Miracles still happen; last Monday Sarah Champion, Labour MP for Rotherham, in a brilliant case of nominative determinism, declared: ‘Hundreds of Muslim men have been convicted of grooming young girls.’

Even more amazing, she added that her heart ‘sank’ when she heard the latest case on TV news, with no mention of who or what the seventeen men from Newcastle were. The photos tell all, of course, but never the broadcaster.

Her words had never been uttered on Radio 4 or any part of the BBC before. It was stunning to hear those words spoken out loud. A mysterious consensus was drawn up some time ago which stipulated that racism cuts only one way. White people alone can be guilty of it and whatever ethnic minorities choose to do, they are by their very existence here victims. Ergo their ways, no matter how horrible, must be understood and accepted. Even expecting them to obey British law is unreasonable, and yes, probably racist.

As a result of this doublethink we live in a troubled, angry society where teachers, judges, bishops and charities tacitly approve of forced marriage, sexual abuse, slavery, acid attacks and animals killed without stunning. Our own laws are held in contempt, or are more likely unknown to certain immigrant groups hermetically sealed within their communities.

Like Ms Champion, vast portions of the public watch the news each night, also with hearts sinking, shouting out omitted facts at their screens. Following the MP’s unexpected outburst of truth, the BBC News at Six covered the court case against the men, not mentioning their ethnicity or the controversy caused by her words. By 10 pm the story had disappeared from their schedule altogether.

Sarah Champion said she knew she would be attacked for her stance, by the ‘floppy Left’ and the ‘extreme right.’ The flabby centre got her first as her words were immediately dismissed by the Government who said in a school-marmy way that no one should ‘jump to conclusions.’

She was then set upon by the NSPCC who denied that attacks on young white girls had anything to do with Asian men. Their view was not surprising; the charity, which purports to safeguard children, has systematically ignored all reports of cruelty to children in mosque schools even though secret film of beatings have been regularly posted on social media. They have ignored the plight of young girls being forced into marriage.

The Government has a ‘Forced Marriage Unit’ but there were still 1,428 cases reported in the UK last year, mostly in the Pakistani community, and the real number is likely to be much higher at between five and eight thousand. Convictions for this crime can be counted on one hand. As the school holidays and trips back to country of origin loom, there have been an increasing number of teenagers and young children ringing ‘Childline’ about their plight. Pakistani and Bangladeshi girls and boys with learning difficulties are most at risk.

The BBC colludes in this view and refers to those victims merely as ‘British’ refusing to mention their ethnicity, although of course everyone knows who they are. There was a BBC Newsnight discussion about the recent case, composed entirely of Muslim commentators, who were allowed to deny that the crime had any connection with them.

The NSPCC have been invisible on the matter of sexual trafficking and prostitution of young girls by foreign criminals. There has only been one prosecution for using children as slaves in this country. They have also managed to ignore FGM, bringing not a single prosecution despite three million cases being reported in all parts of the world, including the UK, every year, one every eleven seconds.

There is hardly any point in mentioning cruelty to animals in British slaughter houses. Even the most vociferous animal rights activist, now trying to pressure the Government as we leave the EU, will never mention Halal slaughtering.

For years, the highest and most charitable in the land have formed a cohort of the politically correct colluding in keeping paedophilia and other forms of sexual abuse and cruelty going by their wilful silence. The left-wing ideal of good ‘community relations’ and not offending migrant ‘victims’ far out trumps those concerns.

For a few moments Champion’s brave iconoclasm meant that, after so many years of silence about the persistent grooming of vulnerable white girls by Asian men, their behaviour was not only stated to be wrong but deemed a racist crime.

That idea even appeared as a newspaper headline in the Daily Telegraph, causing one reader to complain that it denigrated other Asian religions and secularists, making the point that this was not about Asian men per se, it was about Islam, which is not a race. That has yet to be explored by Champion or anyone else. To criticise Islam is probably a step too far even in this changed climate and would certainly bring Champion into disgrace.

But despite the NSPCC and the BBC, the idea that Muslims can be racist is now out there, the Muslim genie is out of the jar and cannot be easily put back.  On Saturday August 12th it was reported that Solicitor General, Robert Buckland, had said that ‘racism cuts all ways, and should be made more important in sexual abuse cases.’

Tory MPs rather than Ms Champion’s Labour colleagues, began calling for the Attorney General and Buckland to review the sentences on the seventeen Muslims convicted and apply a ‘sentencing uplift’, i.e. longer sentences if ‘racial hostility’ was their motivation.

Whether ‘race’ should be legally addressed in that way is open to debate, if we had such discussions, but what is important is that for once the Muslim community is not seen as above British law and if they commit serious crimes they can be taken to task and their cultural attitudes examined. That is a first.

Oblivious to this change in public mood, the BBC goes on with its self-imposed gagging. Their TV news quickly dropped the Newcastle grooming story in favour of one about another acid attack. That vicious practice has reached us, along with sex  trafficking and slavery, in the baggage of mass migration from the Indian subcontinent. But that is not discussed on TV any more than Pakistani racial/sexual attitudes.

We are still a long way off from Champion’s truth telling becoming the accepted norm. In place of research into these current evils, which she requested, we still have disingenuous questions from John Humphrys on Today and Evan Davies on Newsnight, who sometimes ask, ‘So, why is this happening?’ with no expectation of a truthful reply. In the absence of real analysis we will hve to go on with our usual national diet of suspicion, rumour and hostility, which is now intergenerational as well as between communities and classes.

I was reminded of this recently in a local community centre. A woman in her early twenties and I were looking at an extensive and laborious wall chart mapping incidences of the ‘harassment of local women.’ Each pin point on the map of the town had a piece of string leading to a written comment. The accusations were all about cat calling in the street. One said indignantly that a builder had shouted ‘Hello, Gorgeous,’ at her.

She felt she had been seriously violated. I thought the self-styled victim was being absurd and put up a little note pointing out that when she gets to my age man will not notice her or shout anything at all. The girl beside me took the side of the ‘injured’ note stickers.

‘Men calling out like that create the atmosphere where attacks are more likely,’ she said, repeating the current mantra of the young. For her silence is the most important weapon ensuring safety between the sexes and against any challenging ideas. We did agree that sexual assault had increased on public transport, particularly on the London Tube.

‘I wonder why?’ she said.

‘Can you be surprised, with so many men there from all parts of the globe,’ I replied. ‘Sometimes it seems hardly anyone else is using the tubes and they are increasingly packed.’

She looked shocked and I realised I had given voice to one of the forbidden opinions which can only be spoken at home behind locked doors and closed curtains. For her you cannot say what I had just said, whether it was true or not, it could not be said out loud, in case it offends someone or ‘creates the climate’ where bad, unspecified things can be done.

How many British people support that kind of thinking? Some of us older people, those hated as Brexiteers or worse, still like to think of our country as a place of plain speaking, hard drinking, dog loving people. It was a happy irony that Sarah Champion, despite being a socialist, has taken the first step to safeguarding them.

(Image: Dying Regime)


  1. Champion? Is that the same Champion that was cautioned for domestic violence but still managed to claim the victim status? If so, no wonder I didn’t full read the article.

  2. I am not particularly religious, but I would imagine that a devout Christian would do their utmost to emulate Christ. Most of the troubles described in the article arise from devout moslems emulating their “perfect man”.

  3. I think the point about the rapists is less that they are Pakistani or Bangladeshi and their victims invariably white than that they are muslim and their victims always non-muslim. The fact is that this kind of rape is condoned by sharia, as are all the other crimes listed by Jane Kelly in her excellent article.

    The conspiratorial silence of politicians, the media and idiots like assorted archbishops on the subject of muslim crime is astonishing. It doesn’t stop being crime, just because a book “written” by an actually illiterate Bedouin, fourteen centuries ago, preached “Kill thy neighbour” and “Rape thy neighbour” and “Rob thy neighbour” (all things, incidentally, which seventh century Bedouin routinely did already).

    The issue of race in islam is actually ironic, because it is definitely a fact. Arab muslims notoriously despise all other races and none more so than people from the Indian subcontinent, muslim or not, many of whom are treated virtually as slaves in Arab countries.

    • I wonder what the reaction from the media and the Left would be if they found out white middle class British families were forcing their daughters to marry 70 year old men, or were maiming them for ‘dishonouring’ their family, or were cutting off their genitals, or were forcing them to wear clothes that covered their whole bodies to preserve their modesty. Or were plotting to blow up school children at pop concerts. Or any of the numerous backwards and barbaric practises that are carried out in the name of some abhorrent religion.

      Not a week goes by when a useful idiot does not ask for a public enquiry into some worthy issue. But not this. A real issue, that affects real lives, every single day, can be safely put aside because, as Jane says, it just won’t do to pry into the dark behaviour of anyone that is perceived to belong to ‘victimhood’.

      21st century Britian has become gripped by moral cowardice, fronted by multi millionaire twitter head appeasers and apologist like JK Rowling, Gary Lineker, and Lilly Allen. People who are completely unaffected by the reality of what’s going on.

      Shame on them, and truthfully, shame on every single one of us for being cowed into submission.

      • Perhaps a little mischeavous but white middle class British families do cut off ( a portion – which is what was meant about the girls) of boy’s genitals. Thsi is widely known and not much is said by the media, left or right.

        • Come on AJ, I hope you’re not comparing medical – or even religious – circumcision to FGM. I really hope you’re not doing that.

          • What do you want to compare?

            Neither have a medical benfit in anything but rare cases. Both have a wide range of risks and complications up to and including death. The advocates of both claim there are cultural benefits and downplay the effects and possible complications.

            In the UK FGM is fortunately very rare and is wisely illegal. Circumcision is common. There are no systematic statistics but those released from Birmingham Childrens hospital shows 100 children a year in A&E with complications from circumcission and 11 per year with life threatening complications. Very crudely scaling up suggest thousands of children per year per year requiring emergency treatment and hundreds of children placed in a life threatening situation. This is almost certainly a major under estimate as I only took hospitals with a major childrens specialisation and many requiring treatment will probably go to more general hospitals.

            A procedure with which is almost never performed for a medical reason and therefore confers no benefit injuring thousands per year and threatening the life of hundreds probably should not be compared to FGM which in the UK at least is extremely rare. You are therefore righ they shoudl probably not be compared..

          • Well, there are nearly 9,000 recorded cases of FGM in Britain every single year – all illegal – and not a single successful prosecution has ever been brought. So it’s hardly rare.

            I’m not saying religious circumcision is in anyway acceptable, please believe me, but I do not believe for one second that it can be compared to FGM. There are at least some circumstances where circumcision is medically necessary – that is never the case with FGM. In the utterly warped mind of someone who carries out FGM (usually a female), there is some moral, cultural or religious imperative. It is utterly abhorrent.

            I urge you to research the facts and figures, and the relative harm – physcially and psychologically – between the two.

          • ABout 6000 cases of FGM were recorded in the UK last year but almost all were recorded on adult women who had it performed many years earlier when they were girls living outside the UK.

            Comparing the severity of the procedure is complicated by the range of different practices some of which are much less harmful than others and the range of different complications which in both cases can be extremely severe, up to death. I think both are religously and culturally motivated child abuse.

            The rate of an illegal practice such as FGM is impossible to know for certain but FGM performed within the UK is likely very rare. There has only been one case brought and this was a ridiculous prosecution of a surgeon restoring a women to the condition she was in prior to childbirth that failed. Circumcision is by contrast very common. If the possible effects and morality of a successful circumcission are ignored and only the rate of serious injuries from it is considered it is still a major child welfare issue in a way that FGM, at least FGM within the UK is not.

            There is a huge avoidance and unwillingness to confront the different religous and ethnic groups who perform circumcission because they are well organised, vocal and influential unlike those who perform FGM. It is probably already illegal under general legislation which only permits surgery with consent and in the case of children when it is in a childs best interests.

        • I don’t condone either but the male equivalent to a typical FGM job would be to cut off somewhere between 50% to 100% of the penis.

          I don’t know how you can claim they are equivalent.

          • Only insofar as they are both acts of genital mutilation carried out for the most part on children who are not old enough to consent to the practice. But you can no doubt generate some differences which you will use to try to claim they are not ‘equivalent’.

          • Your assertion is not accurate or at least very incomplete. The foreskin is the most sensitive tissue with the most nerve endings. FGM covers a range of practices some of which remove no tissue at all. As a minimum circumcission is worse than some FGM but a competition as to which is the worst seems pointless as both are child abuse and should not be allowed.

    • I largely agree, but I need to correct you a little on the FGM.

      If you look deeply into the stats about FGM (and I have because I think it a vile abuse of women) it is not a Muslim problem but a tribal problem across North and Central Africa with some spill-over to the middle east. If you look country by country where FGM takes place – incidents vs religion – the breakdown is about 45% Muslim, 45% Christian, 10% folk religion across the region as a whole. For example, it is commonly practised in Kenya, especially the Maasai, despite being against the law there.


      The failure to prosecute FGM in the UK is an outrage. I cannot believe that police have the barefaced cheek to say it is not in the girl’s interests to prosecute. They have completely ignored the deterrent effect side of prosecution and punishment. And so it will continue unchecked and thousands more girls will suffer from this.

      • But the police don’t want to prosecute. They have been politicised almost to the point of uselessness and will avoid prosecutions in a futile attempt to promote “Community Cohesion”

  4. Yet when ITV ‘s Coronation Street ( a down market soap ) broached the subject of grooming they chose to use a WHITE gang, this filmed only 10 miles from Rochdale.
    And as stated by another, this husband beating MP is only in it for self publicity. An MP for Rotherham not Rochdale as stated in the article.

    • I’ve mentioned that Coronation Street storyline, and it was an utter disgrace. During those grooming scenes – which even included a white police officer – there was not a single non-white actor casted. So once again, rather than explore the reality, millions of people would have been left scratching their heads in utter bewilderment.

      It’s not difficult to see why Britain is such an attractive destination fro criminal gangs.

  5. Much to-do has been made of the fact that Sarah Champion referred to “Pakistani men”.
    In actual fact, nearly all the men involved were born in Britain.
    That actually makes it worse.

    • Yes, but they are culturally Pakistani and certainly Muslim. Technically British, but their heart and soul is Pakistani.

      • You’ve missed the point which is that these are not imported child abuse gangs, Britain is now developing its own from British born Muslims which makes it more worrying still. You can’t deport them – they were born here.

    • I worked with Pakistani extraction Muslim children in Bradford in the 90s. When I said something about them being British they all vehemently denied being British and told me they were Pakistani. Those children will be about thirty now. I do wonder what they teach their own children about their identity.

  6. Champion was very slow to break ranks, seeing that she should be taking particular interest, in view of her constituency, but her conversion is welcome. May it be followed by many others!

  7. It is important to get facts right and, as commentator Bill Byro notes below, most of these perpetrators are, sadly, British-born and it is more accurate to refer to them either as being of Pakistani extraction or heritage. Presumably, the Crown Prosecution Service has the option of treating these cases as hate crimes which would side-step any ‘race’ issues while allowing the muslim perperator/non-muslim victim angle to be thoroughly exposed during trials.

    Jane Kelly is right that official bodies turn blind-eyes to an awful lot. To the list given above, I’d add multiple marriages, usually to vulnerable girls from the sub-continent who often don’t realise that their ‘marriages’ are not valid in British law until they’ve been ‘divorced’ under Islamic law and dumped, usually losing any children in the process. Then there are marriages withing the degress of consanguanity which produce high rates of disabled births – the only journalist to ever go near this topic is Yasmeen Aiabhi-Brown who has described it as one of the greatest scandals of modern times.

    For those of us who do care about animal welfare, living in an area with a significant muslim popuatlation means finding places to to shop other than locally since, sooner or later, most supermarkets will stock only halal-compliant meat.

    I don’t remember voting for any of this.

  8. I think she is MP for Rotherham, not Rochdale. Its important to get the facts right so the message cannot be willfully disregarded because of petty accuracy. This will and does happen. Good summation though. Its stark when all laid out. I think its less racism then xenophobia. Anyone but them is prey. The teenage girls living in a liberalised way are the easy pickings.

  9. Many of us ‘ordinary Englishmen’, who have long delighted in calling a spade a bloody spade, have become used to broadcasters, journalists and the huge wodge of the SJW left ignoring the painfully obvious term ‘Muslim’, preferring the term ‘men of Asian appearance’ when that pejorative covers a whole sub-continent.

    The day will come when observations such as mine will be aired on the likes of the BBC, but I shall not be holding my breath whilst waiting!

    • I try not to use the BBC in anyway it only causes arguments in our house, for the utter rubbish they preach, unfortunately the whole news reportage has the same effect. So I do not watch any news programs

      • I have recently and reluctantly come to the same decision. Sign of the liberal dominated media Times that we in.

        • I used to be a “newsaholic” but I have given up in frustration at the BBC, so don’t watch them anymore. Mind you, Sky are just as bad, so I have given up on them too.
          I now get my news from the internet.

          • Exactly the same for me. I gave up on Sky when newsreaders were referring to UKIP as ”far-right” and BBC news and comedy programs were clearly and consistently left of centre, pro-gay marriage, anti-monarchy and pro-immigration, in their views. Programs such as the Moral Maze seemed to be a long winded way of ensuring only liberal views were seen as moral and virtuous. Don’t get me started on Any Questions and Question Time.

            No doubt once my demographic have all popped our clogs, the happy clappy, consequence free, moral relative world we leave behind won’t shed a tear. But given the direction of travel this ”progressive” society is on, I’m quite happy to leave them to it.

  10. This belief that speaking out is bad incase it “offends someone or ‘creates the climate’ where bad, unspecified things can be done” is relatively new, but endemic in the younger population.
    Just a thought, but I wonder whether it started in “circle time”, introduced into schools about 20-30 years ago. No doubt teachers discouraged their young pupils from saying awkward things. Whereas we grew up with “sticks and stones will break my bones but calling doesn’t hurt me”, they have learned the exact opposite.

    • Yes but if “sticks and stones..” is the mantra, how then do you shut somebody up who is saying things which don’t fit your view of how the world should be organised ?

  11. I would have been a bit more impressed by Sarah Champion’s recent conversion if it hadn’t been for the fact that she kept calling for an enquiry into the reasons why these crimes are committed. Do we really need to know why?
    We also need to question what is happening to children and young women within the families of these perpetrators. About a year ago, I heard a truly harrowing programme on radio 4 about grooming and paedophilia within British Pakistani communities. Girls with learning difficulties or with dysfunctional home lives were often targeted, drugged and raped in a similar way to their white counterparts.
    The Pakistani woman who had revealed these crimes was risking her own life in highlighting them. I expected some reaction to this programme but have never heard the slightest mention of it or these activities since the broadcast. Perhaps Sarah Champion needs to ask the reason why we continue to allow these communities to keep their dirty secrets hidden but I guess that won’t win her votes from her natural constituency at the next election.

  12. Excellent article. It must be articulated that many foreign men living in this country do not know how to behave properly in public. This is exhibited by their unwelcome toughing of women here and the stories coming out from Germany, Sweden and other European states. All cultures do not have equal status. The British culture is one of the finest in the world and it should be adopted by all who seek to live here as immigrants. Likewise speaking English.

      • True. My paternal grandfather, a fluent Welsh and Arabic speaker, and an army boxer (WWI) was in Wales and ordered a beer, in English. Some of the locals started insulting him in Welsh which of course he understood perfectly. So he called them out and beat the proverbial out of them. Nothing wrong with speaking Welsh.

    • The British culture has been successful
      Many coming to our tolerant & welcoming countries are trying to escape despotic cultures.
      Then some seek to replicate it here

      • I’ve said that for decades; they come here to escape the very problems they then set about replicating here.

    • I agree, but it’s not a problem confined to non-western nationals. The Italians were well known for ‘touching’, tweaking ladies’ derrieres, to a much lesser degree the French and Spanish males were known for it, too.

  13. Champions utterances ARE welcome…but her call for yet ANOTHER investigation is a stalling tactic..intentional or not.
    Sick to death of ENQUIRIES over this diabolical stain within our cities&towns.
    We are in dire need of a hardline government..

  14. There is ONE political activist who has the followers of Shariah Law, their Imams, and their courts, in her cross hairs. She is fighting to protect young English girls from marauding gangs of Muslim men who for 30 years have smirked and guffawed at the cowardice of the British Police, local Authorities, and the Social Services, all of whom are cowed by the systematic and oppressive tyranny of Political Correctness. Her name is Anne Marie Waters. She is brave and speaks out courageously for the restoration of Law and Order in Britain. She is not a demagogue . . but a woman standing up “For Britain ” If one has the inclination . . do listen to her manifesto launch which took place in ( where else?) but Rotherham. She talks of all the values which once made Great Britain GREAT.

    • I dont care for UKIP though I have respect for her. Whether she really has leadership qualities I am not sure. But I would like to see her win as the BBC and all the liberal media would then have a huge conundrum – they would have to speak to her and so people would hear from her and not about her.

  15. I grew up in Ireland in the 60s and 70s where (1) priests and (2) nuns were very much approved of. They could do what they liked – (1) rape children, (2) take away the children of unmarried mothers (disapproved of) to sell them abroad. The left have much in common with the catholic church – if they approve of you (your group identity) you can be as immoral as you like and they will look the other way or lie for you. Human nature doesn’t change

    • Have those involved in such despicable immorality in Irish schools and convents ever been called to justice. The stories I’ve read are disgusting.

      • Some priests were prosecuted. One of the most high profile priests accused of abuse killed himself. The church hierarchy got away with it. The nuns orders were supposed to come to an arrangement with the Irish Govt to pay compensation but I dont know how much money if any thay have handed over. The Irish Govt appear to have paid out compensation from taxpayers money. The nuns made large sums from the baby selling, though there was no accounting so no paper trail as to where the money ended up. There was a higher than average mortality rate in the baby homes, whenever the govt challenged the church about this the church always responded by begging for more govt funds to ‘improve conditions’. I was adopted and have some insight into deailing with such organisations and stories told to me direct by other adopted people as well. I wouldnt lay the blame solely at the church though, irish people are as much to blame and the left secularism which is now taking hold in Ireland wont necessarily make for a more honest humane country.

  16. Recently on an animal campaign website there was news of an undercover investigation into a slaughterhlouse which reported animals not being stunned prior to slaughter and therefore subject to unacceptable cruelty. Quite a while ago I remember a piece on the website of the same organisation declining to get involved in protests specifically against halal slaughter because it might be seen as descrimination against one group in society.

  17. I am hopeful that more people are condemning the reticence of the law to pursue criminals on the grounds of race and ethnicity. The claim that it is somehow uniquely racist to punish a non-white criminal has been debunked. The actions of these gangs are motivated by misogyny (viewing women and girls as commodities) and racism (viewing white girls as sexually available products). The root causes of these crimes are fuelled by the chronic misogyny in Pakistani society, where women face overwhelming hurdles and unimaginable injustice. Britain is supposed to set itself apart as a land that defends the rights of women. British law must come down with a heavy hand against practices that run contrary to our culture and values: FGM, forced marriage and other monstrosities should not be ring-fenced as “cultural matters”, but denounced as unacceptable, and it should be extremely difficult for anyone to practice such things. The fact that this has not been done up til now is a sign of the deep-rooted moral failure in British society, which has sacrificed principle on the altar of political-correctness. It is awful that these girls have had to pay the price of lifelong trauma before anyone listened.

  18. Nigel farage tried to open his shop in her seat, and the UAF turned up intimidated him, so he had to stay in side and there were no police she gloated about it on twitter

    • Apology for Nigel Farage from Champion?
      She’d rather eat glass…
      yet take back the truth she told about underage rape&abuse.
      This is what leftism does to the psyche..she may end up needing the mental health services..really.

  19. I decided a while ago to be anti-PC and shocking whenever I’m in public. Say all those naughty forbidden words and wait for the gasps and puzzled faces before asking why they are so ffended by a few words. I ask who exactly forbade them to utter such words and why, if they aren’t used in a sentence promoting violence, that they shouldn’t be used like any other descriptor.

    What’s interesting is that they usually huddle conspiratorially at this point and admit that they have felt it was a kind of oppression-which it is. It is the attempt to silence dissent and free speech. We don’t yet live in a Stasi controlled USSB and we should break the taboo whenever the opportunity presents itself and do it loudly and self-consciously.

    These men weren’t Asian – which implies Chinese or Japanese origin, they were Pakistani’s and not in the sense that they were just immigrants from Pakistan, but that they came with certain Pakistani culture attitudes that they intended to keep despite their new choice of home. Our government has failed to make the case for western culture when allowing immigrants to settle in Britain and they have failed to protect that culture from predators that have no respect for it. Instead they say our values are tolerance and diversity-which is to say we dont discriminate or judge, so it doesnt matter if immigrants openly flout our culture just as long as we can turn a blind eye to them doing so, then we preserve these faux values that are destroying the values of western civilisation.

    • I do this with the term ‘gay’. I enquire: “Do you mean homosexuals?” Some practically seem on the verge of fainting at that, others do a sort of mental squirm. Then I add: It’s not quite as ‘cuddly’ sounding, is it?”.

      • Exactly, use the proper word, the one for which there is a clear definition unclouded by emotional perfumery.

        • The correct word is “muslim”
          It can be further refined as “muslims of Pakistani ( or wherever) origin”
          So easy & yet all those graduates at the BBC can’t figure it out.

    • Er, no, ‘Asian’ has a wider definition than ‘implying’ Chinese or Japanese, people from the Middle East can also be Asian. in fact, in G.B., I would suggest if you said ‘Asian’ practically everyone would be thinking of a Indian or Pakistani

      • People from the Middle East are middle eastern, just as those from Africa are African. Pakistanis are nominally Indian, but their religion is predominantly Muslim compared to Sikh, so there are differences.

        We can argue if you wish, but this kind of blanket definition is being used to hide the culture of the men involved in order to prevent debate. It’s another kind of omission, or suppression to prevent us all ruining the false value of ‘tolerance’ where no such value should ever be in civilised society because it breeds destruction of that society. That’s the point I’m making here, let’s call a spade a spade and then deal with the consequences by open conversation and tough debate. People aren’t stupid, they understand that not all Pakistani immigrants are rapists, nor all Muslims bombers, but the attempt to obscure the cause in order to save a false value is a worse crime – it is that of non-judgement which leads to non-justice and actively turns its eye when violence is being comitted, it therefore condones those actions and no civilisation can survive long with that kind of thinking.

    • I do it in a careful, that is to say precise, way and it’s surprising to see how many people are open to so-called unsayable truths. The mistake is when these facts are used as cover for genuinely bad values but if you’re rational, logical, and constructive then I find people respond reasonably.

      Examples include I don’t use the term Asian, I use “Middle Eastern” in some contexts or “Muslim”, or other specifics in other contexts. There’s loads more ways to develop a reputation for being a decent person who speaks unvarnished truth from a position of meaning no harm. I recently explained to friends that I couldn’t pronounce whether abortion was a crime or not but it did involve poisoning or mincing up children and we’d all be better off if we could discuss it rationally for what it is and without codewords. The reaction was interestingly receptive, even amongst the women who were defensive of the “right”.

      Just be precise and fair, nobody can argue with that. Nobody worth worrying about anyway.

      Obviously it helps to be known amongst by associates not to actually be a racist or a violent idiot.

  20. Nowhere have I seen mentioned what was patently obvious from the photos – that the recent acid attacks in London involved Asians, too.

    • Not Asian – Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and no doubt one or two other Muslim countries. They bring their vile practices with them.

  21. I remember when Sarah Champion attacked Farage for stating the obvious. This strikes me as some very cynical politics, but hey it’s the Labour party.

  22. Ah, Champion now recanting and saying she has been misquoted, I gather. If something seems too good to be true…..

    • Correct. She has been persuaded to resign, on the basis that she made a “poor choice of words.” Which basically means a poor choice of truths. So the forcing of the genie back into the jar is actually going rather well. Didn’t you just know it?

  23. If Ms Champion had any guts she’d now resign & stand as an independent.
    Safeguarding young girls from rapistic muslims is about as important a role
    as any MP can adopt in her constituency

  24. And look what good that did her. Shameful, her own party shut her down and she felt she had to resign. We should all take every opportunity to voice the truth, we should not be closed down for speaking the truth. Welcome to Orwell’s 1984 or communist East Germany.

  25. As far as I’m concerned, organisations like the NSPCC have totally lost any credibility as they are doing absolutely nothing to protect the very children who are in the greatest need of help. All public services, the police, the social services, safeguarding authorities have similarly lost credibility on any issues where race, or more importantly Islam, is involved. As for the media, there seems to be very little of the mainstream news media worth bothering about when it comes to any issue which might involve race. One has to find information elsewhere, invariably on-line.

  26. Too soon Jane..Sarah Champion just resigned with an abject apology over ‘the words she used’.
    Something is seriously wrong with the Labour. REALLY seriously wrong.
    And SERIOUSLY wrong with the country.

  27. Sarah Champion was always a very unlikely heroine (if you can call stating the obvious heroism). She was Labour’s spokesperson on domestic violence who was herself convicted ….of domestic violence! Of course, being violent towards a man is not a crime at all in Labour’s eyes if you’re a woman, so she kept her job at the time.

    Incidentally, women commit 40% of domestic violence (and some would put it higher than that) https://j4mb.org.uk/2016/09/19/domestic-violence-against-men-soars-to-record-levels-as-number-of-cases-treble-in-past-decade/

    I’ve also commented on Kathy Gyngell’s impressive piece on the politically correct police service. Truly, what a total xxxxxxx disaster the moronic May is presiding over. What we need is a right-wing revolution, or some sort of secession for right-thinking people.

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