Kathy Gyngell: The cultural counter-revolution of 2016 is only a beginning

2017 sees conservatism at the crossroads. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Will it prove to be the start of great social conservative upsurge and fightback against decades of cultural and political tyranny? Or will it simply mark the end of a notable but brief rebellion in 2016, over almost before it started?

What we do now will decide it.

Without doubt 2016 was an unexpected ‘corker’ of a year, as the happily surprised Tim Stanley puts it. So much so that it is likely to join 1848 and 1968 in the annals of revolutionary history.

But history teaches us that hope is often disappointed. The ‘democratic’ upsurges of 1848 ended in failure and repression. Yet we still living - 50 years on - with the destructive consequences of the spoilt student protests of 1968, ones that its forever ‘unfinished’ cultural revolution continues to catalyse.

So sitting back on our laurels and complacently believing we now have the liberal Left on the run is simply not an option. We have temporarily shifted the goal posts on this side of the pond, that is all.

The Brexit and Trump manifestations of discontent and signs of allegiance to more traditional values are, so far, just that - manifestations.

There is no sign of any real cultural change in the party that is conservative in name only and even less among the Government’s mandarin class. Sir ‘anti-Brexit’ Ivan Rogers may have found his new role unpalatable – but hark at the confidence of his parting injunction to his staff to keep them on message.

The equally archetypical leftist liberal technocrat, Sir Jeremy Heywood, remains ensconced (through three government changes now) in the Cabinet Office, as does the nation’s financial ‘remoaner-in-chief’, Mark Carney, at the Bank of England - a shameless, Project Fear, poseur who has threatened to stay on for another five years to maintain economic calm and continuity. You bet.

When our soon-to-be Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, stood side by side with Angela Eagle and Nicola Sturgeon in the Brexit debates she seemed more than at home with them. Her platform chums could not have secured a better place-person. From day one at the Home Office she's  fostered a  ‘hate/racist’ agenda to seek out discord where it did not exist, which has served only to undermine and tarnish Brexit.

The Remoaner Class, whether in or outside government, has one ambition only - to nip the kernel of majoritarian democracy in the bud before it has a chance of flowering. They have no intention of Brexit meaning Brexit.

Hence their repeated ‘warnings’ of bigotry, populism, demagoguery  and division (as though the country was not 'divided' at every other election) – all effective ploys to repress dissent and to enforce consensus by casting those outside their tent as extremists. (NB memo to the PM: 'division' is the new speak to control those who voice disagreement, once integral to the democratic political process but now condemned.)

Its ‘past-masters’ include the overtly bullying Anna Soubry MP as well as the woefully weak but manipulative Archbishop Welby.

They are useful idiots. As TCW’s own ‘Rebel Priest’ reminded me the other day: ‘The Left never sleeps. We conservatives win an election and we think we have won the battle. The Left is always fighting.’

Don’t expect their liberal progressive incarnations to sleep either. They will fight as viciously in 2017 as they can to protect their hegemony if Matthew d’Ancona’s exhortation to all ‘despondent liberals, Labour centrists, Tory modernisers, remainers, social justice warriors, social justice worriers, and everyone out there fretful about Brexit, depressed by Donald Trump, and scared of the alt-right’  is anything to go by.

Well if it is going to be war, bring it on. But we had better be crystal clear about what we are fighting for. So here is my personal aide memoire for 2017 (and please send us yours):

  1. Not to rest in face of the continuing and all pervasive ‘culture war’ assault on the family, on gender, on Christianity, on education, on defence and on science.
  2. Advocate unashamedly for the renaissance of the nation state based on Judeo-Christian values in the knowledge that successful assimilation and integration of other cultures depends on this.
  3. Fight for the survival of maternal care and motherhood; promote married parenthood and reinstate the male provider and authority roles – all needed if  the ‘noughties’ irresponsible neglect (affluent as well as impecunious) of children is to end and the next generation are to regain their health, competence and sanity.
  4. Expose deceit, untruth and bias for what it is – on the BBC and elsewhere – with feminist, equality, social mobility and poverty myths firmly in sight.
  5. Finally, fight to the death for that one fundamental on which everything else depends – freedom of thought and speech (on which Niall McCrae has written a fuller mission statement regarding our mind-numbingly PC universities here).

As to the rules of engagement – these can be summed up as: never fear to assert your opinions but always do it with a disarming smile (tough one to learn); stay on the front foot staying calm (also tough); never cease to interrogate so called liberal values (with charm and genuine interest) and never, ever, apologise or it will speed us to the gallows as it did poor Sir Tim Hunt. And remember satire is a sharper weapon than anger.

(Image: Garry Knight)

Kathy Gyngell

  • Colkitto03

    I believe that a revolution is happening and will carry on.
    The key is young people. The establishment pinned its hopes on the young pulling Remain out of the fire but is hopes were completely dashed. The young in truth did not come out to save our EU membership. Most, frankly, could not give a stuff about it.

    The young have found a voice with fellow right of centre thinkers on the interest with sites like Breitbart, Rebel media etc and forums such as Pol, 4chan and 8chan etc. For the last thirty years young people with right wing leanings have had nothing to network or share ideas.
    Now they are conversing in their million.

    In the west today our young people see the kids of the elite prospering while they get scraps. They have to enter an extremely tough job market, many with huge Uni debts, competing with an endless supply of foreigners. They cant even get close to buying a house in large stretches of the country.
    This is the big miscalculation of the establishment. They never foresaw how globalization, immigration and endless spending would leave an entire generation high and dry. Increasingly angry and disillusioned. In ten years time the chickens really will come home to roost.

    • Sheik Rhat el Anrhol

      Exactly. The Conservative Party under Cameron became, very quickly indeed, a German style social democratic party and almost indistinguishable from New Labour with all the attendant political correctness and cant.

      The Tory website and its emails remain sanctimonious and generally disdainful of its non Oxbridge, non fabulously wealthy members, particularly those who are unable to ride horses.

      I wish there was a party I could identify with after voting Tory all my life.

      That period is over for the time being I’m afraid. I simply find the Tory grandees who surround me in Chipping Norton, horrible and arrogant in equal measure.

      They are also very noisy.

      • A bit of advice on coming to America – stay out of Chicago and Detroit. You’ll also find cities with the lowest crime rates in the world, hint; they are in red states, and the citizens are armed. For the rest, you have all the tools you need to do the same there, we know, we got them from you, remember. But “tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered” as has been said, many times.

        If you do it, and we do, we can look at the rest of the world, and simply laugh at the fools who bought this tripe.

  • Alastair Haines

    I’ll dare to draw attention to what I think may be most controversial in your inspiring thoughts, Kathy, because I would love to help with this, though I have a suspicion women rather than men need to anoint men for the second of these roles: “reinstate the male provider and authority roles.”

    I think men do value motherhood and will honour, serve, and invest in it by providing (especially if it is protected by divorce reform); but happy classically liberal authority among equals is only sustainable with the “consent of the governed” (though “govern” is probably not quite the right word).

    Women, at least those in public life, model withdrawing consent from men feeling a collective sense of responsibility for the welfare of women, the respecting of which by women has traditionally been an ongoing encouragement to men to live up to a noble calling in everyone’s best interests. Is it even possible to recover traditional “women and children first” in a pluralist society if a large contingent won’t ever buy back into it? Won’t some simply argue we can oblige men to comply with traditional duties by law, so don’t need their consent, and that men deserve no praise for simply recognising women’s rights?

    Perhaps what I’m saying is not clear. What do you actually mean by “male … authority roles”? At least teach me, and maybe I can pass your vision on. 🙂

  • David

    The so called Conservative Party is a sham. It is, at best, a centre left party in thrall to cultural Marxism.
    Only Ukip offers a whiff of social conservatism. Join them and push them further in the social conservative direction !

    • Sheik Rhat el Anrhol

      The Conservative Party is stale and contemptuous.

      • John Birch

        Why not , that’s exactly what you should do , and loudly.

    • North Angle

      Even UKIP virtue signal I’m afraid, but you are right – UKIP is the only conservative party left.

  • John Birch

    Your article has one thing in common with one in the latest spectator.
    You identify the problem without naming the enemy tactics.
    Unless you have some understanding of the meaning of the long march through the institutions you will never be able to understand the enemy.
    They have infested all the pillars of society with their common purpose ideas.
    They have been incredibly successful at achieving their goals.
    This is why an elected conservative government is unable to do the things one would expect.
    The entire establishment is an enemy of conservativism , the BBC was a nest of traitors years ago and are now a lost cause.
    Quangos are a hotbed of common purpose.
    Teaching. Don’t start me on that.
    The police service ( don’t use the word force, it’s so aggressive)
    Another area of despair.
    Blair turned the civil service into a branch of the soft left
    Everywhere you look they are embedded .
    Shifting that lot is the draining of the swamp and it will be very difficult.

    • Sheik Rhat el Anrhol

      The major charities too are financially corrupt fronts for the Labour party.

      • John Birch

        Absolutely, i know that from personal contact.
        And infested with common purpose.

        • Sheik Rhat el Anrhol

          My son who is very high up in a famous university says that the management and academic staff of pretty well all of them are similar.

          He says he is the only centre right British university senior employee in existence, but keeps it very quiet. He said that the morning after the general election was a hoot in the coridors.

          • John Birch

            I bet it was !!!

          • John Birch

            It was where my wife works as well, but I can’t go into that.

      • Like Women’s Aid, RapeCrisis, etc., etc.?

    • Kathy Gyngell

      We are well aware of the tactics – we are forever exposing them on this site and we will,, as I set out, continue to do so.

      However we fail far too often to either articulate or have the guts to say what we do stand for – for fear of being painted as dinosaurs.

      We won’t win any battles while we remained ‘shamed’ from speaking out about our beliefs..

      • John Birch

        Until the enemy is clearly visible it’s hard to know they are the enemy.

      • Kathy Gyngell

        we have made the ‘enemy’ very clear on this site – start with our coverage of the BBC!

    • My sentiments exactly John. May I point you to me comment above? And to this: http://herbertpurdy.com/?p=2612, which I think echoes your sentiments very closely?

    • James Chilton

      Assume “common purposes” refers to the “charity” of that name which runs “cross-boundary leadership programmes” etc.

      Judging by the jargon-infested tripe they publish on their website, there’s little to fear from this talking shop.

      • brownowl

        Oh yes there is! You need to do some research into this insidious snake in our bosom… Check out http://www.cpexposed.com

        • James Chilton

          “Whatever the case, Common Purpose drives on, and is now supported by a web of organisations, social enterprises, NGOs, charities and others promoting ‘leadership’ together with empowerment through applied behavioural psychology. The battle for our minds now includes government Nudging, Happiness and Mindfulness delivered in the covert drip drip drip of an anaesthetic.”

          Sorry, I can’t take this drivel seriously.

          • John Birch

            You should do . Local government spends your tax money on sending employees on courses.

          • James Chilton

            The local council does so many absurd things with my tax money that I’ve given up paying attention. There’s nothing I can do about it anyway – except refuse to pay my council tax.

          • John Birch

            When you have been on a course you are expected to have absorbed the message or there is a note on your file.

      • John Birch

        So called charity and they infest local government ,charities ,police, don’t underestimate them,
        They teach leading beyond authority, google them.

  • Kanaris

    Oh Kathy, you’re a hoot.

    The Judeo-Christian nation-state is finished. Go to church, read your bibles, preach whatever you like, but Christianity (or any religion at all) has no place in the workings of the nation-state.

    • Sheik Rhat el Anrhol

      De facto actually

    • Busy Mum

      In a way you are correct; Jesus Christ did say that His kingdom is not of this world.

  • Well said Kathy. I couldn’t agree more. You remind me that the real conservative woman, and her values, is still alive, although struggling to have her voice heard in the din of progressive leftist society. However as John Birch says a couple of comments down, we need to see the enemy of democracy, civilisation, values, families, fathers, etc. for what it is, and name the elephant in the room if we are to have any chance of waking up the sleeping giant of conservatism and see its values re-instated in our lives. I wrote at length about this on New Year’s day here: http://herbertpurdy.com/?p=2612

    • John Birch

      That is one of the best articles I have read . Congratulations and I will pass it on.
      Perhaps this website should use it to help the education of those who know something’s wrong but haven’t put things together yet.
      Thanks very much Herbert.

    • Excellent article, indeed.

  • North Angle

    There’s only one way 2017 is going to be as good, or better, than 2016 – and that’s if we, as true conservatives:

    1 – Ditch political correctness in all its forms and rail against the left at every opportunity, to anyone and everyone, without fear

    2 – Teach our children about conservative values and the dangers of cultural marxism so that they understand that their teachers do not teach, they indoctrinate

    3 – Protest against the mainstream media; do not buy their newspapers, do not pay their TV tax

    There is no balance in this country. The left hold sway. Until balance is restored, we must fight.

  • Hegelman

    The younger generation typically finds all this sort of blue rinse Churchianity hogwash faintly embarrassing. They get on fine with their non-white and East European mates. Some of the older lot in England are bellering and frothing like pocket Streichers.

    Well, so be it. Sometimes progress happens when old fools are gone.

    • John Birch

      Voted remain did we or were to idol to do it, still the right result came so let’s rejoice.

    • weirdvisions

      Yeah, there won’t be anyone left to sort out the mess the naive no platform, safe space, no trigger snowflakes will make when the grown ups are no longer around to wipe their noses.

    • Colkitto03

      Actually 70% of 18-25 year olds could not be bothered to vote at all to save the EU relationship despite overwhelming media pressure. Even then a third voted to leave. This means that about 10% of 18-25 years old voted to Remain. Keep in mind that these guys and girls had an extensive education full of relentless pro EU propaganda,
      And all history show that they will grow more right wing as they mature.
      The facts are a bugger are they not?

  • Hegelman

    I recommend marching about in jackboots with whips like the late esteemed Julius Streicher and giving the fuhrer salute…

    • simonstephenson

      Yes, well, Fascism and Nazism were/are creatures of the political Left, and as you appear to be of a Leftist nature it’s hardly surprising that you should be attempting to direct people in this way. What’s a little bamboozling though, is that you have chosen a Left-critical website such as this one to do this – maybe bashing your head against a brick wall is one of you secret pleasures, eh?

      • North Angle

        Somehow the left contrived to turn Hitler to the right after he was dead. Just shows you how long the fight against true Fascism – i.e., the left – has been going on.

        Stalin. Hitler. Mussolini. Castro. Guevara. Murderers all.

  • Hegelman

    Dad’s Army fascism.

    Kirche, Kuche, Kinder all over again !

  • weirdvisions

    The fear industry has moved on and evolved. For thirty years we’ve had the fear of climate catastrophe pushed down our throats from the leftists and political noddies. Now they are peddling the Putin election hacking for both the Trump and Brexit victories. Naturally the reptilian MSM is spinning this pro leftist propaganda BS for all it’s worth. And I say propaganda BS because we have yet to see any evidence other than some sad lefty lickspittle’s opinion fashioned to achieve a re-run election in the hope the “right”, that is the leftist friendly, result is delivered.

    We’ve showed them what democracy can do and they hate it and us for doing so. We can’t rest on our laurels. This fight will never end but we must control it or we will find ourselves pushed back to square one. Permanently.

    • Colkitto03

      ‘We’ve showed them what democracy can do and they hate it and us for doing so’
      So true, that sentence sums up 2016 for me.

    • One of our better writers wrote this the other day in his article:

      “Sure, I think the Russians’ truthful revelations of true stuff that showed the true depth of Democratic corruption in a true way hurt Hillary. I just think that the left is deluding itself when it tells normal people that they were somehow suckered by the Russians’ truthful revelations of true stuff that showed the true depth of Democratic corruption. “You flyover rubes are so stupid that you can be manipulated by the facts that we were too incompetent to effectively hide from you!” is probably not a great way to win hearts and minds, but hey progs, feel free to go with it.” Kurt Schlichter

      Must be what they’re talking about, since the election itself can’t be hacked, voting machines aren’t connected to the internet.

      • weirdvisions

        That’s what I thought about the voting machines. The accusation is total nonsense. Which leaves “fake news”. Not sure how that’s supposed to work either. But then, if you are wont to believe the lie you are probably not a Trump supporter. Which sort of nixes the pro Hillary claims of foul play. But then the progs don’t reality inhabit the same world normal people do. They prefer their aeriel mansions powered by unicorn poo. 😀

  • Mara Naile-Akim

    ‘As to the rules of engagement – these can be summed up as: never fear to assert your opinions but always do it with a disarming smile (tough one to learn); stay on the front foot staying calm (also tough); never cease to interrogate so called liberal values (with charm and genuine interest) and never, ever, apologise or it will speed us to the gallows as it did poor Sir Tim Hunt. And remember satire is a sharper weapon than anger.’

    disarming smiles? These are in short supply on the Right. Clearly you guys have a lot more work to do.