Kathy Gyngell: Female Dr Who is latest chapter in BBC feminist vendetta against men

The great announcement has been made. 'Look who’s ‘Tardis bound’ and tipped to be the first female doctor today’, The Mail on Sunday dared to declare in advance. They called it right. Around 4 o’clock yesterday, as soon as that all male Roger Federer had smashed his way to his eighth Wimbledon victory, the BBC confirmed the first ever woman/female Doctor Who. They weren’t going to let him take her fire power away.

Who cares? You may not,  if like me you’ve  never watched the programme anyway (not for me since the OTT Tom Baker had  the role). So what? Yes, that too was my first thought. Is this latest, albeit irritating, BBC celebration of female domination worth putting pen to paper for?  So why the niggle?

I thought again. First there was something false about Jodie Whittaker’s ‘plea’ to her fans: "not to be scared by my gender …. Doctor Who represents everything that’s exciting about change. The fans have lived through so many changes, and this is only a new, different one, not a fearful one.”

Then I looked at the tweets - not all 122,000 of them but enough to note a nasty note of triumphalism. The feminists out there weren’t celebrating equality. They were celebrating appropriation - the female appropriation of a male role.

You might have thought that female reporters dominating male sports reporting or women’s cricket getting equal coverage to men’s,  regardless of what the dominantly male sports audience wants, would be enough . You might well think that the BBC, having met every demand for equal representation at every level off staffing and management, regardless of competence or ability, would have been able with confidence to put the gender equality debate to bed. Job done, they could announce.

Not so. The BBC is on a greedy and dishonest, anti male gender revolution, thanks to a licence fee we are made to pay whether we watch or not. They do not rest. Now their latest determination is: "to drill down" to the to the specific actions needed "to create a working environment that enables women, throughout the BBC, to thrive and achieve their full potential at every level and in every area of work”.

They’ve claimed the men’s jobs and they’ve taken over the men’s sports ….What is left to come up with or drill down to?

YES! Why not? How about now showing the world just how amazingly talented women are by taking original already established male characters and making them female!

It couldn’t have worked better. More proof that up until now women, denied men’s roles, have been sidelined and demeaned!

'The future is female' ‏ @thetimeladies tweeted  - or rather crowed - 'no longer will little girls be confined to the role of the companion in games on the playground. The future IS female #doctor13’.

I fear it is and that men had better look out. Yes, beware. This is a new front of attack. They'll just steal men’s ideas and their writing and then, hey presto, they’ll stick in a female character where there was once a man.

Soon there will be nothing left unique to men - no male roles. Everything must belong to women. This is all out war - and a very deceitful one.

Objecting to this takeover has nothing to with being  unenlightened or prejudiced - about the inability to conceive that a woman could be a doctor (a medical one) as one disingenuous tweeter would have it.  No, this is emphatically not about  a job (that either a man or a woman could do).  This about ‘a role’ - a man’s role - and casting a female for it. It is about appropriation - sex appropriation - and the pretence there's no difference between men and women.

Well there is.

That's why I plan to celebrate this new appointment by going to see the film Dunkirk, which I assume has all male roles because it was men who died and risked their lives there, drowning or getting shot to pieces so these idiot women could tweet their idiot ideas and the BBC pursue an idiot anti male vendetta.

Imagine their outrage if men played the same game - if a load of blokes appropriated Sex and the City and nicked all four of the female roles.  ‘Men behaving badly’  - it would not be allowed.

It's like a bad divorce case when the wife gets the lot - the children, the house, the money and the dog.

That is why the new female Doctor Who is something to bother about.

Will there be any men left, on TV,  allowed to play their own roles - or even allowed to be men - and better at the things men are best at -  like the great Roger Federer?

(Image: Babbel1996)

Kathy Gyngell

  • Bik Byro

    Maybe they thought that a disabled lesbian muslim as the Doctor might just be a bridge too far. At least for now.

    • The_Mocking_Turtle

      I wish the folk haunting this site had a better knowledge of history. For example:


      What gets me is the absolute white-knuckled seriousness of some on the people commenting about issues as ephemeral and unsubstantial as a puff of smoke. In years gone by, before the web, no doubt these poor sad soles would have watched television with a pen and pad of Basildon Bond to hand to dash off a “strong letter of complaint” to the BBC about flagging “standards”. How on earth can adults be so thin-skinned to be so easily upset and offended.

      Proper weird it is.

      • Bik Byro

        I actually welcome female actors in strong roles, black actors and disabled actors. But this really does come across as an exercise of box-ticking and virtue-signalling. (Box ticking and virtue signalling bothers me more than actors in a programme I haven’t watched in years)

        Admittedly, I don’t think there have been any favours done by the last run of doctors all being young white men (the first two doctors were old curmudgeons and in some ways better for it) and I think Richard Ayoade would have been a totally superb choice.

        • The_Mocking_Turtle

          Ayoade would have been a superb choice, having a natural wit and air of eccentricity about him, and has even directed a successful film (Submarine). I hate to agree with you on anything, Jabba, but in this instance honesty forces me to do so. This said I have enjoyed many wonderful performances from Jodie Whittaker, including an very touching performance with the late Peter O’Toole and Leslie Phillips in a film called “Venus” which was quietly sad and a little bit wonderful.

        • SimonToo

          I agree about Richard Ayoade.

        • UKCitizen

          Females represent 50+ percent of the population so there is some argument there.
          Blacks and mixed race are about 5%
          Asians around 7%
          Although you wouldn’t think that by the representation in TV and films generally.
          Richard fits the quirky type to play the Dr but surely Asian actors should be first in the queue?
          If this series were made in any majority non white country would there even be an argument as to the race of who is playing the role?

      • Little Black Censored

        You can be adversely critical without being “upset and offended”.

        • The_Mocking_Turtle

          By criticising something negatively without feeling any particular emotion or being significantly moved. For example: “Intelligent design is a busted flush because no evidence exists in respect to support the idea of irreducible complexity.” I criticise a pseudo-scientific belief based on it’s complete failure to provide scrupulous evidence to support it, but couldn’t care less one way or the other if other people continue to believe in it provided, like creationism, such twaddle does not get taught in schools.

          • JabbaPapa

            oh FFS here he is ranting on about metaphysics again, despite claiming that he has “no interest” in philosophy …

          • The_Mocking_Turtle

            I didn’t say I had no interest in philosophy, Jabba, I said I didn’t rate it highly. Like looking before leaping you should read better before getting snide.

          • JabbaPapa

            aaaaaaaand it’s another shifting of the goal posts

          • The_Mocking_Turtle

            More a question of semantics actually.

          • Little Black Censored

            (As you noticed,I meant to say “criticised”) Yes, that was my point; if somebody disagrees with you you should not get upset. Personal abuse is altogether another thing – it is intended to upset and offend, and often quite rightly.

      • Sargv

        It’s not about a woman playing a male role. It’s about making this an “in your face, puny men!” statement. Read the article closely. Note the “future is female” twits. Gender supremacism and zero-sum sex relationships are not good things.

        • The_Mocking_Turtle

          I am not so over-sensitive enough to feel such things. I have heard such things said before about the first woman anything – newsreader, weather person, sports presenter and so on – and no such appointments made much difference to me or to the world at large as far as I am aware.

          We are going to have a female Doctor Who is all.

          The Visigoths are not yet at the gate.

          • Sargv

            > We are going to have a female Doctor Who.

            Fine with me – as long as she understands that she was granted a role because BBC decided that new Doctor has to have a pair of tîts for a change.

            Me, I only ever managed to watch five minutes into one episode of that show, when we got pinned down in a coastal village in Cornwall during our summer holidays.

          • The_Mocking_Turtle

            Personally I wouldn’t have dared to make such a sweeping statement as that since I have no knowledge whatsoever how the selection process for actors/actresses being considered for such a significant role is/was conducted.

            I like to try to be as truthful and honest as possible.

            It is however probably not a complete coincidence that the man taking over responsibility for the Doctor Who after series, Chris Chibnall, was the supremo helming the very successful Broadchurch series, who knew Jodie Whittaker from her appearances in that series, alongside, in fact, former “Doctor” David Tennant in point of fact. Considering the cloying atmosphere of suspicion, paranoia and rumour infecting this site I’m surprised that nobody noticed the Chibnall/Whittaker connection, put 2 and 2 together to make 666, and insinuated that Ms Whittaker likely only won the role after offering sexual favours to BBC grandees or similar.

            It’s only a matter of time before someone does I bet.

            It’s a nonsense of course, but does that really matter here?

          • Sargv

            Are you saying that she got the role based on her merit alone, and her sex does not matter a bit, as it might’ve been another man?

            Because if it’s not, then yes, she got it for being a best match – with a mandatory pair of tîts. Which doesn’t mean she’s a bad actress, by the way.

          • Simon Maxwell

            The only reason the BBC cast a woman was to push the transsexual agenda. You can bet that no character in the series will comment negatively on the Doctor’s sex change, because to do so would be ‘transophobic’.

            In any case, I couldn’t really give a stuff about modern Doctor Who as I stopped watching with the dire 1996 McGann TV film. As far as I’m concerned, Doctor Who ended in 1989.

          • I tend to agree, though I did like Christopher Ecclestones portrayal, even if some of the story lines were a little soppy. I think I stopped with the Dalek with emotions episode.

          • The_Mocking_Turtle

            I’m saying that it isn’t an issue for me. The series has suffered from poor scripts and declining ratings for a couple of years; personally I never warmed to the manic Capaldi or his last companion, not because the companion was gay but because the actress playing her, Pearl Mackie, didn’t seem equal to the role and rather too old to play the ingénue.

            Probably the BBC wanted to shake things up a bit and try to regenerate the series along with its main character. With a series of such longevity it must be difficult to think of new avenues to explore and changing the gender of the main character is one of the few things never been done before.

            No biggie.

            Paranoid people who believe that the BBC has a feminist or transsexual agenda, or whatever, are probably the same type of people who believe that secret societies, like the Illuminati, are puppet masters behind the scenes manipulating nations under a veil.

            Being a straightforward and simple person who prefers straightforward and simple explanations, well, I see noting sinister here and think it’s just the case of a public broadcaster with very limited funds, facing cut backs, taking a punt on novelty boosting the ratings of one of its more important shows.

            Simple as.

            Occam’s razor and all that jazz.

          • UKCitizen

            For someone who doesn’t find this an issue you are filling an awful lot of column inches!
            I actually don’t care that the Dr is going to be played by a female, if that is all it was. But you don’t have to watch many of the recent batch of series to detect a very misandrist PC undercurrent and for you to say this doesn’t exist is disingenuous at best.
            As the Squeeze song Cool for Cats goes..
            “She doesn’t mind the language
            It’s the beating she don’t need”
            Or in this case He!

          • The_Mocking_Turtle

            A female Doctor Who isn’t a issue fr me, the issue for me is trying to understand why such trivia has become such an issue for so many others.

            I really don’t get it.

            Earlier I heard a item on the radio about officially trying to regulate sexism and stereotyping gender roles in advertising. Surely an article must be imminent on this very site asserting that this is yet another nefarious attempt by the nebulous “left” at covert gender warfare seeking to emasculate men and defeminise women on the sly.

            (Or something similarly silly.)

            I really am trying to understand the mindset hereabouts hence my comments, designed to try to provoke opinion before the whole thread turned into a circle jerk of the right-wing like-minded, grizzling away in agreement with each other, getting off on the watery anger and joint faux-outrage at nothing in particular.

            Doctor Who is an entertainment not the harbinger of sexual revolution.

            As Freud supposedly said: “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

          • UKCitizen

            You may not be interested in them but that doesn’t mean they are not interested in you!
            Don’t worry, have another hit of Soma, it will all be over shortly.

  • JabbaPapa

    Well said — and apart from all that, it’s exactly the sort of weak-minded gimmick that TV producers are liable to come up with when they’ve run out of genuine imagination and good ideas.

    Peter Capaldi’s final series on the show was quite appalling in quality, with just 1 or 2 exceptions

  • The_Mocking_Turtle

    Apparently an individual called Mary Whitehouse once vociferously complained about the indecency of Chuck Berry’s comical rock song “My Ding-A-Ling”, citing it as a threat to public decency. Mr Berry was no doubt grateful for Mary’s silliness since the publicity propelled “My Ding-A-Ling” instantly to number one. I never thought that anyone would be daft enough to say, write or do anything quite so silly again, especially in 21st century Britain with improved parity between the sexes.

    Until now.

    Honi soit qui mal y pense.

  • Less and less young people watch live TV. Soon there won’t be any justification of a licence fee. There isn’t at the moment, but ‘Auntie’ is currently a Demi-God to the almighty NHS in the chattering classes eyes. But without that emotional connection and therefore support, and dwindling support in older elections of society as a result of all these stunts, the BBC will go the way of the dodo. Good.

  • Gave up watching it years ago so for once I have no interest in what the BBC is doing. But its usually a sign that a series is on a downward slope when it becomes more violent, ludicrous or outrageous with constant gimmicks in an attempt to retain it’s audience. Most continue because no one will take a risk on some new idea. It happens to all long running series regardless of the channel.

  • Aaron D Highside

    They’ll find an excuse to sack the star of the world’s most popular motoring show because he is so macho.Honestly!

  • Anthony

    And in a surprise turn of events, it has been revealed that next year’s Tomb Raider film will star Daniel Craig as Lara Croft.

    • That would be strange given he co-starred in the first movie.

    • JabbaPapa

      They should simply cast Samuel L Jackson in a minidress as Florence Nightingale in one of their genderfluid colour-blind biopics.

  • Nick Booth

    What if Dr Who is pre menstrual and starts time travelling.

    She could be starting arguments on several dimensions

    It’s the Daleks I feel sorry for. they can’t answer back.

    • Grumpy

      She will just refuse to talk to the Daleks, especially as there are no shoe shops on Skaros (for obvious reasons).

  • Colkitto03

    White working class boys need a Saturday, prime time, white male British role model more than ever.
    White working class boys are been the lowest performing demographic for a long time now. Only a quarter of them get 5 GCSEs at A-C grade (compared to 40% of black boys and over 60% of children nationally). Many have no father in the house and have never met a male teacher.

    So take an intelligent, articulate white male role model away from them and give it to the girls?
    Our cultural elite despise working class boys.

    • All working class boys need a role model. The Doctors skin colour is irrelevant as is his hair colour.

      • Colkitto03

        Is his gender irrelevant also?

        • We will find out if gender is irrelevant when the series viewing figures. But given that Doctor Who is not human means in theory it can be whatever it wishes. If it “bombs” then the BBC will be proven wrong, if as @chrismartineau:disqus stated that viewing stays the same with girls playing Doctor Who then no harm.

          I can be inspired by anyone regardless of their skin colour. It is their actions that should be inspirational and nothing more.

          Merely the collection of data and separating out skin colour as a measure is itself divisive. This is of course what the Left like about it the most – and people play right into their trap.

          Your post would have been just as poignant if you left out the reference to colour.

          • Colkitto03

            Colour is relevant as it is because the lowest performing demographic is working class white boys that the establishment can so easily ignore their plight. They tick no boxes. Their colour and their gender work against them. Its a fact they do less well that black boys. And miles worse than boys of Asian heritage.
            As for role models, then the factor described as ‘commonality’ is very important. The most valuable and powerful role models are the ones with most in common with the aspiring individual. That is why the most influential role models are typically parents or family members. Successful role models typically have strong shared cultural and community heritage with an aspirant coupled with social ties and greater commonality.
            As for the Left I am happy to play them at their own game Being ‘Mr nice guy’ has not exactly been working out well for the Right has it?

          • rubyduck

            Most of us get turned off by having an unknown ethnic, tranny, or differently abled person shoved down our throats.

  • Snoffle Gronch

    The idiot Guardian thought it so important that they were removing mocking comments from the article they had on this momentous damp squib. I myself am now on the naughty step for asking whether the lady doctor (Lab Technician Who?, Ward Sister Who?) would end up on a stool hollering in a return to PLANET OF THE SPIDERS.

    Even at their obnoxious, bullying and fascistic worst, the bien-pensant classes never quite stop being ridiculous, do they?

  • Snoffle Gronch

    Of course, this gimmicky “Oh look, a squirrel!” diversion is really about deflecting attention from the impending publication of the BBC’s bloated salaries. The corrupt corporation and its overpaid dolts are feeling very vulnerable about their personal greed being exposed to public scrutiny – so we can expect a few more manufactured headlines from them this week.

  • Labour_is_bunk

    I had a feeling the new Doctor Who was going to be either black or female (not both, my instincts told me), and I if was going to bet on it I’d have gone for black.

    BTW – I’ve already stated elsewhere that i don’t watch it, but can’t seem to avoid the hoo-hah about the programme being rammed down my throat. A bit like Eastenders really.

  • Dave S

    This is rubbish news. The BBC cannot compete with Netflix etc and knows it – hopefully- otherwise it is more deluded than I thought.
    Every day it is clear that it cannot justify the tax that gives it life. Nobody i know under 30 watches it.
    Little children do but that is about the lot. .It is kept alive by the old and those it actually does not like much. Ironic really.

  • UKCitizen

    In the end, time will tell.
    If a generation of girls become hooked on Dr Who and go round playing with sonic screwdrivers then to some degree the gender stereotyping will have been proved to some degree correct. However my bet will be that the gender of the viewers will change very little or the program will disappear through lack of interest or they will change it to such an extent that it will have little resemblance to its original concept.
    Sci-Fi these days is dominated by female lead roles with the male characters acting as flawed cucks, villains or subservient sidekicks.
    The problem these days is they have learned to do it subtly taking a leaf out of the Cultural Marxist playbook.
    The re-invention of Ghostbusters was a bit like the Marxists revolutions of old in Europe that didn’t quite take because the people rejected having it shoved down their throats, hence cultural marxism. So they have changed tack and are producing high production value cleverly written films that appeal to young and old but with subtle messages and settings that are absorbed without thinking.
    Take the new Spiderman movie. Very enjoyable romp and I was honestly not expecting to like it because of the obvious PC. But that is the problem, I could see the blatant PC but enjoyed it anyway. What about those who don’t see it like my 12 year old who saw the highly diverse society and miscegenation as normal, the SJW comments as no big thing, the fact that MJ is now mixed race and an SJW!
    Don’t get me started on UK children’s TV. Need a scientist or engineer for a quiz or fact program then look we have an unending supply of females to fill the parts. I can’t remember the last time I saw a male scientist or Engineer on childrens TV.

    • Labour_is_bunk

      “they will change it to such an extent that it will have little resemblance to its original concept”.
      That’s what actually happened in its first incarnation. It may surprise many to learn that it was conceived as a partly educational programme. Then the historical stories were dropped, we had an increasing procession of ever-more unrealistic “monsters”, then it went “cult” with the uni students and by the mid-70’s was unwatchable anyway.

      PS – and to garner more adult male viewers the female sidekicks started wearing skimpier outfits – wouldn’t be allowed today of course.

      • James Chilton

        Was it originally supposed to have some educational content?

        All I can remember about the Dr Who programme are some cheap mechanical contraptions called Daleks which had sink plungers stuck in their “heads”, and which rotated around the studio on castors.

        • Labour_is_bunk

          Yes – basic scientific concepts and stories involving time travel to notable events in history. Whether this worked or not is another matter.

          The “history” stories didn’t go much beyond the first 2 series and were quietly dropped in favour of more men in rubber suits, or something like that..

          • James Chilton

            Thanks, I don’t remember any of the history and science.

            Now it’s become, as you observe, a “cult”, or even an occult show, is it really still intended to entertain children?

          • Bik Byro

            The “history” bit was somewhat a stretch anyway – this first series did indeed have settings in the Stone Age, the French Revolution, the Roman Empire etc. but they were really only backdrops to Daleks and asteroids from the word go.
            Here’s a great tribute to William Hartnell (note: the viking helmet has horns, see what I mean) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AI_DwAj7AOQ

        • Bik Byro

          If that is your total recollection of Doctor Who then it’s a glaring barometer of just how disconnected from everyday life you are.

          • James Chilton

            Even if that’s true, so what?

        • rubyduck

          I recall the very first episode when I had to get my 11 or 12 yr old head around the notion of something being bigger on the inside that it was on the outside. It may be old hat these days, but at the time it gave me a bit of brain expansion.

    • JabbaPapa

      If a generation of girls become hooked on Dr Who and go round playing with sonic screwdrivers

      ooooo-errrrrr, darling, nudge-nudge wink-wink say no more !!!

  • Ravenscar

    I was watching the latest beeb cop-mystery, I thought, now it all seems quite normal – a disappearance in her old ‘manor’, off she went back to the sticks and ‘ome, all pretty normal and then, out of ‘left field’ [in all senses] came the dad and his married partner and two blokes, cuddling and spooning in the hall and that’s all fine then. It’s de rigueur, just shoved front and centre, as it is in all the TV soaps – the message is clear if mostly swallowed unappreciatively by the greater UK public.

    I don’t know much about Doc who[?] anymore, I always had it pegged for a childrens entertainment programme. Though, as adults become less literate with attention spans diminished if not totally lacking and infantilized by a monstrous nanny state and its specious propaganda, I suppose for some, it might be news of a sort.

    Whatever next for ‘auntie’? To the music and opening of Aida/Fanfare for the common man, a rerun of the Teletubbies makes the Ten o’clock bulletin and a piece on Noosnite interviews and discussions with 3 year olds and mums in ‘pidgen’ English in Sparkhill?

    I think that, we can safely assume that, the opinion formers and social engineers who [doh!] run the beeb have a pretty dire estimate of their viewers in general, the UK public in particular – I mean these days, they put out any old trash on the box.

    Some would aver, nothing’s changed. Bin the telly or, don’t pay.

    • Bik Byro

      Ah, is that “In the Dark” ?

      • Ravenscar

        yeah, I think so.

    • Naviro

      As soon as I saw the dad and his male partner I stopped watching.

      I’m so sick and tired of biological dead end socially worthless s*xual practices being front and centre of absolutely all TV programming.

      It’s already taught in schools. What is the scientific basis for teaching non-reproductive s*x to primary school children?

      Do they also teach primary school children about oral s*x?

      Soon, there will be a law that if you haven’t engaged in said biological dead end socailly worthless s*xual practices by the time you’re 18 you will have committed a hate crime.

      • I always thought that darwinist would take disagreement with such practices, but they don’t.

        • JabbaPapa

          It’s not “the fittest” who survive, it’s those who refuse to be destroyed by the group and succeed in passing on their personal genetics.

          Homosexuality, at the individual level, is a dead-end abnormality, from each generation to the next, where it inevitably reappears.

          I’ve read it described biologically as a group defense mechanism against overpopulation, so that of course it is grotesque to suppose that anyone might need to actively promote it for that purpose, whilst also actively promoting non-stop sex for everyone, as well as universal, industrialised contraception and abortion.

          This just destroys the equilibrium between these populations (who adopt these pro-death ideologies) and those who don’t, leading to a mechanical increase in the proportion of these latter against the former.

      • Ravenscar

        I have often thought nigh, about a similar conclusion to the one you have drawn, the trouble is, fanatics always desire to push their power and doctrinal pap to the edge, the Nth degree. Fanatics like Cultural Marxists are just wrongly wired and because of it, they are dangerous, malignant and deadly.

        • rubyduck

          I’m not sure where they came from, but it has recently struck me that the grammar school system would have weeded the susceptible b****rs out.

      • Dominic Stockford

        And, of course, the Doctor’s ‘companion’, being apparently lesbian in real life just had to be, pushily so, in the programme too. Indoctrination of the highest order.

      • rubyduck

        Somehow the recipients of the b****x seem to be resolutely normal, s*xually and socially, They are, of course, astonishingly ignorant about everything else.

  • PierrePendre

    The BBC feminises everything with the exception of its own director generalship. Something to rectify when Hall retires. I wonder which of Labour’s wimmin will get it? But time to stop getting the vapours every time a woman gets a traditionally male job. Sooner or later there’ll be a female Othello married to a tranny Desdemona and much more to keep Tunbridge Wells in a stew.

    • RobertRetyred

      Why wait, I am sure the DG could go privately.

  • Timmy

    The UK version of female Ghostbusters. This end end poorly. Poorly written stories for a forced SJW agenda. Remember if the show does poorly now it is mysoginy.

    • All female cast didn’t bothered me. What bothered me was it was written and directed by the Bridesmaids crew.

  • I always assumed The Sonic Screw Driver was a middleclass snowflake word for PENIS.. through all the years it has been on our screens

    What gadget will they supply the feminist replacement Doctor with … and how will she confront her own type of penis envy?

    • rubyduck

      Not sure. The local Conservatives called my vape tank a sonic screwdriver. No consensus on that, I’m afraid.
      On reflection, I might be flattered.

  • Great Briton

    Interesting they announced this after the men’s final. Although it wasn’t the best match ever it went to 3 sets but in the past has gone to 5 sets.
    Why does the women’s final only last 2 sets? Why do they think they should have equal billing when a mans match hasn’t even got started at 2 sets?

    • Naviro

      i don’t really watch tennis, but as I understand it, the women aren’t actually against playing 5 sets. It’s the organisers (and brodacasters) who say they can’t do it due to ”scheduling”.

      In the ATP tour, the matches are best of 3. It’s only grand slams which are best of 5.

      Since winning a slam is the pinnacle of the sport it makes sense to make the players work “harder” for it.

      The same should apply to the women. At the very least make all matches from the quarter finals onwards best of 5.

      But as I say, it’s my understanding that the organisers and broadcasters say it’s not possible due to “scheduling”.

      • Dominic Stockford

        Anything organisational like this is possible if you set your mind to it.

      • Labour_is_bunk

        They could play the requisite number of 5 set female matches late in the evening, once No 1 court finally has its roof on – but I suppose that’s too simple an answer for either the BBC or those who run the sport.

    • Labour_is_bunk

      Andrew Jarrett is the Wimbledon referee.
      What has this to do with BBC/feminism? Well, his ex-wife is a “woman with a mission”.
      Read on: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/29830142

      Looks like she’s succeeding – I’m surprised the target was only 50%..

    • Coniston

      Surely if men and women are to be accounted equal in everything, there should be no separate men’s and women’s events in any sporting activity – tennis, golf, the Olympics, swimming, football, boxing, etc? And if women don’t win quite as often, that must obviously due to discrimination by somebody.

  • TheStoneMan

    Just a note for anyone interested. Ratio of female to male writers – 7 to 87.

    Can’t even use sexism as the reason because the first female write was Lesley Scott in 1966, so the BBC have had no problem using female authors.

    Also interesting to note the original theme tune was “created” by a female head of the special effects department – so no misogyny there either.

    Question why haven’t womankind created their own Doctor Who – even the name is genderless.
    Could it be that maybe…

    • Colkitto03

      I so agree with your last point. Why not write something original with a woman lead?

      • Sargv

        That’ll take 30 years to gain traction.

        It’s the problem from “The Second Sex” – in order to get their own culture and be truly equal to men, women have to catch up 6000 years of male civilization. So feminists decided to force them to become men instead (reducing men to a fraction of our past at the same time to meet in the middle).

  • A female Doctor Who was on the cards for years, can we really be surprised?

    Given that most ‘Whovians’ are male and the series has been struggling since David Tennant left, I can see this new Doctor failing quickly. Of course the MSM will put it down to misogyny and sexism.

    • guestwho2

      I’ve watched precious little Doctor Who but I did see a lesbian lizard (yes you read that correctly) kissing a human female in a previous season so the PC envelope has been well and truly torn open already.

    • rubyduck

      “the series has been struggling since David Tennant left”

      I thought it have been struggling since Tom Baker left (and even he was a step in the wrong direction).

  • JabbaPapa

    Al-wimmindocturhu Akbar !!! All praise the trendy PC hijab !!!


    Now all we need is a nice 3-part episode about the Islamic dark-haired bearded Master making sure she obeys all Koranic principles.

    • The_Mocking_Turtle

      Doctor Who is supposedly super-intelligent and so hasn’t been and never would be able to be religious, obviously.

      • JabbaPapa

        Well you’re a walking example of atheist stupidity, anyway.

  • James Chilton

    Why is the “news” that a woman will play the chief part in a children’s fantasy on TV, being discussed as though it’s an event of national importance?

    • Dominic Stockford

      The even is merely annoying, the principle is another step in the undermining of societal norms using marxist principles.

  • Naviro

    But why did they have to choose an actual woman?

    That’s transgender-racsit-phobic.

    They should have chosen a big burly hairy a*sed fella – who identifies as a woman.

    That would have been much more satisfying. At least it would have been satisfying to watch the heads of the leftie women explode.

    Leftie women don’t seem to understand that their agenda of a so called “genderless” world will simply result in the extinction of women, as more and more men decide to identify as women and take the place of actual women right across society.

    For example, women’s sports teams will exclusively feature men who identify as women – meaning that actual women can have no future as professional athletes etc. (already happening in the US)

    Further, if these leftie women do intend to herald in a genderless world, then why do they insist on quotas and other forms of action in order to add “gender balance” to various bodies and institutions?

    How can there be a balance of genders when according to them there are no genders?

    Their minds are an evil contradictory, hypocritical mess.

    • rubyduck

      “women’s sports teams will exclusively feature men who identify as women”

      Love it.

  • Guy Family

    The BBC. For a few viewers, not the many.

    • Labour_is_bunk


    • guestwho2

      Surely you jest. Fiona Bruce did an exhaustive, hard-hitting piece regarding online sales of fake Lowry paintings. It’s clearly an issue that affects us all.

      • Labour_is_bunk

        Even that was a repeat – I’ve seen it before.

  • guestwho2

    The pattern is familiar by now:

    1) Take a show with a dedicated audience (often called a ‘cult’) and make it a PC laboratory.
    2) People who never watch(ed) the show applaud PC moves in kneejerk fashion. Equality, tolerance, etc. etc.. People who watch regularly complain at yet another show ruined. Broadcasters work both sides of the publicity street due to controversy they created out of whole cloth.
    3) Script creativity and quality decline in favour of unimaginative Gurl Power plots. Aliens & baddies will be unreconstructed Earth-style chauvinists despite living in other galaxies.
    4) Ratings and interest dwindle due to preachy repetitive stories. Producer sacked and issues self-serving sour-grapes ‘we challenged prejudices’ statement while omitting glaring failure to deliver entertainment.
    5) New producer hired. Producer pledges to take show ‘back to basics’ in terms of casting and storylines. Denies that audience pressure had anything to do with the panicky move by executives yet everything producer promises is exactly what the (remaining) audience has been demanding.

    • JabbaPapa

      Well, you seem to be assuming that the BBC Drama division is being run by anyone with brains.

      More likely really : 5) Cancel the show, and make insulting public statements attacking plain, ordinary folk as “bigots” and “sexists” — then have a weepy meltdown amongst one’s fellow genderqueers and luvvies ; teddy bears and coloured crayons in the BBC safe place optional

  • SimonToo

    When the series was resurrected and they were looking to replace Christopher Ecclestone, I did think that Honor Blackman might be a good choice. Since then, Doctor Who has become highly politicised. The Master has become Missy, but seeing John Simm again as the Master, alongside Missy, at the end of the last series just emphasised what an ill-conceived substitution that was. It is hard to see that this regeneration of the Doctor will be a great one, and the series may have jumped the shark (the PDA at the end of the latest episode does suggest that it is preparing to leap). This actress, given strong enough scriptwriting to work with, might prove to have the character to make it work, but if she does succeed it will be from her character rather than her sex.

  • fenceclimber

    Here be madness. Although it’s heartening to see a plucky woman fighting for the poor, downtrodden men in our society. I look forward to the day all of us guys can step out from under the oppressive female shadow and bravely burn our Y-fronts.

    • SimonToo

      Tip – take them off first.

      • fenceclimber

        Good call.

    • Sargv

      > I look forward to the day all of us guys can step out from under the oppressive female shadow

      Is your mum that big?

      They are not women, who oppress men. It’s the state, that tries to enforce Total Equality –
      which means that everyone but white men have to be given a handicap.

      • fenceclimber

        Ah, the big bad state. That’s incredibly vague. Can you fill in a bit more detail please? And are you really going to take it down the “yo mama…” route?

        • Sargv

          What’s wrong with “yo mama”? I thought we had a festival of dull jokes here once I saw your post.

          BBC is funded through a state-provided mandate to collect the money from the general population. All corporate “diversity” programs are there because of the “anti-discrimination” laws issued by the state.

          I’ve seen forced diversity in action. It looks ugly. Minorities are hired and promoted out of fear of a lawsuit. They are nonperformers that are being kept out of the real work. Expensive tokens. Extra tax on business, imposed by the state. The worst part, they are rotten apples, who demotivate other people and only further enforce the stereotypes.

          100% of men working for such companies I know are now convinced that “merit” is exclusively a heterosexual South-Eastern Asian and White men’s game. Everyone else advances through levels of melatonin in their skin, visible mammary glands or sexual preferences.

          • fenceclimber

            All right, then. Your mum has wooden legs with real feet.
            I’ve had a look through the other comments and have come to realise I may have washed up on Daily Mail Island. I don’t mind the concepts of equality or diversity. The folks in here seem terrified by the very thought. Good luck getting back to 1953 or whatever year suits the notions of societal purity the collective yearning requires. Just so long as the Tardis taking you all back is navigated by a fine white male specimen you should all be just tickety boo.

          • Sargv

            > I don’t mind the concepts of equality or diversity.

            Neither am I – when people are equal. But usually, they are not, so equality have to be achieved (WHY?) through redistributions and quotas, punishing the better to reward the worse.

            As for diversity, well I am Russian – does that count for diversity in your book?

            > I may have washed up on Daily Mail Island

            Do I sense snobbery? What’s wrong with Daily Mail readers? Aren’t they your equals? Don’t you tolerate The Diversity?

            Except, of course, if the only type of diversity you are after is a quota placing on board of directors of some quango for your wife and a dark-skinned cleaning lady working for £5 an hour?

            But that wouldn’t be surprising. You know what is a universal Russian opinion of liberal urban Brits, condensed to one word? Hypocrites.

          • fenceclimber

            There seems to be a fairly familiar strain of paranoia here. Using low income, immigrant workers is a consequence of late capitalism devouring itself and not borne out of any agenda on my part.
            Snobbery? Daily Mail readers have something of a monopoly on that. The Mail is an organ that is now generally recognised as an unreliable information source that drip feeds distorted stories, myths and lies about specific groups to its readers, continually fostering and engendering hatred and intolerance. It is one of several publications owned by non-domiciled billionaires who pay no taxes into the coffers of the British Exchequer yet still retain an unhealthy and undemocratic sway on British political and cultural life. Strange how people on the right never have a problem with this particular kind of insidious power and influence.
            I am not omnipotent so I had no idea of your nationality. I have no problem with it whatsoever although I have seen how certain diverse groups have been treated in your mother country. I am sure you do not approve of any of that. I am quite prepared to believe you when you say you have no problem with diversity but, again, perusing the frothing vitriol of other commentators here you may well be in something of a minority.

          • Sargv

            > Using low income, immigrant workers is a consequence of late capitalism

            It’s only partly right. Sure, capitalists do that, but the reason for immigrant labour being so cheap is that because it is heavily subsidised by the state via universal healthcare and welfare payments. Capitalists use this, externalising the costs toward the society. Drop the benefits, and there will be zero economic reasons for low-income immigration.

            > Snobbery? Daily Mail readers have something of a monopoly on that.

            So, you are only intolerant to some people, and this is only because they are bigots, who are inherently inferior comparing to your group, and hence better not have a vote?

            My opinion of Daily Mail: a rag. Which makes it borderline better than The Guardian, Independent or (modern-day) Telegraph, and borderline worse than a (modern) Spectator.

            > I am quite prepared to believe you when you say you have no problem with diversity

            I do not have problems with equality unless it’s imposed by the authority. I do not think some identities are inherently superior to others.

            I do have problems with diversity. I believe that diversity always causes problems, be it Kurds and Amrenians living among Turks, Chechens living among Russians or Nigerians living among English. I think that diversity should be limited to trade, tourism and talent (which always was extra-territorial).

            People without a shared past, culture and value systems shouldn’t mix. It’s unstable and turns into a bloodbath at the first major socioeconomic crisis.

          • fenceclimber

            I really have tried to remain civil but I have now had quite enough of your toxic views. I live in Scotland which is part of Britain but which is not synonymous with England as many of the ill informed seem to presume. I have Nigerians in my extended family and I love them very much. I will bid you good luck in your desire for racial segregation and your dreams, no doubt, of purity. I now fully realise why so many people I know and have spoken to personally or those of whom I have heard expressing, on other platforms, that the best parts of Russia are the departure lounges from your airports.

          • Sargv

            So, it seems you are quite happy being segregated from Russians (apparently, because there are none in your family or ancestry, hence we are not part of your tribe). Sharing your city with a couple of thousands of us surely will be your worst nightmare. Some people just do not belong here, right?

            Thank you for making my point for me.

            > I will bid you good luck in your desire for racial segregation and your dreams, no doubt, of purity

            Are you reading people’s dreams now? Are you a fortune teller by trade? Or just automatically assuming that everyone with an opinion that does not match your narrow-minded groupthink is a genocidal bigot?

            Good night to you, and please step back into your echo chamber. You find no toadies here, and you apparently can’t hold a rational discussion with someone who disagrees with you. Not that anyone longer expects that from Left-wingers anyway.

          • fenceclimber

            You people really are so predictable and I am convinced your response comes from some preordained template so familiar is the language and tropes. I would say to you go away and give me peace but I realise it is up to me to get out of this particular contaminated sinkhole and forever remember to resist the temptation to ever lower myself again. I realise also that peace quite simply isn’t a common goal and that the inevitable coming war is being ushered in by useful idiots like yourself. Your predictable dissection and oh so insightful retorts will go unread.

          • Sargv

            I thought the last one was supposed to go unread?

            Please do return back to your comfortable ill-light cave of co-aligned minds chanting familiar tunes, with no voice of dissent among them. Outside world is not for faint of heart.

            And also please do read a dictionary definition of a word “tolerance” before claiming to be a tolerant person.

            “Lower myself”. Really says it all.

          • Cassandra

            I recall a departing Russian Ambassador years ago saying just that.

            However, hypocrisy, he said, was how the British, or actually the English, got along.

            One can see what he meant. We might hate, despise or merely be irritated by others, but we don’t let on.

            Thus all remains calm on the surface although there might be seething emotions underneath.

          • Sargv

            > Thus all remains calm on the surface although there might be seething emotions underneath.

            That reminds me an anecdote.

            All humans have eye whites. Now, it was not always the case, as whites are optional (gorillas do not have them, for instance). The theory goes that those humans without were killed. No whites = no ability to track eye movement = no ability to read intentions = anxiety and constant threat. So, the trait was eventually removed from the genetic pool, and probably by violent means.

          • Cassandra

            Ingenious. I never noticed that about eyewhites. One learns something new every day.

          • Sargv

            Here’s a good start on this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cooperative_eye_hypothesis

            My point was that in violent societies when every stranger is a potential threat (such as Russia, through the most of our history), hypocrisy considered being a really, really bad trait to have. It is much safer to be an open book, even if that means showing grumpy irrelevance instead of a polite smile.

            Of course, the less chance for a direct violence there is, the more need for deception and sophistication arises.

          • rubyduck

            That’s the good form of hypocrisy. Not hypocrisy, just good manners.

          • rubyduck

            Not sure it’s hypocrisy. Apart from the so-called opinion formers it’s largely dumb group think. I’ve got some in my own family. Public sector workers, as it happens.
            We have anglo saxon words that might be more appropriate.

          • Phil R

            “100% of men working for such companies I know are now convinced that
            “merit” is exclusively a heterosexual South-Eastern Asian and White
            men’s game. Everyone else advances through levels of melatonin in their
            skin, visible mammary glands or sexual preferences.”

            Very concise summary.

  • Sargv

    Whatever a man can do, a woman can do better. It’s just a man has to do it first and then teach her (and vice versa).

    Why women want to be epigones of traditional male roles instead of doing all those wonderful things they are so much better at than us men is beyond me.

    • James Chilton

      Anything you can do I can do better;
      I can do anything better than you.

      Words of a song first performed in “Annie Get Your Gun”

      • Sargv

        Outcasts tend to spend their lives in escapist fantasies. Radical feminists are not an exception.

        • James Chilton

          The song is a duet sung by a man and a woman. Naturally, the woman comes out best in the competition about who can do what.

          • Sargv

            Yes. Men have internet pôrn, women have their own set of fantasies of omnipotence (which apparently include men).

    • hedgemagnet

      I had to look up ‘epigone’. I was born in the UK and I’m learning English (oh, alright then, Greek…) from a Russian! You have a knack with the language, Sargv

      • Sargv

        In my defence, I should say that I’m a weird type of Russian. I do GRE vocabulary test flashcards during my daily commute, out of a sense of boredom, in between a meditation (Headspace is nice) and listening to the fascinating course of lectures called “Maps of Meaning” by Jordan Peterson.

        There’s a nice small tool called Grammar.ly that does meticulous spell checking and stylistic analysis on most text forms in browsers. It also shows you weekly reports on most common errors (mine are missed articles, the bane of all Russians, we do not have that concept in our language) and lexicon. I usually end up using between 2500 and 4000 unique words a week, which puts me into 98-99 percentile among its users, which is probably sad news for every person, who loves the English language. It’s not different for the Russian language and modern Russians if it makes you feel any better.

        But then extending my active vocabulary and honing the ability to reason in a foreign language are some of the main reasons I post here.

        These days, people are so lazy when it comes to communication. They miss out so much. Writing is probably the most important component of intellectual culture. If you can’t formulate your thoughts coherently – you can’t reason.

        • Cassandra

          Do you have a Russian accent a la meerkats or have you none at all?

          • Sargv

            I do have an accent, but English usually pick it as American (no surprise here, as I learned the language interacting with Americans from the coasts). Stereotypical Russian accent with hard “R” is only a thing for speakers, who started to learn English late in life (Soviet immigrants).

            Visually, if I keep my mouth shut, English tend to think I’m German (blond hairs/light eyes/chin). If they overhear me speaking in a foreign language, they tend to think I’m Polish (an honest mistake).

        • hedgemagnet

          I might start using that Grammar.ly myself…

        • rubyduck

          “If you can’t formulate your thoughts coherently – you can’t reason.”

          If you can’t formulate your thoughts coherently, you haven’t reasoned.

          I always find it surprising that the logic that feels so sound turns into rubbish when put down on paper, and then, in the course of resolving the linguistic logic, becomes so much more interesting … I might be in a minority of one.

          • Sargv

            No-no, I know exactly what you are saying.

            That’s another reason I love it here. To share your thoughts, you have to put them to the paper (or, rather, the screen) first – and that’s the moment when you realise how shaky, unconvincing and incomplete it actually sounds once outside of your head. So you follow that train of thoughts, and it can get you to new places, and maybe even change your viewpoint on a subject.

  • wiggiatlarge .

    It is an insidious move, there was a program on Talksport this morning of which I only caught part of, where the role of women in football was being bigged up and supported by the presenter Alan Brazil, remember him, attonement time.
    Of course women have a role to play if they can do the job, but this equalising whether it be gender or race for the sake of it is an insult to those more suited for the job whatever their religion background gender or colour.
    There are now many examples of those “placed” even in large corporations who are still in their jobs despite showing very poorly at doing them, the public sector is top of the table here, the recent BBC adverts “only minorities need apply” for jobs with them is amazingly within the law, in the same way that rentals for Muslims only are tolerated but the reverse isn’t, time for some big changes as all this common purpose PC rubbish has gone way to far.
    It used to be the best person for the job, what on earth is wrong with that.

    • robert Catesby

      It was Jim White not Alan Brazil, I was dying to ringnd point out the irony of three white men demanding more diversity and more women in football and ask them who will be making way on next weeks show. Incidentally how come we never hear women screaming to be bin men.

      • wiggiatlarge .

        Apoligies if it was Jim WHite, though there were two of them and one had a Scottish accent ?

  • Dominic Stockford

    It is now ok to have all-female panels discussing men’s sport. Imagine the reaction to an all-male panel…
    It is now ok to have all-female panels discussing politics. Imagine the reaction to an all-male panel…
    It is now ok to have all-female panels discussing presenting lunchtime rubbish. Imagine the reaction to an all male panel…
    It is now ok to have all female newscaster teams. Imagine the reaction to an all-male panel…

    • Sargv

      It’s only ok because you and the others agree to it.

      • Dominic Stockford

        My tongue is firmly in my cheek, I am ‘disgusted, not of Tunbridge Wells…’

    • Naviro

      “..This fits male psychology fairly well, but not female..”

      Well actually it might fit the psychology of men on the right, but certainly not men on the left who are just like women on the left in wanting to bring about the end of western civilisation as we know it.

    • choccycobnobs

      I have seen all male news teams on BBC London. They were black.

  • timbazo

    I doubt it is a coincidence that the announcement comes days ahead of the revelation that the BBC pays its male ‘stars’ more than its female ‘stars’.

  • James Chilton

    It seems that the Dr Who show is a kind of pageant in which every twist and turn of the Zeitgeist is slavishly put on parade for “educational” purposes. No “ism”, or bizarre sexual agenda need ever be overlooked as the programme is constantly updated to take account of the latest fashions in moral, social and political theory.

  • PersonWithAFace

    Christ on a bike there’s some really angry people on here. Does it really matter? It’s been a show with change and renewal at it’s heart since it’s early years. This is another way to explore an interesting character. I think it’s an interesting choice, could be quite good if the writing is up to scratch.
    Anyway, if you’re that bothered why not just switch it off for a few years and tune in when she’s a man again?
    I do not understand why people can manage to be SO angry and SO bitter about something so trivial. *facepalm*

    • Labour_is_bunk

      Conversely then, if it’s a matter of little import, why are certain people on Twitter so triumphalist about having a female Doctor, and why did the BBC choose to announce it in the way they did?

      There are all sorts of other “angry people” who blame the government 100% for the Grenfell tragedy because their world view demands such attitudes. Perhaps you’re one of them.
      Re today’s article about McDonnell and the tosh he’s spouting.

      • Jethro Asquith

        You misunderstand anger. The Left are never angry, just right. Or so I have been told.

        • rubyduck

          Assuming irony. Tick.

  • Michael Paul Rudzki

    Kathy, you ignorant twit. If you had bothered to do *any* research about Doctor Who before making up your tiny mind about this, you would know that the MAN who created the Doctor in the first place wanted the BBC to cast a woman in the role back in the ’80s. If the role “belonged” to a man, why would the man who created the role want that? Take a deep breath, because the answer is going to be bigger than you can fit in your microscopic brain: Because he was a visionary capable of seeing what your ignorant, closed mind cannot: that the Doctor is an alien capable of changing anything about his appearance including his gender, that representation is important, that changing the character’s gender would lead to creative stories, and finally, that creating excitement equals increased viewership equals MONEY.

    • choccycobnobs

      Do you get out to socialize much?

    • Bik Byro

      To set it in context, the suggestion came at a time when the show was in dire straits, audiences were abysmal and the Sixth Doctor was going down like a lead balloon with weights on. The BBC was desperate for any radical ideas to try and revive the show no matter how outlandish and this was one of them. In the end, they had one last hurrah with the Seventh Doctor before canning the whole thing for 15 years.

      Interestingly, the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) does check his adams apple upon his reincarnation. There is supposed to be a maximum number of 12 regenerations, so theoretically this should be the last one but there are already hints (again via the 11th Doctor) that this “rule” could be tampered with.

    • SimonToo

      You may be in a position to correct mistakes made by the author, but why do you feel it calls for such an offensive tone? No matter how right you might be, it is not an effective way to persuade someone to change her mind.

    • Sargv

      > that creating excitement equals increased viewership equals MONEY.

      Would you be fine if they drop the idea after a few disastrous episodes and switch the Doctor back to male?

      • rubyduck

        I’d scrap it altogether. It used to be good. Back in the 60s. When it didn’t take itself too seriously.

    • Snoffle Gronch

      Sanctimonious humbug.

    • Dave S

      You do seem to take a kiddy TVshow a bit seriously unless as I hope you are joking.

    • Daniel

      ‘[T[he Doctor is an alien capable of changing anything about his appearance including his gender’ It is my understanding that he is unable of changing anything, rather he ‘re-generates’ undergoing a random rather than chosen transformation. But what is of importance here is not ‘in-universe’ concepts or the original writer’s intent. The issue is that gender is not a matter of appearance it constitutes a real form of human existence which is part of our nature not subject to our will. What the BBC is intentional doing is trying to eradicate our awareness of this by promoting a gender neutral view of humanity by recasting a male role as female.

    • Jethro Asquith

      You appear to be such a polite Gentleman! And you call Kathy ignorant.

    • paul parmenter

      Like everybody here says. Also, since when has the creator’s original intention for a character or plot been of any importance once those who know far better than anyone else get their hands on them? Even Shakespeare has been “improved” and “corrected” to death by now.

      • Jewel Eldora

        I keep noticing they’re not rushing to remake the Passion of the Christ with a woman lead. Any ideas on why? I mean, Jesus is the ultimate super hero right? Don’t we want little girls to grow up and want to be like Jesus?

  • John Thomas

    Yes, I’m thinking I might use a female pseudonym for my next piece of writing (I writes books, etc. in my spare time) – a sort of George Eliot in reverse … are there any Joanna Thomas’s out there already? Well, I do love hoovering, so maybe when I’m not beating the wordprocessor, I could concentrate on washing up (very satisfying, a clean home – much more so than that awful going to the office, seeing clients … I do hate bedmaking, though – duvets should be banned).

    • rubyduck

      Women can handle duvets. It’s a case of applying your intelligence to the problems of keeping house.
      Keeping house used to be treated as easy stuff because women did it – just as my argument that dressmaking was engineering for girls was pooh-poohed by so-called engineers because i wasn’t mathematical (um you do have to measure and stuff like that).
      It all gets a lot more interesting when you see each issue of eg. cleaning as a problem to be solved.

  • Cassandra

    Nature and truth are magicked away in the Cult of Equality.

    Men and women are equal and interchangeable?


    Before your very eyes…..

    You’d better believe it. The BBC says so.

    • Thomtids

      Until her sonic screwdriver stops working. And I bet she gets a male “assistant”. Anyway, I preferred Jon Pertwee as the eponymous Doctor.

  • John Thomas

    Presumably, there’ll be a regeneration scene in which Peter Capaldi is shown undergoing BBC-approved gender re-alignment surgery (surely available on the NHS, courtesy of us, the taxpayer).

    • paul parmenter

      Not on your life. Far too gruesome, and far too likely to cause revulsion. The same reason why you will never see an actual abortion or circumcision on the Beeb or anywhere else in the mainstream. All you will get is a “before” and “after” scene, with the latter presented with cheers, smiles and high fives, like it is the finest thing that could ever happen.

  • How did those Afghan girls ever have any trouble getting to a robotics competition? Didn’t we liberate Afghanistan, or something? This is an awful lot more important than Doctor Who. Oh, well, the wisdom of the BBC’s decision will be judged by whether or not anyone will still watch Doctor Who.

    It could choose to move EastEnders to outer space (not much of a leap, one might say), but would anyone watch it? And it has more or less chosen to redraw the character of the Doctor as the much-regenerated Sharon Watts Mitchell Watts Rickman Mitchell. But will anyone watch it? If not, then look out for the plot twist where she turns out to have been an impostor all along, and the real Doctor appears at the end of the next series, perhaps played by Danny Dyer.

    As for the idea that this would have been “the right thing to do” even if it had lost the entire audience, why? What is the programme supposed to be, if not popular television? There is a reason why it is on BBC One early on a Saturday evening.

    • Cassandra

      i wish someone would move East Enders to outer space. Like just about all such drama broadcast by the BBC, it is just a vehicle for pushing politically correct attitudes. In other words it is Leftist propaganda.

      • I cannot imagine that that is many people’s take on its depiction of an East End that is still overwhelmingly white and in which market traders can still afford to live in three-bedroom houses.

        • Cassandra

          Its the casual sex, the interracial matiness ( pretty much unreal in my experience- I lived in the East End for years) the focus on the family as the arena of male oppression, abuse etc, the fact that professionals such as lawyers, doctors etc, senior positions in the police, magistrates, probation officers etc etc are invariably female and generally ethnic….and so on.

          At one point there were running three concurrent storylines with lesbian and homosexual relationships, with a cross dresser thrown in.

          The PC lies about life in the `East End go on and on. Its about normalising the PC vision.

          But you are right about the whiteness of the TV show. Real East Enders were pushed out ago. Long standing family and social networks were broken up by housing policies which favoured immigrants. Either that or they left if they could.

          Real East Enders now live in places like Romford, Basildon, Southend, Enfield and Waltham Cross.

          They are now beginning to leave Enfield and Waltham Cross as these areas become more immigrant.

    • The_Mocking_Turtle

      The Afghani girls in question didn’t have trouble entering a robotics competition, they had trouble, being Muslim, getting into America (thanks to a showboating Donald Trump) to showcase their entry in Washington D. C., where the competition is being held.

  • Mark Nixon

    I’m sorry, but somebody is going to have to explain to me what’s left-wing about a female Doctor. I don’t get it.

  • Groan

    Not a huge fan of sport, by observation is that generally (with the rare exception of old Balders) they are young attractive women. Can’t help think its a bit of a strange feminist “coup” to populate the presenting of programmes for a male audience with a fair amount of “eye candy”. One presumes that “the Doctor” will be smothered in clothes unlike most of the “strong women” currently splashed all over “science fiction” , they is seems save the universe in variations of 1950s bathing beauty swimsuits (their male compatriots awash with all the accoutrements so familiar from our police (in Manchester)).

  • JabbaPapa
  • AlphonseGabriel

    Excellent piece as always Kathy. Thank you

  • Phil R

    You are wrong here Kathy. Men don’t need positive role models. They need their self respect back and you don’t do this by being nice to them.

    A long story but this weekend I witnessed at first hand loads of mostly men wo were living in cardboard boxes in underpasses etc in a large city.

    Solutions were discussed on how to deal with the problem. The women wanted to look after them and help them and so did a majority of the men.

    My solution was to fine them £1000 for vagrancy and to make them work, to pay off the fine and keeping them drug and alcohol free. I suggested breaking stones in a disused quarry. They would be let out when they finished say 500 hours of work and they had “paid” their fine. They then could be released and they perhaps would have started to gain a measure of self respect.

    Some were angry said that I was not “loving”, but I responded that their kindness was not real love. Real love is tough. Real love changes people. Real love is not coffee and cakes.

    Love needs to be tough. Men need tough love. Kindness does not work for men. Needless to say I was not listened to. So the men will still be living in cardboard boxes in 10 years time, still full of drugs.

    If they are still alive that is.

    If you want to help working class men, don’t bother what gender The Dr is, but do worry if we fail as a society to help men such as I saw, with no self respect and no prospects.

    • Kathy Gyngell

      I am not arguing for spurious male role models Phil just respect for what men are, do and have done. What (perhaps less than clearly) I was trying to argue for was honesty – honesty that men and women are different.

      What I am castigating women for is both their ‘greed’ and their refusal to acknowledge the difference between men and women and respect it, i.e. what men do that by and large women can’t or don’t want to do, and which is why so many men end up marginalised and left with no life but on the streets, as you describe.

      • Phil R

        I still don’t think we agree here. Men do not need women to acknowledge anything. Modern men need a large kick up the backside, given their self respect back and told to act and behave like men.

        That means treating women well but refusing to be dominated by them in any shape or form.

        • rubyduck

          My grandson is bullied by his girlfriend. She scares the s**t out of me, too, but she’s kept him on the straight and narrow for three years, so I’m not knocking it.
          Men need safe spaces where they can do man things – fight, make stuff, and earn money. It used to be like that.

          • Phil R

            It seems that she gives him the respect of being her man none the less.

            I was not talking about women being doormats here. In fact quite the reverse. However, the BBC and the media like to portray men as such.

            If women actually achieve doormat status for their men, they hate what they have created and they will find another man if they can.

        • Cassandra

          Feminists get what they want because of the misplaced chivalry of men which feminists say they despise.

    • Sargv


      Women could adore men when they are good at being men.

      Women could shame men when they are bad at being men.

      But women pitying men? Unless it is between a loving mother and her toddler, it is a disservice.

      • Phil R

        There is only thing worse for a woman than having a man you cannot control.

        It’s having a man you can.

        Women know this mantra by heart. It serms hardwired. If I start the sentence they invariably nod and one will always finish the sentence for me if I deliberately stop part way.

  • Carbonari1848

    Storm in a teacup.

    The last confirmed occurrence of a straight man watching the BBC was on 28th June 2015.

    We don’t care anymore, BBC

  • MyHyde

    People who think girls should look up to fictional characters because they are female is worthy of mockery.

  • Simon Platt

    Takes me back. How prescient: https://youtu.be/GcMd1F1acSo

  • J.L.W

    The licence fee needs to go!

  • Clare

    When I first heard about the casting, my response (as someone who’s watched maybe 2 episodes at most of Dr. Who) was pretty much ‘meh’, with maybe a vague reflection that it was perhaps a bit self-consciously trendy and progressive. Having seen this kind of over-the-top, alarmist response at *horrors* a lady getting the top role in a popular TV series, however, I think maybe now is the time to start watching…

    • Labour_is_bunk

      See my comment below, I’m not going to repeat myself.

  • MorganCourtenay

    I don’t particularly care about the current Doctor Who or the gendeButI stopped watching when David Tennant left. I frequent a couple of sites where many members lean left and they were delighted about the news. I joked that Federer probably wished he was a woman, given he was getting fewer Tweets than the new doctor. The joke was either ignored or not well received. It doesn’t bother me. After the release and popularity of Wonder Woman this year, and the high representation of women in many TV shows spanning all genres, I have to wonder why it is groundbreaking that Doctor Who is a woman. I am all for watching great characters regardless of identity, but the motivations behind this casting don’t feel like a victory to me.

  • Hugo1

    This writer has never watched Dr Who and doesn’t intend to watch it in the future, but perhaps what a good many people will find off-putting about this change is not so much the gender of the leading character but that the change itself has all the appearance of being totally contrived and artificial, and intended to serve a politically correct agenda, however much the BBC may deny this.

  • Michael Rogers

    I feel that we men have a need to really start to think about what it is going to mean to be a man, we have built the wagons, carved out the roads, built the buildings, cars, trucks, ships, planes, factories–everything. Women also have played equally important work, backing their guy by preparing breakfast, packing lunch and getting him out the door to the factory , field,etc. then caring for the home, garden, children etc, etc. Men’s work by large was stressfull and physically demanding men came home fatigued and dirty. Those jobs are almost gone, replaced by those that men OR women can equally do leaving men with out a clear societal role. A women on the other hand can clearly she has an intrinsic role of a child bearer. I see very little energy by men yet to re invent our intrinsic roles.