Last Saturday, Laura Perrins took to the airwaves to question the British Museum’s step into the world of children’s sex education.

Unwitting parents hoping to give their kids some half term culture risked confronting them with an ‘ancient civilisation sexhibition’  instead. The BM, in its wisdom, is ‘supporting’ schools sex and relationship education with erotic tips from ancient cultures – Greeks to  Aztecs – whichever best backs up the on-message, contemporary PHSE themes of:

Pornography and consent (Japan, ancient Egypt and Greece)

Body image (ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt)

LGBT (India, ancient Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome)

Gender and transgender identity (Africa, India and the Aztecs)

This is the programme that BBC Radio 4’s PM chose to interpret as how ‘pots, paintings, and other erotica can help children understand the sex lives of the ancients and better understand themselves’.

Guest Rowan Pelling, former editor of the Erotic Review, enthused about the project. It made sex such a delightful thing and that’s how children should understand it. Fortunately, Laura was there to put her right, in a ‘marvellous, countercultural contribution’.

As one fan wrote: “I can’t remember, in years of listening to the BBC’s output, such a succinct condemnation and exposure of the failure of the post-Christian, sexually amoral society; the threat it poses to the most vulnerable and the sheer misery it causes.”

If you would like to enjoy Laura taking on Rowan Pelling, listen in from 24 minutes into the programme.


  1. Just one more little step on the “Long March”. They’ll soon be there and able to put their feet up…

    • With All those jobs created and based on the fallout of today’s “sex education” they have only begun, and it will generations before even the most conservative government could undo it.

  2. The children would be forgiven for thinking the museum authorities wish the British to become just another ‘ancient culture’, which can be exhibited along with the rest.

    • Gyorgy Lukacs, the Hungarian commissar who had such influence on education during the communist government of Bela Kun, and who worked so hard to destroy Christian Culture and morality through the destruction of the family and promiscuity, would have loved it.

        • Yes, he and his like and those in charge of our cultural offerings have so much in common.

          • Well, he executed 8 of his own men whilst political commissar in the army and supported some of the vilest dictatorships in European history. A lovely man indeed.

          • I can’t find any reference to what they did to get executed, so I couldn’t possibly comment as to the justice of it all

          • Nothing done at the behest and for the Communist dictatorship, so heroically resisted by the Hungarian people in 1956, was ‘just’.

    • I blame that miserable old cove St, Paul myself. The silly sex-morality of Paul has brought discredit upon the whole Gospel in my opinion. Paul was obviously impotent, boasting that he had no sexual desires, wished that all men were even as he was in this respect, just as the fox in the fable who had lost his tail, wished that all other foxes should be mutilated in the same way in order to attain his perfection. The Christian church offers two things: the spirit of Jesus and the idiotic morality of Paul, rejecting the highest inspiration and exalting base and stupid prohibitions.

      Tragic really.

      • St. Paul did promote celibacy– HOWEVER, he said that marriage was better than burning with desire. He exalted the sexual bond between a man and his wife, and said the both of them willingly submit their bodies to each other. He was not against sexual relations, but rather against the rampant sexual perversions of the cultures surrounding him. The Romans and Greeks sacrificed virgins, allowed sex with boys and engaged in orgies. Paul was against all this. But I suppose that is “silly” to you.

        • In other words if you are a young person burning with desire, it is better to rush off and get married to totally the wrong person to satisfy your desire, then spend the rest of your life in a miserable wretched marriage than to engage in an act of sex outside marriage and then wait patiently and discerningly for the right person to spend your life with.

          • In the olden days of my youth, there was what was called ‘courting’.

            This involved young people going out together for a time to discover if they were compatible before tying the knot.

            There might have been ‘heavy petting’ during this time, but sex was strengsten verboten.

            Alas, those days when romance really meant something are dead.

        • I think that giving people only two choices in respect to sex – celibacy or sex with you spouse – is anti-life, ridiculous, joyless, cruel and unnatural. In modern parlance Paul’s advice was to live sterile sexless lives, like him, as a first choice and if you couldn’t manage that to marry and only be sexually active with that one person until one of you died as a poor second. Paul’s strictures were directed towards Christian behaviour not so much the non-Christian behaviour of individuals external to the sect he was creating, although he moaned about it often enough.

          If Viagra had existed in Paul’s day perhaps Christianity would be better now. No wonder the poor glum fellow ended up living in a shadowy fantasy world of his own invention.

  3. Well done Laura, sex education in the context of morality and relationships, not peer pressure.

  4. Thank you Laura for standing up for what is left of our Christian culture, in the face of the smug and sneering tone the BBC always adopts in these types of exchanges. I listened to Rowan Pelling’s contribution and couldn’t help feeling extremely sorry for her children aged 9 and 13 being dragged along to see this turgid display of human frailty, all funded by the tax payer naturally.
    She’s quite happy to forget that many schools and museums in this country owe their existence to the charitable institutions set up by religious orders. It was the church and the monasteries which fostered education and helped to establish our oldest universities and learned institutions. They were in every sense of the word value led.

  5. The Abrahamic religions have spoiled and curtailed sexual pleasure for multitudes during the several millennia of their existence, inculcating guilt amongst adherents in respect to sexual drives, feelings and actions for no good reason. What a bunch of meanies. In this day and age sex should be as much about fun and recreation as anything else, for both men and women. There is nothing dirty or sinful about enjoying an active sex life, nor any need to feel remorse of guilt for cultivating it.

    • Presumably, sexually transmitted diseases, abortions, unplanned pregnancies and young children being put into care are all part of the wholesome ‘fun’ and ‘recreation’ you describe.

      • Sexually transmitted diseases, abortions, and unplanned pregnancies amongst the sexually active can be simply and easily erased with a rubber! Unless, of course, your religion forbids prophylactics.

        • Healthy sexual appetites can be enjoyed within marriage. Indeed, they strengthen a marriage. Nothing is strengthened by promoting a culture of promiscuity, casual sex and anything goes.

          • Suppose you don’t want to get married? In your world would you then be condemned to a life of celibacy and/or onanism?

          • I’ve rarely known a fundamentalist Christian that didn’t want to share the misery.

          • Strong sexual desires in young people + No sex outside marriage = Getting married too early to the wrong people and having disastrous unhappy marriages.

        • ‘Sexually transmitted diseases, abortions, and unplanned pregnancies amongst the sexually active can simply and easily be erased with a rubber!’

          It cannot erase pointless Byro scribblings.

    • Actually, if you have bothered to read exegesis of Judaism and Christianity, you will see that they are not against sexual relations, provided those are within marriage.

      • Sex is a very strong drive and if not hedged about with rules of behaviour will lead almost inevitably to a lot of trouble. People get murdered because of sexual jealousy.

        Furthermore, generally speaking all a man had to go on that the children he is asked to support are his, is the sexual track record of the female.

        The less of one, the better.

          • By which you mean “Christian marriage”, yes?

            Or any marriage recognised as legal in the UK?

            Or will any religious marriage do? Hindu? Pagan? Muslim? Buddhist? And what about civil marriages without religious obligations? They are legal but do they count? And what about other arrangements, e.g., common-law, polygamy, polyandry, polyamorous, same sex, open… blah, blah, blah?

            I’m confused.

        • I don’t agree.

          In the modern world various kinds of contraception enable people to enjoy all manner of sexual experience without permanent consequence and my advice to anybody with a dangerously jealous sexual partner would be to ditch them and find somebody kinder and better to be with. One particular beef I have with the institution of marriage is that it encourages good people, mostly ladies, to remain with despicable partners who cause them all manner of pain and heartbreak: low persons of that ilk should be dispensed with out of hand even when they are the father of a misused lady’s children. If an abused lady has no kith or kin to shelter and protect her society should step forward to keep her and her children safe from every harm.

          Marriage can be a truly evil thing that keeps innocent persons in bondage.

      • Are divorced Roman Catholics allowed to remarry within their church these days? Or do they have to remain celibate for the rest of their lives if their sacramental marriage fails and they separate legally, by means of divorce, from their spouse? Or risk clocking up more sin every time they have intercourse, subsequent to said divorce, even if legally married to another person?

        I don’t know.

        Religious people seem kind of crazy to me.

    • We are only a few years ahead of them , being gay was still a criminal offence in the uk in the 60s, go back 150 years and sailors in the navy caught undertaking gay sex where sometimes hung on the ship by court martial

      • You sound oddly wistful for the good old days. Or possibly fearful that homosexuality, once frowned upon and punished having now, in our society, become accepted may eventually become fashionable and popular enough to be made compulsory by law! (Hint: It won’t.) Or maybe you are praising the way our society has become more tolerant and enlightened over time. Or something else. I’m not sure to be honest.

  6. Rowan Pelling should be forced to apologise for mocking and sneering at couples who find feather-play exciting. She said, ‘I mean, who actually does that? Children need to be told about normal behaviour that you and I know about’…or words to that effect.

    She’ll have the LGBTF crowd after her; I mean, how intolerant of Featherexuality can one be. Down with featherophobia. Stop making those Featherophiles feel ashamed and scared to come out.

    There will be space in the British Museum for a feather one day, I’m sure, once featherist bigots like Pelling have become history.

    • “wouldn’t PR enable a rapidly growing Muslim population to get a hold even more quickly? Provided the Muslims are concentrated in only a few constituencies, the indigenous would retain control of the majority of seats”

      You 5 days ago on this site. You’re a racist.

  7. God, Perrins, no wonder you had to give practising at the Bar with such an inability to construct and articulate a coherent argument. You seem completely unable to understand the difference between contributing to a debate, and sneering and patronising others in such a determinedly misanthropic and misery-laden manner.

  8. ANOTHER attempt to corrupt children! This is infuriating. Children are CHILDREN. They are not teenagers. They are not adults. They should not be learning about things as serious as sexual matters. This is breeding an unhealthy and premature society.

    • I’m a very broad minded person and not uptight about sex , but it has its place and as you say Children are Children and they do not need to be dragged into the adult world too soon. I think those American Beauty pageants are horrible as well

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