Nigel Farage is the only politician willing to stand up for British women. He is the only one willing to point out the potential dangers in mass immigration of young men from cultures with very different views of women than our own.

This is the irony of our time. When so many feminists are in hiding or in denial about the real and present danger such uncontrolled immigration might cause, Farage, the Little Englander, is left to raise the issue and gets vilified in the process.

This is not even the main issue for Farage, and he knew by raising it he would hounded by left and right. The ever so high and mighty yet utterly useless Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev Justin Welby, says Farage is fuelling racism.

This is merely an attempt to shut down the debate. Rev Welby would do well to try and stem the tide of those abandoning his own church in Britain as well as highlighting the plight of Christians around the world fleeing death and persecution.

Farage is merely pointing out the obvious. Mass uncontrolled immigration of unaccompanied young men from a foreign culture is dangerous for women and children. For me, in fact it is barely an issue of race. If you took the entire male population of each and every rugby club up and down England between the ages of 18 – 25 and dumped them on some small village somewhere, I hazard a guess the crime rate would increase.

I have said it before and I will say it again, young men need very close supervision and moral guidance. Men who respect and protect women and children are built, they do not just appear in the blink of an eye. And I am sorry but a ‘consent’ class given by some hapless feminist is just not going to cut it.

Could we accommodate small groups of men, even with their derogatory views of women? Probably, once we make it clear that they must abide by our rules and our norms. But that is not what happens in Britain. Not only do we import huge numbers of young men, but also accommodate their derogatory views of women and girls with the poisonous ideology of multiculturalism, so beloved of the Left. This is because the liberals want to destroy British society built on Christian norms, which Welby seems barely to care about.

Thank God for men like Farage, is all I can say. His mother obviously did something right. He no doubt does not want drop his two daughters in it for the sake of ‘looking nice and cuddly’.

The likes of Cameron and Welby seem to care nothing about the thousands of victims of sex crimes from Oxford to Rotherham. On Tuesday, The Times reported that the criminal inquiry into the Rotherham grooming scandal might last for 8 years with at least 10,000 leads being pursued. “An inquiry found that ‘almost all’ identified abusers were groups of men from the town’s Pakistani community and most known victims were young teenage white girls.”

But what does the metropolitican elite care about them? They are just the poor working class girls, not our precious little princesses.

So here’s to Nigel Farage. The fearsome freedom fighter of our time.

(Image: Peter Broster)


  1. The left still have not explained how they can support a religion which incorporates misogyny and homophobia, two things to which they are vehemently opposed.

    • Cultural relativism. Their preferred minority identity groups must not be subjected to the same standards applied to the privileged majority.

      • Another pertinent comment from you Colonel.

        These cheerleaders who wallow in their own vast pools of righteous virtue signalling should go back to using their basic arithmetic and realise that if you import vast swathes of third world, muslim people into a first world, Western country, in no time the first world country will be transformed into a third world, islamic state.

        Happily I believe that Nigel Farage, a giant amongst pygmies is in a win/win situation.

        If by a miracle, we do vote for Brexit he can then devote all his attention into concentrating on hoovering up all those disenchanted Labour/Conservative voters and hopefully, in 2020 will replace Labour as the official opposition to the slight Conservative majority government that will result from the general election.

        However, if we lose Brexit we will then see Mr Farage’s prophecies come true; EU Army, EU National Insurance Numbers with increased taxation, increased sexual attacks a la Germany/Sweden, collapse of the EU – all these and more will vindicate Mr Farage and he will then be in a very strong position to take UKIP to new heights.

        Both these scenarios will allow UKIP to mimic the SNP.

        Interesting times indeed.

      • Absolutely. Yet another example of the “soft racism” as practiced by the left. They have low expectations of those from other cultures and make no attempt to better the lives of those who do immigrate.

    • All about the “victimhood” hierarchy and muslims, being at the top can do no wrong. I wonder how groups like “Queers for Palestine” would fare IN Palestine.

    • They say they are against it but sevretly to bolster their core support give tacit approval, remeber the Birmingham meeting and the CSA in places like Rotherham.

    • Yes it is amusing how feminists view abusive Muslim men – caught between two stools, defending ‘enrichment & diversity’ while at the same time denouncing the abuse of women – better to stay silent and stay out of the argument altogether. So abuse of women is fine as long as it is done by those ‘enriching’ migrants.

    • Misogyny and homophobia are tools of the Left to batter their detractors, they will be thrown away at the earliest opportunity!

    • Those are just tools that the left use to attack their ultimate target – the white heterosexual male.

      Everything they do is to attack what they perceive to be the white male patriarchy,

      This is why feminists went missing after Cologne and Rotherham. They don’t care about women’s rights unless they get to hurt while straight males. When it’s non-white males doing the raping, the feminists don’t care.

      This is something that has been obvious to me for years.

    • “The left still have not explained how they can support a religion which incorporates misogyny and homophobia”

      They’ll never explain this because to do so would be to reveal the undisclosed agenda and double-dealing which is at the heart of all Leftist political campaigning.

      What needs to be understood about the typical Leftist is that he will support anything or anyone who is an enemy, or merely an opponent, of Western liberal democracy, and the Left’s support is extended irrespective of what these people actually believe in or get up to. At the same time, the Left will fight tooth and nail anything or anyone who is supportive of Western liberal democracy.

      If, say. measles was found to be something which only affected well-nourished people of white skin, you wouldn’t be able to move for the protests emanating from the Left against anything aimed at curing, alleviating, reducing this disease. Vaccination would be an affront to nature – the setting of a very dangerous precedent for which no one an be sure what the outcomes might be. The funding of research and treatment would be attacked as being “rich people’s health being paid fo by the poor”.

      Next time you wonder why the Left eulogises anything to do with Muslims, who are largely hostile to the West, while excoriating anything to do with Israel and the Jews, who are largely supportive of the West, maybe think about what I have written above.

  2. Come and join us at UKIP, Laura, you’ll be very welcome. Your new blog UkipWoman has a nice ring about it.

  3. It is fairly obvious to those with logical minds, however, logic is now subservient to ‘feelings’. How else do you explain the fact that the largest majority for the pro immigration Austrian green president came from women between 18 and 29, those voters most likely to be victims of any attacks.

    • I’ve noticed that higher learning institutions are a massive problem in this respect, they pander to everyone’s hurt feelings and to those who shout the loudest regardless of the validity of their grievance.

      • Unfortunately ‘higher’ learning institutions have been dumbed down along with everything else in a bid to stop students feelings being hurt by failure. This dumbing down has gone up to the academic staff, even in STEM subjects , according to a friend recently retired from a university physics department. (Involved in the Higgs boson discovery.)

        • Not just dumbed down, but indoctrinated into supporting the very same institutions and beliefs that the elite and their political class puppets wants.

  4. “If you took the entire male population of each and every rugby club up and down England between the ages of 18 – 25 and dumped them on some small village somewhere, I hazard a guess the crime rate would increase.”

    Yes there would be numerous false allegations of “date rape”. Plus a significant increase in gbh against these nauseating rugger buggers by envious working class oiks like myself.

    • Not so fast mate, all of the rugby players at my local club (Ashford in Kent) are working class.
      I agree with the rest of what you say though.
      Regret isn’t rape is a phrase I’ve recently seen and it is true.

    • When I was in my mid teens, every Tuesday and Thursday me and a few female friends would do the run part with the rugby players during their training.
      We would then go to the social club and they would buy us a glass of pop.

      NEVER, EVER were we touched, groomed, groped or fondled. EVER.

      They were fantastic blokes, and I have chatted with a couple of them whenever I have bumped into them over the years.

      Looking back they were in FACT our PROTECTORS!

      That is what we have lost, and that is why I will be voting to LEAVE.

  5. Well said Laura. Yesterday morning this issue was aired on Radio Five Live, where Nicky “Gameshow” Campbell had the temerity to refer to the mass sexual assaults occurring in Cologne on New Year’s Eve as “alleged.” This is despite the fact that a number of young men of Middle Eastern origin have been arrested and the whole event has been well documented. A similar atrocity has recently occurred at a pop concert in Sweden, which the authorities in that country have done their best to hush up. Nicky Capbell is the father of four daughters, and it would be interesting to know how he would react if one of them suffered such an abuse. I also recall that the BBC took a long time to report the Rotherham abuse scandal, which it has now almost erased from its news channel. The BBC and other bodies concerned to ensure that we remain in the EU are prepared to accept the horrors of mass immigration as a price well paying. As Pritti Patel put it forcibly last week, the “luxury” lifestyle of campaigners who want to stay in the EU mean that they are “insulated” from the impact of rising immigration on the daily lives of millions of Britons. As for the Church of England, the faithful were betrayed many years ago by a hierachy that no longer shares its values and identity. The hierachy of the Church of England prefer to see themselves as “the Labour Party at prayer,” except that most of the members of that party are either atheists or Moslems! I am still a fairly regular attender at my local church and have voted Conservative most of my life, but I now feel betrayed by both organisations. Is it now time for a Christian and political realignment in this country?

    • You know that the Church of England was once described as the Tory Party at prayer. However, in the days of Blair’s premiership a journalist described the C of E as New Labour on its knees.

      The Church of England’s realignment with left-liberalism continues on the website reimaginingeurope. No surprise that one of its main cheerleaders for the EU is Lord Williams.

    • This referendum is now a battle between the people and The Elites.
      I know the Elite stayers think they’ll win, I don’t.

    • The people of the BBC unless they are contract cleaners etc will not be living near migrants will they.

  6. “I have said it before and I will say it again, young men need very close supervision and moral guidance”
    And young women don’t?
    You would have been better served saying ALL young people need close supervision and moral guidance but you didn’t, you attacked young males.
    I’ve received more emotional and physical damage from young women than I have from males because females know that a man is very unlikely to hit them back and I’m not alone in being a male victim of previous female spousal abuse purely because I don’t want to hit a woman (although I’m happily married now I should add), domestic abuse is rising but man on woman abuse isn’t the culprit, it’s the opposite.

    To others: if you belive that Farage is racist try actually listening to what he says. “Cut (not stop) EU immigration and go back to prioritising Commonwealth immigrants with a sensible points based system for all”.

    We would still help genuine refugees But we would be tougher on those who lie about their status and/or nationality (which is all too regular) and we would have more power to deport those here illegally or that lie about their nationality (which robs genuine refugees of a prospect and it hardens the heart of many of the native populace) those EU nationals that are already here would be given automatic citizenship, this has been stated by Farage and I’m sure Cameron would do the same but if he didn’t, it wouldn’t be Farage who is to blame for such a poor decision.

    Quick bit of maths…..
    Europe is mostly white.
    The commonwealth population (not including the British because they don’t need to migrate to a country they already live in) is mostly ethnic…….
    Who benefits from this most?
    It’s poor ethnic people from the Commonwealth isn’t it!
    Some of the people in the world that most need the opportunity to come to Britain for a netter life are Commonwealth citizens who have had to be put on the back burner because of the massive and uncontrolled immigration from the EU and this is wrong, our obligation to the Commonwealth should be prioritised over EU citizens because the relationship is older and the people have a far larger need.
    No matter how you look at it the people in France that want to come here are already in a safe country, they aren’t fleeing war or persecution once they are there so they have no legal basis to claim asylum here, they want to do it because Britain is their preference but that isn’t how asylum works and it never should!.
    I’d would rather give my tax money to a poor African family or an orphaned Bangladeshi or any of the other many needy people around the world than to someone who wants to come here because we offer the best benefit system!

    The lack of the ability to think in modern Britain is actually very scary, it shows what a shocking job the current socialist teaching agenda set by the government (I don’t blame the teachers) is doing at creating intelligent, free thinking individuals. We are creating drones with less free thought than Soviet era Russia but so many people are blind to it.

    I don’t expect many/any people to read my comment, it seems that people don’t have the focus to read a few paragraphs any more.

      • He didn’t mean muslim men who treat women as chattels to do with as they please. The vast majority of Western men would not hit a woman unless forced to do so in self defence.

        • I agree and I am grateful for it. But Laura’s article is all about the difference that a Western upbringing makes.
          Without that close supervision and moral guidance which we take for granted in Western Society you end up with blokes who attack women.

  7. To me, this is one of the ‘sub issues’ with regard to the MAIN issue.

    With no fear of repeating myself on this and any other site, I hope what I say will FOCUS a few minds, regardless of the way they intend to vote.

    Cameron and the remain camp believe that the EU club can be ‘reformed’ from the inside.
    The british people, regardless of the way they intend to vote, know this is Cameron/remains belief.

    The EU Commissioner’s end game is….EVER CLOSER UNION…No if’s or but’s.
    The federation state of Europe.

    There is one SINGLE ISSUE on the referendum ballot paper..
    It CLEARLY asks..
    Should the UK remain a member of the European Union, or should the UK leave the European Union?

    If we vote to remain we will, BY DEFAULT, be agreeing with the rules of the club.

    The EU has an EU Commissioner, FIVE Presidents, 30,000 Civil Servants, courts that ALREADY are able to over rule UK courts, and £8.5 BILLION of our money last year.

    Using as a guide the past actions/behaviour of the EU towards member countries, to gauge future actions/behaviours of the EU how long would it be until the EU Commissioner,or any one of the FIVE Presidents to decide that there is no need for so much UK ‘establishment’, and argue the case, that there is already an EU Commissioner, five EU Presidents, EU Civil Servants and courts that have been overruling UK courts for years.

    The UK Treasury will still be paying BILLIONS of pounds to the EU.
    How long after that might it be before the EU Commissioner or one of the FIVE EU Presidents of the Federal State of Europe begins to deal directly with the EU/UK Revenue Directorate and HMRC is defunct?

    There is no doubt that leaving is a MASSIVE decision, but in order to make what each individual voter thinks is the correct one, they first have to know what it is they are voting for.

    Cheaper easier travel, cheaper mobile charges are NOT what we are voting on.
    Which politician is in which camp, is NOT what we voting on.

    We are explicitly being asked to vote on whether or not we want to remain or leave the European Union, and all that entails in each case.

    Hope this helps.

    • Would you mind if I pinched a few of your points to add to my list of “things people should know about the EU when they vote” I present when I am asked a question which way I will vote and why?
      You raise very good points.

      • With my blessing!
        The more you can explain this to the better, more informed choice they can make.

        I have been ‘banging on’ about the importance of focusing on what we are actually voting on, for months.
        Good luck.

      • Hi McBoatface,
        I LOVE that name!

        I have no doubt about that at all.
        Google is an AMAZING bit of kit for information.

    • In all my discussions with relatives, friends and acquaintances I have used your approach, with other points added into the mix.

      However, I find that many under 35s are not interested in sovereignty, independence, or Britain’s legal, political and trading traditions. Some have swallowed the post-Brexit scare stories, embellishing them with their own variants, such as concentration camps for non-British EU citizens after a Brexit.

      Indeed, one over-65 (who was formerly a conservative, but who has gone over to the dark side) wanted Britain’s legal and political traditions binned so that there can be a US of Europe.

      What do you do about these people who seem to have lost any instinct as to why Britain should be politically independent?

      In my discussions with all these people, especially those of the younger generations, I was brought face to face with the rude reality that the Referendum has forced people to take sides, rather than merely declare an already-held position. Crucially, what this means is that those who have never given the EU a single thought before are not going to inform themselves now. They just plump for one side. Deciding this way means that Remain is the more likely default.

      However, I am unmoved by the findings of my straw poll. I voted No in 1975 and will vote Leave now.

      • One thing which Leave needs to make more of to young people is that THEY will be the ones who can’t find a job because the market is flooded with people from other countries in the EU, quite a lot of them better educated than our own young people thanks to the deficiencies in our education system.

        • The young people I have spoken to are concerned about the economic effect of a Brexit. They think that Britain must remain in the single market. This of course means accepting the free movement of people.

          Again, these young people have swallowed Remain’s caricature that there’s only either membership of the superstate or North Korean-style isolation, with lines of trucks queueing to get in at Britain’s barbed-wire borders. You know, like they have to do on the Canadian side of the border with the USA. When I make this ironical point these under 35s just can’t understand the subtle variants of relationships in and with the EU.

          • I only caught the last few secs of it but I’m pretty sure that the end of a Remain PPB the other day implied that they would no longer be able to go inter-railing if we pulled out of the EU.

      • I’ve noticed the same. It’s actually been quite an eye opener – I assumed everybody was on the same page when it came to democracy at least. How wrong I was. A significant number of people couldn’t give a damn, or even are openly opposed, to our democratic traditions – especially the younger people.

        I fear it’s over, basically. Eventually the EU will do something that offends people en masse, like migration did in Hungary and Poland (but not here). Until that day arrives, autocracy is our future.

        • You think the young people couldn’t give a damn about democracy and you’re right up until the point when they realise precisely what having no democracy actually means.

    • You are of course right by and large. However, the reason that this IS an issue is that once all the young men who Merkel casually invited into her country have been processed, she will take the few who are actually doctors, scientists or whatever. Then, armed with German nationality and the right to go wherever they want in the EU, the rest will be walking right through our door.

      • I agree with you in respect of what Merkel will wish to do once the young men have received the necessary paperwork to enjoy the freedom of movement, and I have NO DOUBT at all that that is one of the EU/Merkel’s plans. The other being ‘quotas’.
        I also know that the young women, who some of these young men will target, are relatively ‘sitting ducks’ and are unable to ‘move’.

        So the only way to ENSURE Merkel/the EU would be rendered incapable of implementing either of their plans, and FORCING us us to accept ANY young men at all, takes you right back to the MAIN issue, on how can we avoid this…

        We have ONE way…
        We have to vote LEAVE.

        How many people have heard a peep about ‘immigrant quotas’ since the start of the referendum campaign?

        What about ETIN?
        The European Taxation Identity Number that everyone will be issued?
        Being sold as a way to cut down on tax evasion…

        Great idea if you want your tax affairs controlled by the EU instead of HMRC.
        My thoughts about HMRC being rendered defunct doesn’t seem so ‘far fetched’.

        Please read my next comment to you, and I will tell you a ‘story’ to compare the EU to.

          • I know.
            I just want others to realise that the MAIN issue, either continues or solves what I look on as ‘sub issues’, like young men being able to travel freely in and out of the UK.
            If you know what I mean.

            I am voting LEAVE to avoid the young voter inheriting from us more than just cheap travel, or mobile phone charges.

            I want them to understand that there is a much deeper implication for their future than a fear of losing their job, which is as IMPORTANT to them as oxygen, but when we LEAVE the POLITICAL union, they will STILL have a job, only without the threat of losing the other important stuff this referendum will determine.

      • Once upon a time there was a couple.
        One day the bloke asked his wife if he could build his motorbike in the house.
        His wife told him NO!

        Over time he slowly brought several bits of his bike in to the house and hid them hither and thither. He started off with the smaller parts, because he knew his wife would cotton on if he bought the bigger parts in.

        Anyway, eventually he had bought most of his motorbike into the house and there were only the larger, more obvious parts left to fetch in.

        He then asked his wife again if he could build his motorbike in the house.
        Again, she told him, NO!

        He argued that MOST of it was already in the house, and it would therefore only be a few bits he was fetching in….

        This was not as ‘unpleasant to accept’ and so she agreed that he could…

        That is what the EU has been doing over the last couple of decades.

        This is what the ‘tidying up’ of, existing treaties really means.

    • You are of course right by and large. However, the reason that this IS an issue is that once all the young men who Merkel casually invited into her country have been processed, she will take the few who are actually doctors, scientists or whatever. Then, armed with German nationality and the right to go wherever they want in the EU, the rest will be walking right through our door.

  8. I was furious too about the Archbishop of Canterbury’s comment of racism concerning Nigel Farage and the Cologne attacks. Since when does telling the truth involve racism? Since when did telling the truth not be a pre requisite for the Christian? I had made a comment to my vicar yesterday that at least the Queen gave a good account of her faith in her Christmas address as opposed to an Archbishop who is now telling us that we so should keep quiet unless asked. If St Paul had taken his advice Christianity in the western world would not have existed.

      • He’s the establishment’s placeman to destroy the Christian Church. Once the Christians are fed to the wolves and Islam has a monopoly, who are you going to turn to? The Government, that’s who. It will become the religion of choice.

        Well, that’s the plan.

  9. Although I do agree on many level’s of this article, I do take offence that all young men would be out of control if left to their own devices. “Men who respect and protect women and children are built, they do not just appear in the blink of an eye.” If that was the case, how did we ever become civilised? If some men chose to respect woman in the first place then all cultures would still be inhumane to woman and treat them like dirt?

    • They were ‘built’ through the progress of civilisation so that respect is the ‘norm’.

      Some other races, or religions, are still in the dark ages and are accustomed to thinking of women and children as possessions, and not equal to men, or deserving of respect.

    • We became civilized because we built a moral structure through various teachings, writings and discussion – in the name of political correctness discussion is being shut down in many places.

      • You missed my point. Some men must have innately been respectful otherwise who was teaching the other men?

        • Sorry if I missed your point. Respectfully, you may have missed mine, possibly badly made, that men and women have equal innate respect through teaching, discussion etc.

          • Apologies I was a unintentionally blunt. I believe most Men and Woman do have an innate level of respect otherwise there would be no hope for us all. That’s why you get those glimours of hope in those less developed countries.

  10. It’s good to see this article, coming so soon after Cameron and Osborne have tried to traduce Farage, with some from the official Leave campaign disgracefully seeming very willing to join in.

    Merkel’s reckless and immoral so-called refugee policy is a threat to all Europeans, and thus is a defining issue for Brexit.

  11. Largely agree aside from this quote:
    “If you took the entire male population of each and every rugby club up and down England”
    Football clubs perhaps, but not rugby clubs!

    • Also I think the writer should point out that while she is right in pointing out that rape is in every culture, cultures that espouse Tahharush are another matter altogether. It is a form of rape, thankfully, we know little about, that breaks the body as well as the mind.

  12. Thank you. I am sick of hearing the attacks on Farage when he is the only one brave enough to stand up and speak the truth. I feel sorry for Welby, and all the others, who find the truth to be too unpalatable, or use the usual ‘racist’ insult to vilify an honest man.

    I will quote an old saying that holds true. The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing.

    Welby, Cameron and his sort either do nothing, or try to stop good men doing SOMETHING. I am so sorry that they think the truth is something to be hidden and not discussed or dealt with.

    • Welby and Cameron are blissfully unaware of the issues because they never come into contact with theses people. They are cosseted and travel everywhere by chauffeur driven car. If they had the pleasure of walking home at night through crowds of intimidating youths then they may have a different perspective on the benefits of multiculturalism and the risks facing women.

      Cameron and the Tory party are painting themselves into a corner and, if the Remainers are successful, the backlash will be huge when the public realise that it was Cameron and Osbourn spouting lies (about what our economic contributions will be, the fact that the much vaunted negotiations to exempt us from closer union are meaningless, when we have to accommodate 1m plus Syrian refugees etc etc).
      The Tory party will be toxic and be seen for the self serving bunch that they are.

      • Welby and Cameron are blissfully unaware of the issues

        Sorry, nonsense. As we seem to be using quotes here, one from FDR in the thirties: –

        If something happens in politics, you can be assured it was planned that way.

  13. Welby joins a long line of miserable apologists for Islam, at the expense of Christianity. Oh…for the return of the warrior priest….you want to fill those pews you lily-livered vicars?….read out a list of the weeks atrocities by Islam around the world, highlighting those cruelties inflicted on Christians….there is a ‘Britain First’ demo in Luton i think, on Youtube, and there is a vicar, standing with the muslims!!!!..As they scream get out to the British people, death to them, and he seems to agree with this!!!!!…You want to fill pews and get the likes of me back in Church…then start railing against Islam, it’s cruel, murdering, raping creed.

  14. Is there not enough evidence from Sweden alone? But no let’s stick our collective heads in the sand shout racism that should shut that debate down.

    • Quite so this conflation is really annoying As a proselytising religion its very purpose is to spread. So it is a set of beliefs unconnected to genes. There is nothing inherent about the set of beliefs. One can challenge beliefs without it being anything to do with race.

        • You’re quite right of course , however , we have all become infected with the dreadful habit that our politicians have , namely that during a debate , the principle being talked about is ignored and points are scored by (pedantically) focusing on the exact words used and ignoring the gist of the discussion which is usually well understood and accepted . I think that this technique is fine in a 6th form debating society situation but is not good enough for a proper informed discussion of a serious subject . What do you think ?

    • anti-isms are supposed to prevent disadvantage caused by factors or traits beyond the control of the individual disadvantaged, eg, Skin colour, sex, height, age etc.

      Since a belief system is entirely self determined I am confused as to how it can be considered the same thing.

      I suspect that is why the Muslim Brotherhood ran with the idea of and word “Islamaphobia” and stealthily inserted it into Western language, because it was designed to play straight to the heart of liberal white guilt without being an unprotected (at the time) ism.

      • They’re peddling this “islamaphobia” meme to the gullible liberals among us, with quite a bit of success.

    • Islam is concreted into the 6th century. It hasn’t moved an inch in fifteen hundred years, so don’t put money on it in any race.

      • That’ll be backwards to boot. Going by some of the actions of the nutjobs.

        Thank you for using ‘inches’ by the way.

        Vote LEAVE and keep OUR INCHES!

  15. “His mother obviously did something right.”

    Spot on! We boys were taught that girls were not the same as us, in that they were not as rude, as rough or as strong.Girls should be respected and protected. To this day I cannot bring myself to swear in front of women even if they swear.

    I am well aware that this makes me seem out of the Ark.

    • I suppose the difficult is that girls are now taught they are “as rude as rough and as strong” as boys. It is difficult to be a gentleman if there are no ladies.

      • Therein lies another issue.

        There are many, many spoilt and entitled brat girls, but very few self accountable women.

          • Don’t be daft (did I say it right?). No one deserves to be a victim of a crime. To even say that among educated people says a lot about you.

      • it was hard being a lady when the gentlemen disappeared…we need to find a way back to a place where equality doesn’t mean we have to be the same ..vive la difference!

        • Yes it must have been terrible being a “lady” when all the men were called up to get killed in wars while women gave them white feathers.
          All those “ladies” must have felt terrible taking the men’s places on the Titanic lifeboats.

  16. In my own observation many of the European migrants come from cultures with a good deal more moral teaching than, for instance our own state church can muster. The migrant families and well educated skilled workers from eastern europe are (male and female) better “built” than much of their host community. The German and Swedish issue reflects the danger of a porus border in the med. facing culture incredibly different than our own. It is certainly true that the migration has depressed wages and flooded public services. I’m not at all sure, based on local experience, that the majority are anything other than morally conservative in comparison the to relativistic “me” society we have created here (by we I mean the baby than we were prior to the EU . I’m afraid the unpalatable truth is our own widespread scandals and cover ups hail from different sources than eastern European migration.

  17. No one has ever said it was a question of race. It is a question of Islam. Your rugby club comment is pathetic. The players would likely take over from the police. Call yourselves Conservative?

    • The text messages sent between the abusers reveal anti-white racism was very much part of the problem.

      “The novelist Bina Shah has criticised a culture of racism, misogyny, tribalism and sexual vulgarity among men “who hail from the poorest, least educated, and most closed-off parts of Pakistan”.”

    • Don’t worry once they’ve worked out how to blame their (white middleclass) fathers for it they’ll be all over it

  18. How feminists behaved after Cologne on New Year’s Eve proved it beyond any doubt. Feminists do not represent women. No feminist has a right to say anything ever again. Any noise that feminists make should be countered with a simple reminder that when women needed to be protected feminists were complaining that racists were hijacking the narrative. As if that was a greater crime than rape.

  19. That Nigel is attacked for speaking up about this very important issue is devilish…its the truth women are and will be in danger….

  20. Totally agree but I think you’ll find if you dumped a rugby club they’d have the village rebuilt and the kids playing mini rugby within a week. I also expect the rugby club men would take a dim view of other men talking advantage of women.

    Dump a footy club and you’ll probably get the wife beating and ‘roasting.’

  21. Some good points made there Laura , be prepared for the hate mail to arrive . Having said that , I’m sure you get enough of it to ignore it .

    It’s a sad state of affairs when something that is so obvious to the vast majority of ordinary people , is ignored or even worse , demonised , by the very people we choose to govern us . Something , somewhere is not right .

  22. well said you, I have been asking for months now where are the women’s lib brigade over all this and also, where is the gay community? This mass immigration is taking us in giant leaps backwards to cave man days, our pansy politicians are totally impotent and are throwing the British women to the wolves.

  23. Laura Perrins, Thank you for your honest article.
    You are clearly a lady with morals and courage to be brave enough to speak the truth,
    It is so refreshing to see Mr Farage not being demonised when all he does is say it as it is.
    He is a very courageous man who loves this country and i wonder sometimes how he carries on every day when he knows the other politicians are corrupt and liars and will stop at nothing to discredit him.
    As we all know there are police investigations into the corruption in south Thanet, Not only have they tried to stop the investigation in court, Chris Walker MP has now written to the Electoral Commission with this warning,
    “The Electoral Commission risks looking as if it is “biased” in investigating allegations that the Conservatives broke election spending rules” You could not make this up.
    Nigel was pretty sure as were the 4 million voters that he would be in parliament but i think none of us understood the depths these so called professionals would stoop to keep him out, and it continues every day.
    Most of the media including BBC ITV SKY etc need to be held to account for their disgraceful complicit behavior, the total bias being shown Daily against the OUT campaign and especially Nigel Farage is a scandal and needs to be dealt with ASAP.

  24. Absolutely right…he was abused and called racist/Xzenophobic when raising uncontrollable EU immigration…now it’s mainstream and centre stage with sovereignty/economy.

    He’s got the women of the UK in his side…funny most of the condemnation has come from elite men!

  25. Thank you Laura. You are a voice of sense and sanity in a suddenly wierd world.
    We thank you.
    Vote sensibly

  26. The Archbishop of Canterbuy criticised Nigel Farage for his stance on this. He would do well to think about another issue which appears to be overlooked by so many, namely his and the Church of England’s support for our Sovereign, the head of the Church, her Sovereign State and it’s people and if he is prepared for that sovereignty to be destroyed by being absorbed into a European Federal State.

  27. The inherent contempt shown by some Muslim men to ‘kaffir’ white women in Rotherham, Rochdale and other cities comes from men born here. Is it any surprise that men born in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq share these attitudes?

    Social cohesion is the most important issue. I wouldn’t allow any immigration from countries that don’t share our values. That includes all Muslim countries.

  28. How could you Laura? Surely Women are strong and independent? Surely a Woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle?
    You have benefited from feminism, well now is the time to understand you have to defend yourself.
    You are not ‘my’ Woman, they are not ‘our’ Women. You want to be strong and independent, well get on with it. Enjoy the fight, it will be the first of many.

  29. Archbishop Justin Wellby should NOT get involved with Political issues.. He is there to promote pastoral Care and Spiritual encouragement for individuals & Families in the British Community. Nigel Farage is just emphasising the real culture gap and religious beliefs of opposition groups, the immigrants, who don’t share our views or values in 21st Century UK.

  30. The overwhelming majority of men do not need teaching not to rape. The overwhelming majority of male energy is constructive.

    If that were not the case we would be living in a dustbowl. Women take men so much for granted that they simply do not see – much less appreciate – men’s contribution to the world. They drive down roads that must have appeared by magic, use electricity and clean water that simply materialise from nowhere, etc etc.

    If men were half as bad as feminists make us out to be, every feminist would have been murdered long ago. Instead they get nice cushy indoor jobs, and bully pulpits to spout their hatred from.

    And they use it to tell US that WE are animals?

      • You have proved my point for me. You simply do not see the result of men’s constructive energy, even though it is all around you and your comfortable existence is only possible because of it.

        Maybe you are spending too much time in that gender studies classroom? (built, lit, cooled and heated by men so you can be comfortable whilst you learn how all men are rapists)

  31. at last some common sense, of course all men are not animals but there are enough criminals who have no sense of right and wrong, why should we even take a risk? are they not enough would be rapists in the uk already?

    • “are they not enough would be rapists in the uk already?”

      Are you saying that since men are 50% of the UK population and that all men are rapists (according to feminism) that there are enough rapists there already?

      Thank you for your honesty. Now men know were they stand with you.

  32. Damn right. This whole thing about the EU and (amongst its many ills) uncontrolled immigration has been misrepresented almost universally as being about racism, which it clearly isn’t – it is about a clash of cultures.
    It’s about large numbers of men arriving from a culture (mostly born of a particular religion) which sees women as less than human, in fact with less rights than some animals, and so open and available to be used and abused at will. Note that in Islam this particularly applies to infidel (non-Muslim) women, which of course most whites are – they can be treated almost any way one chooses, as shown by the example of Muhammed himself. It’s notable in this context that a “land-mark ruling” in a Saudi Arabian court recently has just recognised women as mammals (as opposed to what?!?!), which apparently is a great step FORWARD in civil rights for the people of this crazy country!
    I’m not sure it’s fair of Laura to suggest that a large number of white rugby players being put in one place would result in a rise in crime, and I’m fairly sure it would NOT result in an epidemic of rape and paedophilia, but I certainly do agree with Laura about Nigel Farage: if we’re honest about what’s really going on, he is indeed a lone voice standing up for ordinary women in Great Britain.

    • A lone voice standing up for ordinary women in Great Britain?


      Except of course for the Minister for Women, Women’s Aid, The BBC, every single domestic violence shelters in the country, constituency parties that select from women-only shortlists, the House Select Committee on Equality, the EHRC, The Women’s Organisation, NAWO, The Fawcett Society, Women’s Resource Centre, The NHS, The Director of Public Prosecutions, UK Feminist, The Guardian, WomanKind, FSD International, Equality Now, The NUT, GMB, UNISON, The UN, British Women’s Institute, Engender, Freedom Charity, Socialist Women’s Network, Rape Crisis England and Wales, The Women in Business Network, Business and Professional Women UK.

      You are going to try to tell me these organisations aren’t interested in “ordinary” women, aren’t you?

    • … It’s notable in this context that a “land-mark ruling” in a Saudi Arabian court recently has just recognised women as mammals (as opposed to what?!?!), which apparently is a great step FORWARD in civil rights for the people of this crazy country!… *

      * – Note that the story about women being recognised as mammals is a spoof story from the satirical site ‘World News Daily Report’, and is completely untrue…

      • Oh really? That’s good news … I think …
        All the same, their human rights record – particularly concerning women – is hardly exemplary!!

  33. Agreed. The silence over Rotherham and the FORTY-odd other towns is as telling as it is grotesque.

  34. …For me, in fact it is barely an issue of race. If you took the entire male population of each and every rugby club up and down England between the ages of 18 – 25 and dumped them on some small village somewhere, I hazard a guess the crime rate would increase….

    Hmmm….there is crime, and then there is crime.

    If you dumped some rugger clubs onto a small village, you would get an increase in rowdy but good-natured drunkenness, a lot of bawdy singing, some broken windows and several cars picked up and lodged in the village hall.

    If you dumped some soccer clubs onto a small village, you would get an increase in rowdy and aggressive drunkenness, a lot of partisan shouting, some broken windows and a bit of gang fighting with glasses and Stanley knives.

    If you dumped some Eastern immigrants onto a small village, you would get an increase in petty theft, spitting and defecating in the streets, some partisan murders depending on the specific sects you mingled and an increase in sexual assault and rape.

    Your choice…

  35. We also need to remember who caused the refugee crisis in the first place. Nigel has consistently opposed the appalling wars and support for violent revolutions in poor countries that the left mostly let pass with little comment once their presidential candidate had won in the USA. The Archbishop is looking for racism in the wrong place.

  36. I’d be wary of arguing that young English men are would be rapists if I was you. Unless of course you have evidence to back up your claim?

  37. There is only one option and that is fight your way out of the EU. The migration night mare will see the end of the Globalist socialists such as Hollande and Merkel and those in Sweden and in Holland and all over Europe. They aim is to destroy the European national Christian system by these Idiots in the NWO.

  38. Yes, he is a lone voice because most men don’t care anymore.

    You see at one time, a mans most important job was to protect and provide for females. Then females decided that ” a female needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”. Men have listened.

    • If you are keen not to tar all men with the same brush then please do us the courtesy of not tarring all women with the same brush either. It is possible to want women to be respected without being a kind of Millie Tant.

      • He can tar me with that brush. I don’t care anymore either.

        A hundred years ago, nearly 1 million British men died protecting our civilisation.

        They went and died in droves (did they need women’s “very close supervision and moral guidance” to learn how to do that too, Laura?) whilst women gave them white feathers, planted incendiary devices all over London, and made the guns and the bombs and the bullets that killed men at the front.

        40% of those men couldn’t vote. None of the suffragettes were obliged to earn their right to vote by being prepared to die for their country.

        And now the ancestors of those women now get to sit smugly in their classrooms learning about how “violent” men are. That is the thanks you will get for protecting women.

      • Respect is earned. Females have inflicted untold damage upon men for the last 50 years. What have you done to stop it? I thought so. Men only want equality, someday the females will let us be equal. Don’t believe me, In the USA the divorce courts are a slaughterhouse for men.

  39. I used to think TCW was relatively pro-male.

    But it turns out you believe men are born rapists who are incapable of civilised behaviour unless we are taught to follow women’s orders from an early age.

    Thanks TCW, but that’s the last donation you get from me.

    • DP,

      Don’t blame them, they are TRADCON’s. They want men to knuckle under and return to the plantation. They say the are against the evils of feminism, but want all the privileges thereof.

      We would love to have you at

    • That is not what was said, and you know it. I feel sorry for people who feel the need to use logical fallacies.

      • This is what was said.

        “Men who respect and protect women and children are built, they do not just appear in the blink of an eye. And I am sorry but a ‘consent’ class given by some hapless feminist is just not going to cut it.”

        You clearly don’t feel sorry, and you know it.

  40. The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev Justin Welby should realize that religion,throughout history has been a catalyst for confrontation and barbarism. He should also remember the historical abuse that has been hidden by church leaders in the past, so I feel he should refrain from attacking people such as Nigel Farage and concentrate on keeping his own house in order. For some who are unable to accept logic and facts, calling someone a racist is their favoured tactic. Women and others around the world are now suffering from a people who are able to “cherry pick” their brutality and barbarism from the teachings in their holy book. That is why mixing Islam with decent religions is like trying to mix oil with water and why, when considering the rights of women, there is not one Islamic country that serves as a role model.

  41. I was in discussion with a couple of friends of the Muslim faith the other day after it had been reported in our local news that once again there had been two cases of a Syrian and Afghan sexually attacking women. My friends told me something which I never for once considered, that the attacks were probably not primarily sexual, but were an attitude foreign to our Western mindset. Apparently ( and I am dubious of this!) the adult male within the Muslim faith is taught from childhood that they are superior to women and are bound to control them in whatever they see as fit! Unfortunately, mental and physical abuse towards women of any age is not only tolerated but actually encouraged in the wider family.

    If this is the case, how can we possibly stop this abuse when it is apparently so widespread and alien to our own culture?

    • It can be about sex, but your friend is right, they do it becuase they think they can. They are taught that men are far superior to women and children and that Muslimss are far superior to non Muslims.
      Please do not make the mistake of thinking that it is only women who will be the victims, anyone of any age, colour, sex, creed or religion will and can be used to “serve their needs”.

  42. Great article, and I’m pleased to see it reach far and wide. The accompanying photo says it all – Nigel casting a lonely figure, as a result of a ‘progressive’ establishment frenzy against him. That people don’t want the truth was hammered home to me a few years ago.
    A young middle-class woman and male friend were talking on the bus, me sitting behind them. The woman had been robbed in the street, and had reported this at the police station. The desk PC had asked her: ‘Let me get a description, was he black?’ Suddenly this became the crime, from this woman’s perspective. She wanted to pursue this, over the theft of her purse and other belongings! The man clumsily asked what her attacker looked like, and was told: ‘Yes he was black, but that’s not the point!’
    You get exactly the same response with Cologne and Rotherham.

  43. Except of course for the Minister for Women, Women’s Aid, The BBC, Women In Prison, the House Select Committee on Equality, the EHRC, The Women’s Organisation, NAWO, The Fawcett Society, Women’s Resource Centre, The NHS, The Director of Public Prosecutions, UK Feminist, The Guardian, WomanKind, FSD International, Equality Now, The NUT, GMB, UNISON, The UN, British Women’s Institute, Maternity Action, SeVA, Engender, Freedom Charity, Socialist Women’s Network, Rape Crisis England and Wales, The Women in Business Network, Business and Professional Women UK, every single domestic violence shelter in the country, constituency parties that select from women-only shortlists, The House Select Committee on FGM, and on, and on, and on…

    • I believe she was referring to politicians. She did say: “the only ‘politician’ to stand” so why rant on about organisations?

      • Many of the organisations named above have for years cheered on the societal and cultural changes (eg the onslaught against the traditional family) that have collectively caused an explosion in violence against women.

    • Silly and irrelevant reply. Have any of these ‘organisations’ been vilified for their work ? Another smokescreen to preserve the inept and ridiculous status who.

    • You must be a leftie liberal moron, You missed the point of the article completely. Have you even read the article? Women and young girls have being sexually abuse and raped across this country on an industrial scale by Pakistani men. Something similar is now happening across Germany and parts of Scandinavia. Do you really dislike women so much that you would deny them protection from the mass abuse and the potential of it happening on an even greater scale.

      • Strong independent females don’t need a man for anything. It was covered in Feminism (man hating) 101.

  44. An excellent article and about time it was brought into the public domain. The wet liberal left have a lot to answer for when it comes to the cover ups of this abuse across England by Pakistani men and now they want to stifle the problems women will face with the surge in the numbers of young males entering the UK and which will undoubtedly increase. Many of these young men come from cultures that think and believe that women are here for their pleasure to use and abuse as they see fit. Well done Laura Perrins and Mr Farage. Shame of you liberal leftie morons.

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