The Laura Perrins interview: The best way to fight the Corbynistas is to laugh at them, says James Delingpole

Today we chat with James Delingpole of the Spectator and Breitbart UK.

Laura Perrins: First off, which is your favourite sport, wimmin’s cricket or wimmin’s rugby? Given the amount of coverage both sports receive from the BBC I know it will be one of the two. It is a difficult choice, for sure, but try.

James Delingpole: I'm really encouraged by the rise and rise of women's sport, as endlessly promoted by the BBC, because what it suggests is that outmoded criteria such as excitement, speed, athletic prowess, flair and so on are being replaced by a sort of ‘all shall have prizes’ fairness-equality-and-social-justice approach to sport. Which is brilliant news for people like me with no sporting talent.

It surely won't be long before we too find ourselves being promoted by the BBC at the top level of whatever sport we choose to ‘identify with’ as being good at. How much do professional footballers earn? About a million quid a week? So I guess that's the one I'll be going for.

L P: When did you first wake up and realise yes, I believe in small government; the nation state; freedom of speech and religion, and the value of the nuclear family, therefore I must be a Nazi?

J D: Even five years ago you could have joked about this. But as, I think, Paul Joseph Watson says – or possibly Vox Day; whatever – you can no longer, even in jest, define yourself by the enemy's terms.

I never went through the idiot Left-wing phase, if that's what you're asking. It seems to me so logical and obvious and evidence-based that family and freedom of speech are good, big government is bad, etc, that I'm gobsmacked that so many supposedly educated people (including shedloads of my Oxford contemporaries: sell-out, scum-sucking, liberal elite tossers!) could ever think otherwise, let alone sleep at night trying to defend such nonsense.

L P: You are lucky enough to be have been a Nazi for quite some time. These days, according to much of the mainstream media, anyone to the right of Jeremy Corbyn is a Nazi. Bearing in mind your track record, can you give us any advice?

J D: See above.

Also: never, ever, EVER apologise. They'll only want more grovelling, more abasement, more surrender.

And: humour, snark and wit are our best weapons because they really get under our enemy's skin.

And: the Left can't do memes.

L P: The government has become so powerful it believes it can turn men into women at the stroke of the pen, as per Education Secretary Justine Greening’s latest transgender proposals. Is this Year Zero for Britain? If the government believes it has the power to change reality, to turn night into day and women into men, is there anything left to save?

J D: No. Western civilisation is over, basically. We're currently living in Rome circa 420 AD (oh, and that's AD please note, you trendy-modern-historian wankers. Not CE).

L P: Is Donald Trump a symptom of US and Western decline, or the only man who can stop the rot?

J D: The latter. But hardly anyone this side of the Atlantic gets this. I'm aghast at how many of my conservative contemporaries – in the commentariat especially – like to use their alleged disgust with Trump primarily as a way to virtue-signal. He's become the new Daily Mail.

L P: Will you ever vote Tory again?

J D: What other option do any of us have, FFS? The only hope is to pray for the Mogg.

L P: If it were not for the Conservative Woman blogsite, would you be able to get out of bed every day and face the world?

J D: You don't do conservative testicle transplants, do you? Only I can think of a large number of faux-conservative commentators in the UK media – both online and print – who could really do with some of your honest-to-God principles, fearlessness and spirit.

Laura Perrins

  • Owen_Morgan

    Delingpole doesn’t seem to have noticed that he can now just call himself a woman and compete in the next Winter Olympics, which is, admittedly, a brain-crushing yawnfest at the best of times.

    I agree with the “Never apologize” point. I am so fed up with hearing that someone has made a perfectly rational, coherent point and then capitulated in the face of synthetic outrage. Like North Korean faux negotiators, the Left is never satisfied, so there’s nothing to be gained by giving it anything in the first place.

    • Thomtids

      If the Olympic Committee go for this policy of letting either (!) sex enter each other’s dedicated-sex disciplines, are we going to have a “Final Final” where the Men’s Medallists compete against the Womens’ Medallists to find out who really is the best? Are we going to have a “Whopper of the Event” medal for the “woman” with the highest testosterone level/male chromosome reading? How many changing rooms are these androgynous athletes going to require? When do the Olympics change from bothering with medals and just give the winners of the women’s disciplines the money to pay for re-gendering surgery?

      • Steve

        I have long said that Wimbledon should run single set events for a small prize and an “All comers” event for the big bucks.

        • Thomtids

          I like the idea! Popularise tennis with an all-comers one set knock out. Shift it to somewhere “common”. You’d still get the seeds winning but it would make enthralling watching, amateurs being blitzed by the likes of Nadal! It’s a cracker!

          • Steve

            Thanks – but that was not actually my idea; just a typo. I meant to say

            I have long said that Wimbledon should run single SEX events for a small prize and an “All comers” event for the big bucks.

  • paul parmenter

    I enjoyed this interview. Possibly because the questions are as relevant, honest and entertaining as the answers.

  • BSO

    L P: Is Donald Trump a symptom
    of US and Western decline, or the only man who can stop the rot?

    J D: The latter. But hardly anyone this side of the Atlantic gets this. I’m
    aghast at how many of my conservative contemporaries – in the commentariat
    especially – like to use their alleged disgust with Trump primarily as a way to

    Bravo. Trump and Brexit has exposed how little skin many
    “conservatives” actually have in the game, insulated by wealth and
    established journalistic careers. There are too many UK women conservatives
    that love to snipe at Trump from “anti-sexist” perspectives.
    There is also a snobby approach to Trump’s syntax and use of repetition
    and sentence construction. (Ironically a little like the attacks on old John
    Prescott). Meanwhile, ordinary people, not educated on cultural Marxists campuses,
    know exactly what he is saying: Make America Great Again. I stopped listening
    to Ben Shapiro months ago because of his patronizing fence sitting.

    Essentially an historic battle is underway the left in America have gone all in whilst the Never
    Trumper’s, Neo Cons and GOP establishment who preferred Clinton over Trump are
    now at best bystanders at worst desperate for Trump too loose for fear he
    will actually drain their swamp. Trump gives the conservatives huge victories
    on SCOTUS and Paris and still they kick him when every the left has him on the
    back foot. The Daily Wire takes its breaking news from the American MSM and
    adds credibility to Russia Hoax’s and useless anti-Trump intrigue. The
    excellent Andrew Klavan shows how to support Trump whilst making reasonable

    Meanwhile a grass roots Pro
    MAGA movement is being built up by networks around Ann Vandersteel, Adam
    Gingrich and Bill Mitchell; Americans disgusted with GOP sell out after
    sell out; people that want the pillars of MAGA
    implemented. When Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona loses in the
    primaries that will be the sign that Trumps hostile takeover of the Republican
    Party is going up a gear. The battle between Trump and McConnell and Ryan is
    just under the surface. UK conservatives need to do the work and reach out to
    those who are in the trenches.

    • Cranmer

      Good points. A lot of supposedly conservative people in the UK – particularly women, in my experience, are not conservatives at all but are what I call capitalised leftists. They subscribe to conservative economic and financial principles but in most other matters are indistinguishable from the left, particularly on ‘progressive’ issues. Hence media smoke and mirrors about Trump’s ‘sexism’ takes them in.

  • Stinky Britches

    James’ Roman reference is timely as my granddaughter recently mentioned her teachers had told her it was no longer acceptable to talk of Rome being sacked, empires falling and barbarians at the gate. Instead we should view these events as “cultural transformations”.

    • Coniston

      Can anyone remember the film, a long time ago, called I think, ‘The Fall of the Roman Empire’. James Mason was in it. Perhaps it should be shown again.

      • John P Hughes

        ‘The Fall of the Roman Empire’ is set in the period when Marcua Aurlius died and Commodus took over. It is the same story as ‘Gladiator’ but with Sophia Loren in it and not Russell Crowe. It was made in the 1960’s and i saw it when doing Latin O-Level. It’s a good film, though not as famous of course as ‘Cleopatra’.
        So it depicts an earlier period in Roman history when the Empire was is disarray – it it then recovered and survived another 300 years.

        • Welp, I will always choose Sophia Loren over Russel Crowe! “Fall” was a good movie also.

          • John P Hughes

            Thanks for replying. That ‘The Fall of the Roman Empire’ and ‘Gladiator’ tell the same story from history, of Marcus Aurelius’s passing and the rule of Commodus, is little remarked on. They were shot 40 years apart.

    • Corbyns_cat

      You mean they still teach these things? I’m shocked.

  • Aaron D Highside

    TCW in seven words, as nailed by Delingpole: “…honest-to-God principles, fearlessness and spirit.”

    • noix

      I must agree with you and him.

  • Corbyns_cat

    I think the cricket comment is a bit unfair. Women’s cricket has been somewhat under-promoted over the decades, requiring as it does a certain amount of grace compared with sheer brute force. The BBC have belatedly come to the promotional party but are of course, trying to further their own agenda.
    The football/rugby thing is a different matter because of being traditional physical male activities – the Beeb needs to demonstrate that “sisters are doin’ it for themselves”.
    And woe betide any senior rugby clubs that don’t already have a Women’s section.
    I don’t know if any women have yet been killed playing rugby, but if not, will we get the smell of Burning Martyr if and when it does happen?

    • Bik Byro

      Many of my female friends like to watch men’s football and rugby because they like to see athletic men running round in shorts. I thought I’d watch women’s football and rugby on the same basis, and I’m converted! More women’s football and rugby on telly please!

      • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Two words: Beach Volleyball.

        • Steve

          The only “sport” with rules REQUIRING women to wear tiny panties in public.

          • paul parmenter

            Really Steve? I had never noticed. I have always been far too engrossed by the admirable athleticism, speed and skill of the players, and the sheer excitement of a closely matched game. I was barely even aware the teams were all female.

      • Sargv

        In Russia, that’s what figure skating, gymnastics and synchronised swimming are for. Women prefer hockey (as our national football team is a disgrace).

      • The Duke of Umberland, England

        Why do women ask their boyfriends/husbands: why are you watching women’s rugby?

    • Paul Robson

      It’s worse. The average village team would stuff the national side out of sight. It’s not so much graceful as like watching a bunch of 14-15 year olds

    • The best women’s league I ever saw was the (US) lingerie football league. It wasn’t exactly football but it was entertaining. 🙂

    • born1945

      I actually don’t think the BBC are broadcasting it because of the “woman” aspect I think its mainly down to financial plus they can then spin it as their feminist side .

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Mr. D, may your tribe increase!

  • Sargv

    “Never apologise”, while being a valid advice for our time, is exactly type of behaviour that leads to a civil war.

    As for Trump, I believe there’s one more option on the table, and that is the agent of destruction. The guy was elected to blow up the Establishment, not to fix it. And so far he delivers.

    • Cranmer

      ‘Never apologise’ is vital. There’s a cut-and-paste school of journalism now which simply hunts for ‘offensive’ comments on social media, creates a fake frenzy from ‘offended’ groups and the forces the ‘offender’ to issue a grovelling apology. Take that away from them and it’s like cutting an adult film off before the ‘money shot’.

      • HenryWood

        This is so true! As you say, remove the “grovelling apology” and then just see how long that thread lasts in the short attention span of the “offended”. As soon as they see there is no attention being paid to their offended “tweets”, they will soon move on to an easier target.
        And instead of the original offensive tweeter being hauled before the instant court of Twitter, followed by the Supreme Court of FaceBook [and possibly the MSM], the “offensive” Tweeter should be able to sit back and view with some satisfaction how their words remain intact. Though interest in their words will soon disappear, well, at least he did not retract and his words still stand, *published*!

        Give it a go, some of you chicken-livered celebs!

        • What JD says about memes is true. Here, I’ve noticed over the last few years, every time they try to create one, conservatives simply take it over, and with a load of humor as well. Fake News may have been the silliest thing the Washington Post (or was it the New York Times) ever did to score an own goal.

  • MorganCourtenay

    I agree with “Never apologize”. Nothing is ever enough for the PC mob. It’s like Danegeld.

  • jollyfarmer

    England’s wicketkeeper Sarah Taylor is cute and pretty quick with the gloves.

  • The Duke of Umberland, England

    ‘J D: No. Western civilisation is over, basically. We’re currently living in Rome circa 420 AD (oh, and that’s AD please note, you trendy-modern-historian w**kers. Not CE).’

    Superb! Had me in stitches!

  • “I believe in small government; the nation state; freedom of speech and religion, and the value of the nuclear family”! Amen to that – with the proviso that no religion shall infringe the property rights of others!

  • Terry

    Mockery is the weapon the left cannot cope with.

  • Andy

    Well to some extent James is right, but we should also destroy the Lefts ‘power bases’. The BBC must be the first thing to go and then move onto reform of Universities, teacher training and schools.

  • John Thomas

    Trump election, etc.: “The deep cultural forces that have been separating the West from God for centuries will not be halted or reversed by a single election, or any election at all.” – Rod Dreher, The Benedict Option (2017), p. 99.