Jill Kirby: Dave trapped in a time warp. He doesn’t get the European nightmare

In 2014, Euroscepticism is a mainstream position. In fact it's the only political stance that reflects reality.

“I get it” said David Cameron, in a last-ditch attempt to persuade voters to trust his party on Europe.

It's the Prime Minister's favourite expression these days, often appearing in conjunction with that old political favourite “Trust me.” Sadly, however, he doesn't get it.

He is not alone.

None of the leaders of the three main parties seem to have grasped how much has changed since the last round of European elections in 2008. Then the euro's travails were just beginning. Now, Europe is financially and intellectually bust.

Only through linguistic sleight of hand can the EU claim to have kept the financial rules underpinning the Euro. The irreconcilable differences between the economies of the north and south Eurozone have been exposed, along with the price being paid by the south in job losses, poverty and soaring youth unemployment.

The expansion of the EU to encompass relatively undeveloped economies in eastern Europe has shown that declaring a country to be part of a federal union cannot transform its prospects overnight, but merely shifts its population.

The strains imposed by the realisation of the European dream-turned-nightmare are being felt not just in the Eurozone but its neighbours too.

To be Eurosceptic in 2008 was to be on the right of the Tory party. In 2014, Euroscepticism is a mainstream position. In fact it's the only political stance that reflects reality.

Yet in their campaigns for yesterday's Euro elections, Conservative, Labour and LibDems still talked as if a federal Europe is still a credible entity, needing only a few modest reforms to make it an engine of growth and prosperity. Sorry chaps, but this engine is clapped out, and nothing you can do will make it roadworthy.

David Cameron has pledged to negotiate a package of reforms, despite the overwhelming evidence that the EU has never, and will not, adapt its rules to suit the UK. And by signalling his determination to remain an EU member, the Prime Minister has undermined his bargaining position before the negotiations begin.

Ed Miliband's stubborn refusal to countenance a referendum on EU membership shows him to be as out of touch with public opinion as he is with the price of food.

And Nick Clegg's desire to identify his party with pro-European voters has only served to demonstrate that they are a vanishingly small minority.

No wonder all three of these political big hitters are on the defensive, totally discomfited by a politically-incorrect bloke in a blazer whose 2010 plane crash then looked like a metaphor for his hitherto amateurish political career.

There is one big hitter I haven't mentioned, who is noticeably not on the defensive, despite being a Conservative politician. This is, of course, Boris, who weighed into the immigration debate this week by pointing out the “deceit” being practised by politicians who promise to shrink immigration in the full knowledge that, thanks to EU rules, they are impotent to do so.

Challenged on the eve of the elections to admit the truth of this observation, David Cameron was forced into a new line on EU immigration: that it will come into equilibrium, as Brits emigrate to other European countries and eastern Europeans return home. Proof indeed that the Prime Minister is in denial about the true state of Europe today and the failure of the European dream.

Sorry, Mr Cameron, but you don't “get it.” And every time you use that phrase in a bid to placate me and all those other disillusioned Conservatives who have ceased to trust you, I'm afraid I just get a little bit more annoyed.

Jill Kirby

  • Chris Barrs

    Very well written and very well said. Spot on.

  • Stuey Ukip

    LIBLABCON played a very dirty game, the only game they know.
    Regardless of what the people want or actually need LIBLABCON smear threaten deceive the public into voting for their own gain. Most people can see through it but what ceases to amaze me is that over the Country people are “still” voting for a political party who gave us.
    1; TWO unnecessary wars, the death and mutilation of thousands of our soldiers and civilians. Bringing for the first time in Britain, suicide bombers and radical individuals.
    2; Pandering to the EU with Mass “uncontrolled” immigration, creating “Mass” problems with, Jobs, Housing, Schooling and the Health Services.
    3; Bringing the country to it’s financial knees.
    Short memories, or in full agreement with the above… it does make you wonder!!
    And another political party who keep on spouting “we are all in this together” but seem to be more in favour of big business and banking, than the average hard working people.

  • Robert_Eve

    Spot on Jill.

  • The Elderking

    Well, the legacy parties and the tied media insisted on playing the man and not the ball.

    They have paid the price.

    …but maybe thats all they can do as they simply CANNOT argue a case for staying in the EU and keeping our borders open to the EU and the Third World.

    We have had enough!

  • MrVeryAngry

    ‘…get a little bit more annoyed’. More likely bleedin’ apoplectic.

  • Lock up your daughters?

    Off topic, but IMO important and a challenge to widely held notions of the nature of consent.

    Would it be OK to lock your daughter in a flat as part of the “chase”, part of the “sexual negotiation”?

    This appeal for anyone with similar experience should be distributed if people are concerned about the basic rights of women or daughters [or even sons!]:


    Operation Fernbridge is already looking at claims that this same ex-cabinet minister also sexually abused schoolboys.


  • A_Libertarian_Rebel

    Superb article, Jill.

  • george

    no sign of any of the established parties “getting it”.

    they ripped the fabric of this country apart with political correctness, importing diversity, allowed free movement of foreign workforces to undercut jobs in the uk, allowed the exporting of jobs to india and spending billions on vanity projects/wars/client sectors.

    now the backlash is beginning and not one of the metropolitan elite have a clue of whats happening outside the westminster bubble. handle this badly and this could all go very very badly for our political overlords.

  • Vera

    Don’t you just love it when someone comes up with the absolute straight truth. Many thanks Jill for your wonderful article.
    Cameron just infuriates each time he comes up with yet another lie about the EU – he is insulting the intelligence of those who know about the EU and is denying others that knowledge.
    The EU is the one big issue right now. Almost everything else is connected to our membership of the EU and yet we as a nation know little of it’s malign influence on our lives by the shameful lack of information in the press and on TV. For those who have busy lives, and those who have little interest in politics, their only knowledge of the workings of the EU is limited to what is available in the media which they tend to trust. However the many vicious attacks on UKIP in the recent run-up to this election may have alerted some that all may not be as it is reported. The more I discover about the EU, the more appalling and dangerous it seems to be and it just astounds me that any half intelligent person would want to be part of it.