It is a truth universally acknowledged that Left-wing men are pathetic weaklings. So it came as no surprise to me that this universal principle was proved by science – actual science – as reported in the journal, Psychological Science.

We are told, ‘Men who are strong are more likely to take a Right-wing stance, while weaker men support the welfare state, researchers claim. Their study discovered a link between a man’s upper-body strength and his political views.’

It is true that the boffins had a slightly different spin on it, as they are from Aarhus University in Denmark. In the land of Janteloven, the producers are shamed and those who live off the labour of the producers are seen as self-sacrificing heroes.

Professor Michael Petersen said: ‘In all three countries [Norway, Sweden and Denmark], physically strong males consistently pursued the self-interested position on redistribution. However, physically weak males were more reluctant to assert their self-interest – just as if disputes over national policies were a matter of direct physical confrontation between individuals.’

Professor Peterson again: ‘While many people think of politics as a modern phenomenon, it has, in a sense, always been with our species. Political views are designed by natural selection to function in the conditions recurrent over human evolutionary history.’

You see what Professor Peterson has done here: being Right-wing is pursuing self-interest, whereas being Left-wing is of course the better, selfless stance.

Only, if you are weaker and less likely to hunt and gather resources, then it follows that demanding the wealth of others (redistribution) who are more successful in said hunting and gathering is in fact selfish and pursing one’s own self-interest.

In fact, some people might think using State power to seize the wealth of another and transfer it to yourself is in fact theft. That could be one interpretation of the data that the dear Professor has conveniently dodged.

In fact Professor Peterson pretty much accepts this when he admits that political views are probably more primal than we first think: ‘Many previous studies have shown that people’s political views cannot be predicted by standard economic models. This is among the first studies to show that political views may be rational in another sense, in that they’re designed by natural selection to function in the conditions recurrent over human evolutionary history.’

It is indeed rational to claim the resources of another as your own. And that, my friends, is called socialism.

This brings me nicely on to this lovely little story I picked up from Guido Fawkes about a poor Conservative babe having a First Date with a Leftie.

MP Mark Field’s former researcher Lettie Egan appeared on the popular Channel 4 show where viewers saw her interrogated by some Leftie, Remain-voting wimp who was smug and deeply irritating.

The interesting thing about this exchange – and by interesting, I mean outrageous – was how Ms Egan was on the defence and Wimp certainly thought he was the righteous one. Don’t they all?

Ms Egan seemed ashamed to admit that she was a Tory staffer and became even more apologetic when she fessed up to voting Leave. This was clearly too much for Wimp, and although he remained civil you could sense him reaching for his coat in his mind’s eye at that point.

The nerve of the guy! Apart from the gross ungentlemanliness of it all (he should be putting her at her ease, not the other way around) the whole exchange sums up what is wrong with the Left v Right debate in Britain.

The Left are on the offensive, high on their own sense of righteousness, while the Right explain, appease and apologise. This is despite the fact that the Left have absolutely no right to occupy the high moral ground. Most of their policies are immoral, present a significant threat to the economy, and chip away at liberty, the family and civil society.

Yet there they are, busy dressing up their own selfish, self-interest as compassion and virtue. Give me a break. We know what you are doing. You are using the power of the State to grab more resources for yourself. Sure, you might throw a little the way of the poor. But poor families might not need so many redistributed, humiliating hand-outs if it were not for Leftist policies that damage employment and the equally immoral family-destroying social policies.

So, if you ever have the misfortune of having a date with one of these people, remember: you have nothing to apologise for. The Leftist, on the other hand, has a lot of explaining to do.


  1. That article will no doubt enrage the sneering, self-righteous lefties who self-appoint themselves to “monitor” this conservative website.

    Be prepared for some uber-sneering, uber self-righteous pomposity from them.

  2. The espousing of feminist views is the courtship display of weak, uninspiring men whose appeal to ordinary women is absolutely minimal.

    The most strident campaigners against ‘gender stereotyping’ are feminine men and masculine women.

  3. Any Cuban dissident beaten up by thugs during an organised ‘spontaneous demonstration of the will of the people’ will testify that there are plenty of strong left-wing men. I can’t remember Dostoevsky describing the meekness of the guards employed at the Gulag. If you think these are countries far away and in different times, then have a look at the current day activities of Antifa in the United States. That is what is coming here if Corbyn’s Labour continues their momentum.

    Strong, ruthless and potentially violent men with no other qualities will adhere to whatever political organisation offers them a route to money, power and sex. In socialist countries, that meant the Communist Party. In the UK, since the miners’ strike of 1984-5, that has been indisputably the Conservative Party and its pale imitation New Labour. That though is changing. Think the spectre of McDonnell standing behind and waiting to replace Corbyn.

  4. Excellent piece and neat inversion of the evidence. Socialism is unjust and immoral. It hides in the body politic like hepatitis, ever present and debilitating.

  5. Correct. Leftism is a cover for self-interest born of narcissistic and sociopathic psychologies. The motivations of the thief are similar in kind to those who advocate ‘redistribution’ of wealth; ie taking what belongs to others;

    The motivations of the rapist are of a kind with those who advocate promiscuous sex.

    The motivations of those who rebel against parental authority are of a kind with those who seek to destroy civilised values by advocating multiculturalism and multiracialism in the name of ‘equality’.

    If such people were of less intelligence they would be common criminals, rapists, thieves and thugs. Instead, because of their intelligence, they channel their destructive urges into destructive politics and theories: the Left.

    Leftists / Liberals aren’t caring about people. They are caring only about the idea of ‘The People’. They virtue-signal about ‘caring’ whilst at the same time outsourcing ‘caring’ to the State or some charity. This leaves them free to get on indulging themselves in their fundamental selfishness whilst enjoying a warm glow of self-approbation .

    It is a fact that Right-wing people give more money and more personal time to others than do Left-wing people. One is more likely to find Right-wing people personally volunteering to clear up a pensioner’s garden or volunteering at a Hospice than Left -wing people. Left -wing people wear ribbons on their clothing and go to Bob Geldof concerts with other Left-wingers.

  6. It’ll be a cold day in hell before…………………..

    By definition, Socialism is ultimately = shrivelled selfishness. Weak
    headed people are drawn to Socialism, it’s the easy choice, because it
    doesn’t require people to exercise intellect nor conscience, very conveniently.

    It endeavours to imitate Christianity but Socialism laid bare is antithetical to altruism, benevolence, hope, faith and charity.

    Dressing up Socialism as ‘caring for society’ surely must rate as one of the, if not the greatest con tricks of all time.

    You need to have a soul in order to be empathic, that is the black hole at the source of Socialism, it has no conscience, no heart, no compassion.

  7. “The Left are on the offensive, high on their own sense of righteousness, while the Right explain, appease and apologise….”

    “Never apologise– it’s a sign of weakness…” — Captain Nathan Brittles, US Cavalry (ret.)

  8. So how would you describe men as they grow older turn more right wing. They also tend to get physically weaker. So the initial premise of Prof Petersen’s research doesnt hold up. In UK and NHS , as you get older you tend to draw more from nhs and social services ( nurses, home care , winter fuel allowance, tv, pension protection,…). If these things were taken away from them in true self- interest impositions that would just send my nanna and grand dad to an early grave.

      • Don’t see the problem. Excepting the very rich, we are all trapped in the system we are born into: welfare, the NHS, state pensions etc. We have no choice, and in any case, as payers of tax and NI, we have all ‘paid in’ and are therefore entitled to expect something out. The fact that incompetent governments have mismanaged the public finances does not come into it, as any one growing up since the war could hardly be expected to predict the position we find ourselves in today.

        People may get weaker with age, but the attitude of people who were strong when younger is presumably formed by what they were. I have done a great deal of hard physical work during my life and it’s true I am probably now more right wing. But I still regard myself as a strong person even though I am near retirement age. If fact I regard young weak lefties with contempt. My father in his old age drew his state pension and received treatment from the NHS, both of which he had contributed to. In his final illness, it required four people to give him an injection…

      • As one gets older, if one does physical work, one learns to apply strength better, which often compensates for somewhat waning strength, which I see rarely anyway, in men that use it regularly.

        Social services mostly, I think warp results, without them most men remained fully capable of taking care of themselves, until (what was usually the) final illness.

    • > So how would you describe men as they grow older turn more right wing. They also tend to get physically weaker.

      It is not “your current physical strength level defines your political attitudes”. It is “more physically fit men tend to be more right-wing compared to less physically fit men, all other things being equal”. There is no contradiction here.

      The older people do not turn more right wing; they become more socially conservative, in a “let’s rewind 30 years” way. If during those 30 years the society tilted Leftward (a UK case), it might be interpreted as a move to the Right. But it is not.

      In Russia, older people, who supported Yeltsin in the 90s are now sentimental about late-USSR Brezhnev’s era (as women were younger and grass was greener back then) – one can say they drifted to the Left, but in fact, it is understandable nostalgia and nothing more.

  9. ‘The Left are on the offensive, high on their own sense of righteousness, while the Right explain, appease and apologise.’

    For a campaign slogan maybe the next Conservative Party conference should adopt that line spoken by Wayne and Garth in the film Wayne’s World :-

    “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”

    Excellent article Laura – keep up the good work.

  10. Left is “we, the people”. Right is “I am”.

    Of course they feel righteous. That’s how every person in a lynching mob feels about himself.

    The only way to stop the crowd is to apply overwhelming violence – armed flying drones might be a game changer here, turning any violent crowd into a set of targets.

    If you are interested in “saving” a specific individual – isolate him from the crowd first.

    • In the Soviet Union the Far Left civil service ran the ‘people’s republic’, not for the people but for themselves – jobs, or non-jobs, for the public sector. This is so often one of the problems of ‘planning’: you do not end up doing what you set out to do.

  11. There has to be a balance between self-interest and the care of others: the Apostle Paul said, to give the Christian view, that if a man will not work, then neither should he eat (2 Thessalonians 3: 10.)

  12. So how do the weak and soaking wet lefties ever get a girl? I mean a fine looking one that takes some winning.
    And why would any girl like this want a child with a weak wet leftie?
    A puzzle for our times.

    • They usually get the women other men don’t want.

      Strong males will not go near left wing women. They are full of double standards and are often overly sensitive and more fragile than any feminine and traditional female.

      Being a strong man is a mindset. It does help being able to do a few push ups though.

  13. Phew. Good job it didn’t say left wingers have bigger dicks than right wingers. I can’t see the value in this other than to pump up egos and insult lefties on their physical weakness as well as everything else. It has no relevance to the argument unless elections are decided by how much you can bench. The masses are easily led on both sides no matter how big your pecs are. Two books to read on the dangers of extremism and how normal intelligent people can be taken down a dark path by believing ‘they’ are lesser people than us. The Gulag Archipelago and Ordinary Men by Chris Browning. Most people are easily led under the right conditions, full stop.

    • I just want to say, when it comes to the strength issue, I really was just replying to the boffins who are trying to push the ‘left wing people are nicer people’ narrative.
      I don’t really think or care if there is any link with physical strength and left wing views.

      In fact in today’s market it is the brain power that earns, not muscle power.

      The last half of the piece is where I want to make some important points.

  14. There are occasionally studies of how sportsmen and women view politics and social issues, and vote. The summary of the findings quoted by Laura Perrins is:
    ‘Men who are strong are more likely to take a Right-wing stance, while weaker men support the welfare state, researchers claim. Their study discovered a link between a man’s upper-body strength and his political views.’
    Professional sportsmen and women have be physically very fit, put in many hours of disciplined (and often boring) training, and rely on themselves – coaches and trainers can only take them so far. This makes them resilient and aim for the best for themselves; and beat or outwit competitors. This would lead to a free-enterprise and not a collectivist view of the world. Those sports in which teams take part require co-operation, but each player is wary of falling below the best to avoid being replaced in the team.
    Successful people in sport set up their own businesses and on leaving professional sport tend to go into business. Those who become politicians are generally found on the right, or centre-right.

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