Good news: Inside each Russian troll, there’s another smaller Russian troll.

Bad news: At the heart of them all, there’s a tiny Commie troll that looks like Jeremy Corbyn.


  1. Good title. So far in all the discussion about the Russians undermining the US election and the referendum, it is always assumed that any discussion with a foreign power in order to gain electoral advantage is treasonous. Did Trump meet a Russian? Did they hack Hilary’s emails? Did the Russians plant the stupid policies in Mrs May’s recent disastrous manifesto ? etc etc.

    But what if the information in the emails revealed that the candidate was behind disatrous policies, like the Libyan invasion, that had caused great harm and was covering this up? Is it not for the good of the country to find out, before the election. And if Mrs May was advised to introduce a charge on elector’s houses to pay for healthcare, wass it not up to her to see this was plain stupid. This is only an example, as the Russians are not marxists now and why should they want to help Red Jez. But the point is – who bloody cares whether they seek to influence elections.

    A good book for Christmas is ‘The New Silk Roads’ by Peter Frankopan. There are several chapters which cover the US and UK seeking do influence just about everywhere. Today it is called Transformational Diplomacy and was inveted by Condoleezer Rice. There are parliamentary societies that support it.

  2. No attribution = No evidence = No blame.

    The war machine can stick their Russia-operated sock puppets where the sun don’t shine.

  3. Does anyone remember a man called Barak Obama coming here and telling us we would be ‘back of the queue’?
    To be fair, I am all for foreign interventions in elections if they are like Obama
    I reckon he tipped leave over the 50% mark
    There are none so stupid as our Remain elite and non so arrogant as Obama. Neither has the fainest idea about the mentality of ordinary English people! Back of the queue? who me?

  4. How did that Mr Putin influence all us old folk, y’know the ones who voted for Brexit and haven’t a clue about t’internet, e-mails, twitter and other new-fangled inventions? Were it by carrier pigeon or like as not t’were by post…..eeh by the heck I’ll set me whippet on him fer misleadin’ us so I will.

      • Relax, all elderly folk are confused that’s why they voted for Brexit. In fact they are all meat eating, un-reconstructed, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, chauvinist, xenophobic, pill popping leaches on our NHS. Or at least according to St. Jeremy (Doom is upon us) Vine they are.

  5. Jeremy’s problem, or rather our Jeremy problem, is not that he’s a commie but that he’s unevolved. Even to call him a commie rather a communist is to recognise that he’s trivial and no dedicated Suslov. Any relationship he has to the ideology of Marxism-Leninism is superficial rather than reasoned. At base, he shares a political itch with his chum Ken Livingston and they would both have been entirely at home as Lucas shop stewards or allies of Red Robbo at British Leyland. All three have a lot in common with the cockroach which like the East German Trabant is a standing refutation of Darwinism. Older voters will remember the Tory backwoodsmen, relics of the old squirearchy, now extinct. Jeremy, Livingstone and Emma Dense Coad are the left wing equivalents but unfortunately they have survived.

  6. Just finished watching The Vietnam War series.
    It was interesting to look at it from the Communists perspective.
    As collectivists they didn’t see anything wrong with sending thousands to their deaths for the cause just like Russia in WWII, whereas the individualist US wrung its hands at every death and nearly collapsed it’s government. The old fighters of the war on the Communist side were looking back and asking was it all worth it and reflecting that Communist economics were just plain disastrous.
    And yet we have open communists pushing for power with support from it would seem and large portion of the populace

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