So how is that whole sexual revolution working out, then? I like to ask this question now and again because to listen to the feminists who started the revolution you would think it was the end of days.

No sooner had the Harvey Weinstein scandal confirmed what we had known for some time, namely that predatory sexual behaviour went unchecked in Hollywood, than social media was flooded with testimony that sexual harassment was everywhere.

It is true that the Hollywood casting couch was around a long time before the 60s (I am not suggesting that it was not) but I thought the great revolution was supposed to fix it.

I thought the great sexual revolution would do at least three things: 1) stop the objectification of women; 2) reduce pornography, and 3) liberate women to be just like men.

So how is it going? The objectification of women seems to continue, according to the feminists, even if it is women exploiting their own sexual capital for financial gain. The Mayor of London is going to ban advertisements of women in bikinis on the Tube. Mary Whitehouse would be proud.

As for pornography – let me introduce you to the internet. Rape culture is endemic, we are told. At every university, in every workplace, in every home, on every bus lurks a man waiting, just waiting to harass, sexually assault, or rape you. #MeToo is the hashtag that tells us that I too have been harassed. What they really mean is, #Lookatmetoo.

Yet, at the same time as decrying this epidemic of sexual assault or worse (and I can’t tell for sure who is right and who is wrong), the feminists rules that govern sexual behaviour are simple, or simply dreadful, depending on your view.

In fact, there is only one principle and it is this: as long as there is consent, you are good to go. The consent must be real, cannot be coerced or tricked, but consent is all you need.

There is no morality other than consent and ‘health and safety’. Make sure the sexual intimacy is sterile and safe, then be on your way. You don’t even have to know his or her name.

This amoral nightmare is against the background of a hyper-sexualised culture that displays a fair amount of soft pornography. We bring up kids in this culture and then give them the following rules:

  • Consent is all that matters along with health and safety;
  • We can all get as drunk as we like;
  • Tinder hook-ups are awesome;
  • One night stands are also awesome;
  • Adultery, so long as it is consensual, also fine; threesomes are liberating;
  • Drunken consensual threesomes mean you are smashing the patriarchy;
  • Men and women are exactly the same, and have exactly the same sex drive;
  • Men are in no way to be protective towards women as that is patronising and ‘putting her in a gilded cage’,
  • Because men and women are exactly the same, there is no such thing as taking advantage of anyone – there is either consent or rape;
  • There is nothing special about the sexual act. It is ‘just sex’;
  • Female modesty should be scorned and was only ever a means of controlling women.

In other words, the cultural Left and some feminists do not really believe that there are men and women. They believe there are machines and once given the right formula or program via sex education, or the re-education camp, or whatever the latest scheme is, everything will be fine. Nirvana is near. Only we never quite reach that Nirvana, do we?

So why all the harassment, ladies (if I may call you ladies)? Why the rape culture? If the Left has had the culture for the last 50 years, and all you have produced is rape culture and pornography, then what does that tell you?

It tells us that you failed. You didn’t have a plan when you decided to tear down all the old traditions. Now look at you, with your rape culture and your #MeToo and your Harvey Weinstein.

A pervert in a dressing gown is celebrated as a great civil rights activist. There is at least a dodgy guy in the Oval Office to follow on from the other, very dodgy guy in the Oval Office. And we are awash, positively swimming, in pornography. The abortion rate is off the scale.

And you think this can be fixed with some hashtag? Really, that’s the plan? That plan is even dumber than the first plan. Leftists, it’s time to put your hands up and say, we are sorry we didn’t know what we were doing, please can someone help us before all is lost. Because you really lost this one, didn’t you? And now the rest of us have to live with it.


  1. “In fact, there is only one principle and it is this: as long as there is consent, you are good to go. The consent must be real, cannot be coerced or tricked, but consent is all you need.

    There is no morality other than consent…”

    Unfortunately, this hits the nail on the head. More terrifying is that consent is also in the requirement in the legal distinction between right and wrong, and so with an ever increasing number of people, especially young people, thinking that as long as it’s consensual (and – at least for now – adding that those under 16 cannot consent) then there is nothing wrong with it, but that there are only differences in taste, morality in this area is shifting towards what is set by the state. In effect, it is immoral if you end up in a prison cell, moral if you don’t.

    Gone is the idea that there is good, bad, and illegal; now there is only legal and illegal. Instead of meeting with criticism, people are now met with either willful indifference or a knock on the door. The category of “bad” has been eroded on either side into almost complete non-existence (adultery is now a matter of choice, not morals. “We have consented to an open relationship, so it is fine”, “We haven’t, so it isn’t”).

    It seems the same is going on with speech. Gone are the days when someone can be labeled rude; now they have engaged in “hate speech”, and there are increasing moves to make this illegal. On the other side, profanities seem to be far more widely accepted in public discourse.

    Is it simply that the law is coming to more accurately represent social morality, or should we be more worried that people are abandoning (Christian) ideas of right and wrong, and instead listening to the state for what to do and what not to do? Have we really been liberated from stuffy old social mores, or are we simply marching towards more state control as it expands to fill the void left behind?

    • Adultery has always been a matter o’ choice….people choose to do the horizontal two-step (or engage in Ugandan discussions if you prefer) with people who they aren’t married to. The law has never defined bad….you’ve either broken it or you haven’t…

      • “matter of choice” – yes in terms of us having free will and personal responsibility for our actions, but in terms of subjective morality (as in we have chosen it to be good/bad), no, this looks to be fairly recent.

  2. Good article. The general theme is of course correct. The “left” is a reckless criminal enterprise. The deep roots of their ‘thinking’ appears to lie in a bizarre conflation of self hate, fear and hubris. Immaturity plays a big part. The left are forever children playing a game without any sense of taking responsibility. Trying to talk to them rationally is of no earthly use because they are pre-programmed with a totalitarian world view. Women are of course big victims of the left in particularly because as you say who could have guessed that removing the status women had previously and reducing them to the equal of the lowest form of man, would not turn out worse for women?

    • This maybe a shocker but from ’45 until the present day, the Blues have been in power for a big chunk o’ the time…. I’m a non-tribal voter…and I reckon there are plenty on the right as well that have no earthly use for rational thinking either….who are incapable of it as it happens. Still that’s tribal thinking for ya…

      • The “Blues” might have been in government but the power has been with the Reds since about 1989 when the Wall came down. Odd coincidence that. . . .

      • You are conflating the government, which as you rightly say has been more Blue than Red, with those in power. The power to control the intellectual climate and ultimately the legislative agenda lies not with the government, which in the UK is the Cabinet; it lies inter alia with the civil service, public sector institutions, teaching unions, academia, the BBC and of course the EU.

        • Precisely. You may recall the euphoria that accompanied the election of the Blair New Labour. This was a reflection that there was perceived to be at last a perfect fit between the elected Gov. and the institutions that “Govern”. certainly from the Thatcher Gov. the institutions that govern our society constantly undermining the elected Gov. Had Blair not waded into an unpopular War and so obviously trashed its “white van” electorate the happy coincidence of Politics and governance would have kept New Labour in power. Of course in the event the Coalition took on the mantle of New Labour. And the current Gov. continues to dance to the technocrats tune, the more so as it has so little political room for manoeuvre.

        • “it lies inter alia with the civil service, public sector institutions, teaching unions, academia, the BBC and of course the EU.” All of which can be adjusted and legislated for or against by HMG if the political will is there.

          • In the UK the government is not the legislature, which is allegedly parliament. The government is supposedly the executive, however European institutions, predominantly the European Commission, have increasingly subsumed both roles.

          • HMG can put legislation before the House…then the morons vote it through…like the Int. Aid Budget law.

      • You are confusing Government with education, society and media. Because governments can create policies that make or break a nation the liberals in society can then use those policies to change society. Government is always behind the curve, reacting to movements in society. The biggest change has been media and education. I remember way back in the 50s when I was 10 yrs old my mother complaining of the tiny bikinis appearing in the media and no one asking where this would lead. Then in the 60s the BBC and media destroyed Mary Whitehouse with many people in the public today being at the front of the queue. She said the same about consequences. And here we are today. No one is saying we should not push boundaries because we should. But there is such a thing as moral decency, argument and consequence. Unfortunately over the last Fifty years the true conservatives have been shouted down and governments have been seduced by the liberal left lobbyists and media.

    • It is always the most vulnerable who suffer from the Left’s social experiments. My friend told me a harrowing story. A gay couple he was friends with adopted a little girl. The gay couple continued to sleep with other people and unsurprisingly broke-up. One of the ‘Daddies’ then became a heroin addict and died.

  3. “…there is either consent or rape…” That is pretty much what the law of the land is and has been for decades through HMGs of all colours….I’m not sure what point the learned author is making with that though.

    • The law might not have changed but the way it is reported, prosecuted and tried has. The left’s agitators are busy agitating for the law to be tailored to their political dogma and the politicians seem all too willing to pander to that.

    • There is also post coital regret where consent is latterly withdrawn and a call of rape made. Todays feminists believe that this constitutes rape when no one sane would believe such a thing.
      There’s also the issue of whom the burden of proof lies. Are men supposed to now carry a consent form women have to sign before sex can legally take place?
      How do you prove whether consent was given when there are only two people present and each are saying opposite things happened.
      It would appear to be considered rape is consent is given but the woman is under the influence of drink or drugs and consents, but later withdraws consent.
      And of course lets not forget the evil feminist view that rape is rape whenever a woman says it is and such a weak and vulnerable victim should not have to face a trial or cross examination of her story, her ‘attacker’ should be immediately jailed and probably castrated just on her say so alone.

      Under these circumstances, can you please define what consent is and how it can be proven to have been given to an evidential standard?

      • “There is also post coital regret where consent is latterly withdrawn and a call of rape made. Todays feminists believe that this constitutes rape when no one sane would believe such a thing.” That’s not a new issue….it’s been around for ages….

        • One of the best known ones was ‘mattress girl’ at Harvard…completely stuffed her former lover’s life on what was later proved to be b t .

          She has made a thriving career out of it however as a , wait for it, a ‘feminist artist’.

          (nearly) only in America….

      • “And of course lets not forget the evil feminist view that rape is rape whenever a woman says it is and such a weak and vulnerable victim should not have to face a trial or cross examination of her story, her ‘attacker’ should be immediately jailed and probably castrated just on her say so alone.” Wow….that’s quite a statement…and to distill it a little…I agree with some of the points you’re making……that the accuser ought to cross examined and that the accused (because of the nature of the crime) ought to be granted anonymity as well. As to consent…the law defines that and the jury in the case weighs up what happened…..

        • “As to consent…the law defines that and the jury in the case weighs up what happened…..”

          Ah well, I took the trouble to look that definition up, and as you might have expected, it’s extremely woolly and ill defined.

          The most worrisome concerns the ability to consent with regard to drugs and alcohol and the lack of a clear definition of what inability actually means.

          Then there’s ‘reasonable Belief’ (consent was given) left to the jury to decide what it is and not defined at all.

          Worth a read.

  4. Thankfully, parents up and down the land see the folly of these “rules”. Their children may even value relationships more than sex.

    …or like the rest of us they’ll learn from their mistakes.

  5. Second wave Feminism was summed up by the phrase ” I am woman hear me roar I am strong I am invincible”
    Todays third wave Feminism summed up with ” I am Woman hear me whine, I am weak, I am vulnerable.”

    It’s sad that so many women have decided that taking a backwards step is a good thing, and that these are alas role models to many.

  6. And we see the result of this with single mums on C4 news who due to some very stupid decision making on their part are “raising” childen and complaining of poverty. They are housed (2 or 3 bed terraced).

    I would say to literally any left wing idea or policy – there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

  7. I think this is a very confused piece. I’ve read it carefully a couple of times and I’m at a loss to understand what point she is making – beyond a strong personal aversion to liberal sexual attitudes. I can’t see how ‘the Left’ – whoever they are – have created a rape culture. There have always been men who have abused their position to prey on vulnerable women. I’ve seen a lot of in my working experience, including a couple of allegations of rape, both women bought off. I’ve always thought it nauseating, and welcome what is happening now, if it in some way helps, make predatory behaviour like this unacceptable.

    • I think Sean that you first need to understand what rape culture is before reading the article to make better sense of it.

      On American campuses especially we see a hugely disproportionate number of claims made by women that they have been raped. If it was to be believed then something very very wrong would have to be wrong with the male students to justify these figures, and so as a consequence of crying wolf most sensible people dismiss this crying wolf. Of course that means that the genuine victims are also denied the belief they need.

      To illustrate the figures being reported, 20% or one in every five women on campus has reported being sexually assaulted or raped, a figure so ludicrously high that any responsible person would immediately wonder what on earth was going on, yet because of the obscene Political Correctness are unable to do so.

      • Except that she isn’t talking about American college campuses. She is talking about Mr Weinstein and the attendant hoopla. So, good of you to tell me what you think, but I’m still struggling to understand the point she is making.

        • I think it is simply that the aim of the left was to dismantle the ‘tradional’ approach to sex, marriage etc in the expectation that the alternative would be better
          It isnt but , in that famous definition of madness, they are pushing for more of what has failed.

          • So all the societal changes that have happened in the last 50 years are down to ‘the left’? My goodness they are powerful.

          • mostly, PC culture is a left thing as is the degradation of marriage and families with the inevitable drift into the state becoming surrogate breadwinner and father.
            I cant think of anything that has gone less regulated, less constrained by the self-worthys in the last 40 years.
            Possible exceptions being the backlash by those pulling Ayn Rand’s cart in the form of brexit and trump.

          • Who are the ‘self worthys’ who are manipulating everyone in the world? Are they Alex Jones’ green lizard space alien illuminati? Sounds a bit like that.

          • Depends on what you are smoking but one of the way you can tell if you have been on a wonderous trip the outer planets is it doesn’t stay that way when you wake next day….

            The fact that you don’t seem to know what we are all talking about suggests that you are not that old?

          • Yes, they are. I have lived through the period. The left have gradually eroded sexual norms. This has led to single parent families – never known in this country prior to the 1980’s. This gives the state more power. The state becomes the missing parent and provides, but the provision leads to dependence and more children in poverty. We used to have social mobility – if you did well at school, no matter your background, you could better yourself. The left dumbed down education through comprehensive education – which is taking everyone down to the same level not striving for the best. Our education system now turns out my grandchildren less educated than me (it astounds me what my granddaughter does not know). Marriage has become a merry go round where you get off at regular intervals, making children’s lives unstable and we now have children’s mental health at risk.
            It was not all a rose garden, but growing up in the 1950’s meant a Mum and Dad, working to make all our lives better. Close family ties to other relatives, stable jobs, limited immigration and community cohesion. Thanks to Tony Blair and the Globalists my grandchildren may well have to live under Sharia law in a cesspit country (or maybe they will just leave the sinking ship).

          • Oddly enough I don’t remember it like that at all. I remember a lot of poverty, and if you failed the 11 plus you didn’t get an education at all. The 50s and 60s were also the decades of mass immigration to the UK from the Indian sub continent and the West Indies – must have slipped your mind. Long before Tony Blair. I don’t think your grandchildren need to worry about Sharia law, but if they are less educated than you then they may have some serious issues.

          • With native birth rate far below replacement and still dropping, while muslim birthrate is 5x higher?

            Cultural marxist lobotomization/indoctrination replaced merit based education, which is why we now have illiterate graduates.

      • I was raped in about 1968 by a non-English person. It was not violent but it was definitely not consensual. My view at the time was that I had been raped, but he was not a rapist. It was miscommunication that was the problem.
        It would probably help everybody is the possibility of rational misunderstanding or miscommunication could be brought into play.

    • There is predatory behaviour on both sides. Women are not sweet little things waiting for the love of their life. They are fully involved in the sexual hedonism of the age. They have always used sex to get ahead, there is nothing new. The problem for men is that women have been given all the options and men are allowed no get outs. When both have had too much to drink and both have decided to go to a bedroom together and jump into bed. Why does it suddenly become rape when she decides she is not interested or has second thoughts the next day. Its her word against his and she put herself willingly into that situation, there should be no case to answer. If she has been attacked on the street or drugged and abducted or her house broken into by a rapist – then it is rape.

  8. I’d have a lot more respect for the victims had they not waited dozens of years before raising the alarm and also if they had not taken career advantage of their Weinstein involvement.
    Hard to decide which one is more vile.

    • I have to admit I am at a loss on how a 10, 20 or even 30+ year old allegation can be turned into ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.

  9. I agree with Laura , who else is responsible for the ‘ hook up culture ‘ that’s replaced courting and romance ? Talk to young people now and stable relationships are not even on their radar .

    • Some of us still want it! Some of us break through the nonsense but it’s difficult out there. Society is not catered towards sensible people who want a family.

  10. “The Mayor of London is going to ban advertisements of women in bikinis on the Tube. Mary Whitehouse would be proud.”

    Are we reallly surprised?

    I have to smile when I think back to the 70’s when the Radio Times was (just about then) worth reading, and the letters page regularly containing missives from earnest socialists that censorship was a capitalist evil and must not be countenanced by the BBC at any price.

    • ‘The Mayor of London is going to ban advertisements of women in bikinis on the Tube. ‘

      …so we inch a little closer to the sharia cliff edge….

  11. Well said Laura. But you know what!! It is us, the sensible majority who have been ridiculed by the liberals who will be left picking up the pieces and putting everything back together. The liberals will be in counselling and rehab, lighting their candles. Only the pieces cannot now be put back together properly. We have a generation, probably two who think divorce, abortion, naked selfies on instagram, lewd acts in front of beautiful, sacred chapels, are perfectly acceptable.

    We have an unholy mess that none of these actresses will want to own up to in case they miss their big chance. At that, at the end of the day is the real problem. Our youngsters have been taught to think of themselves above anyone else, to aschew family and community for five minutes of fame. Until we have the courage and the legal might behind us to close down Hollywood and its ilk, look into the political attachment that the arts industry has to the socialist agenda this will just be swept off the front pages and nothing will change.

    • Not sure we want to close down Hollywood, although I can see where you’re coming from.

      And I’m not sure you’re right about the youngsters. I have a couple of teenage grandchildren, and I come across their friends, and some of them have very deep moral convictions that stem from parents who have much deeper moral convictions than I have, tbh, and they are convictions to do with sexual behaviour, work ethic, etc, that any Edwardian would be proud to own. The kids in question are from prosperous, non-graduate, households. Blue collar, hard working, enterprising, intelligent. (and Leave voters, btw).

  12. I really do think that “Rape Culture” and all the attendant training, education, campaigns is simply trying to put the Genie back in the bottle. Paradoxically for feminists by making men responsible for managing sexual behaviour. Working with Public Health over many years there has been an obvious contradiction. For if sexual expression and behaviours are simple and important expressions of a healthy humanity, so much so that legal constraints on age should be ignored, how is it that sometimes its not good. The “solution” being the idea of “consent” derived from a medical model of conducting a potentially risky procedure. Yet actual feminist campaigning is knee deep in moral outrage, demanding revenge, exhumations of dead “saints” hounding of sex offenders and “kangaroo courts” . Thus in a complete turn around boys and young men are treated as “criminal” rather that in need of learning the social etiquette of forming partnerships, because “criminal” is all we’re left with having eschewed moral or ethical values. While Girls must be all victims, as they just wouldn’t “consent” would they ? Although we’re simultaneously telling them that all sexual experimentation is good and healthy.
    It appears incoherent because it is, because in reality even the sexual liberationist feminists actually believe there should be rules, etiquette rather than total licence. So rules are made law and the police interview boys of six.

    • “While Girls must be all victims, as they just wouldn’t “consent” would they ?”
      I agree on the whole except for this. It’s not that all girls wouldn’t consent – in the sexual revolution they would and be happy. The difficulty is that when they do consent, and feel sad and used, this goes against the sexual revolution, therefore they can’t have ‘really’ consented.
      Evidence is made to fit the theory that no strings sex is wonderful and liberating, rather than looking t the evidence and adjusting the theory. That would, as pointed out in the article, mean a whole lot of people admitting they were wrong.

  13. Rape Culture is now rampant with in excess of five thousand underage white victims of Muslim rapists across the UK.
    Yet still people Vote Labour.

  14. As a woman, I’d love to agree with this article, but apparently that would show that I’m suffering from “internalised misogyny.” It’s not true, of course. I like my fellow women. It’s just the new feminazis I despise.

  15. Virtue is action appropriate to a human being. That action is rationality.

    Virtue has been inverted. Where once it meant ‘manliness’ in a man, it evolved over centuries into ‘chastity’ for a woman.

  16. This is the environment they created and I think secretly are quite happy with as it furthers there goals to paint a small c conservative populace as amoral rapists. More a case of “thou doth protest to much”

  17. That wise man G.K. Chesterton said, “Never take down a fence, until you have found out why it was put up in the first place.”

  18. You are right Laura. But I feel sad for the young people who have been damaged by this ridiculous philosophy. There were 3 young women interviewed on local TV last night who were adamant that they had a right to wander about alone in the early hours drunk and incapable. They have been brainwashed into foolish and dangerous behaviour. No society has or ever has had this freedom. My mother was attacked by a rapist in the 1930’s – it was not in the middle of the night and she was not drunk – she was very unfortunate. She managed to fight him off and run. There will always be dangerous people in our society and you must take responsibility for your safety.
    Today my hairdresser told me she would love to have a lot of children, but that it was not affordable. Around 40 years ago she would be married and well on her way to her family being formed. The feminists have forced women into abandoning motherhood in favour of the workplace and you end up with lonely women in their forties still going out and getting legless in their meaningless lives.

    • Well, they do have that right. They also get to pay for the consequences of that right. All rights have adverse sides, that particular one is rather glaring and expensive both physically and financially, but it is their right, although it is also my right not to feel sorry for them or pay for their recovery.

      • No one has a ‘right’ to it (who and what enforces it?) but they certainly do have the freedom to do so. I much prefer the term ‘freedom’ than rights. Rights always mean it is someone elses duty (the state) to uphold them.

        • I’d call it a right, because who (assuming they are adults) has a right to tell them they can’t? Certainly not the government. Probably not even a husband, really. Nope, it the state’s duty not to infringe rights, it is the citizen’s to uphold them.

          Back in the day, that was basic eighth grade civics.

          • No one is saying they can’t. But when you say people have a right to walk around drunk alone at night then you open the door for state interference. Hence why I prefer the term freedom. That way responsibility remains with the drunk.

    • Hear hear. We the young have to clean up the wreckage of the Boomers all the while being told that we are the worst generation ever. Well they made us. This is a personal issue for me as my parents divorced when I was young due to my Father’s infidelity who then went on to accrue three marriages and three divorces. My Mother, a Catholic – as I am now – God love her stayed true to her vows and didn’t so much as kiss another man. It’s frustrating because society simply doesn’t care about the utter chaos that broken families bring about for children and actually says it’s ‘liberating’. So our misery is someone else’s liberty – someone else who should have known better, an adult. What a selfish bunch they are.

      Society used to go with the grain of human nature but now, since the 60s, everything is up for grabs, this utterly absurd tendency to question everything and have studies to ‘prove’ things that humanity has always known to be true. ‘Study shows that men like pretty women’ – wowza! – ‘groundbreaking study shows that children from broken families are more likely be unhappy and get into crime’ – whhhattttt????? – ‘study shows that having lots of sexual partners makes you less likely to stay married’ – oh my Lord!

      Society nowadays denies self-evident truths because hey everything is true for you man. It’s ludicrous and wicked. Now we like to find the exceptions to the rules and then shove that down everyone’s throats as opposed to building a society that caters to the majority and our basic human nature. We all know that, by and large, men and women are most fulfilled in a happy marriage with children. But because some rancid little playboys wanted to spread their corrupt seed and some self-obsessed harpies wanted to go and ‘have a career’ the basic foundation of the family is disparaged. We all know that men are men and women are women but because there is an infinitesimally small amount of confused individuals who think they are ‘trapped in the wrong body’ we all have to nod along with them and pretend they’re not totally crackers and let them GO INTO THE GIRL’S TOILET. Lunacy! Lunacy!

      This society the Left has built, tearing down everything in some sort of diabolical, ill-thought through, post-modernist pseudo-intellectual ‘hey man I’m groovy and different I don’t care about my children like those squares!’ frenzy is directionless, corrupt and vapid and guess what Lefties: there is a human cost to all your little social experiments.

      Rant over.

      • Well if there are enough ‘young ‘people who see through the deceit of freedom, such as yourself, then there is hope. I can only apologise most profusely for the idiocy of the post war generations who thought they knew it all and knew very little as it turns out. Who thought they had the right to everything without any responsibility?

        • It’s my personal opinion that all of this silliness is the result of Western society “killing” God. If we return to God we may return to some sort of normality. You don’t have to apologise, sometimes things happen that are outside of our control but we can always focus on doing the little things in our lives right.

      • In the60s we thought this sort of stuff was fun to talk about but we didn’t
        realise that some people took it literally.
        It ended up with a 1970s Labour Government giving grants to the
        Pedophile Information Exchange.
        We heading back to the 70s now, thanks to Corbyn’s Labour & cowardly
        politicians of other parties who haven’t the guts to stop corrupt voting

      • Thanks for your reply. I am so glad that young people are beginning to see through the deceit of previous generations. I just pray that there will be a huge upsurge of righteousness and yes, that will only come through a return to Christian faith in the western world. All the corruption, amoral behaviour, hatred of others can only be addressed in a spiritual renewal.

        • Yes I agree 100%. Personally my escape from lefty-liberal hell lead to Catholicism. It’s the logical endpoint once you start realising how corrupt modernity is.

  19. The turmoil of the sexual revolution was always the plan. For the lower classes and the poor. It keeps the equalities industry busy and jobs for social science workers. Prevents upward mobility.

    Note how middle class kids of Leftist are brought up with the type of values that would not be out of place in the 60s suburbs. Happily married by their late twenties with well paid jobs, surprisingly in “tory” private sectors.

  20. Weinstein has simply slept with women wanting to promote themseles in the movies, when old and decrepid they have then rewritten this as ‘rape’.

  21. As I pointed out in my article earlier this week on campus censorship, there seems to an inverse relationship between allegations of sexual harassment and the proportion of male students. The more power the uncompromisingly misandrist feminists get, the more they demand.

  22. The trouble with modern women is that they ask for all that they get: one cannot put it more mildly than that – they are about as stupid as modern teachers. And many of them are women too.

    • If that idea catches on then perhaps it could be extended and they could be taught not to steal, not to stab other people, not to lie, etc. In fact you could probably teach some of those things to women and girls too. Didn’t someone draw up a list of 10 suggestions along those lines once?

    • Hi Fabian.

      Telling people not to smoke worked a treat!

      Tell women not rape, not lie about rape and not to murder children may do some good though.

        • Totally wrong as usual.
          They are commonplace, used to cover a variety of misdeeds carried out by the irresponsible female.

          That’s why nearly half the rape trials end without conviction.

          • Feminism is the very definition of sexism.
            The low conviction rate is due to lack of evidence, very often due to there being no crime committed in the first place.
            This obvious point is one Feminists like yourself refuse to accept as it kicks you victim-Status funding and political power out from under your feet.
            This is why you can’t accept that men suffer too.

            You are fueled by power and greed, nothing more.

          • ‘very often due to there being no crime committed in the first place’ I think we can all agree that the crime of rape is notoriously difficult to prove – what evidence do you have that low conviction rate is ‘very often’ due to a false allegation, malicious or otherwise?

            In Keir Starmer’s 2013 report into conviction rates for rape he notes there had been 5,651 convictions for rape over the previous 17 months, but only 35 prosecutions for false allegations.

            As for men suffering, that much is obvious. Any victim of abuse will have to live with the terrible physical and psychological effects. But it it’s also worth noting in terms of ‘rape culture’ and the feminist dialectic that over 99 percent of convicted sex criminals are men. Institutional bias on an industrial scale? Or a very real, very male problem?

          • We’ve seen a few examples of men suffering in exactly that way in the news in recent years.

            Young men are also victims of the sexually irresponsible culture of recent generations.

          • I see that you belong to the “guilty until proven innocent” point of view. I’m not surprised.

            For that matter, I suspect that you belong to the “guilty even if proven innocent” P. O. V.

          • I thought you were just a nasty, sexist piece of work, but you’re worse – you’re round the twist.

        • but very, very damaging.

          ‘matress girl’ managed to create an entire career out of unfounded allegations and outright lies.

          Harvard paid up about their part in supporting the allegations, she hasnt…at least yet anyway.

          I’m wondering if her victim isnt waiting for her to get rich enough to sue…he has ample proof..

        • I may tell you, from bitter experience, that false allegations are not nearly so rare as you might think. Considering that those who perpetrate false allegations are very rarely punished, there is no legal mechanism in force to discourage a malicious individual from launching a false allegation.

    • A good start would by suppressing an alien culture that even
      has it own schools in the UK & which encourages rape, especially
      of young girls, little more than children.

      • You are right. I have lately been reading about an alien culture and am horrified at the unbridled lust which is allowed, nay, encouraged, within it..

    • Everyone knows not to rape, like they know not to murder, steal or lie. Yet some still do, just like some women still throw newborns in rubbish bins, do women need to be taught not to do that? What do you think happens eventually when you do not differentiate between those who do and do not rape, when there is no appreciation for good behavior.

  23. ‘Rape culture’, figuratively is a minefield, dare to walk it, slip and nobody will venture in to pick up the pieces.

    Man is a beast, some are more beastly than others. All sexual drive is innate and comes from some very basal machinery, namely the Hypothalamus in the Limbic system and controlling that is sometimes a very great challenge for some, more especially when a brain is wrongly wired. It may be, how and about what you are taught. Whatever anyone does in life unless you are asexual, he or she must practice a certain repression of desire, some are far more modest in their needs and some clearly are not, some believe that their own particular cult gives them the right to select whosoever they chose, consent and permission not required.

    Desire, power, craving, submission, greed, lust, debauchery and sin, mankind is good at all of these what he is not so good at; decency, propriety, chastity because you genuinely have to work at the latter.
    It would take a book to list the malignancy and annotate the calumny of the Critical Theorists but I would lay that, the mines were planted in the late 40’s and 50’s [20’s and 30’s in Cambridge and Oxford] and coming to fruition during the 60’s and Wilson’s social engineers. But also that, the tories were no much better and heavily bought into all of the social poisons of Alinsky et al [ref; ‘dope not soap’ member = dave, major, Theresa May].
    Ted, took us all into the formative superstate and given free rein, the Frankfurt School never looked back. What has been visited on western society is utter confusion, ethics out of the window, ‘battle of the sexes’, nations rent asunder, division, amorality and open season – that’s what the left does, it blows up social cohesion by enforcing identity politics and encouraging rampant concupiscence – is just part of it.

  24. Top class article.

    I really like Laura Perrin.But can I even say that? Because I’m a bloke,middle aged and white.

    But Mrs.Perrin like all real women know how to handle themselves and idiots who try it on with them.

    That’s why I married a real woman.A woman with brains,beauty guts and determination.But these so called feminist types sound like machines that are primed to scream rape when a bloke walks passed them.

    And another thing.They sound really,really boring.

  25. If you teach young people that sex is simply another recreation along with the computer games and football matches, then don’t complain that the end result is a complete loss of respect and decency among people. Religion is decried because it teaches that control, sin and decency matter. The left Liberal clique teach that anything goes we can all procreate like rats, so don’t complain when people behave more like rats and less like human beings. This is what the left Liberals wanted, a degenerate society, so suck it up.

    • Personally I think that maintaining an healthily active sex life discourages rape not the opposite. Although not an expert I would imagine that most rapists are warped and frustrated individuals, whom, if they enjoyed a rewarding and satisfying love life, would be very unlikely to attempt to force or coerce others into involuntary sexual activity.

      • And how does anyone maintain healthy sex life when saying hi, let alone any flirting is now harrassment and cause for #metoo membership?

  26. Pretty daft all in all but at least not dumb enough to blame “feminists” for encouraging rape.

    Which is nice.

    • So the churches rape culture is imaginary then. In fact rape culture is imaginary because most people are disgusted by and do not condone pederasty by priests or anyone else. Feminists insisting we live in a rape culture means we normalize and support, instead of punish rapists.

  27. It is exactly as feminists want, now accusing all men collectively of being guilty and showing no appreciation of those who do nothing wrong. This turns our respect into resentment (for the non sycophant men). For feminists treating all women as victim and all men as guilty, needing to make amends is another step toward full male enslavement.

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