Laura Perrins: Our brave wimmin invite the Cologne gropers. They will learn to become new men

We know that Labour MPs do not like white British men, but it is now clear that they don’t care about British women either. What else could explain their deranged desire to welcome hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants, a minority of whom represent a real threat to British women of all races and creeds?

Jess Phillips MP thinks that what happened in Cologne, a planned and systematic sex attack on hundreds of German women, happens in Birmingham city centre on any given Friday night. Ms Phillips said: ‘There is violence against women and girls that you are describing, a very similar situation to what happened in Cologne could be described on Broad Street in Birmingham every week where women are baited and heckled.’

I am not going to bother to argue over the equivalence of each. Many city centres are indeed no-go areas for ordinary decent citizens every Friday and Saturday night, but it is not Cologne. No matter, let’s not nit-pick with these dimwits. Let’s just go with it for now.

Jess Phillips MP and the rest of the bonkers feminists that can be found in the New Statesman think that as we live in a patriarchal society in Britain anyway, what’s a few more men who think subjugating and abusing women is A-OK?

Sure it is no biggie just to import a few more misogynists as we have plenty of our own. Now tell me, where is the logic in that?

Surely, if we have our own misogynists, we should not be importing any more? Who in their right mind thinks increasing criminality in British city centres is a good idea? Oh, yes the feminists who leave their brains in their handbags.

Supposedly (now sit down for this) the feminists have a ‘grand plan’. This plan is to integrate and teach this minority of foreign men, that we don’t do things like that over here. You just cannot go around touching up women on the streets.

Mass immigration is – and I heard this on Woman’s Hour – an opportunity no less to teach these men about gender equality. It is true, the feminists think they can civilise radical Islamists in their hundreds of thousands.

Many, many others have tried and failed in this task, but don’t worry Jess Phillips MP is on it. There she is with her clip-board and posters saying ‘down with this sort of thing’. Until the great conversion however, women will have to ‘go careful now’.

So let’s get this straight, the wimmin who think they have failed to eradicate the patriarchy in Britain– those who think Britain remains a sexist society where women are oppressed – believe that if they import foreign men who really do believe that women are second class citizens, then victory is theirs? The feminists really believe this.

Amazingly, not only will Everyday Sexism disappear (that is the imaginary stuff) actual sexism will disappear too because of the outreach all these feminists are going to do.

It has been so successful so far, no? We don’t have any more FGM since we passed that law? And there are no more forced marriages? And young girls in Rotherham are not systematically abused by older Muslim men?

Oh no, hang on – we still have all of that stuff. "There are an estimated 137,000 women and girls living with the physical and psychological scars of FGM in England and Wales." And the feminists are going to risk even more of it just to oppose conservatives.

Feminists want mass immigration because conservatives don’t. This opposition is reason enough for them to throw all British women under a bus. See, I told you – feminists don’t actually like women.

It would be funny if it were not so serious. But it is serious, deadly serious. The feminists need to wise up as on their grand plan they will no longer be worried about “Chore Wars” or builders whistling at them.

They are about to experience real sexism and a patriarchy controlled by men who don’t read much Salon or The Guardian. And it will be a very different world to the one they imagine.


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Laura Perrins

  • Liberanos

    It can’t be a crime if it’s in the koran. And it is.

    • Alexsandr

      and wife rape, and beating your wife. and having sex with very young girls. and thighing (or mufa’khathat young children and even infants. or murdering your daughters because they reject an arranged marriage. or chucking acid in her face. or the inequitable islamic devorce in sharia courts. but the fems done want to talk about these issues do they.

      useless bints.

  • Lisa

    Just how long do these dopey bints think it took to Western culture to afford women an equal footing? And ours is a society already relatively ahead of the game due to it’s Celtic background where rights for women and female strength and leadership were common-place. The Islamic world however is notable for its long history of male supremacy and that’s without any notion of the chivalric gent to soften the discrimination. The irony of feminism having empowered and given a disproportionate voice to women who have no political sense or notion responsibility to those they govern. You are correct when you say they do not care about women. They do not care about anyone – power to them is a platform to prattle on about their myopic concerns and nothing more.

    • Genie Balham

      Nice to see another commenter mentioning Celtic heritage and the role of women within it.

  • Dave

    “Jess Phillips MP thinks that what happened in Cologne, a planned and systematic sex attack on hundreds of German women, happens in Birmingham city centre on any given Friday night.”

    Well to be fair Birmingham is full to the brim with the same kind of people as were active in Cologne so maybe she’s right. However, I’m surprised that she vocalised this reality – Labour MPs prefer to keep a lid on such matters and let them continue without too much attention being drawn to them, exactly as they did in Rotherham.

    On the other hand, maybe she’s just stupid…..

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      “…[M]aybe she’s just stupid…..” Heinlein’s Razor: “Think ‘stupidity’ before ‘malice,’ but absent good reason to do so, never rule out ‘malice’.” Perhaps there’s good reason to do so?

  • Dave

    “Mass immigration is – and I heard this on Woman’s Hour – an opportunity no less to teach these men about gender equality. It is true, the feminists think they can civilise radical Islamists in their hundreds of thousands.”

    A laudable aim I’m sure. How about they do a “proof of concept” using the 2.7million Muslims already here? It should be a piece of cake surely? The head of this patriarchy died about 1400 years ago so he’s no real competition. I am a bit surprised that the feminists haven’t applied themselves to this situation before now, however…..

  • News

    Brilliant piece.

    I wonder how long it will take for Jess Philips to realise she made a mistake. That’s an important yardstick on which we should judge any politician. The mean time to correcting a mistake.

    The problem with many politicians is that they stay in denial for ever. Currently, Jess Philips is in denial about events in Cologne because it doesn’t fit in with her view of the world. However, if she adapted, in recognition of the facts, i’d respect her. At the moment, she seems to be intent on reshaping the facts to fit her view of the world.

    She sees the world though virtuous reality goggles. (I thought virtual reality technology was going to be dangerous enough, but virtuous reality is an even bigger nightmare)

    • Dave

      If she ever reads her twitter feed she must have got the message. She was crucified by some and derided by others.

    • Earthenware

      She’ll never realise that she’s made a mistake because to do that would require subjugating emotion to reason and, as a feminist, that’s something she cannot do or her entire world view would collapse.

  • Dave

    “Feminists want mass immigration because conservatives don’t.”

    No, they want mass immigration because they are really a front group for the Labour Party, with their polemics funded by the Labour Party, the Unions and the Guardian newspaper.

    In 1945 Labour got 12million votes, all from white folk, but in 2015 they only got 10 milllion votes of which 5million votes were from white people. So basically they need to get 6 million votes from ethnic minorities and currently they are only managing 5million – they could do with another 1 million immigrants. Feminists are supporting the Labour cause – more foreign voters using Labour to vote themselves the hard-earned wealth of Europeans. Same scam being run by the left all over the Western world.

    The left really are a busted flush running on a mythology created from lies and it really is way past time that people of European descent wised up to their lies, took power away from them and seize back control of their own homelands.

    • Bonce

      And I see Yvette Balls Cooper and Harriet PIE Harman have still not taken one single young male fake refugee into their 6 bedroom main house or the 5 bedroom weekend cottage.

  • Odo Saunders

    It has been obvious for many years that the feminist movement is not really interested in protecting the rights and interests of women. Their campaign has really been a facade to impose a rigidly left-wing system upon the people of this country. Did we hear much noise from them over the abuse committed by Asian men against defenceless young white girls in Rotherham and Oxford? Come to think of it, we did not hear any sounds of protest from the noisy female BBC presenters, who are normally so keen to foister their views onto the unfortunate British public through the airwaves. All the main political parties appear to have little interest in supporting the intersts of white working class women.

    • ColTPride

      “the feminist movement ” – a vehicle used by ambitious unprincipled women with a high self-opinion of themselves and their self-righteousness to create and advance careers and enrich themselves.

      • DWWolds

        A high self-opinion of themselves and little or no ability to survive in the real world where the rest of have to earn a living.

      • fallstein

        Some say votes fer wimmin were a mistake.
        Some think shoes fer wimmin were a bad move.

  • Polly Radical

    Will these new arrivals also be educated on LGBT rights? How will that fit with their existing beliefs?

  • bobo

    Trevor Phillips said a few days ago that expecting Muslims to discard some of their more antithetical cultural paradigms in order to integrate more effectively with Western Society would be ‘disrespectful’.

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      The NERVE of expecting guests to respect the house rules of their host! Well, I never! What is this world coming to, when, like a publican, nations start to expect that the guests shall comport themselves to what’s expected of them, or be flung out onto the pavement!

      • fallstein

        we can respect their multi-culti rules.
        Lets start with the time honoured tradition of the separation of their meat and two veg…..

  • Tony Walker

    Everyone knows this is about votes for the Labour party, and the eventual Islamisation of Britian (and Europe). It will start with Khan’s Mayoralty of London, and eventually every other major city in the UK. If the forces of Islam are being actively pushed forward by non-Muslims, what chance do we have?

  • Jack Robert

    It was said that most of the people that did that in Cologne where Moroccan and Kurdish men, the law of that we should be using is their own, which means death

  • jimmy

    A brilliant articles that goes to the heart of a very important truth – feminists do not like and indeed often despise women. Feminism is a tiny clique of strident wealthy women who demand other women endure all the problems of feminism, the broken families, the undermining of society and indeed the working in day care centres to look after the children of feminists who pursue their “careers” while the feminists swan around telling everyone else how bad white men are. (You’ll note they won’t give up the use of iphones, aeroplanes, modern antibiotics, hospitals, the plentiful food from modern agriculture, the internet, cars and trains – none of which would exist without the white man.)

    And when push came to shove, when dozens of women were being attacked in Germany, feminists turned the other way. The Guardian tried to bury the story, refusing to mention it for over a week, closing discussions where it was brought up and eventually allowing a couple of women to write about it who admitted that they didn’t want to write about it because it upset the narrative that mass immigration is “enriching” us and that all white men are bad. The odious Laurie Penny said that what really made her mad was not the rape of women but that white men were “exploiting” the situation to be anti-Moslem.

    Not only did it provide insight into feminist contempt for women it also showed us the solution. Most women would be better off under a patriarchal system. A system where fathers guarded their daughters and then husbands did the same. It was just those type of men who warned months in advance that allowing another million Arabs and Africans into Europe would imperil some women. They were right, the feminists were wrong. Of course women in general would be happier under a patriarchy, able to devote themselves to family life. Where once women would devote themselves to serving their husband, i.e. a man who loves them and cares for her and stays until the day he dies, feminism means women now serves another man, i.e. the boss at work, who couldn’t care less about them and will fire them when needed. Feminism means women give the best years of their life to that man. Of course a tiny handful of women enjoy their careers. If you’re a highly paid auto cue reader or some kind of activist for a feminist “charity” giving talks in 5 star hotels maybe it all really does seem rewarding. For most women their work means going to a call center or factory, being a cleaner, working in a warehouse or supermarket. Many of those things make sense for a very young woman but she should be allowed to get married young and then stop working and devote herself to raising her children – feminist has made that so much harder. Only two generations ago it was soemthing almost every woman got to experience. And it has all been traded in for the “right” to be promiscuous when young and then have a career and then be miserable when old. Feminism really has been terrible for women.

    So feminism destroys happy families and even undermines society itself. Feminists almost all welcomed the invasion last summer and will always do so. It’s a peculiar thing to consider (and indeed seems unfair on the writer of this article who clearly is logical but we have to deal with the big picture) that women would be safer if they weren’t allowed to vote as they consistently vote in higher numbers for pro immigration parties. Women have many qualities – especially compassion. That is what drives those beautiful young girls onto the streets in Germany waving banners saying “refugees welcome”. That quality drove Merkel to abandon all logic and react to one photo of a drowned child by sacrificing the safety of Europe’s women. I am afraid though that emotion and compassion aren’t enough – we need policy built of logic and reason, abstract concepts that appeal far more to men than women. Such policies would say that whatever else we must preserve our society, defend our borders. Of course a small number of women think like that but often don’t vote that way. Women have voted to destroy the very society that gave them freedom and safety. I suspect future historians will conclude that allowing women to vote not only doomed the west but in particular meant a far less safe future for women. Of course feminists would say that is terrible but then again feminists say that women being raped is a price worth paying for the enrichment of immigration. Men should stand up and start protecting our women, saving them from their own worst instincts, whether that be promiscuity when they are 18 or voting for open borders when they are older. Men built civilisation then women got the benefits and I am sad to say many are undermining it. When civilisation and law and order are gone we will all be worse off.

    • Dave

      Feminists are like ethnic minorities. They hate the white European “patriarchy” but always seem to be looking for ways to climb up its spine by the fastest possible route. They never say “Well European males are awful people and the society they have created is evil. We’ll create a wholly new society that is better and we’ll create it from the bottom up.”

      • grutchyngfysch

        One cannot help but note that the old white European patriarchy would have taken short shrift with any man who accosted women so brazenly.

        A neutered society in every sense of the phrase.

        • Andrew

          Contrariwise, there have been numerous incidents of minorities being being punished for crimes that they may or may not have committed but were judged guilty by virtue of being a minority. Notably, there have been places and times where accusing a coloured man of raping a white girl had much the same effect as accusing a Christian of blasphemy in a Muslim country – immediate hue and cry where the accusation was taken as proof of guilt.

          In the case of sexual abuse, I’m not against the punishment; just cautioning that we must ensure that the accused are actually guilty before applying it. (PS: this doesn’t just apply to minorities)

          • grutchyngfysch

            Well yes, I suppose we must take into account the possibility that hundreds of women experienced mass hysteria in Cologne and conjured from their neurotic and subliminally racist minds a ravening horde of barbarian gropers specially blacked up to pander to the tabloid mentality of our age.

            And once we’ve done considering that possibility, we can return to wondering whether or not there might have been a time when the response to such an outrage would have been more robust than it has been now.

  • Jenny L

    A very, very good article. Thank you.

  • Dave

    Can you find any links to feminist writers in the media that have wholly condemned what happened without saying “all men are the same” or similar?

    • NeoCon without the Con

      This might be on topic:
      “I’m a fan, Jess Phillips, but please admit you’re wrong on Cologne sex attacks and violence against women”

      But seeing as you ask, most men (or indeed women) are fairly similar. It is civilisation and the nature of that civilisation which moderates (or not) their behaviour.

      • Alexsandr

        im a bloke. i have managed to avoid groping a woman in public over nearly 60 years. its part of upbringing. you respect others.

        • fallstein

          I too confess am a bloke.
          The worst kind in fact:
          Middle Aged
          Grammar School Educated to RG Degree level in STEM subjects
          High rate tax payer
          Married and in Work for 35 years+
          Never beaten my wife with a stick (no thicker than my thumb says Mo -PBUH)
          Never forced my unwanted attentions on her
          Never got a 2nd or 3rd younger model.
          I can see why I am hated and despised by the TurboLesbos.

          • NeoCon without the Con

            Good man!

            I hope that you have been blessed with many children.
            I’m busy ‘doing’ my bit too 🙂

            Let’s not forget that it is the lack of children which may well be the demise of the “Western Liberal Democracies”. It is a major reason why Angela Merkel inadvertently invited the Cologne animals into her country.

            There are a bunch of reasons for the failing birth rate. A semblance of women’s equality (my definition of feminism, but not necessarily yours) is indeed one or the reasons. Feminism/equality is the stated target of this website and most of it’s commenters share this “autistic focus”

            Mr.fallstein, you sound quite like a perfect man ……except maybe for the persecution syndrome.
            I’m sure “TurboLesbos” exist but they are in a small minority.

        • NeoCon without the Con

          Like I said “civilisation and the nature of that civilisation”

          One should not groping a woman in private either ……at least not without a good degree of consent 🙂

  • A Nonymouse

    This is just natural selection at work. The feminists will end up getting raped and murdered. Question is: Are you going stop them arranging for it to happen to you as well?
    It is, quite literally, your funeral if you don’t.
    Asking nicely won’t work. Freezing them out won’t work. Writing articles in ConWoman won’t work. None of your normal female-female control techniques will work. You are going to have to march, shout and vote to make it happen. Action is your only option.

    • Larry Bond

      I’m in Düsseldorf at the moment & spend a lot of time in Germany. There’s a temporary refugee shelter over the road & 100s of Muslims & Africans in the area. I’m not denying what happened in Cologne was terrible but would like to say I’ve never seen or heard about anybody locally pestering or attacking women. It’s very peaceful. Some sort of objective study would be great.

      • A Nonymouse

        I have another friend in Germany,in a small village in the centre of Germany, who also has no problems, but does not as yet have any migrants.
        OTOH, I have been in several Northern English cities with high muslim counts, and the atmosphere is absolutely toxic, with deep divisions within the muslim communities as well as outside them. Unreported/unactioned crime is rife, and the authorities have their heads in the sand as deep as they can bury them. Equally, in the South West, there are no problems at all, but then there are no muslims at all either.
        The MSM is now completely untrustworthy, so it’s very difficult to get a clear picture. One just has to go with anecdotal evidence.

        • Larry Bond

          You are basing your thinking on the premise that there are problems when there are Muslims. I just don’t think we have enough evidence to do that. Mostly from a Turkish background, there are literally 1000s of Muslims in the area I’m in now. It’s just everyday life here, no sign of any crime, women & children strolling about relaxed. That said, what happened on 31 Dec does point to some huge problem & I’m not dismissing people’s concern: I feel them myself.

  • Maximum Overdrive

    They simply don’t care about anything but destroying traditional western society.
    Cultural marxism über alles.

  • Phil R

    Great article

    I never understood why the feminist and leftwing constantly wanting to import more people who will not tolerate for an instant the feminists or leftwing.

    I still don’t understand why

    • Dave

      They are being manipulated by American neo-cons that want war in the ME because they have a grudge against Saudi Arabia and Iran, and Zionists that have realised that the only way a country of 6 million Jews can survive being surrounded by 500million Arabs that detest them is if somebody turns the whole region to glass around them. The carrot these two groups are using to manipulate the left is the prospect of Labour being in power for every based on the votes of Muslims, even though this has never worked in the past and would require an Islamic population so great that they would attempt to take over likely leading to civil war (but then that’s exactly what the powers behind the scenes want – civil war leading to outright hatred of Muslims leading to world war against the ME)

  • LewisDuckworth

    Rather than import more misogynist gropers*. I’d very much prefer us to arrange the export of Jess Phillips and other feminist dimwits – this way they could still get to mix with the “Colognists”.

    *actually, they go much further than merely groping

  • Stay Puft

    So called feminists are nothing of the sort. As this article states, they base their decisions on whether it stands in opposition to what conservatives want.

    This reached its hilarious apotheosis when Corbyn failed to appoint many women to his shadow cabinet. All of a sudden, the Labour sisterhood had a change of heart about the importance of having lots of women in the cabinet. Despite all the howls of outrage about the make-up of Cameron’s government in its early days and the endless interviews and speeches and guest editorials about what a sexist Cameron was and how typical of the Tories it was not to have more women in the cabinet, suddenly that went right out the window as soon as Comrade Corbyn was the one in the firing line. Now the line being touted was that it was important to appoint the best people regardless of gender. The Corbynista feminists couldn’t openly acknowledge the possibility that their hero may actually be a sexist dinosaur of the old trade union “beer and sandwiches” type who prefers to be around fellow male comrades. Instead they very easily and comfortably abandoned all their feminist principles to say leave poor Jeremy alone, so what he hasn’t appointed many women? It’s the ability that matters, not gender!

    And now, satire dies as feminists declare that muslim men respect women and the ones who don’t only groped and assaulted and raped because they’re traumatised by what the big bad evil West has done to the middle east and therefore it’s actually all our fault that 1000 muslim men felt they had no choice but to sexually harass hundreds of German women.

    • fallstein

      The Feminazis have their panties in a cleft over this
      On the one hand, they wish to be Gaurdianistas over open borders and lefty ideals over virtue signalling and so called anti-racism.
      On the other , they cannot deal with the fact that islam is a dark age mysogenistic religion that condones the rape and sexual slavery of kuffar women and the extermination of the other people of the book.
      Oh dear…..
      Those nice big, fit, young white boys in Europe and of military age may just be needed after all….
      How embarrassing for the FemDoms…..

      • Neil2

        That is the massive irony of their stance. When the rape jihad REALLY begins to bite it is the very men they have been denigrating for years that they will expect to protect them.

  • Stay Puft

    The Guardian’s resident feminists said what happened in Cologne is the West’s fault because we traumatised the men with our foreign policy and they deal with it by raping women. I wish I could say I was making it up but the left in the UK really are that deranged.

    • Genie Balham

      But did you read the comments below the articles? The Guardian commenters completely rebuffed the articles (6000 comments on one article alone and almost entirely negative) and derided the Guardian for its editorial line. The Guardian commenters are strongly anti-rape.

      • Stay Puft

        Makes a change that even they’re sick of the Guardian’s deranged apologetics.

        • chebstop larrig

          the guardian is an utter toilet. it has a pretty orwellian censorship system that moderates certain things it wants to show you it moderates and then outright deletes and removes all trace of comments and users it wants censored, giving you a false impression of what is not allowed and entirely omits opinions of worth.

          as someone who would vote corbyn were he anti EU but would probably vote corbyn anyway if the other choice is osborne or boris i’m just letting you know that the guardian is utter trash written by idiots.

      • Scorpion DeRooftrouser

        Pity they’ve been no-platformed then. The Guardian isn’t interested in what its readers think, only in what it wants them to think.

  • Stay Puft

    Scientist wears shirt that has cartoons of women in bikinis.

    Howls of outrage by feminists force him out of his job.

    1000 muslim men rampage through a city groping and raping women.

    Feminists suddenly go mute.

    Satire is officially dead.

    • jimmy

      Indeed. And more than just going mute feminists actively colluded in trying to cover up the crimes. The Guardian suppressed the story for over a week while running article after article from shrieking feminazis and pathetic feminine men condemning a cricket player for “sexism” after he tried to chat up a woman presenter. Leading feminists openly said that what really worried them wasn’t women being assaulted but that white men were being anti-Islam.

      Feminists deserve to have that first week of 2016 forever thrown in their faces whenever they call a conservative person “sexist” or misogynist. Especially as it was conservative men who predicted the whole mess months before, who were then smeared as “racist” and “sexist” and who, had they been listened to, would have in fact protected the women who the feminists were willing to sacrifice at the altar of political correctness.

    • fallstein

      the gropers of peace….

      • Airey Belvoir


  • You see, these poor, benighted, dark -skinned races have never been exposed to the civilising influences. Simply open their eyes to their ignorance, and immediately, they will appreciate the inherent superiority of the European way of life, and stop groping women.

    It’s nor racist and condescending if it comes from a leftie.

  • fallstein
  • Whitestones

    At the stroke of midnight, 31st December 2015, feminism was exposed for what it really is. The silence of the sisters over what had occurred all over Europe during the New Year celebrations laid bare their true agenda.
    Every time one of them opens their mouth to bleat about the latest slight they have fabricated, they should be reminded of this, and the shame of their silence made to haunt them.

  • Neil2

    The problem is that the strident feminists that make the news are not so much FOR women as AGAINST civilised white men. They are basically misandrists, not feminists

  • Thomas Katz

    “It would be funny if it were not so serious. But it is serious, deadly serious”.
    It is also sad, not only for women, sad for everyone that closed their eyes and let this happen, sad that the blame lies with a once great Labour party, that encouraged the savages in.

    It is as though the Liberal Elite that have infiltrated our Government didn’t have Mothers, because if they had they would care for, and respect women

  • I am a middle class, white, male and so according to wimmin, have nothing worth saying or more to the point listening to. I do however have a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter and, nieces and I for one am extremely worried that I can’t protect them all. I have racked my brains trying to understand the thinking behind this idiocy, and the only answer that I can come up with is that they haven’t thought about it at all. Just for the record, if women/girls knew the true figures of lone females that are assaulted by taxi drivers of a certain type, they would never ever travel alone in a taxi again.

  • Colonel Mustard

    Well, one of the quaint old traditions of “patriarchy” was also the rigidly taught code for gentlemen to protect women and to be courteous towards them. That apparently was also a patronising exercise of power and is now rejected, the baby well and truly thrown out with the bathwater. But it is not credible for feminists to ignore the reality of that code in their agenda to demonise men today.

  • Count Spencer

    “whom represent a real threat to British women of all races and creeds”
    True, to a certain extent, however, it is worth noting that the inter racial rape statistics in USA show that white women are much more likely to be raped by a person of colour than a women of colour is to be raped by a white man.
    I think the ratio is over 1000:1
    I doubt the situation is much better in Europe.

  • jazz606

    Great post Laura, I always enjoy hearing from real women.

  • chebstop larrig


  • DollarPound

    Feminists need these men.
    Because they need something real to protest about.
    The current situation in Britain does not justify the existence of a feminist movement.
    Without real injustice, who will employ these women to make their protests?

  • Farelle

    still less girls abused by muslims than by catholics, should we boot them out as well? Oh and we could look at the protestant churches while we are at it, especially the one who do not believe rape exists.

    • Count Spencer

      You need to become more wise and understand that it is the marginal propensity of certain ethnicities to commit certain crimes, or else remain pig ignorant for the rest of your simple life.