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Karen Harradine: We should ally with Muslim reformers to conquer the Islamist threat


Our human primitive and tribal response to threats – honed by thousands of years of battling to survive – is to identify the enemy so we can protect ourselves and our children. If this does not happen we become panicked and retreat into mob mentality. We may then latch onto preposterous conspiracy theories or vacuous celebrities in our attempt to makes sense of heinous terrorism.

The Islamist terror attack in Manchester is proof of this.  And the refusal of our politicians and media to name and shame the enemy intensifies our vulnerability to Islamic fundamentalism.

We have been paralysed in our response to Islamism by political correctness and have been cowed into submission by our useless politicians, laws against hate speech and fears of being called racist. In a dystopian distortion of our Enlightenment values the only way we are allowed to protest Islamist terrorism is through infantilised mass candle light vigils. The Jihadists love to see our suffering and our feeble response to terror cements their perception that the West is weak and helpless.

The grief that the victims’ families are experiencing is transformative. It shreds the soul and shatters the heart. So there is something distasteful and self-indulgent in pretending we are as grief stricken as they are.  They need to grieve. We need to be angry. No amount of memes saying ‘love always wins’ and ‘Islam is a peaceful religion’ will help us defeat those who mean to destroy us.

We are at war with an evil ideology – Islamic fundamentalism. Islamists hate the West and our Enlightenment values. If the monsters of Isis tell us that they are blowing up little girls in the name of Islam then perhaps we should believe them.  Our hard won values of freedom, tolerance and individualism are being attacked and yet somehow the continual narrative response to terror on our island is to invert the victim status by falsely claiming that Muslims are oppressed and therefore the West is at fault.

Despite the Wahhabi propaganda preached in our mosques and universities, there is no persecution of Muslims by the West. We have no laws of apartheid against Muslims in the UK – formal or informal. If whole communities refuse to learn English, seclude their women and preach hatred against their host country then it is their fault they don’t integrate and not ours. Despite the myth that Islamists wreak terror because they are oppressed and poor the reality is quite different. Most are well educated but choose to reject our values as a twisted form of defiance against us. And despite the fact that some are second generation immigrants, with plenty of opportunities to integrate, their aspirations are not to contribute to our society but to destroy it.

But there is oppression against Muslims by other Muslims, like the subjugation of women in Saudi Arabia and the persecution of the Ahmadiyya in Pakistan. It is not the West, but the Islamists, who are responsible for the flourishing Arabic slave trade in Libya and the much ignored persecution of Christians in Africa and the Middle East. We do a disservice to the slaughtered and the suffering by refusing to admit that the entire civilised world is at war with Islamic fundamentalism.

Everything about the terrorist Salman Abedi screams Islamic fundamentalism. His Islamist war cries in the streets, his trips to Libya and Syria and his own family’s Jihadist leanings, including those of his sister who blames the West for his attack.  Despite this our own leaders are silent or refuse to name the enemy. Manchester’s new mayor, Andy Burnham, with typical left-wing cowardice, even insisted that Abedi was not a Muslim.

Why do our politicians do this when the evidence does not support their fantasies? Perhaps Burnham has a degree in Islamic Studies which we do not know about and this makes him an ‘expert’ on who is Muslim and who is not.  Ignore him. Like so many now, Burnham is trapped in a depraved combination of Stockholm Syndrome, virtue-signalling and self-delusion.  Instead, listen to those who really know what the truth is – the Islamists themselves.  Pay heed also to Muslim reformers – like the Quilliam Foundation and Ayaan Hirsi Ali – who are standing up to Islamists despite enormous obstacles placed on them by Western useful idiots. Isis talks of attacking ‘Crusaders’ yet the Crusades took place many centuries ago. Since then Christianity has had a reformation. Islam has not. But it desperately needs one.

Those who continue to make excuses for Jihadists and blame the West are regurgitating Wahhabist propaganda and have blood on their hands. The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) can issue as many statements as they like condemning the attack but these are just empty platitudes in light of the Islamism running rife in our Muslim communities. Perhaps MCB might do a better job of combatting the terrorists within their own communities if they did not keep perpetrating the myth of Islamophobia on their website as this serves as a clarion call to burgeoning Jihadists.This ridiculous concern for a backlash against our Muslims communities each time a Jihadist attacks us is an insult to the murdered and the maimed.  It also restrains our fightback against Islamic fundamentalism.

But be aware that if we blame all Muslims for Islamic terrorism then we risk ignoring our most important allies in this war – the Muslim reformers, apostates and secularists. We must avoid succumbing to our primitive mob mentality – exacerbated by our inexcusably craven government which refuses to admit we are at war with Islamism for fear of being called racist or Islamophobic.

There are plenty of Muslims who have fled to the West to escape the sectarian strife and fundamentalism so common in Islamic countries and are frustrated by Western appeasement of Islamists. These Muslim reformers have far more morality and courage than our own feeble government and courts who no longer adequately protect us and are unable to keep our children safe from harm. Yet they are ignored by our media and politicians in favour of kowtowing to Islamists. So we must do all we can to support them and listen to their advice as they know far better than us the danger that Islamic fundamentalism poses to the entire world. They can help us win this war if we escape the passivity and cowardice of Western leaders.

So dry your tears Britons. For you are all better than this. Protest against our incompetent leaders and tell them to name our enemy so we can finally defeat it. Grieve in private if you must but stop weeping in the streets. Let us show Isis our strength and not our weakness.

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Karen Harradine
Karen Harradine
Karen is an anthropologist and freelance journalist. She writes on anti-Semitism, Israel and spirituality. She is @KarenH777on Twitter.

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