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Jonathan Barnes: Acts of old-fashioned chivalry confound the unhappy feminists


The other day, somewhere among the comments on YouTube, I came across a few lines written, ostensibly, by a young man giving an account of his experience when leaving a house-party. His car was parked some way down the street. Ahead were three female guests walking in the same direction; it turned out that their car was parked even further away than his. Aware that they were being followed, they apparently glared at him to let him know that they felt threatened. In other words, they were silently accusing him of being a rapist.

Presently he drove off, passing the three women. They were having trouble starting their car, and as he passed he noticed one or two of them giving him a beseeching look, which caused him only to laugh and drive on.

That was a mistake. He ignored what is called a ‘teachable moment’: he should have stopped and offered to help. By so doing he would have gathered various benefits to himself. First, there was a chance that at least one of the women might have been someone who ensured that he no longer left parties on his own. She might even have turned out to be the mother of his children. Secondly, he would have been able to bathe in the agreeable glow conferred on one by any act of altruism, especially if there is an audience. Thirdly – and here is the point of this piece – he would have removed a brick or two from the wall that is growing up between men and women.

The architects of this wall are those who seek to atomise society and make the individual reliant on the State. I am not sure of their identity, but the brickies in their employ are in plain sight. Besides the officers of the State itself (regulating such matters as taxation, immigration, abortion, sexual ‘equality’ and sexuality itself) we have those who more deviously plot the overthrow of Western society. These latter were once principally to be found in the universities and teacher-training colleges, where they incubated, and continue to incubate, young and impressionable recruits for their cause. Such recruits can be neatly categorised as SJWs (Social Justice Warriors), of whom the third-wave feminists are among the most strident and lacking in self-awareness.

The technique of indoctrinating SJWs is both evil and cunning, revealing a profound knowledge of human nature. According to Buddhist scripture, life is suffering, but one does not need to be a Buddhist to concede that it is, at least, one bloody thing after the other. It is capricious and unfair. In childhood, if you are lucky, you will be taught to come to terms with this. You will be disabused of your innate sense of entitlement and your belief that you occupy the centre of the universe. But if, long before your childhood ends, you are put in the charge of subversives who wish to harness your childishness for political ends, you can easily be persuaded that the inherent injustice of life is in fact man-made. Moreover, you are surrounded by others who have been likewise subverted.

Humans are social animals and yearn to belong, yet their young are often drawn to rebel. Being simultaneously tribal and rebellious is pure catnip for these pitiable and addlepated youths, who have anyway been trained, as Orwell predicted, to hold two mutually contradictory opinions at once.

Back to our young man speeding away from the damsels in distress, or to MGTOWs such as him in general (Men Going Their Own Way, in case you didn’t know, is a reactionary movement among men in the West). By espousing MGTOW, by rejecting the female sex altogether, these men are doing precisely what the architects of destruction want. The first bulwark of society is the pair-bond between man and woman; the next the nuclear family; then the extended family, the neighbourhood, the village, and so on.

Third-wave feminism – the kind that goes far beyond the original and noble campaigns – strikes at the very heart of our societal structure. If you are a man who does not wish to live in a dystopia, childless and alone, your mission should be to fight the subversives with subversion of your own.

In practice, this simply means being chivalrous. When you hold open a door for a woman and she berates you for your micro-aggression, merely smile and say nothing: silence is in any case far more telling than any riposte you can come up with on the spur of the moment. Soon enough you will find yourself holding open doors for women who are glad of it and who may even thank you sweetly.

If you pass a woman whose car has suffered a flat, stop and offer to fix it for her. She probably won’t refuse, especially if it’s raining. You are almost certainly stronger than her and may well know more about torque values and suchlike matters. Your act of kindness might help to undermine the ready-made opinions fed her by the propagandists: perhaps not all men are as useless as those insultingly portrayed on TV.

Women are incredible creatures, in some ways superior to men and in others inferior. Their most wonderful attribute is the capacity to bring forth life. Since the imperative to reproduce is what drives all organisms, it can be argued that the woman is the senior partner in any pairing, but that overlooks the fact that the man has been endowed with attributes that let him protect her and her offspring during the many years when they are least able to fend for themselves.

The State makes a poor husband. It will give a single mother benefits and a council flat, and allow her to indulge in a series of unsatisfactory flings with deadbeats, but she will not be happy and fulfilled and her children will be deprived of stability. You, as a decent man, have been equipped by nature to be much better for her than any benefits office; and she in turn has been equipped by nature to be much better for you than a lonely and meaningless existence.

So, blokes, make a start on your campaign of subversive chilvalry today! Risk a browbeating. And, you never know, if you’re still single, that girl whose dropped parcels you help pick up might end up as Joan to your Derby.

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Jonathan Barnes
Jonathan Barnes
Jonathan Barnes is a professional writer who has also, since 1978, pseudonymously published nine novels.

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