Gaby Hinsliff does not like it when people can read good and write proper. That is one of the problems with Douglas Murray, what with his fancy ways and his poisonous pen.

In his new book, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam, Murray dares to question the lefty consensus that the open borders of Europe, and the open borders of Britain in particular, have been a most welcome development that can only lead to more fabulousness for this green and pleasant land.

Hinsliff in her ‘review’ of Murray’s new book dismisses it as follows: ‘think Daily Mail columnist Katie Hopkins, but with longer words.’ Having dumped the Hopkins slur upon him, she declares the book is just gentrified xenophobia – racism for better-read posh people. (Worth noting that Hinsliff once worked for the Mail.)

Murray sure is a pain in the neck for the establishment of which he is part. What with his educated ways and lovely curly hair instead of a skinhead with massive Union Jack tattoo, he gives an air of respectability to those who challenge the open borders maniacs (my word, not his. He is too polite to call them maniacs.)

If it wasn’t for the likes of Murray, the Guardianistas could continue to dismiss all decent people who are not on board with the 330,000+ net migration revolution as the knuckle-dragging, racist, scumbags that they are.

Now Murray has gone and written a whole book on the greatest issue of our time – uncontrolled mass immigration imposed by an elite without the consent of the people. It is the issue that triggered Brexit. And this book on immigration ‘with footnotes and everything’ (Hinsliff actually says this) is out there spreading all this filthy gentrified racism for posh people.

Hinsliff asserts: “Murray never quite spells out why it matters so terribly that people should come here from abroad – what is supposedly so awful about black and brown Londoners, including second or third generation immigrants, or indeed white people born overseas.”

Yet Murray does. First, there are and will continue to be huge pressures placed on housing, education and health. Secondly, immigration on this scale was profoundly undemocratic, no party, least of all New Labour, had a mandate for it, the public did not support it and once it had happened the public rejected it (fat lot of good it did them.) In one poll 67 per cent of the British public believed that immigration over the previous decade had ‘been a bad thing for Britain.’

The response of the ruling elite to the public was: screw you. As Boris Johnson declared ‘we need to stop moaning about the dam-burst. It’s happened.’

The greatest of Murray’s concerns is the question of values and culture. Yes, immigration brings diversity but no culture is perfect, and as he points out ‘specific cultural ideas and attitudes that were clearly held by some immigrants’ were gravely damaging.

He sets out in detail the systematic gang rape of white minor girls in Oxfordshire by gangs of Muslim men of Pakistani origin. This was something the authorities ignored for years in the name of political correctness.

In fact, we know following an inquiry that at least 1,400 children were sexually exploited in the town of Rotherham alone by Muslim men of Pakistani origin, referred to as Asian gangs by the media.

These children are just collateral damage in the great lefty plan to transform Britain, into something better, more diverse and definitely less British – because we all know what a horrid lot the natives are.

The most outrageous part of the review is when Hinsliff alleges that Murray merely asserts, “the evidence suggesting immigration has economic benefits is all either wrong or fiddled by New Labour.”

In fact, Murray sets out in detail over a number of pages how the idea that immigration has been a net economic benefit to Britain was trumped up, especially by the media. It was a classic case of fake news (my phrase not his) and the academic paper itself, in its final version, put to rest the idea that mass immigration has been a boon for Britain. In fact, it probably cost Britain more than £159 billion.

Never mind. You will take it and you will like it, declare the elite.

Take it from me: the book is a great if depressing read. It’s all there – the great betrayal of the British public. Despite the gross lefty media bias, they could not even manufacture consent for this open borders policy. They just rammed it through, shutting down any debate or mere concern as expressions of racism.

At the start of the book, Murray asks three questions: How much longer must all this go on? Are we approaching the end of this transformation? Or is this only the beginning? These are the questions that Theresa May, should she get her great democratic mandate, must answer.

(Image: Garry Knight)


  1. What I cannot understand is; Why aren’t the elites transforming somewhere with large expanses of land e.g. Mongolia, some parts of Africa, Patagonia. Why does it have to be on the same overcrowded island that I live on? Am I a nimby?

  2. You refer to culture and our lack of willingness to challenge certain practices on grounds of political correctness. Odd isn’t it, that we are to afeared to challenge unacceptable “cultural” behaviour by certain immigrant populations, yet we are not allowed to adopt that which is good because that is cultural appropriation. If we can’t take the best of what comes in, what is the pointing of letting them in in the first place? When is someone going to respect my culture and values instead of ramming theirs down my throat and expecting me to like it?

    • The joke about so called cultural appropriation is that those who complain about it are living almost totally in a world of modernity created by Western, European, Culture. In fact, modernity is simply European Culture to a considerable extent.

      So powerful and pervasive is it that these deeply ignorant people simply assume unreflectingly that it is just the way things are.

      Sadly there are plenty of stupid, bigoted and / or ignorant leftists and others who assume the same.

  3. There is a case for removing the entire current elite.

    They have been totally wrong on everything, for at least the last 30 years.

    Why have they been wrong?

    Because their global agenda ,utter corruption, and offshore interests, mean they have nothing in common with 90% of the British population.
    60% in corrupt, disgusting London.
    99% in Swansea, and Sunderland, and most everywhere else..

    • People like Cameron and Clegg have more in common with other deracinated cosmopolitans than they do with the bulk of the people of Britain.

      • Thankfully Cameron’s gone. Others like Gideon, Clegg, Bliar, Mandelson, Heseltine, Major still hanging around like bad smells. What has happened to Gina Miller? Is she still conspiring to thwart Brexit with her mate Soros?

        • Gina Miller is a legend! She spent millions of pounds and still failed to affect the Brexit vote. In the process, she split the labour party to bits by making them vote on the issue in the house of commons and got a supreme court ruling saying that the Scotland assembly couldn’t interfere.

          Trebles all round!

          • Yes, she is a Brexit asset, not a threat.
            Through her daft legal challenge she ensured that the devolved parliaments would not even get any say.

    • If you could remove the entire current elite, another would take its place. Who’s to say how dedicated to the public interest or how self-serving the next political elite would turn out to be?

  4. The open borders thing and the idea that benefits must accrue goes back to the USA of the mid 19th Century. The theory was that as immigrants brought cash in with them necessarily this enriched the growing nation. It was a theory basic to the notion of Manifest Destiny and the drive to the West. The First Nations were not consulted.

    • It was true for us then, we needed unskilled labor badly, and we forced assimilation, as well. For you (and us, as well) now, neither condition is true. Most of our immigrants were dirt poor, and worked their butts off to make a living, and only managed to make things better for their kids. And remember, there were no (none, nada, zilch) government benefits available. No food stamps, no welfare, no subsidized health care, so government housing, heck no zoning laws, even. That’s why we say the weak never started and the sick died along the way. What’s left here, well it’s the best of the world, and largely built on British gold.

    • Most U.S. immigration was from Europe, to begin with, and the predominant culture was that taken there by Britons. As different as we Europeans may be, we’re a lot closer to each other than we are to Far-Eastern and African cultures.

      There’s a big difference between that and the later, all-comers are welcome policy, which are deliberately conflated by the Establishment. A hotch-potch of disparate cultures does not make for a happy ending.

  5. I bought this book on Sunday and almost finished already. It’s a tour de force. Cannot recommend highly enough – it deserves to be a best seller, if only to expose those cranks in the political establishment and punditry who sneered at the ordinary people and opened the floodgates to cultural suicide. .

    • I thought at first by the headline it was written by Jenni Murray. Then after I’d spat my coffee out, I read the rest of the article. It looks like a good read.

    • According to, it is a number one best seller under ‘Great Britain History’ you will be pleased to know.

      Just to add, I would not be surprised to find that this book is not stacked on the shelves of Waterstones in that “abundance way” like say Owen Jones’ ‘The Establishment’ is. For those who wish to buy Murrays book, pop to your local bookseller and ask if you cannot find it.

  6. The elites seem to think that they can dump on the public and that it will simply sit back and take it indefinitely.

    Will it? The British have evolved as an incredibly law abiding people, thanks to a long history as an island untroubled by significant immigration from any source and thus becoming extremely homogenous ethnically / culturally and in their Christianity.

    This ‘capital’, so many centuries in the building up, is fast disappearing. One symptom bring the collapse in trust in the democratic process in this country. This contempt for politicians is very dangerous.

    This country has been living on borrowed money for decades. It has debts it can never hope to repay. Something has got to give eventually. And when it does…..

    • We had a country where ‘my word is my bond’ worked for centuries, where we queued politely, a ‘keep Britain tidy’ world. Immigration has trashed all that, they brought their nasty habits with them and there are so many of them we must do the same or get trampled or cheated.

      • It was a country where George Orwell could write of its Civilisation In the middle of the Second World War, that its most marked characteristic was its gentleness. ‘you notice it the moment you set foot in English soil’ he said in ‘England, your England.’

        ‘Gone with the wind…’

        Thanks in good measure to our ‘representatives’.

    • “The elites seem to think that they can dump on the public and that it will simply sit back and take it indefinitely. Will it?”

      The public didn’t rise up after Rotherham, they barely even changed their voting habits.

      It should have been a watershed and if people didn’t react to that then I don’t think they’ll react to anything.

      We seem to have lost not only our confidence in our culture, but our very ideas of right and wrong.

  7. I’m a pessimist by nature, however I firmly believe that there may be armed strife on our streets one day with the more extreme elements of the Muslim community. Our political elites of all stripes have truly betrayed us on immigration for over fifty years and created a recipe for civil disorder, perhaps even war. One reason why I will be voting NOTA from here on in.

  8. “Murray never quite spells out why it matters so terribly that people should come here from abroad …”

    Murray doesn’t have to. You [Gaby Hinsliff] have to explain the linear fallacy. Namely, some immigration is good. Therefore, more immigration is better and unlimited immigration is the best of all possible worlds.

    Go on, take your time.

  9. Tony Bliar, Gordon Brown and New Labour have a lot to answer for. Everything corrupt, spoilt, nasty, tawdry, squalid failing, (fill in your preferences) in this country can be traced back to them in their efforts to remain in power for ever.

  10. When you import large numbers of men who treat women as second class citizens, don’t be surprised when women and young girls particularly get treated badly.

    Of course, to the metropolitan elite, immigration means cheap plumbers and gardeners and people who will make us lattes at Pret, so – jolly hockey sticks!

    • Absolutely.
      And they don’t care if they are living 15 to a house. If they are being exploited.If they can afford life essentials.
      Make them all work at day at the Sports Direct factory in Derby I say.
      All apparently because ‘British people wont do that work’
      Well they would not do it either.

      • And, you know, if you physically worked the snot out of them for 8+ hours a day, well they’d get up to a lot less, they’d be busy sleeping. Of course, the same goes for our home grown troublemakers, there’s a lot to be said for, “If ye shall not work, neither shall ye eat”.

        • Yes, there was a time in this country when people talked of the dignity of the working class. Not any more.
          There is no dignity in the queue for handouts.
          Something unearned has no real value.
          When I was 13 or 14 i worked on our farm for hours so that my mum would buy me a classic cut Levi Denim jacket.(a la James dean) from the catalogue.
          Its still upstairs, even today, My 19 year old daughter wears it now .Of course it is suitably worn and scuffed. I wonder if it is worth more than the £25.00 I paid for it in 1982-3?

          • Knew there was something about you! I started as a rodman on an engineering crew at 13, and yes, I loved it. Never did get paid, really, although dad did ante up for college, well he insisted I go, so he was kind of stuck.

            Probably, Nordstroms is selling jeans with permanent mud, like ours used to have – for $425 a pop, and somebody has ripped up sneakers for $250.

          • The working class- the real, old working class- are sneered at not just by the moneyed, deracinated cosmopolitan elites like Cameron and his like but by those they thought represented them. The latter see them as inconvenient obstacles to their multi culti utopia because they are small c conservative and ‘racist’. They are now the parties of minorities, especially of Islam.

  11. Douglas Murray is right to question the “lefty consensus” on immigration, but it’s too late now.

    • I tend to agree. We are finished as a people and as a Civilisation. My advice to the young is to emigrate if they can, and to do it now, before the rush.

      • Emigrate to where? If you go to the far side of the world, you will encounter the same nonsense in Australia as we put up with.

  12. Mr Murray’s book is filled with facts, wisdom, reality and logic. It doesn’t deal in ideology, just the honest truth and what he is writing about is of earth shattering importance if true, because it quite literally means European Western civilisation is on the brink of being usurped by a 7th century ideology which views all of us as the Nazis viewed the Jews.

    That such an important book can be sneered at by left-liberals is simply obscene. Unfortunately for us, those that sneer are the very people who have taken over our institutions and now control the minds of the majority of us. They teach our children, they dominate the media, they control our courts and police forces, they are our politicians and civil servants. They have absolute dominance over us and they use their bully pulpits to indoctrinate us all.

    As such, it is highly unlikely a political party will ever be voted into power by the ignorant populus. If we and our children and grandchildren are to survive the 21st century, it will be via physical revolution rather than the ballot box.

    • It is multiculturalism which has introduced an insidiously creeping ambiance of moral relativism. Under this doctrine all cultures are equally valid, and so we must refrain from making judgements when a foreign culture imports practices we find morally repugnant (FGM etc..). But it is human to judge and to say “this is right” and “that is wrong”, we cannot get through life without passing judgement on a daily basis – but always with reference to our own cultural framework. So when we are confronted with values at great odds to our own, and we may not pass judgement, a dissonance sets in. We have become schizophrenic and we have lost the cultural confidence to say “in my country what you believe/practice is considered wrong – please stop, or take it elsewhere”.

  13. There is no net benefit accrued for the indigenous population from mass immigration, per capita wealth is never increased, the social costs are astronomical and what with certain peoples ways antithetical, inimical to the western Christian tradition, only war will result.

    Thank tony bliar, YET………………………… but don’t forget under scameron and may – the numbers greatly increased – that’s a fact.

  14. Mr Murray is a joy to watch as he runs rings around his hapless opponents. I f only we could package him and download him into our brains!

  15. Yes, for me the issue has never been race but culture. I don’t even mind admitting – asserting, even – that I am blatantly “culturalist”. It took Britain centuries to get over burning each other for religious squabbles, or eliminating slavery from our economy or culture, but here we go importing all those values as if the achievements of the previous 500 years weren’t worth a light. The people behind the mass immigration just hate the public, they truly despise them with a passion.

    The other thing about Douglas Murray is that he is gay, which slightly wrong-foots the left (though Milo Yiannopolous has somewhat stolen that act).

    Still, there are consolations. Watching leftards twist themselves into ever-tighter contortions trying to reconcile Islam with womens and gay rights is fun, and that’s without getting onto trans issues.

    • The people behind mass immigration are also racist: they hate white Europeans. All that they accuse us of being, they in truth are.

      Like you, I’m an unapologetic culturalist. Trouble is, culture is often tied to race, which makes it difficult to criticise others’ cultures without the Left using its favourite race card. We shouldn’t be afraid to criticise cultures, even if the faces following them are not white.

      Cultures are not equal in value or civilisation.

    • Unfortunately for your idea that it is not race but culture, there is a strong link between race and culture.

      • Of course there is; cultures developed in specific locations are bound to correlate with race but correlation isn’t causation.

        Take examples where people of a race develop in separate environments; the Ugandan Asians who Amin expelled assimilated in Britain and brought 24 hour convenience retailing to us! Excellent people!!

        • I disagree Bogbrush. Culture and racial characteristics are a two a way process. Taking extreme examples, the necessity for cooperation in rice growing has produced conformist thinking while wheat growing has fostered individualism. Those who did not fit into these patterns well were bred out over millennia.

          Similarly those whose genes did not suit urbanisation did not flourish in terms of propagating them.

          Persons who could not adapt well to Christian civilisations also failed to reproduce well and their genes tended to die out.

          Likewise those who could do well in Islamic norms flourished and reproduced,

          Those who survived in ice age conditions and who had progeny which survived were those with the ability to make warm clothing and who could plan for periods when game was scarce.

          And so on.

          ‘The Ten Thousand Year Explosion. How Civilisation accelerated Human Evolution’ by the Anthropologists Cochran and Harpending, and ‘A Troublesone Inheritance’ by Nicholas Wade, are books on this subject. Also ‘Race, Evolution and Behaviour’ by J Philippe Rushton.

  16. Sounds like a good continuation of Christopher Caldwells 2009 book ‘Reflections on a Revolution in Europe’ and Ed West’s 2013 book (that strangly went out of print quick) ‘ The Diversity Illusion’.

    Caldwells book has an excellent chapter on Enoch Powell speech.

  17. Hinsliff clearly commissioned to write a hit-job on Murray. It’s true that what Guardian types think in private is often very different to what they say in public.

    • If a dam gets broken, then at least you can attempt to clear away all of the floodwater, rather than allowing it to become stagnant and foetid.

  18. Something that really annoys me is that with the current dry weather we are already being urged to think of ways of saving water . Well I can think of one way of saving an awful lot of water. How about stopping mass immigration , and yet as far as I am aware this is never suggested by even the green party .

    • Same can apply to house building, school places, road capacities, railway capacity, NHS waiting times, increasing taxation levels, soaring crime.

    • A lot of them never wash though, so it could be an even bigger problem! [Note: Joke – in case of leftard sense of humour failure]

  19. Merkel’s idea that the indigenous population is not growing fast enough to support the aging population in retirement and therefore need to import population instead just doesn’t hold water. Aside from the obvious cultural and ideological clashes, how on earth are immigrants on minimum wage going to support retirees?

    • Not to mention the fact that the imported population will also age and become the next generation of retirees requiring support!

      • Also, robots are due to replace the kind of routine, low grade jobs which these immigrants are capable of in the very near future.

        70% of Merkel’s million ‘refugees’ are illiterate in their own language and will have a mean IQ probably around that of their countries of origin: eg Syria 73, Afghanistan 84 ( Middle East, Indian Sub Continent levels are similar) compared to white European 100. Source : ‘The Global Bell Curve’, Lynn and Vanhanen

  20. I’ve seen an interview with young Douglas where he makes a very pertinent point. Had Enoch Powell in his famous speech in 1968 predicted that in 2011 Native Britons would be a minority in 3 London Boroughs everyone would have said he was mad, insane. And yet, and yet that is exactly what has come to pass. As Young Murray points out even the most pessimistic predictions have turned out to have not been pessimistic enough. And that is a huge problem.

    • It’s a problem which is going to get worse. We might as well admit it. We the native British are finished in our ancestral homeland.

      The best young people could do is to try to emigrate before the rush.

  21. The Austrian President, the one they scammed into power via that dodgy ‘recount ‘ not so long ago, has recently said out loud in public that “if rampant islamophobia continues, the day is coming when we will have to ask all women to wear the hijab, in solidarity with those who wear it for religious reasons “.
    ‘Ask to wear’, will of course be forced by law. No doubt.
    This particular leftist trash has perhaps been a bit previous for his handlers’ liking, but he said it!
    Those wimmin harridans are already doing it. When the day dawns that they ‘ask’ all women to do so, they’ll meekly comply. No question about that. It’s just too miserably difficult to see any other scenario.
    I have no doubt that this is a great book and I have a lot of time for Mr Murray, having seen him several times wipe the floor with the grotesque audience on that Big Questions thing on Sundays.
    But it’s over.

  22. Brainwashing by most European governments and the media has resulted in millions of people swallowing a false philosophy which ultimately seem likely to swallow them.

  23. The liberal elite’s attitude to British culture is often described as self-hatred. However they are trying to love, not hate, themselves. Having rejected Christianity, the alternative belief system that now gives the elite their self-worth is really a betrayal of all things British and the adoption of the foreign.

    It is a parody of Christian self-denial, or putting others first. But it is empty because, as Goodhart’s Anywheres, they have rejected their connection to our history and culture so they are sacrificing nothing that they value any more. From their lofty superior position they can look down in contempt at the bigots who are proud of Britain’s history. Their colours are now nailed to a different mast, as they invest praise in other cultures and hope in the new unproven utopia, loudly signaling their own virtue as worthy pharisees. In the multicultural stew the British and Christian elements are suppressed and the spicy foreign ingredients enhanced.

    Imagine if they were to be sent to live outside the West as expats, would the same multicultural enthusiasts demand their new host country diluted its culture with a good helping of Britishness to achieve that multi-blended utopia? Perish the thought! That would be racist. Actually the point would be that there is no self-righteousness in it for them.

      • That is kind, thanks.
        Puzzling, as this forum, of all blogs, has always been a free place for free speech about free speech, and without the maliciousness.

        • There is malice here in a few posters – especially towards Christians. There is also some censorship.

    • The destruction of our Civilisation is the inevitable outcome of the minority rights agenda as taught by Marcuse, the Frankfurt School Marxist who tried to argue that the tolerance of minorities by the (White, Christian) majority was ‘false’ and oppressive.

      Minority rights are now protected to the extent that anything minorities are sensitive to, or are thought to be sensitive to, is suppressed. There are instances when the complaint of a single person has been enough to end a tradition and others where there has been no complaint.

      Thus references to Christmas, Easter, Church bells, Christian street preachers etc are suppressed, while we are expected to reverence Islamic festivals like Ramadan, eat Halal food from the Supermarkets without being aware of it etc etc.

      Fear of accusatiions of ‘racism’ suppress any criticisms of the Muslim and other communities while, thanks to legislation and otherwise, no such accusations can be made against ethnic minorities…..

      All this adds up to the tyranny of minorities over the majority and the end of Western Civilisation.

  24. I have to laugh at the comments here on people rising up etc.

    Not going to happen. Europe is full of old people. The demographics are not in the European’s favor.

    Europeans on the whole decided to live for today and not raise children.

    This was helped along by easy abortion and a huge disincentive financially from the State for families with children. Especially married families. Especially single earner families.

    If we are replaced in Europe by another culture over the next 30 years, we know why. We let it happen with our eyes open.

    • Ah yes the TINA argument (There Is No Alternative) – the argument of everyone throughout history who has thrown in the towel.
      Beyond the impact at home of mass immigration it also impoverishes less developped societies who export their best (and youngest) brain to the 1st world for them never to return. So there is a deeply immoral aspect to our “greed” for more immigration.
      Mankind is eternally creative, but currently we’re too lazy in the west to imagine how we could get by without braindraining the 3rd world. Perhaps we should learn to adapt, and either promote families and child birth or learn to live with a low growth economy (like Japan perhaps). This would require education, longer working, technology (robots) etc.. But so far Economists and Politicians repeat the TINA mantra. It is lazy and defeatist. Buck up.

      • The destruction of a nation’s future and the rise of the worship of self was just two of them.

        No wonder there is such a huge rise in mental illness in the UK.

        • Well said Phil.
          You take any kids phone and it’s filled with photos of themselves. They are portable ‘Selfie’ shrines.
          The family snap is a thing of the past.

    • “Europeans on the whole decided to live for today and not raise children?” – Nope, we had two, I would have loved more… We couldn’t afford it, plain and simple. I had to work.

      • We were very lucky. Not just had 7 children, but enough money so my wife did not need to work outside the home.

        (She gets very angry with people who say she does not work)

        I tell people “my wife works at home”.

  25. Three cheers for Mr Murray, the press needs more people with his courage and erudition. I’m a long standing admirer of his work, glad to see that TCW is too – I would have expected no less.

  26. We need a specific government website where decent people can complain about the imported foreign devils and a government official to investigate and punish. Communist China has a system like this.

  27. And a story from the Beeb. Of course they avoid going into the demand from Pakistani men for these trafficked brides, for one way to stop this would be to end the ability of Pakistani nationals to “buy” citizenship in the UK! Just one corner of the mess created by a blanket EU citizenship.

    • The first thing that Blair’s government did was to abolish the primary purpose rule which effectively banned individuals coming into the country from the Indian sub- Continent for arranged marriages who had never met their prospective spouses,

      These persons were generally the cousins of their would- be spouses and came as elements in a traditional cash/ favour nexus in which British citizenship was acquired .

      These cousin marriages bring in a continuing influx of people with the attitudes of their places of origin, strengthening and expanding ethnic divisions.

      The inbreeding involved is also responsible for an etraordinary level of congenital defects in this population.

  28. Thank you for this article. Reviews of Douglas Murray’s book have yet to be written in much of the media, so it is good to have it drawn to our attention. There are some good talks by Murray and one or two interviews with him on Youtube so we can find out his thinking.

  29. One of my daughter’s Physics course fellow students was arrested in Willesden Green last week.
    I can hardly believe I have just written that sentence.
    He was radicalised by Moazzam Begg at a talk for the Islamic Society on campus.
    Our universities are now complicit in terrorism.
    There is going to be a horrendous reckoning, and not of the Corbynista style.

    • I easily believe it. Young people (well, old ones too) need to believe in something beyond themselves, the old leftist gods have crumbled into the dust, and much of Christianity is in ruins, and subjected to ridicule. That leaves Islam, and most of what we see in the west is the extremist sort. It is, I surmise, going to get worse.

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