We all know the fashion industry fails to cater for ordinary women and their different body shapes. What with the pear shape, the hour-glass shape, and those irritating post baby curves – goodness it just makes the clothes look so, well, ordinary.

The industry thus far has used barely pubescent girls, often from Eastern Europe, as their models. These girls are very tall with large eyes and few curves to show off the garments at their best. It will not show off any ordinary woman at her best, but that is beside the point.

It should go without saying that I have nothing against the girls who wish to seek their fortune this way – but I do have something against the industry for its rejection of the more maternal female form.

Now the fashion industry has gone one better. Why bother casting young girls with masculine body shapes, when you can you just go the whole hog and cast men instead? Only these are ‘trans men,’ so we all must pretend they are in fact women.

This is what occurred to me when reading this piece in The Sunday Times Style magazine. It tells the story of transgender model Hari Nef and his/her modelling career. Nef tells us how he is taking HRT but has not had the necessary surgery to ‘transition fully’. In fact, he tells us it matters not whether he has the surgery (agreed) because “People need to come face to face with the cold, hard, trans reality that these are women with penises, and they are still women.”

Now normally I try to treat such delusions with sympathy but I am afraid my compassion bucket was emptied and my anger bucket was overflowing.

I am prepared, to go with the flow, most of the time. If a man wants to dress as woman then so be it. If he wants to ‘identify’ as a woman and feel more woman than man then so be it. But when a man wants to tell me about cold hard objective realities it is time to tell a few home truths.

It is misogyny pure and simple for the fashion industry to use male models to sell women clothes. You see, women’s bodies are just not good enough – we will go with the masculine shape instead.

The cold, hard, biological reality is that it does not matter how many hormones you take, these men still have XY chromosomes which makes them male. No amount of Newspeak can change this.

The abuse of biology and language is bad enough. But it is the appropriation of women’s lives and bodies that rubberstamps the misogyny.

These people have no idea of the privilege and burden it is to know you can create new life every single month. They have no idea what it is like to nurture life or bring it into being. Prancing down a runway wearing a dress is not the same thing!

The feminists who support all this, simply because they see it as a way to trash gender, deserve total distain. For Polly Toynbee it is all about freedom, not truth. Feminists should “welcome everything that breaks down gender, a spectrum where anyone is free to be and do what they please, the more genderqueer, the freer.”

First, if they are accepting this new transgender misogyny they are now overturning 40 years of third wave feminism, declaring that ‘there was no such thing as gender’ and no such thing as a male and female brain. Now all of sudden we are being told to accept that some men have in fact a ‘female brain’ but are ‘trapped in a male body.’ You cannot have it both ways.

But it is not the intellectual inconsistency that should shame the feminists – it is the hypocrisy. Feminists often opine ‘cultural appropriation’ but male to female transgenderism is appropriation of the entire female experience.

Some feminists are willing to sacrifice the whole of the sisterhood just to get one over on the conservatives. This is not only pathetic but desperate – and evidence of just how shallow their belief system truly is.

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  1. Add to this the recent advice to the Olympics that a similar idea of men asserting they’re women be allowed to compete as women. The lack of feminist outrage over this is unbelievable; further evidence that feminism is for wealthy women only.

  2. To have a proper sex change, surely you’d need to convert every single male XY chromosome into an XX one.
    I imagine that would be quite fiddly and time consuming. By the time the surgeon was near completing the job, his or her retirement would come up and they’d have to hand over the job to a colleague. And knowing surgeons, the hand written notes would be indecipherable.

  3. This a problem women will face as, being trans is not like racism or being disable or even a different religious. As women are so compassionate and accepting group that want to fight for equality, they have got the groups of people under your banner. It seems that we have put women on a pedestal that makes men now want to be, start of competition or a gay agenda ?

    • Thanks I needed a laugh

      I must have seen it 50 times. It still makes me laugh and makes a serious point at the same time!

  4. Personally i love the whole trans thing, for two reasons

    – firstly, the point you alight on whereby they’re contradicting God knows how long of dogma that gender is a social construct.
    – secondly, and more importantly, on this matter the standard social justice warrior is on a hiding to nothing, because I can cause them to froth at the mouth simply by expressing every kind of sympathy and support for the person, while reserving my right to an opinion that they are in fact, their original sex. I’m not “hating”, or doing anything nasty, I’m just holding that perfectly reasonable opinion.

    This one feels like a gift that is just going to keep on giving.

    • In relation to your second point I’m afraid that simply will not be the case. Imagine your expressing your sympathy for homosexual people while simply reserving the right to maintain the opinion that they are not innately homosexual, but it is a result of desire/societal/family influences and see how far you get.

      • But I’d still maintain they ARE homosexual (as it happens I don’t hold an opinion over why people are homosexual). In this case I just maintain they are in fact of the original sex – the Germaine Greer position.

        In any case, I don’t care whether people like what I say or not.

  5. The only recourse we have to this madness is to refuse to participate. Do not support any clothes manufacturers or shops which go down this road. Do not go and see any films like The Danish Girl. Refuse to accept that a man is a woman or vice versa. As they try to bring in regulations to allow changing room access, refuse to comply and form groups of opposition. In America they are now fining companies for refusing to use the name an employee chooses to use and the individuals choice of gender. Sign the petition on Citizengo website trying to stop this dangerous ideology in UK primary schools.

    • People will still support the fashion industry for being ‘strong in accept this community, people won’t watch movies like this as they aren’t block busters so don’t worry there , be surprised if they get an audience of more than 3million bored people. MI5 has been the best employer of the LGBT community so you know now that it will be main stream, so now others will follow in recruiting this group.

      I doubt it will get in to primary schools, more likely to be secondary where the children’s will be given the ideas in pshe, it is equality in overdrive, this is not pedaled by men. Women where the victim group before, this is not a group you can complain about at all. It will just cost more money for companies to get different rooms so, keep vigilante and safe ladies.

  6. Trans person (FTM) will feel vulnerable when they are with men in say a toilet, women will be the uncomfortable person when there is a trans female (MTF). There are 3 models that are trans that are know, they are more likely to remain in the modeling industry for long and will not need to be on a diet so in profits business. There is even one in UFC where SHE beat up a women.

    As men have lost there status in society now they wanna become women, as everyone know women can’t become men.

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