As a Jew I refuse to be a victim. My people were proud warriors in biblical times and since the establishment of the state of Israel we are warriors yet again. We no longer held hostage by insidious anti-Semitism in countries that persecute us. The world’s only Jewish state is there as our sanctuary and our safety net.

My maternal great grandparents fled the Pale of Settlement during the Russian Revolution for the safety of Bristol. Like so many Jews in the diaspora I carry the memories of exile, of family tales of fear, escape and refuge. When we find ourselves living in those countries that gave our ancestors asylum we appreciate it, we contribute, we assimilate, while still honouring our spiritual and ethnic traditions. In UK synagogues prayers are always said during Shabbat services for Queen and country.

But given the atrocious rise in anti-Semitism in Europe yet again many Jews, including those in the UK, are considering packing their bags and leaving for the one country that will not persecute Jews.

The Jews of France are certainly fleeing. Since 2000 more than 10 per cent have migrated to Israel with half of that in the past five years. The heinous murder of Sarah Halimi in Paris by an Islamist is just one of latest attacks on Jews in France.

The situation for British Jewry is just as worrying. Between January and June of this year the Community Security Trust (CST), a charity that monitors anti-Semitism, recorded over 767 assaults and incidents against Jews in the UK. This is an unprecedented number recorded for this time period and a 30 per cent increase from last year.

The Crown Prosecution Service responded by saying they didn’t ‘recognise this’ and offered the cowardly defence that they are prosecuting more hate crimes than ever before. Beyond the disturbing Orwellian concept of ‘hate crimes’ lies an even more troubling fact – that by categorising anti-Semitism with other forms of racism its impact and legacy is ignored. This serves to embolden Jew haters.

Despite the obsessive focus on Islamophobia it is Jews, and not Muslims, who face the highest amount of attacks on the basis of who they are. When faced with anti-Semitism some of  us write to raise awareness and try and make sense of it, some join grassroots movements and attempt to counteract Jew hate on British streets.  Most sigh with the weariness of a thousand sighs, heavy with the remembrance of the vicious cycle of anti-Semitism. And some close their eyes and hope this hatred will just go away. But it never does.

We Jews will not disrupt council meetings, scream for bloody vengeance on the streets or attack an innocent with a knife or a car. It is not our way to behave like this in the countries that give us sanctuary. What we usually do is mutter our discontent, and like my great grandparents, quietly pack our bags and then leave when we no longer feel safe.

For some readers, the response to this might be ‘so what’. But history has shown what happens when anti-Semitism gets out of control. And what starts with Jews never ends with the Jews. The terrorist car rammings and stabbings in London mimic Islamist attacks in Israel.

There is no coincidence that uncontrolled immigration from Islamic hellholes has brought Islamists to Europe who have a burning hatred for Jews. Most come from countries where the media portrays Jews as horned devils and Israel an evil which must be eradicated.

It is essential to remember that there are millions of Muslims who live ordinary and peaceful lives throughout the world and in the UK. If we stereotype them then we risk becoming extremists ourselves. But we need to be able to speak out and say that increased immigration from Islamic lands is a major cause of this rise of anti-Semitism in Europe.

The Left’s love-in with Islamism and Marxism has also led to the normalisation of anti-Semitism. The influence of Wahhabism in our universities and the blatant adoration seen on our streets for Iranian terror machines like Hezbollah embolden Jew hate. Western useful idiots also pander to Islamism and its victimhood industry and conveniently ignore menacing Jew hate in favour of exaggerated Islamophobia.

After each Islamist attack we are forced to watch the usual sickening charade of our MPs and police warning us about the terrible rise in Islamophobia. This enrages me. The focus should be on the victims and their families. It should not be on imagined burning down of mosques. Like some sort of twisted version of the film Minority Report, where people are warned about crimes which have not yet happened, we are held hostage by this vile form of virtue-signalling. Perhaps our police are better off focusing on where real hate occurs – the unprecedented increase in anti-Semitism. I write this comparison not to be divisive but to tell the truth.

The fear of being accused of racism is now so strong that our authorities are terrified of confronting the main culprits of anti-Semitism – the Left and Islamic fundamentalists whose Jew hatred overwhelms morality and goodness. Far easier to murmur some inappropriate response and get back to the very important business of admonishing us not to make friends at the gym in case we all turn into snarling far right terrorists than tackle the real dangers facing our society.

The recent Al Quds Day rally, sponsored by Iran and promoted by the insidious Islamic Human Rights Commission, is a perfect example of this. This bunch of self-pitying anti-Semites marched down our streets baying for Jewish blood and for the destruction of Israel while flying the flag of Hezbollah.

Also in June a member of a grassroots organisation called Israel Advocacy Movement was attacked by rabid Jew haters. Joseph Cohen was recording yet another display of anti-Semitism at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park when he was chased by a screaming mob who recognised him as Jewish. Joseph yelled for help to a solitary policewoman who, disgracefully, stood by and did nothing.

This cowardly member of our weakened police force echoes Sadiq Khan’s appeasement of terrorism. Fearing we could be murdered by jihadists shouldn’t be part of living in a civilised city.  But Khan, like the drearily ineffectual Amber Rudd, is held back by political correctness. Rudd’s warning about Isis threatening our synagogues and schools is redundant, given she can’t stop the terror flags of Hezbollah and Isis being flown on our streets.

Rudd should have banned Al Quds Day. Despite official concern about the abhorrent increase in anti-Semitism, terrorists scream unhindered in public for the murder of even more Jews. Yet Rudd prefers to fixate on sabotaging Brexit rather than preventing more Jihadists from prancing around in our streets.

Our police are reduced to a bunch of social workers and the only power they exercise is in creating memes and patrolling Twitter.  No wonder they ignore incitement to kill Jews.

Thanks to the perfect storm of the love-in between the Left and Islamism, anti-Semitism is now embedded in our culture. The Left controls our discourse, schools, universities, courts and police. It is no wonder Jew hate is ignored in favour of the Left’s cause celebre – Islamophobia. Anti-Semitism will only be defeated when we find the courage to speak the truth.

(Image: Quinn Dombrowski)


  1. Good article. While conservatives view their opposition are ‘political adversaries’, the left see their opposition as ‘moral enemies’.
    That why the left turn so readily to the language of hate and envy. The demonization of opponents is natural to then. To the left, intolerance is a virtue.
    Unfortunately Jews have, since the 70s, become moral enemies in the eyes of the left.

    • I suggest that the Left is for ever seeking new victim minorities, regardless of their
      The tragi comic result is that today it represents muslims above all, since they are
      a very substantial minority with unique voting habits.
      Simultaneously it claims to support feminists, trans sexuals, & gays.
      All of whom muslims hate, and in muslim states, kills.
      The problem with Jews is that they are too successful, be it as market stallholders,
      tailors, property sqillionaires, artists, historians etc.
      It’s their culture, nothing more & I admire it.
      Possibly, their unpleasant God who promises them no Paradise, has been a factor.
      The result is that Jews everywhere outside the US until the 1950s, could be seen
      as persecuted minority, now they have to be seen as a prosperous & tolerant
      people — the very opposite of muslims, who generally hate them & want them
      Labour is now the de facto Muslim Party of Britain & has no choice but to
      tolerate Jew Hating.

      • All true, division is the lifeblood of the political left. It needs enemies. It needs victims.
        To the ideological left in the UK the hated of colonialism is central to their philosophy. All colonialists are evil enemies to be despised.
        To these people Israel is the last great colonial power. Nothing less that its disappearance will ever satisfy them.

        • Obviously, I agree with your sentiments.
          However, in “to these people Israel is the last great colonial etc etc”
          we must never forget that Jerusalem was the capital of the Jewish
          nation centuries before islam was invented.
          The “Palestinian ” claim to any part of Israel is much like the muslim
          claim to parts of the UK & should be treated with equal contempt.

          • I suspect he knows that, but no harm in restating it. Totalitarians always need enemies, otherwise they have no claim to leadership, since they aren’t not trying to advance anything except their own power. One thing that has always struck me is that Israels self-announced enemies are, without exception, also America’s, and for that matter Great Britain’s (although not the little European’s). There is a reason for the ‘Great Satan’ ‘Little Satan’ usage. Both are about the individual flourishing in groups of their own choosing, not coerced.

            And for that matter, Marx prefigured another current mob – the Israel hating, anti Semitic Jew seen so much lately on the left.

      • One of the categories of successful Jews you overlooked is show business – not only in popular entertainment but in the field of classical music. I haven’t come across any explanation for the extraordinary number of Jews who are talented musicians. For instance, two great clarinet players, both Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman were Jews.

        • Absolutely.
          Goodman was the greatest of all jazz clarinetists & also made an
          outstanding recording of Mozart’s Clarinet concerto.
          He also promoted black musicians (as did the Marx Brothers),
          & had Lionel Hampton, Teddy Wilson & Charlie Christian in his
          Artie Shaw featured Billie Holliday as his vocalist, but racism made
          it a relatively short stay.

          • since puberty !
            Jazz is the most humane of music, it ignores race & religion
            & concentrates on artistic skill at all levels, including bringing
            on the youngest.
            That being said, without the Christian element in the US, it would be
            the poorer.
            Jewish Americans tended to be unreligious in their massive contribution.

          • And that’s just for starters —
            Dave Brubeck, Herb Geller, Barny Kessell, the inventive rock guitarist Robert Quine
            too much already.
            PS I don’t have drop of Jewish blood in my veins
            One of the UK’s greatest jazz musicians, charismatic on stage
            is Arun Gosch.
            He’s a Bangladeshi of Hindu extraction.
            Jazz unites all people of good will.
            But then there’s the case of the appalling Gilad Atzmon who describes himself as an ex Jew but is a fine jazz musician.
            Nature or nurture ?
            Nicholas Wade’s “A troublesome Inheritance” prompts serious
            discussion but is not as well known as it should be.

        • About 22% of Nobel prize winners have been Jewish (including ½ and ¾ Jewish), despite Jews being less than 0.2% of the world population. The figures, up to I think about 10 years ago, are:
          Economics 41%, Medicine 28%, Physics 26%, Chemistry 19%, Literature 13%, Peace 9%.

    • ‘the left see their opposition as ‘moral enemies’.’ Of course, because the Left KNOW that they are right, so anyone who has different views MUST be a racist, bigot, -phobic, etc.
      There is, by the way, no such thing as ‘Islamophobia’. A phobia is an irrational fear. It is perfectly rational to fear Islam.

      • I agree, especially re “islamophobia”, the supreme oxymoron of our
        We don’t hear of Cancerophobia,or Pedophilophobia.
        60 years ago, anyone speaking of Naziophobia would be banged up.
        Most of our media are in denial of something that is axiomatic to our
        Oldest Enemy.
        To them we live in a place of war.

    • Excellent assessment. Labour has gone from a party of Methodists/Baptist blue collar workers and shopkeepers who wanted to improve the physical quality of life of the working class to middle class Marxists( MCM) bent on revolution.

      The MCM believe themselves morally and intellectually superior to others , worship power and have a totalitarian streak- Orwell explains this.

      My experience is that physically weak and cowardly powerless people often worship power because they lack it. Those people who are tough people and have exercised great power in WW2 had the wisdom and self restraint to realise that it could go to their heads. They appreciated that the power they had exercised was a necessary evil:, it was a lesser evil used to defeat a greater one.

      I would suggest the greatest prevention against evil comes from the wisdom and self-control that it lurks within us and to worship it and give in to hating is to release it. Good people know they have feet of clay. Evil feeds on hate and fear which comes from pride. If one has no pride one become fearless . Invariably hate is a product of fear, self loathing and a sense of inferiority it creates.

      The MCM are invariably and the complete opposite to heroes such as Odysseus who was famed for his sagacity, strength and courage; for example Sartre, Hobsbawm,

      • I don’t have the facts to hand, but I believe that a thoroughly decent
        & desirable Labour Party was converted to socialism in the early 1900s
        Prior to that it was Methodism & improved pay & conditions, the
        Co Operative movement & workers education.
        The sort of thing no decent person would object to.

  2. I have always found this strange given their ideological hero was from Jewish stock and many of the Communist and Socialist seeds have been sown by Jewish activists.
    Currently they seem to be at the bottom of the victim pile along with white cis males.

    • It is curious that anti-Semitism is now associated much more with the Left than with the Right – which used to have its quota of notorious anti-Semites (for example: Oswald Mosley).

      I don’t have a “theory” about this. The modern Left has adopted some victim groups that regard Israel as an enemy. Maybe some victims are more fashionable than others?

      • Moseley began his political career as a Labour MP. Mussolini, who became leader of the National Fascist Party, was in 1912 a leading member of the National Directorate of the Italian Socialist Party. There are some socialists who seem to become anti-Semites very easily.

          • I’ve read your comment, but I don’t think it explains why the Labour party (or perhaps the Left in general) has become anti-Semitic in recent times. As you know, Marx himself was a Jew.

            It used to be understood that right-wing extremism was characterised by anti-Semitism.

            For example: If you study the history of the right-wing Vichy regime in France, you’ll find the Pétain administration was notorious for its anti-Semitism. Throughout his book on Occupied France 1940-44, Julian Jackson discusses anti-Semitic attitudes and devotes an entire chapter to the policy of deporting French Jews to Germany where the Vichy government knew they would be murdered.

          • I can only suggest that there are totalitarian minded people on both ‘left’ and right’ who start by attacking and demeaning small minority groups. In the case of some left-wingers in Britain, they regard Muslims as natural allies to overthrow the present state (and are increasingly dependent on Muslim votes in some places). Thus it is natural that they should join Muslims in their Antisemitism.

          • If some left-wingers are showing “solidarity” with Muslims and soliciting their votes by adopting anti-Semitic attitudes, that looks like a case of political expedience. That’s bad enough of course, but anti-Semitism based on vicious and crazy racial theories is worse.

  3. “a solitary policewoman who, disgracefully, stood by and did nothing”
    And what exactly was this policewoman supposed to do with here degree in humanities and years of diversity and equality training!
    Our police are now nothing more than instruments of state power.
    However she would have probably piled in if an old christian preacher had raised the bible.

  4. The roots of the ‘Red-Black-Green Axis’ are easy to trace. Marx was one of the first to attack Jews as being motivated by money and self interest with his essay ‘On the Jewish Question’ (1844) – blaming them for early inequalities because of their ‘huckstering’.

    The ideology of Hamas and Hezbollah came from Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood founded in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna. He drew inspiration from European Marxism and fascism. This movement began to collaborate with Hitlers Germany, attracted to its ideology during the 1930’s and 40’s.

    As others have pointed out, Hitler was the leader of the Socialist party of Germany and Moseley was a Labour MP. In a letter to the Telegraph, Lord Tebbitt pointed out that the BNP manifesto was left wing.

    Progressives believe they are working towards a utopia, warriors to a noble cause. Greens think they will save the planet, Reds believe they will create a brotherhood of man by purging mankind of corruption, Islamist believe they will create the Kingdom of God on Earth. They have a totalitarian mindset that can only come to be through authoritarian coercion. This is how high minded people turn into totalitarians (or ‘progressives’ as they prefer).

    One could argue that these tenets of progressiveness – Islamism, anti-capitalism, antisemitism, environmentalism and Darwinism – are all attempts to address a spiritual emptiness leading into the 21st century.

    • You make some very interesting points.
      My only reservation is re Darwinism.
      Obviously, the Eugenics movement was easily corrupted, whatever its benevolent
      if immature intentions.
      However, the essential tenets of Darwinism remain sound.
      I would argue that the cultural & social threats faced by Europe & the UK
      can be explained in Darwinian terms & that the combination of uncontrolled
      mass immigration with supine multiculturalism will result in the survival of the
      fittest. Not necessarily of the best.
      Cultures may work well, in Darwinian terms, where they originate.
      Imported wholesale into a generally peaceful West, they may thrive despite being
      intrinsically inferior.

  5. A brilliant article.
    I myself am a Christian, but a true friend of Israel. Jesus was a Jew and whilst the rest of the world saw no “one true God”…let alone decode His mysteries for all the rest of the worlds people.-the Jewish people and their deserved nation DID write it all down, making God known and knowable to all of us.
    Ar Ruth might have said-where you go Israel…where you go Jewish people, “religious” or not-so goes all the rest of the People of Goodwill who know what Israel means-what incalculable debts we all owe you.
    Jews are currently getting hounded out of universities, areas of our cities and are belittled and threatened by bullying pigmies of the Left today…the quisling liberals are even worse at times as well.
    And all because they think that sacrificing Jews and all principles of old might spare them the Muslim blade…if they read their Tanakhs, they`d know this will never work well.
    The Left and its Anti-Semitic camp followers need derailing-not a debate about train timetables.
    God Bless Israel-this article makes me want to take the left on so we lose no more Jews.
    Only Europe could have swapped 6 million Jews for over 20 million Muslims. And it deserves what is now happening, the Jews do not.
    Keep writing and telling us all-may we be worthy to fight with you and to win.

  6. `Labour List’ occasionally runs articles on Labour centred anti-semitism.

    Readers comments are always barred.

  7. I recall reading an account of a Holocaust class at a multi-racial school in Los Angeles. The black and Latino students apparently showed no interest in the topic. The Asians (Chinese etc) listened politely but looked bored by it. Only the white students actively engaged with it. It may be that it is not just Muslims but non-whites more generally tend not to buy into the Jewish
    victimhood narrative. As a number of Western European countries move towards non-white majority make-up later this century this could become a problem for Jewry.

    Indigenous white British people never requested that huge numbers of Asian and African people be allowed to settle in their country. It’s worth recalling, however, that in the 1960s-1980s period Jews were often prominent in framing legislation which had the effect of gagging those who wished to speak out about immigration and race. The work of Lord Lester, Sir Frank Soskice, Leon Brittan and Neville Nagler spring to mind. Perhaps this is a case of having made one’s bed, it is now time to lie on it.

    • ‘Indigenous white British people never requested that huge numbers of
      Asian and African people be allowed to settle in their country’
      I absolutely agree.
      The Jewish people you quote show only that like everyone else Jews have the capacity to make stupid decisions, that makes them 100% just like us. Culturally they have the same values.

    • English Advocate, you make a point I was going to make myself. I’ll take it a little bit further – it could be argued that Jews are over-represented in the political class (relative to their numbers in the general population) and that, by and large, one way they have used their position is as enthusiastic supporters of mass immigration. Beware of what you wish for, perhaps.

  8. Excellent article . I think we have seen some on the left and specifically the far left become obsessed with Israel to the point where you would think Israel is the cause of every problem in the World. Almost every issue is linked for them to Israel and so if you are Jewish and pro-Israel they will have a problem with you. They will come up to you as one did to me 18 months ago when I was handing out leaflets and with a hard stare and glaring eyes with venom in their face and ask “Are you a Zionist?” The tone of the question might have been “Are you a Leper?” He saw me as a Zionist and in his world, that is a derogatory word and represents to people like him someone who supports colonialism, the United States, Jewish supremacy and ensuring the Palestinians have no home land and I probably agree with the “bombing” of Gaza too. The only good Jew here is the one who is anti-Israel. In this World Israel is just another South Africa so the trendy lefties will ignore when rockets are fired into Israel or an Israeli is knifed or blown up. Everything is permitted in the Palestinian struggle and anything uncomfortable is ignored. So, they would argue they do not hate Jews but they hate Israel and this is where they try and hide behind anti-Zionism not being anti-Semitism but what can be more anti-Semitic than the denial of a homeland for the Jewish people and advocating directly or indirectly for the destruction of Israel.

  9. Excellent article.

    The Left (and their tory wet allies, like Rudd) are in bed with the anti-Semitism pushed by slime like Hamas and Hezbollah. I walked past some of these lefty activists the other day – they were waving palestinian flags and buttonholing people trying to attend a Jewish event at the Edinburgh festival. Most passers-by simply shrugged their shoulders at the numpties and walked by.

    I chatted to some police officers who were there; they were uniformly of the opinion that the flag-wavers were miserable busybodies – and who probably would have been at least warned if not arrested if they’d made similar statements about blacks or women or muslims. But so as long as there was no overt violence, freedom of speech applied.

    To my mind that’s good – freedom of speech matters.

    But it’s also bad; because we all know that freedom of speech does not apply in the other direction. Had it been an EDL demo instead of the BDS the lefty bastards would have been there in force, causing grief and violent confrontation.

    And this is the favoured tactic of the Left – counter demos causing trouble and thus preventing any non-left demos from ever happening. It is invariably the case that left agitators cause trouble to close down opposition. We need to be aware of that, and to raise the issue whenever we can, especially in the media – if they’ll publish.Still several dozen letters to papers will usually result in at least one getting through, and maybe we can wake the populace up.

  10. The very worst of all t his is that all those nice boys and girls attending our useless universities cannot wait to sign up for BDS . Exeter that finishing school for our spoilt little kids passed BDS overwhelmingly.
    But call them anti Semetic and they scream and scream till they are sick.
    Jew hatred is now endemic and that it comes from our Western elites makes it that much harder to combat.

  11. “Since we are socialists, we must necessarily also be antisemites because we want to fight against the very opposite: materialism and mammonism… How can you not be an antisemite, being a socialist! ”

    Adolf Hitler

    Odd how the Left keep trying to deny Hitler’s Socialist roots isn’t it?

    • Indeed, Sir Winston said this, “Fascism was the shadow or ugly child of communism… As Fascism sprang from Communism, so Nazism developed from Fascism. Thus were set on foot those kindred movements which were destined soon to plunge the world into more hideous strife, which none can say has ended with their destruction.”

      I think he had it figured out.

  12. “The world’s only Jewish state is there as our sanctuary and our safety net”

    How lucky you were that the land was empty, imagine if people had been living there, that would have made things really complicated

  13. So both the left and right are anti-Semitic now?

    What about the center? Is that full of Jew haters also?

      • Both the Green party and the SNP have been accused of anti-Semitism, as have all right wing parties, the Tories and Labour

        So that just about covers it – looks like every single party is anti-Semitic

        Not sure about the Lib Dems, probably best to assume that they hate Jews also

  14. Excellent article. Some of the sneering comments seen here indicate quite clearly the seriousness of the problem. The creeping barrage of anti-Semitism growing like a cancer in this country is nothing short of a bloody disgrace.

  15. A couple of points. If Palestinians were as well represented in the British media as Zionist Jews, would there be, perhaps, a more balanced view about the Israel/Palestinian dispute than the one prevailing at the moment with Israel cast as the good-hearted innocent only wanting peace and prosperity for all. Secondly, as Karen Harradine must know, Hezbollah was born as a result of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, a response to Israeli aggression. Thirdly, as Karen Harradine must also know, the Israeli state was born of terror with incredibly violent and savage groups like the Irgun committing horrendous atrocities against civilians. Who are Israeli Jews to demand Palestinians pursue a non-violent struggle? Fourthly, as Karen Harradine must also so, Israel actually supported Hamas in its early days when its aim was to splinter the largely secular PLO. Similarly, it’s not difficult to find statements from Israeli politicians on how they far prefer Islamic State to Iran and Syria while the Saudi/Israel axis is well-known. The Jewish State has no problems with its relationship with the biggest supporter of jihadi violence on the planet one of whose main targets is Jews.

    Israel ‘our’ friend in the Middle East – give me a break.

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