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Karen Harradine: I am appalled any Jew would vote for anti-Semitic Corbyn


The Jewish Left need to abandon the stinking cesspool of Jew hatred which the Labour Party has mutated into. No Jew should be voting for Labour or standing for Jeremy Corbyn. Anti-Semitism attracts masses of Islamists, socialists and conspiracy theorists and so translates into votes for Labour. Because in comparison there are so few of us Jews, our votes are not so important to Labour. So how we Jews vote is now more of a moral indicator than a political act.

Since Labour’s recent rise in the polls I have heard fellow Jews making contingency plans to leave the UK if Corbyn is elected as they fear life for British Jews will then become even more intolerable than it is already.

Corbyn and his band of black shirts – aka Momentum – have legitimised and normalised anti-Semitism. The recent hustings in Bradford perfectly illustrate this. In front of a hostile audience, Labour MP, Naz Shah, bravely defended the right of Israel to exist but was shouted down with cries of ‘Jew, Jew, Jew’ – a derogatory insult in those Middle Eastern countries infested with anti-Semitism.

The attack on Jewish journalist Emma Barnett by Corbynistas is another example. Their use of the word ‘Zionist’ as a negative and accusations that Jews control the media is reminiscent of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The Left – with their crush on Islamic fundamentalism – have turned self-determination for the Jewish people into a dirty word. Given Labour’s insane worship of the misogynist and anti-Semitic death cult of Islamism I am mystified as to why any Jew still supports them.

Labour’s election manifesto perfectly encapsulates this love-in and its support of Islamic terrorism against Israel. The binding ties between Jews and Israel are ignored and a promise is made to recognise Palestine – a fictional country. Palestine can only come about if Israel is destroyed, which would leave half the world’s Jewry homeless. Because our safety net would be wrenched away, the rest of us of in the diaspora would be even more vulnerable to Jew-hating thugs like Momentum cohorts. If Labour does win I am certain that Zionism will be outlawed by Corbyn. And so any support for Israel will become illegal.

Corbyn has continually shown himself to be an Israel hater and anti-Semite despite his weak protestations and excuses to the contrary. His habit of associating with Holocaust deniers and Palestinian terrorists knows no bounds. He even paid homage to the Palestinian terrorists who murdered Israeli athletes in Munich.

In keeping with his devotion to all things Iranian, Corbyn also took part in a rally supporting the insidious Al Quds Day – part of the Iranian propaganda machine advocating the destruction of Israel.  In fact, he does not have to travel far from home to indulge himself in his anti-Israel fervour. Together with the vile Jenny Tonge, known for her vicious animosity towards Israel, Corbyn is patron of the Palestinian Solidarity Committee – another Jew-hating organisation.

How much more proof do my co-religionists need to know that Corbyn is not so fond of us Jews?  And neither is the Labour Party. Yet despite all of this there are still 13 per cent of we Jews who plan to vote for Corbyn, with the highest support among Jewish youth. The long march of cultural Marxism in our schools and universities have led to our young wanting to vote for someone who actively hates them.

Those Jews who vote for Labour are either anti-Israel or self-hating. Some identify as Jewish despite having a very tenuous link to Judaism. And some are stupidly in thrall to its socialist policies even though Jews have always suffered under socialism.  A few have even set up a website called ‘Jews for Jeremy’, so reminiscent of that other cult – Jews for Jesus.

There are certain myths our society tells itself: Tories are killing the sick and Labour helps the poor. Corbyn, like the true socialist he is, has propagated these myths and promised the electorate free stuff without any comprehensive explanation of how he will pay for it all. To those planning to vote for him free stuff is far more tantalising than the boring subject of anti-Semitism. It doesn’t matter to his supporters that Corbyn, if he wins, will turn the UK into his version of a Venezuelan hellhole. And then it will be the poor who suffer the most. Socialism demands absolute unthinking obedience. And it always ends in poverty, suffering and death.

Our brainwashed youth and those who should know better also believe that their prophet Corbyn is a man of peace. This is a most bizarre understanding of peace, given Corbyn’s infatuation with terrorist organisations.  Like those planning to vote Labour in this election, some Jews have fallen for this and, like many voters, don’t care about anti-Semitism and Israel.  They are seduced by what they believe to be a pious and pure ideology – socialism.

Then there are those who dislike Corbyn but want to remain in Labour so they can change it from within. Although admirable, this concept is useless and obsolete. The calls to disband Labour Friends of Israel at the recent May Day rally, featuring Corbyn’s henchman John McDonnell, proves this.

What is even worse is that there are still Jews willing to stand for parliament as part of Corbyn’s crazy cabal.By doing so they are endorsing a virulently anti-Semitic would-be Prime Minister worshipped by hordes of Jew haters.  In keeping with their limited understanding of how the world works, the Labour Party has assumed that Jews vote tribally. They think that by parachuting a Jewish candidate into a Jewish area they are guaranteed to win. But most Jews in north London, other than those on the Left, will not vote for Labour’s house Jews and will probably vote for the popular non-Jewish Tory candidates.

What starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews. The danger signs are there. During a time of social and economic upheaval we have a weak government being challenged by a popular anti-Semite and his followers, accompanied by the promise of utopia and the stench of Jew hatred. For the sensible and moral, inviting a vampiric socialist into the most prominent political position in our country is an anathema.

If Corbyn wins this will not only result in further harm against us Jews, but the destruction of the entire country. We only realistically have a choice between an ineffectual leader and a Jew-hating obtuse lunatic. I know who I will choose. I can only hope that those Jews on the left finally wake up and stop supporting a political party that despises them.

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Karen Harradine
Karen Harradine
Karen is an anthropologist and freelance journalist. She writes on anti-Semitism, Israel and spirituality. She is @KarenH777on Twitter.

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