The miserable Left is miserable because they like to make everything political. They will spy on you while having a private conversation and try to get you fired from your job. If you have political disagreement over a proposed government policy, they will lobby for your dismissal from your employment.

Indeed, if you attempt to have some fun with a completely non-political personal event, the Left will publically shame you as someone who encourages the politics of oppression. This will apply even to one of the most successful female athletes in history, who is also a black female athlete, Serena Williams.

Serena Williams, winner of 39 Grand Slam tennis titles, is also pregnant and enjoying it. She looked fabulous on the front of Vogue, proudly displaying her baby bump and she tweets out whimsical thoughts on her pregnancy that every mother can relate to, “It’s official. I no longer have ankles”, and links on what to pack in your hospital bag. She is a businesswoman who earned $27 million last year.

But poor Serena had not reckoned with the miserable Left when she decided to have a 1950s-themed baby shower, complete with full fifties regalia and held in a fifties-themed diner in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The photos were loved on social media until a Muskingum University history professor, Karen Dunak, got hold of them.

The good professor, who I believe is a close relative of Nurse Ratched, did not take kindly to Serena and her gal pals having some baby shower fun. And it wasn’t for the usual tedious reasons feminists hate baby showers (‘what’s such a big deal about babies?’), but because the 1950s theme would help further the cause of Donald Trump.

The good professor decided to give Serena a history lesson: “Yet by glorifying 1950s culture in the political climate in which we live, these women, who assuredly would not want to return to Jim Crow-era Florida, unwittingly reinforced a dangerous nostalgia that obscures the era’s harsh historical realities. Although the 1950s were great for white, heterosexual Americans, for people of colour and sexual minorities it was a time of racial violence and pervasive sexism and bigotry.”

I’m pretty sure Serena is aware of this, but she was not submitting a PhD thesis on the 1950s, she was celebrating a great life event and likes some 1950s style. But there is no fun to be had in leftyland, only the unremitting job of making political points off the rest of us who want to get on with our lives.

Professor Pompous again: “But Williams’s baby shower does not just promote a romanticised history of the 1950s. This very nostalgia itself has served as a cultural justification for restoring the politics and hierarchies of the era. One cannot venerate the culture of poodle skirts and sock hops without furthering the cause of those who want to Make America Great Again.”

To the professor, there is no such thing as ‘harmless fun.’ Instead, everything must be viewed through the prism of politics. Ire and vitriol will be rained down upon your head should you ever have the temerity to wear poodle skirts and sock hops. Honestly.

This piece is a pathetic attempt at leftist mischief making, but it does have a serious side. It is one thing to use politics and other avenues of power to push for change. This is the struggle we on the right and left are locked into. But what I do resent, what rots civil society, is the constant policing by the Left of not just language in the political sphere, but private conversations, social media posts and what is really a harmless occasion for fun.

This political policing of other people’s lives by the Left is corrosive and I am convinced adds to the incredibly tense atmosphere now present in both the US and UK.

Nothing is immune from leftist bullying – sports, music, even baby showers are now subject to leftist examination and ridicule. These occasions were unifying events in society that would bring together people of different views to celebrate something above politics.

It is true politics might touch on sports on occasion, but this year the Left have sought to hijack every aspect of human interaction and label anyone who disagrees with them as bigots.

And now, finally, they have come for the baby shower. It was a nasty piece of writing the reveals that very real nastiness of the Left. The good professor should put a sock hop in it.

(Image: Aleksandr Osipov)


    • But do they ever learn? This happens time and again: out of touch SJW idiots get a platform in a well-read publication, spout insulting and ridiculous nonsense, and get called out for it. But back they come, pushing the same agenda, and ignoring the protests.

  1. … But Williams’s baby shower does not just promote a romanticised history of the 1950s. This very nostalgia itself has served as a cultural justification for restoring the politics and hierarchies of the era….

    Yes, indeed. I totally agree with the learned Professor. We don’t want to go back to the Stalinist extermination of Kulaks in the Gulags, or the mass starvations of approved Communist science, or Mao’s torture of the ‘Great Leap Forward’, or the ‘Killing Fields’ of Pol Pot….indeed, the whole destructive ethos of socialism. Perhaps she would remind us of those?

  2. You have to wonder how long it will take the great mass of ordinary people to recognise the inevitability of the despair which is the natural fruit of cultural Marxism.
    It sees nothing good in the world; whatever it observes receives an irrational analysis, and all of its ideas for social reconstruction guarantee misery and mayhem. Very subtly, it presents its prescriptions in the form of half-truths and these are perfect for confusing unthinking people because truth has been mated with a lie so that the subsequent offspring is suffused with as many destructive genes as good ones – the ensuing and inevitable diseases only become obvious as time goes by. And, by this time, the cultural Marxist warriors have embedded their coercion so deep within social institutions that it takes the most dedicated of subversive groups to oppose them.

    But it can and will be done. We see a fabulous example right here at The Conservative Woman.

    • Yes, … ‘Oppose them’, eventually – but words alone will not do it, meanwhile our lives dribble away and we seethe in silence or on forums such as this. It’s small wonder that in the end it’s violence that carries the day.

  3. Serena’s real ‘sin’ is that she along with her father and sister got out of the ghetto through hard work, persistence, self-belief and of course ability. She didn’t wait for the government to give her a handout. Worse her father was a self-taught coach who didn’t follow what the ‘experts’ told him to do. It’s not difficult to see what really annoys academics.

  4. “Never again will you be capable of ordinary human feeling. Everything will be dead inside you. Never again will you be capable of love, or friendship, or joy of living, or laughter, or curiosity, or courage, or integrity. You will be hollow. We shall squeeze you empty, and then we shall fill you with ourselves.” (George Orwell, 1984)

  5. Academia on both sides of the pond is an utter disgrace still at its core clinging to a failed ideology which has caused the death of 100 million plus people in the world. As much as I want my daughter to succeed I don’t want her going to uni and ending up another brain washed useful idiot for the evil which is socialism.

  6. The Regressive Left is a cult and should be treated as one. Like most cults, its members are unhinged and violent.

  7. I was told, by a far-Left female work-colleague (this was the late-1970s) that EVERYTHING was political, even which kind of soap-powder you used. What that meant (it took me a few decades to realise this) is that left-wing people can use ANYTHING as vehicles for their …

  8. Brexit and Trump are the real reasons why things are toxic right now – both led by the right. You only have to look at the events in Charlottesville and the reaction by a racist president, outlets like Fox News and Farage’ pathetic tweet feigning shock. But hey knock yourself out blaming the left for the “incredibly tense atmosphere now present in both the US and UK”.

    • …Brexit and Trump are the real reasons why things are toxic right now – both led by the right….

      Brexit and Trump are the real reasons why the left are screaming right now – both voted in by a democratic majority.

      There. Fixed that for you.

      • Yes and of course the majority of voters have never been known to make a mistake – even when misguided by campaigns built on lies and deceit, cloaked in a veneer of white nationalism. It’s sad to watch it all unravel at such a high cost, but hey its all the lefts fault.

        • OK, best ignore those votes then.
          Or do we just ignore the votes you don’t like?
          Who gets to decide which votes to set aside?

          • I never said ignore votes, nor did I deny Trump won as did leave. The results are not in question – the means to achieve them and whether they were/will be good decisions very much are up for debate. The idiocy of the quote I used from the original article speaks for itself when you consider the real sources of tension here and in the States.

          • The debates take place before the democratic decisions are made. But because the decisions don’t go the way you want, you seem to think it’s fine to overturn those decisions and do away with democracy? This is what the left is attempting to do with their violent demonstrations, and their vilifying and demonising of moderate conservatives and anyone who disagrees with their own ideological views. These extreme activists of the left are the new fascists. Can anyone be surprised that there’s a backlash from the extreme right, who are far fewer in number than the totalitarian left?

          • The debates don’t stop after the decision is made either – unless of course you’re telling me leave voters would have just went “hey ho, never mind we lost” had the result gone the other way. Or maybe Trump voters would have said “oh well never mind about the wall etc” had he lost. Democracy, free speech and debate don’t stop after an election or referendum.

            There is no excuse fro the extreme right to be acting the way it is right now either here, in Europe or in the states.

          • I voted ‘out’, and had the vote gone the other way, that’s exactly the attitude I would have adopted. But then, I defer to the majority in such matters, you and others like you would keep having referenda until you got the ‘right’ result – it is so obvious from your comments you cannot accept people knew what they were doing casting a ‘out’ vote.

          • Your first paragraph states the obvious and goes without saying, which is why I didn’t mention it. But the ‘democratic’ debate of students and leftists always seem to take place in the context of violent protests and demonstrations and bullying of those who disagree with their extreme views. As Rev Jules Gomes says in another article, the extreme left is way more dangerous. There is no excuse for the extreme left to be acting the way it is right now, both here in Europe and in the States.

          • This deception you write of, this duping of the voter – would you say that promising to do away with university loans and student debt and then reneging on it AFTER votes have been secured is a good example?

          • If you bother to read the full transcript of that interview you will know that’s not what he said – but why let the truth get in the way of a good Corbyn bash.

          • No its not and btw the way if you think the only reason students voted labour was because of tuition fees you’re really underestimating the depth and breadth of anger amongst young people at the mess the country is in.

          • I couldn’t give a turd about students, they are mostly a irrelevance – unless they are bribed to vote, and even then the desired outcome was not achieved. All the muck stirrers are foreign, anyway, and should be booted out.

          • Oh, look… “The party’s manifesto pledged to scrap university tuition fees altogether, making him popular with young people despite criticism from other quarters.”

            **So he did promise to scrap fees***

            But the manifesto made no mention of an amnesty on existing debt to the Student Loans Company, which currently stands at £76bn.

            **Not in the manifesto, however…**

            Asked about the perceived unfairness of his pledge to cancel tuition fees of £9,000 a year from 2018 while leaving those who went to university in the past decade burdened with huge debts, he said: “I appreciate that and we will look into that effect.

            Asked about the issue in separate interview with NME, the Labour leader elaborated, adding: “There is a block of those that currently have a massive debt, and I’m looking at ways that we could reduce that, ameliorate that, lengthen the period of paying it off, or some other means of reducing that debt burden.”

            **Now, a student reading that is given the impression his/her debt will be reduced – the hint to writing it off is in the phrase “or some other means of reducing that burden’.

          • There was nothing in the manifesto about previous debt – it was only fees going forward. As you have pointed out he talked about looking at ways to deal with previous debt – that is quite different from putting it in a manifesto.

            Speaking of manifesto’s – how much of the tory one made it thru the queens speech? You even had to ditch fox hunting – one of your flagship policies. The only thing the Maybot has got right in politics was her description of the tories in 2002 – and 15 years later, nothing has changed.

          • I didn’t say previous debt, I said promising to do away with student loans – which he did – IN THE MANIFESTO, therefore, the students would not incur debt.

            Now you change tack, you can’ t defend Corbyn so you switch to the tory manifesto:
            “You” even had to ditch fox hunting.. a flagship policy”. What makes you think I am a Tory? Isn’t that stereotyping so despised by your kind, simply because some things I believe concur with Tory policies? Irony, I love it.

            Actually, I believe ALL manifestoes should be enshrined in law as a legal duty and obligation, otherwise they remain the bucket of empty promises they have been shown to be. Anyway, as I have said elsewhere, no more replies to your posts because you are easy meat.

        • The mistake we made was being too tolerant for too long, too silent allowing the baying, screeching, racist-accusing, phobic-claiming left to subdue our voices. Now, our ‘natural’ voice in this, the tory party, has become infected with the same madness.

          Without knowing of its existence, for what seems like forever I have been expressing sentiments identical to Karl Popper’s ‘Paradox of Tolerance’, it states:

          “Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.”

          Well, many of us have had it with immigration, political correctness and all its barmy off-shoots of gender this and that, of the LGBTPLUSTHERESTOFTHEALPHABET freak show, and any lefty, or Tory, or anyone else for that matter who promotes and permits this stuff is my enemy, and can go to Hell.

          • Your country? Our country you mean – and that includes left, right, centrists, lesbians, gay, bi-sexual, trans, queer, christian, mustlim, jew, buddhist, sikh, atheist, pro-choice, pro-life, british born, immigrants, black, brown, mixed race, white, young, old and more.

            The worst pain this country has is self inflicted by narrow minded nativist bigots but don’t worry there are plenty of open minded progressive forward thinking people willing to challenge them.

          • No, ‘my’ country – I have very little to do with 95% of those you list because I don’t need to. I am prepared to fight for ‘my’ country against people such as you who want ‘your’ country. And, one day, it will come to that, and boy, would I give a lot to be around when it does.

          • oh crikey, it’s the “bigot” word again …

            You’re so “open-minded” that you’re incapable of tolerating any single divergence from your cultural-marxist SJW ideology of absolute totalitarian rule over everything

        • even when misguided by campaigns built on lies and deceit

          And how well did the use of these tactics work for Hillary and Remain then ?

    • Jeez, have you got that wrong. Which right wing groups have blown up/stabbed/mown down innocent people? Who is it driving failed multi-culturalism policies forced on us by politicians and dreamers? What is the common factor between large, organised groups of men sexually abusing vulnerable girls in Oldham, Rochdale, Rotherham, Newcastle, and elsewhere? Clue; mostly Pakistani, but ALL Muslim. Idiot.

      • Right winger blames multiculturalism and Muslims for uk’s problems – that’s a new one. When you’re next in hospital make sure to tell that to the doctors and nurses from Asia and Africa who treat you.

        And unless you’ve been on another planet in the last year or so you will know that two terririst attacks have been carried out by people from the far right. Not to mention that in the states since 9/11 three times as many deaths have been carried out by extreme right wing groups as Islamist terrorists.

        Yes we do need to have an open honest convo about the problem with Asian gangs grooming and raping young girls – but in a calm, rational, constructive manner. Not led by kippers or hopkinites whose only goal is to demonise a whole community because of the sins of a minority. The same people who would have seen Laura Perrins and all Irish as Paddy terrorists in the 70s and 80s.

        • Jeez, I though I might have been a bit hard calling you a idiot, but idiot doesn’t begin to describe you. I have never met anyone who thought all Irish were terrorists, in the 70s, 80s or any other time. As for African and Asian doctors and nurses, we could dispense with quite a lot of them if their fellow nationals were not here in such large numbers – ditto health tourists and E.U nationals.

          And why exclude 9/11 from your argument – it is pertinent because that is where it began. Why just quote only figures for the States? Oh, but of course, you couldn’t then make your claim, could you?

          And then you want a calm, rational, constructive discussion on Asian rapists – which a Labour MP tried to instigate this week – remind me, what happened to her?

          • Your ignorance is only bettered by the simplicity of your inane insults. I’m sure you can do better if you try. Epic fail on all points btw.

            I personally saw Irish people getting labelled terrorists at the time and thats before you even consider the signs in guest houses which whilst nothing to do with terrorism show the way in which groups of people were categorised alongside dogs.

            The NHS would fall apart if it wasn’t for doctors and nurses from all over the world and even you know that – but of course that would work out fine for the tories and kippers. Anything to expedite privatisation.

            Terrorism began long before 9/11.

            Sarah Champion made the mistake of talking to that toilet paper rag instead of going through more repectable channels. For the record I agree she should not have resigned, but her choice of method to have the conversation was naive at best.

          • I’m sure you did personally see Irish people accused – but you said ‘all’, I said not ‘all’. So, that’ll be a ‘fail’ for you, then.

            You said it – the signs in guest houses were nothing to do with terrorism. Have you ever spent a night in such guest houses where drunken Irish labourers have taken rooms? I have, and they are a pain in the rear for everyone else, most guest house owners couldn’t wait to be rid of them and word spread – that’s what accounts for most of the signs, I grant a few would be people who had their own reasons for not wanting Irish boarders. ‘Fail’ again…

            The NHS would not fall apart, it would go through a difficult period whilst alternative home labour was found, difficult but not impossible. QUOTE: “the British Medical Association (BMA) observe that without the contribution of non-British staff, “many NHS services would struggle to provide effective care to their patients”. Note ‘struggle’, not ‘fall apart’ – your words. Dear me, is that another ‘fail’… Anyway, why are they ‘importing’ doctors and nurses and turning down home-grown applications?

            I’m well aware terrorism began long ago, I am a former New Scotland Yard anti-terrorist detective who has forgotten more than you know, and I haven’t forgotten much. The subject to hand was ‘current’ terrorism, of the Islamic kind, and 9/11, more so than the previous attack on the World Trade Center, was where it really ‘kicked off’.

            So Champion ‘made a mistake’ in talking to The Sun’, did she? Says you? How would her words, her message, have been any different if quoted accurately through any other ‘respectable’ channel? Are Labour people only allowed to talk to Labour-oriented newspapers? That’s a grand form of democratic free speech – but totally in keeping with left-wing ‘thought’ management.

            I shall not reply to anymore of your opinions because you are too easy too shoot down – no fun in it.

          • Oh, forgot to explain: I keep my insults at the level of intelligence displayed by the intended insulted – so inane and simple is about right.

          • I said the same people (not everyone) would see all irish people as terrorists – in other words the same people who see all muslims as terrorists would have seen all irish as terrorists. Its really not difficult to understand that – even for someone as simple as yourself.

            Re: the signs. Again you fail to understand the point – of course there were some drunk Irish labourers – but the sign didn’t say “no drunk irish labourers” did it? It lumped all Irish together. In the same way as English tourists abroad sometimes wrongly get lumped together because of the bad behaviour of a few. It’s lazy stereo typing – and typically a nativist trait.

            Yes perhaps fall apart was too extreme in terms of the NHS but if you think that suddenly depriving the service of 11% of its workforce would result in simply a “difficult period” then you’re even more daft than I thought.

            The S*n, as anyone with a decent moral fibre in their body would know, is a vile rag. Just ask the people of Liverpool – still fighting for justice after 28 years, partly because of the lies perpetuated by that paper. I have no doubt that Sarah Champion’s article, had it been written in a decent paper, would not have had the same tone.

            Thank God you’re a former anti-terrorist detective – I don’t fancy our chances much if you were still in the job.

          • I personally saw Irish people getting labelled terrorists at the time

            ah, so presumably you will henceforth cease and desist from accusing others of guilt by association then ?

        • since 9/11

          aaaah yes, the egregiously manipulative LIE of starting the stats for terrorist deaths in the US on 12th September 2001 …

    • In the 1930s, The Jarrow Marches comprised men suffering poverty who had fought in WW1: their dignity shamed a nation. In the 1950s, CND marches led by Foot and Russell were perfectly peaceful: police officer strolled along in shirt sleeves. From 1968 left wing middle class oiks have thrown temper tantrums when ever they have not obtained what they wanted.

      WW2 was fought for freedom, express your own opinion but do not use threats to reduce the freedom of other s to express theirs. You ignore the Red Army Faction, Ted Brigades , Acton Directe, PLO, PLF and Black September which undertook terrorist violence until the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

      Anne Cryer first mentioned the Pakistani Muslim rape gangs in 1997 and was aclled a racist. They are not Asian, I have friends who are Hindi and Catholic from the Indian sub-continent plus Chinese who do not undertake rape.

      Name the people murdered by right wing terrorists. After what the IRA did in the UK, the British were very mild. If Protestants had carried the murders in Eire, the Irish people would not have been tolerant. There is not single nation who would have remained so tolerant as the British. As the SAS/SBS said, they had wanted to,the leadership of the IRA would have been dead within 24 hours.

  9. One of the problems with the extreme left is that they have been skillful at papering over the mass murders in their history. People have an immediate and visceral reaction to Nazism, because the Holocaust is widely taught and constantly kept in the public mind – and rightly so.

    But we seem to be taught less about the mass murders committed by the extreme left. As a result, we are less wary of the horrors that can come about when people begin to censor and dictate in the name of “equality” and “fairness”.

    Extremism is extremism. Monsters are monsters whether they choose the tactics of the extreme left or the extreme right to gain power and destroy human beings. Once we are able to destroy people for the slightest perceived infraction of some arbitrary norm, we have started a train we cannot stop.

  10. I keep quoting Robert Kennedy:

    “What is objectionable, what is dangerous about extremists, is not that they are extreme, but that they are intolerant. The evil is not what they say about their cause, but what they say about their opponents.”

  11. It’s late… I’m a bit tired… Two glasses of wine in… but I find myself almost wishing for a civil war in this country along the lines of us versus the p.c. lefty crowd. Suddenly I feel a important purpose looming in life…

  12. Once you’re in the sights of the social “justice” warriors, they aren’t going to let go. Never apologize. If you do that abject maoist/stalinist thing, where you confess non-existent crimes, you aren’t helping yourself and you are certainly not helping anyone else.

    Defy these people.. Fight them. Expose their lies and their actual communism/fascism.

  13. This is what is so poisonous about the SJW blubbering classes. They will NEVER be satisfied: everyone else’s conduct must always be wrong, except their own. If you join their side, that does not exempt you from being turned on with rage should you step out of line. The notion that Serena Williams would dress up in 50’s era glamour to glorify the darker aspects of the 50’s, such as Jim Crow, is surely laughable and entirely without merit to the average person. By the way, this pontificating Professor should know that there were many unsung African-American filmstars like the beautiful Dorothy Dandridge during this period who employed the exact same glamour. Were THEY covering up problems like Jim Crow?

  14. Now leave Nurse Ratched out of this. Louise Fletcher was on TV the other night and showed genuine tears and anger at the character she so brilliantly played. The scene when she bullied Billy Bibbet cut her up. And I have got to say she was no better with my alter ego.
    Just off record I have a photo of Nurse Ratched on my mobile phone for when my wife phones me along with the tune “Medication Time “, she has no idea, and if anybody is with me when she does ring me they actually p*ss themselves knowing my wife.

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