBrittaniX

      Bugger all.

    • Dominic Stockford

      Nothing except a piece of paper – literally. That is what I was given by the Met Police to protect my church. Oh, unless you’re an MP, in which case they’ve now got rings of steel and guns more tightly around them than anyone else can ever dram of.

  • Odo Saunders

    It is the BBC that is using its position as the main broadcaster in this country to raise the spectre of Islamaphobia, even when all the evidence suggests otherwise. When are the British people going to wake up and realise that such organisations are slowly and cleverly using their influence to impose a minority, often medieval, culture on that of the majority of people in this country? The leftists who run the BBC are manipulating certain elements in the Moslem community to undermine the basic tenets of British society, which they clearly hate.

    • blue2beak

      The BBC is state controlled.

      The state will always tell us things are going OK just to keep us off the streets.

      The vast majority of the BBC’s output is specifically designed to stupefy the masses.

      People who can be persuaded to watch Eastenders, Strictly Come Dancing and endless police and doctor and nurse dramas are unlikely to cause much trouble.

  • blingmun

    We are closer to the end game than most of us like to think. In many parts of London white British still appear on the tube and in jobs in sufficient numbers to give a misleading impression about the near future for the capital. It is a demographic illusion. Looking at the schools white British are a tiny minority in almost every borough. It is a statement of the bleedin’ obvious that as the indigenous population ages it will be replaced by those who are currently children. Very few of those are native so London will be transformed in the next 20 years.

    In East London black Caribbean communities, themselves relatively recent immigrants but of Christian heritage, are alarmed to find their kids are at schools where 80 percent of pupils are Muslim. They find themselves under massive pressure to convert. It is hard to see what grounds they have to impose their values another younger, more culturally assertive immigrant community.

    Anyone who thinks that integration is the norm in London needs to reconsider who is doing the integrating.

  • Dominic Stockford

    So according to ‘what goes’ I am not allowed to be afraid because of the relativity frequent attacks by violent muslims (as opposed to any other kind of muslim) on the general populace, especially in the city in which i live – London. But all muslims within this country are going to be afraid, and are right to be afraid, because of one nut-job?

  • Uusikaupunki

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise”.


  • CheshireRed

    What a damn cheek. It’s Islamic terror, committed BY Muslims in the name of Islam (are you paying attention Mayor Burnham?) who’ve transformed the security landscape of this country. 60 million people are influenced every single day by the actions of a proportion of the Muslim population yet in typical Muslim style they rush to blame anyone but themselves. Cowards.

  • PierrePendre

    I don’t know what happens on the ground in Birmingham or Luton but the main characteristic of the era of Muslim terrorism is that there has never been a backlash. Muslim terrorists blow people up or mow them down in public places. Apart from the single Finsbury Park incident, there have been no counter-attacks on Muslims or Muslim areas in the UK or anywhere else. There was no retaliation against American Muslims for 9/11, Spanish Muslims for the Madrid train bombing or French Muslims for Charlie-Hebdo, the Bataclan shootings or the slaughter on the esplanade at Nice. Maybe unpleasant remarks are made on the street but by and large, ordinary Muslims are not held to account for the actions of Muslim killers.

    It’s repugnant and an insult to the tolerance of European people that governments and the media promote the spurious backlash claim totally without evidence of it ever happening. Runa Begum may fear it – which if anything shows she realises how heinous terrorist attacks are – but the fear is in her own head and the BBC pretends that it is true in support of its own agenda that Britain treats immigrants badly. Finsbury Park was the great gift that proved to liberals the equivalence between Muslim and White terrorism. In fact, what it proved is the incorrigible mendacity of liberals.

    I hadn’t realised Bashir had been had been thrown a lifeline by the BBC after MSNBC sacked him in America. The fact that they have him a job is evidence in itself that not only is there no backlash, Islam increasingly finds aid and comfort from the British establishment which seems willing to recruit anyone who will smear the decency of the British public.