According to a new poll, more than half of British Muslims want homosexuality criminalised.

Such findings come as no surprise. The real surprise is that it’s been reported by the media (although you’d have to search very hard to find the story anywhere on the BBC news website).

Just prior to the legalisation of same-sex marriage, when the issue was being debated in TV and radio studios up and down the country, producers of current affairs and debate programmes wanted to find opponents of same-sex marriage who would go on air and say why they disagreed with the proposed legislation.

Invariably, the speakers were Christian, with the debate framed in such a way as to make Christians and anyone who disagreed with same-sex marriage look like religious bigots. I was asked by one producer to debate the issue on a local BBC radio station, and when the producer understood that my arguments were purely secular – about the effect on children and the common good – and that I wasn’t going to say something along the lines of “It’s against God’s law” – I was dropped. That producer wanted a token bigot, preferably banging on about God and Christianity, just to really trash the image of Christians for the secular minded audience.

At the time I wondered why none of the people asked on to these programmes were Muslim, given what the Koran says about homosexuality. Why were news editors and producers only interested in Christian opposition to same-sex marriage? It was as if Muslims had absolutely no opinion on the issue.

Or was it something more deliberate than that? Were the producers and editors and these TV and radio programmes just really keen to preserve the image of Muslims for their audience, and keen not to associate the religion of Islam with opposition to same-sex marriage in the minds of the British public?

Goodness, it’s not even as if Christians want to go as far as the Muslims quoted in this poll. Most Christians would never want to see gay men and women imprisoned for their sexuality. Those who understand homosexuality as a sin would consider it a sin answerable to God rather than answerable in a court of law.

If producers and editors of TV and radio programmes wanted to find fundamentalist opposition to same-sex marriage when the issue was being debated live on air, why didn’t they go the Muslim community? If the findings of this poll are to be believed, they would have found plenty of speakers willing to make the religious argument.

Could it be that those who set the news agenda really want to hide from a politically inconvenient truth when selecting speakers from religious communities?


  1. Spot on. Toynbee was one of the biggest exponent of the B word with regard to gay marriage, yet was on Marr explaining how Muslims opposed to homosexuality – not just marriage, mind you, but the whole caboodle – were just confused old dears.

  2. When debating this issue on the Spectator some time ago, my opponent said that due to my opposition to SSM, I ought to convert to Islam. I responded that he clearly believed the only people in the world who ought to be allowed to oppose SSM were Muslims……. I never heard another squeak out of him.

    • My mum was told that religions shouldn’t object to gay marriage because “Mohammed was married to a nine year old.”
      I think she was too stunned to try to answer. I know I would have been.

  3. Liberalism and Islam make very strange bedfellows indeed. I suspect it is a marriage of convenience; an exploitative folie-a-deux. Both hate Christianity, and both exploit each other. Islam exploits the weakness and gullibility of the Liberal Left, and the Liberal Left can flaunt its faux compassion by treating Islam like a poor abused creature from the animal rescue centre. One is shrewd the other is foolish. Together they are destroying this country.

    • Nice, succinct analysis. Maybe the fight back is starting though in places like TCW and Guido Fawkes.

  4. I disagreed with gay marriage, but, like Laura, not for religious reasons. If some men and women are gay, that’s okay, but it doesn’t give them the right to appropriate an institution designed for men and women. It struck me as just being a demand by some for a right that didn’t belong to them. “You have it, so we want it.” A group that proclaims its difference demanding the things it likes from other groups. Marriage didn’t belong to the Government and Civil Union was enough. I had the impression that quite a few gay men felt the same but they largely kept quiet.

    • Good point, I’m not religious or anti gay in any way. Your “you have it so we want it” comment is spot on. Ironically those who oppose wedlock typically support it for gay people. I respect religious peoples views if they wish to object and take a moral stand even if it is not my view. The more they are demonized the more I have sympathy for them. You are right also that gay men are, I believe, very relaxed about this whole subject.

  5. A week or so ago, I challenged someone over their headline (it was a readers comment I think so most unfair of me)

    In that case I read their comment and felt that the headline was unfairly portraying their view.

    Your headline says that “only bigots oppose gay marriage”.

    Wouldn’t it be better to say “In BBC land, only bigots oppose gay marriage and only Christians are bigots”?

  6. Hilariously, the Guardian’s initial headline to the news of Trevor Phillips’ volte face and the new poll was ‘Most British Muslims feel strong sense of belonging – poll.’ (Talk about spin!) Mid-morning, that headline had changed to ‘Half of all British Muslims think homosexuality should be illegal, poll finds’. Poor dears at The Guardian, they really couldn’t decide which of their preferred minorities to throw under a bus.

    • I feel sorry for the poor confused Guardian readers who must be spluttering over their herbal tea, wondering if such views on homosexuality are still a valuable contribution to British society and enrich our culture?

      • Slightly off topic but if you ever needed to know which side of the fence the Guardian was on, you only had to look at the headline when British soldiers were going to be safeguarded from prosecution after the Iraq war. The Guardian headline was ‘Iraqis lose right to sue’.

  7. It’s all part of their plan to destroy our Judeo ChristIan heritage. We have flourished in the West under this system of truth, justice and mercy. Music and the arts have flourished. Under ISIS and the Taliban there is no drinking, no music, no dancing etc. God has to be obeyed and you are ruled in fear. Christianity teaches that we are all called into a relationship with God and set free through Jesus’ sacrifice in the cross. The media have spent the last 20 years ridiculing Christianity on every programme. The liberal elite have assumed that the Muslims will assimilate into their liberal culture because religion is unnecessary. Trevor Phillips has now realised what Bishop Nazir Ali was saying 10 years ago was correct. Islam is a religious/political entity – to leave the faith puts you in danger of death and there will not be assimilation. But because just as the EU is like the Titanic and not for turning. The liberal elite continue to blindside the problem that they cannot comprehend.

  8. I think there’s a fundamental issue here: God’s laws are for God’s people but, because he is the creator, his laws are designed so that all human beings can flourish.

    So God’s people (you know who you are) do everyone a favour if they advocate for social relationships which are in keeping with those laws. And because most Christians are intelligent enough to realise that debating issues in the secular square isn’t done on the basis of belief in God, they do much better by putting the rational argument rather than the religious faith position.

    Of course the rational argument is not a denial of God because (if you believe in him) you realise that rational thought is the best use of the mind which he has given to each person, and it cannot deliberately work in opposition to his created order. There is a time for testimony to your Lord but not on each and every occasion you speak!

    I have never come across any attempt to make a rational case for gay marriage; but there have been shed-loads of emotion and name calling – of course that’s how we do things at the moment.

  9. Well, I’m Gay and I don’t support Gay marriage. I did not believe it was for the State to unilaterally redefine marriage after 2000+ years.

  10. ‘Why were news editors and producers only interested in Christian opposition to same-sex marriage? It was as if Muslims had absolutely no opinion on the issue.’

    Posh white middle-class leftists like those widely employed at the BBC have a very patronising attitude toward Muslims. Because most Muslims tend to be brown-skinned with ethnic sounding names they are therefore immune from all criticism in the mind of the condescending liberal/left. If Muslims were predominantly fair-skinned with Anglo-Saxon sounding names the white middle-class liberal/left would adopt a more confrontational approach (as witnessed with their relentless attacks on mostly white-dominated Christianity). Their patronising attitude toward Muslims is exactly the same patronising attitude one would have witnessed from the colonialists of the past – something the liberal/left are supposed to be opposed to. The inverted racism from today’s condescending liberal/left has a lot in common with the patronising imperialists of the past who would also treat the brown-skinned occupants from the third-world parts of the British Empire like guiltless children too . In the biased mindset of the pretentious liberal/left – Muslims are ‘innocent children’ – to be patronized, never criticised and at no time to be punished because they are not responsible for what they do and for the narrow-minded views they may hold.

    White middle-class lefties are probably the most sanctimonious and prejudice-filled people on the planet – unfortunately they are also happen to be the most self-centered people on the planet too – which means they will never acknowledge their own in-built bigotry.

    Excellent article Laura – keep up the good work.

    • Exactly – the left exhibit such narcissism and bigotry with this kind of attitude. They do this with all types of minorities – they make excuses for the anti-social behavior exhibited by some minorities, while refusing to treat them like responsible adults. Whether some of these people act like responsible adults is another matter, but you have to start with the same expectations for everyone who lives in a given society.

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