Laura Perrins: Lefties who can’t abide elections should try North Korea

Now we know what really annoys the lefties. Now we understand what keeps them wake at night, reaching for their comfort blankets and clutching their stuffed teddy: elections. In the wake of Theresa May calling a general election the lefties are losing their minds. It seems that democracy is just too hot for them to handle.

Take the BBC, who instantly fell in love with ‘voice of the people’ Brenda from Bristol, an elderly lady who was none too happy with another election.

Oh how they loved that 10 seconds of exacerbation – ‘oh no, not another one’ said Brenda. The BBC played it on a loop all the live-long day. They seemed to think this was the killer point against Theresa May, that Brenda does not fancy going to the polls again so soon. Well, if you don’t like elections people, you can pack your bags and head to North Korea and see how better things are there.

In the lefties' worldview, elections are undemocratic and prime ministers who seek a mandate from the people are ‘dictators.’ On day one, Labour MP Chuka (I forget to take my valium this morning) Umunna called Theresa May a ‘disgrace’ for calling an election. It seems that if you have an election this can lead to ‘dictatorship’ according to Chuka.

So on planet Chuka, we can assume that Kim Jong what’s-his-face of North Korea is a veritable paragon of democratic virtue and having mass military parades complete with (fake) missiles should replace the ballot box.

Ultra leftie journalist Caitlin Moran, solemnly informs us that “All I can see on my timeline is people going. I have no-one I want to vote for in this election. There is no-one who represents me." This tells us all we need to know about how representative these people are - people who just cannot handle democracy.

And it is not just the most obvious machinery of democracy they loathe – elections but other pillars, such as a free press, are a bit of a downer for the lefties. Once again a Daily Mail front page, ‘Crush the Saboteurs’, caused a Twitter meltdown, prompting comparisons with fascism.

I’ll tell you who are the real fascists here – the Liberal Fascists as described so aptly by Jonah Goldberg.

I’m not saying British lefties possess any animus towards people of different races or ethnicities etc, but I am saying they have issues with democracy. They do not like it when people disagree with them in a referendum. They cannot tolerate the ‘right-wing’ press and would quite like to control it given half the chance.

The liberal fascists like to paint those on the Right – even prime minsters who seek democratic mandates – as dictators and fascists. They should look in the mirror.

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Laura Perrins

  • choccycobnobs

    “… can pack your bags and head to North Korea…”. No matter how much the lefties despise the brexiteers, they are never going to do that. Could you imagine them arriving in North Korea? One of Kim’s lackies would hand them a spade and point them to a paddy field…..”but, but, I have a combined 1st in social dancing and navel gazing” would probably be the wail in between sobs.

    • John Shakespeare

      Not a first: a 2/1 at best. A first would be elitist.

    • Harley Quin

      They would then be executed by anti tank missile for being bourgeois subversives.

  • Uusikaupunki

    To all “Brendas of Bristol”*…..don’t like elections? Have one last vote for women to be disenfranchised. Become an Insufferablegette.

    * Other women’s names and towns are available.

    • Labour_is_bunk

      I don’t think you’ll get your average feminist reminding Bren of what women went through to get themselves “franchised”.

      • Uusikaupunki

        And let us not forget what the majority of men had to go through to get the vote….the small matter of WW1

        Also what paricular women got up to would nowadays fit them into the category of “terrorists”.

        • paul parmenter

          Men had to go through a lot more than WWI. That was just the hideous culmination that finally made it impossible to deny ordinary young men the justice they had never had before.

          The fight for the right to have any say in government against an all-powerful monarch and his/her circle of noble, elite families who between them owned virtually all the land and wealth and regarded the common man as no more than an inferior dog fit only for work, for paying taxes and for getting killed in battle, has a very long, bloody history littered with male bodies. It was male sacrifice, determination and courage that wrested power from that elite and created the representative parliament that we recognise today, and thus actually gave us all something to vote for in the first place. We should never forget this, or allow it to be erased from our history. Female suffrage was far quicker and far easier to win on the backs of what men had already created.

          • Uusikaupunki

            What a pity history is so feminised these days….still, it is written by the victors after all…..

  • Labour_is_bunk

    So I understand our Chuka shadows “Business, Innovation and Skills” – all foreign bodies to Labour.

    • choccycobnobs

      Shhhh!!!! Labour think manual labour is a Spanish waiter in the HOC canteen. Que? Si.

  • I wonder if the head of the government in North Korea declines to take part in television debates?

    • Bik Byro

      There are no debates because he has no opponents. I think you need to go back to masturbating over Lara Croft

      • choccycobnobs

        Ah! So that is what they mean when they say justice is blind.

      • Theresa May has opponents. (And she isn’t really much like Lara Croft.)

        • Owen_Morgan

          Well, no. Lara Croft is a character from fiction, whereas Theresa May is our second female Prime Minister. Your lot haven’t even had a female leader, unless you count that psycho-greenoid loony. There again, you misogynists much prefer women in burqas, anyway, don’t you?

          • You enjoy a slightly crazed rant, don’t you?

          • Owen_Morgan

            Not one of yours, no.

  • Labour_is_bunk

    I’m never sure whether people of his ilk say these things for maximum media effect, or whether they seriously believe the rubbish they spout forth.

    • Bik Byro

      Amazing that the same people who went round saying “the unelected Theresa May without a mandate” are the same ones crying that she is seeking to be elected and obtain a mandate.

  • Owen_Morgan

    Last June, we won the Referendum. If you don’t include yourself in that “we”, you’re reading comments on the wrong website. After the Referendum, David Cameron resigned. The Remainians complained, when Theresa May became Prime Minister without a general election. So what has changed?

    Well, we have triggered Article 50 – that’s what has “triggered” the left, to use the snowflakes’ favourite participle. Now, Mrs May is offering the country the election her opponents were demanding, much less than a year ago, but they are complaining. Anybody would think that some Labour people are ever so slightly hypocritical.

    I never trust opinion polls, but it does seem conceivable that Labour is going to lose this one (and that just may be influencing their thinking).

  • Harley Quin

    Jonah Goldberg hit the nail on the head with his book. I’ve long thought that left liberalism in its current extreme form was the scenic route to thirties Germany.

    OK, there’s no invasion of Poland but there have been other ‘progressive’ wars. ( Copyright: T Blair) And there is an ongoing reverse invasion as it were. But that’s an invasion of our country, so that’s all right.

    Ideas of supremacy are still rampant. They are still thought of as a characteristic of the invaders who therefore have every right to invade.

    And the lack if respect for human life is there. Think about it.

    All for the same, fundamental reason.

    • Cassandra

      And there’s the antisemitism and the dictatorial tendencies….

  • Enemy Coast Ahead

    Excellent article Laura – completely agree.

  • Colkitto03

    Every week Theresa May at midday on Wednesday debates Corbyn and Farron live on television. They can ask her questions on any subject they choose. She has no advance warning.

    Yesterday during their live debate on TV she was taunted for not agreeing to a live debate with them on TV.

    Am I missing something here?

    • paul parmenter

      Yes. Parliamentary debates are not stage managed and overseen by any members of the MSM, or conducted in front of audiences assembled by them.

      • Colkitto03

        Spot on! These debates are never for us. I hope May stands her ground.

    • alecto

      Its the media trying to make headlines.

  • For the first time, I will be voting Conservative. Fatigued and disenchanted with the left.

    • alecto

      I don’t know how old you are but Winston Churchill is reported as saying: ” If a man is not a socialist by the
      time he is 20, he has no heart. If he is not a conservative by the time
      he is 40, he has no brain”. Better late than never – welcome to the club.

  • Marat

    Just watched Corbyn’s pathetic speech trying to reframe the election in terms of establishment vs anti-establishment.

    The left have utterly misread the Brexit and Trump votes. They couldn’t countenance the idea that people are sick of anti-democratic, anti-free speech policies.

    They cannot allow themselves to believe that people are sick of being called racist, sexist or xenophobic for the slightest imagined transgression.

    We have had enough of being silenced by accusations, Mr. Corbyn. On June the 8th, you will hear us.

  • tumiwisi

    “The liberal fascists like to paint those on the Right … as dictators and fascists.”
    Sounds like the pot calling the kettle …

    • Benthos

      Why does it sound like that?

  • Benthos

    A low IQ labourite saying ‘May trying to rig democracy by holding an election’, shakes head.

  • alecto

    Bravo Laura! I’m loving this article!

  • Graham

    Good article.

    Freud called the pot/kettle thing projection…