Yesterday morning Kathy Gyngell was invited on to BBC Radio Scotland with Lucy Fisher, the senior political correspondent of The Times, to assess Mrs May’s Cabinet reshuffle and discuss its implications.

While both argued it underlined the PM’s weakness and lack of authority, there agreement ended. Lucy thought the reshuffle showed Mrs May promoting gender and identity politics, and in her view this was a welcome recognition of the Conservative Party’s need to address these concerns and appeal to the young. Kathy, by contrast, thought it represented all that was wrong. She said it was exactly this type of PC politics that would alienate Mrs May’s already disenfranchised core voter base – voters whose concerns focus on Brexit and a reform of immigration.

You can hear their discussion here on Radio Scotland’s John Beattie show at about 9 minutes in, or on the player below.


  1. Yes, because that’s what the country needs – less competence in government and more diversity.
    Theresa May is useless, her government is useless and the sooner May is ousted, the better that’ll be for the UK. As much as I hope she does go in the next year (which I don’t think will happen) and is replaced by a proper conservative (which I also think is a pipe dream), this helps my party (UKIP) pick up disconcerted and befuddled Tories. That said, Henry Bolton has more chance of winning the next election and becoming PM as he does of reinvigorating UKIP. We need a new leader who is actually interested and enthused about reviving UKIP’s fortunes.

    • Indeed Theresa May is quite pathetic but the reality is her or the IRA and
      Hamas supporting Jeremy Corbyn. We have a two party country In the same
      way as the US does. Others may have their moment in the sun inbetween
      elections but on the day of a general election it is always about who
      is ready to form the Queens government, between the Conservatives
      and Labour, protesting dies at that point. Might I ask who is Henry
      Boulton, a new Lib Dum leader- I thought that was Vince Cable,
      strangely they are picking up their third party vote again.

      • No it is not.
        The Chairmen of the Conservative Constituency parties should call a halt.
        They have the power, have they got the guts?
        Or have they all been corrupted by the patronage system?

          • No .
            To get a new PM.
            And tell such as Blubbering Soubry, she will not be a candidate at the next election.

          • At least Corbyn has some clear policies.
            I disagree with them all.
            But they differentiate Labour from the Conservative, rubbish-dump,status quo.

        • Agreed.

          Unfortunately, the Tory parliamentary party has always been a self selecting closed shop. They were a party that happened to represent a particular constituency, whereas Labour, to their credit, were formed in response to a demand for political representation by a newly enfranchised, organised working class – which is why they are still wide open to their membership.

          I see only two choices. Either the Tories need to open themselves up to their members – with open primaries for candidate selection and direct election of the leader – or a new party of ‘organised conservatives’ needs to form with the intention of undermining the Tories generally (like UKIP did on the single issue of the EU) and eventually destroying it.

          The second option is going to involve electoral pain and Labour governments but conservatives need to accept that for long term gain because, as things stand, they have no-one to vote for.

    • People voted for Bolton because he seemed to have the right credentials in a thin field.

      I’m not impressed by his performance which has had the impact of a dead duck. Or his leaving his wife for this dolly bird. Silly fool. Doesn’t say much for his judgement or his morals, does it?

      Now what? A slide into obscurity and a resurgence of tne far right ? Seems likely now Nigel appears to have lost his marbles.

      • Agree with you on Bolton. He has set a very poor example and shows himself to be a disloyal man who has broken his vows. Why would he keep his word on anything else? Saying that, David Kurten is a gem, possibly the only politician taking on the dangerous post-modern sexual radicals hell bent on destroying our fundamental male and female classification for their nihlistic purposes.

  2. Theresa the Appeaser is sold into the entire corrupt , disgusting,cultural Marxist, Common Purpose, patronising elitist, mess.
    And has a bucket full of Blairite, Conservative, MP’s as bad , if not worse,than her.

    • Quite so, Alan. The Tories are now cultural Marxists, indeed they are worse, as they are sailing under a false flag, and so are deeply dishonest.

      • Very true. Honest bias is, well, honest and the hidden variety isn’t.

        That’s why I prefer RT to the BBC.

  3. With the collapse in the UKIP vote and the Clegg-induced massacre of the Lib-Dems, the Country has relapsed into the “Buggin’s Turn” character of electoral politics.
    In rational times, the Government would concentrate on issues with substance on the floor of the house….where the electorate could see their representative and if he preferred his particular bent to that of his electors then he paid the consequence.
    Today, we have legislation by sleight of hand, or secondary legislation allowed into life by parliamentary silence.
    Perhaps the equally guilty party to this collusive fraud on the electorate is the Fourth Estate. The left gleefully support each and every Act of lunacy that Parliament comes up with…presumably on the premise that every fragment of normalcy removed brings the Great Revolution a step nearer, whilst what was the “right” now either keeps silent or dissembles that the Emperor’s new clothes are indeed a splendid sight. No one seems to point to the much more compelling right of the greater public not to have their right to live their lives without the crass stupidity or destruction thereof by a tiny but powerful group intent on abusing the misplaced trust invested in them.

    • Mainstream press standards are either terrible or left wing. The Guardian and BBC are at the forefront of Marxist thought, journos at the Times seem largely clueless and just regurgitate whatever they hear from their establishment contacts, the Telegraph is just a marketing pamphlet for the Barclay Brothers.

      Its notable that the Guardian is forced to beg for money, as no doubt the BBC would be were it not able to compel so many people to pay for it via legalised bullying. There’s such thin support for these left wing outfits that you wonder how they are so immovable.

      • The best thing about the Telegraph these days is the obituary column.

        Sadly, obits detailing the amazing courage of the men who went out to fight Nazi Germany and the Japanese are now few and far between.

        I often think that those who fought for King and Country and (as Churchill told the nation) in defence of Christian Civilisation wouldn’t bother for multiculti Britain. Assuming their youth was miraculously restored, of course.

        They would despise what the Telegraph now stands for. And the Tory Party.

        • Probably the greatest disicentive to british recruitment is the abuse of the NATO “Policing measure”…a euphemism for American regime-change interference.
          It is one thing dying for one’s Country but entirely unappealing dying because the Americans have a long term agreement with Saudi Arabia to remove various non-Sunni dictators or to bring the middle east and arabian paeninsula under Saudi or Israeli control.

          • I wonder why we’re even in NATO anymore given the Soviet union collapsed almost 30 years ago. It is a defunct alliance designed for a war that has ended, much like the EU.

          • Nato became a sham when it extended its role from purely defensive to offensive. It is merely a proxy for the US. As with the UN, Trump blew the gaffe when he didn’t get his way over recognition of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel and told the UN that he was going to cut their money. Which he has. Now, America declares any Civil Government which attempts to suppress a terrorist uprising (funded and equipped by America) as requiring UN “police” intervention and, hey presto, Nato members are sucked into a war.
            At least our MPs shot obama’s fox as far as Syria went even though America has surreptitiously got an increasing number of special forces there. About the only worthy thing Cameron did. Shades of Vietnam all over again.

          • Cameron did want to bomb his way into a war in Syria. His MPs wouldn’t back him.
            Cameron did nothing good for anyone.

          • Seeing that we had little in the way of bombers (barring the Tornado which was already past its use-by date then, let alone now), Cameron was really signing us up to another act of regime change promulgated by the Americans as in Libya and Iraq. At least Cameron didn’t resort to dodgy dossiers but I seem to recall MoD sponsored stories of mass rape etc, must have missed the bit about babies on bayonets.

        • Agreed. I always marvel at the bravery and exploits of the military gentleman in the obituary column. But then in the days of WW2, and for a little afterwards, we were a country worth fighting for, not so now I fear.

  4. I really can’t see any difference between this Conservative government and the New Labour years to be honest – for me this government and the prior conservative government before Theresa May is simply continuity New Labour.

    Its as if there isn’t the courage or imagination in British politics today to avoid the default mode that many politicians adopt once in power – that of Blairism.

  5. I thought there would be more joy at Justine Greening jumping ship and Esther McVey returning to the cabinet as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. Those pesky benefit claimants – sick, disabled and otherwise – will be for the high jump now. Esther may not be the most intelligent, competent, honest or charismatic MP in the House of Commons, or the sound of her voice musical, persuasive or dulcet, but doesn’t the thought of Ms McVey putting a bit of stick about as far as the poor, needy and vulnerable get your blood up?

    I would have expected so.

  6. H/T from a comment on the Slog………..

    But…….but……A government is responsible to lead a country in the pursuit
    of advancement whereby trends of decline and failing standards may be
    rectified. Currently the policy has become to be a tally-ho to follow
    the ailing Nation into the abyss.

  7. What happened in the run up to the recent reshuffle was pure identity politics. There was no mention of the most competent, nor experienced, nor was a single shred of evidence provided that in fact governments run more successfully with such discriminatory group identity parameters in place. Theresa May wants to create a “truly meritocratic Britain” as she put it, but what is the merit based on? Society does best when the best people rise to the top. Her expressed desire does not seem to square with identity politics that value group identity characteristics over individual competence. Worse than this, identity politics masks the oppressor and oppressed narrative that is a Marxist idea, something which should be repulsive to traditional conservatives who should preserve the Western idea of individual value. The differences between Labour and the Conservatives is shrinking by the day because the Conservatives are sounding more leftist than ever before. It will do nothing to shore up the base.

    • The joke is that identity politics includes racial identity which the Left claims does not exist. Or something ludicrous on those lines.

      Also, giving people jobs on the basis of their racial identity is racially discriminatory of course. Isn’t that some kind of crime in leftist circles?

      Really, its very difficult to keep up with the Left’s ridiculous wrigglings. Especially for an allegedly non- Left Party.

      These are necessary thanks to the fundamental inanity of leftist thinking. That’s what happens when reality flies out of the window. Common sense disappears also.

    • The only merit that May recognises is being the antithesis of any aspect of being English. She really believes that sharia law is beneficial to Britain and considers, as do Corbyn and Cable, that anyone with a dark skin is preferable to tell us native English, Welsh, Scots and Irish how to run our lives.

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