Here we go again. The Conservative party wants to look ‘nice’ after some internal polling suggested that it is not seen as ‘caring enough’.

According to the Guardian, ‘groups of Tories were called into Downing Street for meetings with Gavin Barwell, the prime minister’s chief of staff, [last week] to be told about the party’s political narrative, entitled “Building a Britain fit for the future”.

‘They were told polling suggests Conservatives are viewed as competent and having many of the right policies but that they were not caring enough when it comes to their values.’

I am sure the polling is right, but it is not because the party lacks good policies. This polling is a result of the total ineptitude of the party to advocate true conservatism as the only compassionate policy and that Leftism/progressivism is in fact evil.

Granted, the Tories must compete with the Leftist media, especially the BBC. However, in these days of social media and diluting of the mainstream media influence, there is really no excuse why the Conservative party cannot sell Burkean conservatism as the only sensible, compassionate policy that cares about the rising generation.

Instead, ‘The new briefing document for MPs, seen by the Guardian, lists seven policies on issues such as housing, schools, a balanced approach to public spending and tackling injustices, while care for the environment will be a guiding principle under it all.’

In other words, this will involve ever greater public spending, thus burdening the next generation with even greater levels of debt.

In addition, when the Conservatives say they want to protect the environment, this will not necessarily mean protecting the lived environment around us. No, it will mean a mix of letting the globalists loose to build ever higher, uglier glass and steel towers to trash the skyline, especially in London (even though no one wants to live in them), with loading the energy bills of poorer families with nonsensical ‘green’ policies that benefit rich special interest groups. Many so-called green policies, such as wind farms, are not green at all, and involve a direct transfer of resources from the poor to the rich. You will rarely hear a Tory MP point this out.

Tory environmental policy will not mean saving green spaces or the character of a village. No, no, all that will be threatened, probably by people who have a home in the highly planning-restricted Cotswolds. But the others out there – the poor Little Englanders – will have to sacrifice their green spaces for housing because of the massive increase in immigration (which remember you are not allowed to talk about).

The Tories seem incapable of explaining that it is conservatism that seeks to conserve the very best of British society, and indeed Western civilisation, for future generations. They must explain that we should not load the next generation either with increasing levels of personal debt such as tuition fees, which have debased a degree so that now everyone must have one, or indeed national debt which stands at about £30,000 per head.

It is predicted that Britain will still run a budget deficit in 2025. The national debt stands at £1.8trillion, and is on course to top £1.9trillion. This is nothing short of a national scandal and a grossly immoral burden to place on future generations.

It is the progressives in their search for utopia today who seek to destroy institutions that best protect the rising generation – from the family, to the lived environment, to the market that will eventually provide them with jobs.

It is the progressives who selfishly heap more and more personal and public debt upon those who cannot even vote and those not yet born. They do this to set up their useless, inefficient socialist utopia and to make themselves look good. Trashing the futures of children merely to make yourself look and feel good – that is wicked. That is Leftism.

is the progressives who will not even hear of any possible reform to the NHS despite the fact that chest X-rays go unexamined, that babies are stillborn in greater numbers than in other countries, and that we now have out-and-out bureaucratic rationing of medical treatment.

The Conservatives will not hear of stating the case for reform, because they don’t want to look nasty. Still, defending a health system that has an unnecessarily high stillbirth rate simply to make yourself look good seems pretty nasty to me.

So the rising generation do the only thing they think they can do – look to the socialists and the grabbing of the resources of others through high taxation and nationalising utilities. This, they believe, is the only way out. And who can blame them? Have they ever been exposed to true conservatism in the universities or indeed by the party that bears its name? Of course not.

And the Conservatives limp on, further and further to the Left like the muppets they are. God help us all.


  1. “….Gavin Barwell, the prime minister’s chief of staff, [last week] to be told about the party’s political narrative, entitled “Building a Britain fit for the future”…..”

    I never even realised that the Prime Minister’s chief of staff was actually telling government MP’s what to say and how to vote – That’s incredible. It means a civil servant is running the coutnry and not Parliament.

    • I was surprised that this Barwell chap, an extra from ‘The Muppet Show’ is now running things in the background.
      Until a few months ago I thought that things could be turned around. Now I don’t think that any more. I get the feeling that before we can rebuild things, a great deal of destruction has to take place first. The next few years are likely to be a nightmare for the UK.

    • > It means a civil servant is running the coutnry and not Parliament.

      Uh. Hello. It’s been this way for a couple of decades now. PM is the person to execute the policy. The policy is written by civil service and academia. If PM steps away from the policy, he or she will be destroyed by the media.

      People you vote for have no real power.

  2. Just how is Theresa the Appeaser going to get the Conservative Party out of the Socialistic, Social Democratic, mess, that Cameron, and poor old John Major, poured us into?

    The 2 Thatcher assassins, Clarke, and Heseltine, started the rot, and there are not many care home vacancies left for them.

  3. Samantha Cameron’s father Sir Reginald Sheffield picks up £600.000 a year from “the taxpayer”
    ( you & me) as rental for his 14 totally useless “wind turbines” on his Lincolnshire estate (in order to care for the environment).
    Is it any wonder that the rest of the tribe want to get their snouts in the trough ?

  4. This is one of the few outlets that advises fiscal discipline. Please keep it up. I’ve stopped my UKIP membership and am now politically homeless. I’ll get round to donating my saved membership fees to this outlet!

    • You’re not the only one who feels disenfranchised. In spite of my distaste for Farage. I used to vote UKIP. Now they are just a chimpanzees’s tea party.
      I want to see a real, radical Classic Liberal Party, though I have no idea how to get one.

  5. Re the “green” policies – many also involve regressive taxation.
    However, you won’t catch Labour protesting about “taxing the poor” so long as its done to “save the planet”.

  6. The Tories’ appeal has never been that people thought they were “nice.” Remember what people always used to say about Maggie: “I don’t like her as a person, but I respect her as a prime minister.” And they voted her back into office again and again.

    But a few years ago, suddenly the Tories became obsessed with the idea of being everybody’s mate. I don’t need the PM to be Mrs Lovely. I will never go down the pub with the government. I will never invite them to my barbecue. What I need to know is that the government is run by somebody who a) has massive cojones, and b) is on my side. The Tories’ problem for years — and the reason that I have not seen any good reason to renew my membership since about 2003 — is that they are neither.

    • Absolutely. The Daily Mirror/Guardian/BBC etc will never look kindly on the Conservatives, however “nice” they become. The enaction of “proper” conservative policies (if only) would at least give them something concrete to moan about.

      • Right on the nail – as soon as CMD went husky-hugging, I jumped straight from disillusioned lifelong Lib/Lib Dem voter to UKIP.
        I would never vote Labour but the kind of Conservative party which would attract me seems to be a long way off.

        • I voted Tory for the first time in many years simply because UKIP seemed hopeless, and I thought the Tories deserved encouragement for heading in the right direction after the referendum. The way things are going, and with Henry Bolton having made a good start at leading UKIP, I don’t see myself doing it again.

          The trouble is that no sooner do I ear one Tory like The Mogg saying something really nice about Brexit, then I hear another like Amber Rudd saying transsexuals ought to be designated official god status. It’s like Cast-Iron Dave, who was incapable of impressing me one day without reminding me the next day what a mendacious, unreliable jackass he was!

    • Churchill was a mysoginistic, blunt, rude drunken oaf. I suspect he and Trump would have got on like a house on fire after a couple of jeraboams. Most of his contemporaries couldn’t stand him.

      None of this got in the way of being an excellent wartime prime minister who saved the world from fascism.

        • Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

          Who is our man of the hour? Come back Henry VIII, all is forgiven. God knows, there’s a few people in government who could do with having their useless heads chopped off, which should go some way to motivating the rest of them.

      • I fear you traduce the old boy. Whatever else he might have been, he was copiously and elegantly literate as his histories demonstrate. I rather think he would have regarded Trump as something of a barely literate buffoon although he would have recognised his talent for populist appeal and, if required, found a way to work with him in order to get a result for Britain.

      • “Get on like a house afire”?
        Possibly, although, for the record, Trump is teetotal, his older brother having died young from alcoholism.
        And I’ve always wondered just how much of Winston Churchill’s consumption of spirited beverages was legend and how much was fact. I fear it may be along the lines of Ulysses S. Grant– no stranger to John Barleycorn, of course, but hardly “the secret of his success.” (Lincoln’s “Find out what he drinks and give it to all my generals.”)

        • Churchill I have little idea of whether his drinking affected him or not, I think not overly much. But Grant was a binge drinker, almost always when he was without Julia and bored. When there was work to do, he was fine, and when Julia was about he was effectively a teetotal as well. His aide, John Rawlins was pretty good at it as well but he needed his wife.

          • The only beverage we are sure Sir Winston would have consumed was tea offered to him by Nancy Astor, as he said as much himself: “If YOU were my wife…”

          • Indeed, Nancy was quite the piece of work herself. Would have been fun to be fly on the wall with them. I’ve always like her remark on our revolution as well. You could use some more women like that in Parliament, so could we, in Congress.

        • What I’ve heard about his drinking capacity defies belief. starting the day with several whiskey and sodas, an entire bottle of champagne for lunch, followed by a bottle of wine in the evening? I don’t believe there’s a man alive who could consume that much on a daily basis, never mind run a war government simultaneously. Give me a fraction of that amount, and I’d be incapable of running anything at all, and I’m no lightweight!

    • The thing is, sometimes the “truth” is uncomfortable for some people, sadly today’s Politics is a glorified version of the X-Factor with popularity and a sad back story more important than a backbone.

      • I’m not sure I agree with you. That’s certainly the perception that politicians of all parties pander to, and that the Beeb promotes.

        But politics, defined as what 60 million people trying to pay a mortgage and trying to raise 2.4 kids to be upstanding citizens dealing honestly with their fellow man, I think is much the same as its always been. Politicians talk about political correctness, and mere mortals say, “What’s that got to do with how much I spend at Tesco’s?”

        Right now, we seem to be tearing ourselves apart over men who like to wear women’s clothes, a phenomenally tiny segment of society. But what do we hear about the cost of driving, something that is vastly more relevant to the overwhelming majority of Britain’s voters? Bugger all!

        I see videos about Asimo, the Honda robot and its phenomenal capabilities, and I look at my kids, who are aged 8 through 1, and I think forward to when they’ll be taking their GCSE’s in ten years’ time, and I wonder what on earth they’re going to do for living! But my goodness, what a relief it is that people who took off to Syria with every intention of chopping people’s heads off can now come home and be rewarded with a council house!

        But, should I ever complain abut my frustrations, the politicians will sneer about “populism”. And then they ask me to vote for them.

        No I don’t think politics is as you say. It’s just that our media and political elite is convinced that it.

    • ‘suddenly the Tories became obsessed with the idea of being everybody’s mate’

      As you rightly say not everyone liked Margaret Thatcher but they respected her political convictions and her gritted determination to fight her corner and not to follow what opinion polls and focus groups dictated – she won three elections in a row and may have gone on for a fourth if it wasn’t for the back-stabbers in her own party. The problem with Theresa May is that she is a consensus politician who is too much in thrall of focus groups and opinion polls – unlike the conviction politics of Margaret Thatcher or even Nigel Farage – Theresa May has no political convictions at all and will always try to be all things to all people – but as Margaret Thatcher once remarked in an interview the problem is with consensus politics is that it will always give into the demands of the political left.

      The problem with consensus politics from about 17:30 :

      MARGARET THATCHER Interview William F Buckley Jr

  7. The problem with all this is just by going through all the things the “ conservative “ Party are doing just proves they are not conservatives any more.
    For instance…you state there is a problem with the BBC,we all know there is a problem with the BBC,but when the chance came to do anything about it,a few years back,the Conservatives did nothing.

  8. Thanks for this Laura Perrins, I see clearly that the rot has set in so badly the party must reform or die.Civil servants are running the show, corruption of the system means nothing can be trusted.Devastation.

  9. This is a conservative country but has been total hijacked by leftism in the institutions. Most people want government that tells it like it is and sticks to its guns. Not many are consumed with minority gender and identity politics but they certainly feel the effects of it. You have to be careful what you say etc. or you will be torn to shreds.
    Having lived through the previous disastrous nationalisations ,I despair of anyone with the strength of Thatcher and Tebbit to appear on the scene .Not “nice “enough.

    • Tebbit or Thatcher would not even get selected

      If they were, they would be vetoed by ConHQ.

      Unfashionable views and not supportive of “British Values”

      All done no doubt without any realisation of the huge irony of their actions.

    • I was thinking that only this morning. The difference now is that there was never any doubt, except from the hard Left, that Margaret Thatcher wanted the best possible outcome for the UK and as many ordinary people as possible.
      Most of us accepted that some of the medicine was going to taste unpleasant, but it was for the best to take it.
      Now…May and her Cabinet seem to think that non-solutions and virtue signalling will somehow stand in for good governance and hard decisions when all common sense tells us it will have the opposite effect. And no one thinks that May has our best interests at heart.

      • Actually there were some doubts about what Margaret Thatcher wanted. She sometimes gave the impression of caring only about “our people” – I.e. middle and upper class types in the southeast of England.

        • “Unemployment is a price worth paying…..” ….and we, the Blues, will make sure it only happens in Red voting areas…..nothing must get in the way of the City…. (was the perception and in some cases the reality).

    • “This is a conservative country but has been total hijacked by leftism in the institutions.”
      Gramsci is winning, probably won.

    • ‘Most people want government that tells it like it is and sticks to its guns’

      Well then it can’t be a conservative country then.

    • The only reason this country was Conservative at all to begin with was due to rightism in the institutions.

      Now that bias has been corrected, the few conservatives left are reduced to banging on about the country being ‘hijacked’ now that no one blindly believes what they say any more.

      • “Rightism”. Good one. Sounds suitably meaningless in the best passive-agressive style.

        So I’ve nominated you for the Cliche of the Week Award.

        Collect three of them and you’ll be nominated for the Yawn of the Year Award.

        • ‘Sounds suitably meaningless in the best passive-aggressive style’

          And ‘leftism’ doesn’t? Why not nominate the OP for your award?

          • Can’t be bothered with the term. What the Left – people like you – call Right wing is merely your attempt to demonise normalcy. There is only the Left, arrogant and isolated, squealing and wailing about how awful things are and how much better things would be with them in charge.

            Then, when the economy collapses and food runs out, the normal people sigh, accept the hatred, intolerance and screams from the Left and sort it all out and get things running again.. and are called callous and uncaring for doing so.

          • So what is it when the right call the left certain terms?

            Only an arrogant, foolish and truly braindead rightie accepts their way of thinking as the unquestioning truth. No matter how much empirical evidence shows otherwise.

      • No, the reason the country is Conservative is because it is common sense.

        That ‘bias’ is to the Left. That’s why the state is so big and so inefficient. No one has ever believed the Left. They’re hypocrites.

        • No, the reason this country is conservative is because people are told it is common sense.

          And therein lies the bias.

  10. The so called “Conservative” party, is now just a pink annexe of the Labour party. We are now effectively a one party Socialist state, Governed overall by a culturally Marxist regime with two wings which differ only on economic policy.

    • The UK is not a one-party state.

      The UK is the state, where party politics is no longer relevant because it adopted a “policy-based government” approach where policies are drafted by “experts” from civil service and academia (hence not only no one elects them, it’s impossible for a politician to fire them). Those policies are to be implemented by elected career politicians. Note the “career” part – their welfare depends on media coverage. Hence every one of them is a puppet to the press.

      The UK is not a democracy. It’s a technocracy if you consider those Marxist experts to be real scientists – or a theocracy if you think their faith is a form of religious zeal.

      • Spot on. Local politics is a microcosm of this. Career councillors with an eye on a Quango or Parliamentary career compete to be in the “Cabinet” while the more traditional local councillors are distracted and entertained. Meanwhile the “officers” get on with running things in accordance with the directives and Guidance (still pages and pages long despite “austerity”) from the many Branches of the Civil Service. One learned that this could all be successfully achieved by engineering good photo opportunities and “good news stories” for the key cabinet members and allowing local councillors control of giving small grants to favoured local groups. Rarely does a Councillor bother with the detail, which means many a “cabinet” presides over a council busy doing the exact opposite to their stated position. Occasionally (usually in a council at risk if a change of ruling party is possible ) Cabinet members do get stuck into the detail, but generally the whole thing bowls along.

        • “Occasionally (usually in a council at risk if a change of ruling party is possible ) Cabinet members do get stuck into the detail, but generally the whole thing bowls along. The “rot” spread once the “expenses” for Cabinet members became salaries in effect.” ….top notch.

    • Quite ironic, when those that talk about ‘true conservative values’ are in fact the biggest cultural Marxists around.

  11. Let me say clearly that I do not support “British Values”.

    I would also guess that 90% of Conservative voters would agree with that statement…

    So why is this …….. driving policy?

  12. Who governs has become ever less a concern to me. It’s like living in a timber framed house infested by voracious termites which threaten to bring down the roof at any moment. The only option is to accept the inevitable and live outside.

    Don’t bother trying to be a indepent entrepreneurial producer and forget aspirations, because all it will get you is a face full of ugly jealousy and a massive tax bill.

    Dont rely on the NHS, get a good diet, stop drinking/smoking and get down the gym.

    Don’t bother sending your kids to state schools, they will emerge lobotomised or, mentally ill. At best they will be convinced to take out an enormous loan to get a media degree.

    Don’t bother spending money on a nice car, if the cameras don’t get you, the ever increasing green taxes and overcrowded, crumbling roads will. Even if you park it up somewhere, don’t expect it will be in the same condition you left it when you return. There are no Police on the streets, so expect it to be stolen, vandalised or broken into.

    Don’t bother going on holiday because the time spent being crowded like cattle, into what can only be described as a dry run for concentration camps; will have you felt up by buffoons with an IQ of 6, your baggage tipped across a counter whilst a drudge rifles through it in a pair of latex gloves. Refuse and those latex gloves will be employed with far greater effect.

    Don’t bother trying to save that hard earned green stuff. The state will certainly penalise you for saving and will try gtabbing a chunk as soon as you turn your back. They will syphon it away by stealth through inflation even if it’s in a savings account.

    Don’t bother buying a TV because the state will sting you there as well. You will be forced into paying for propaganda that you won’t watch because it is clearly aimed at the sort of people for whom free speech is offensive and for the hypocritical for whom hate is hateful.

    Don’t bother voting because things won’t get better no matter which pack of sycophantic, prestige grabbing freeloaders get their grubby mitts on the levers of power.

    Don’t bother voting in referendums on important issues because the elite for whom these politicians work will see to it that you won’t get your way. Indeed you will be punished. You will be forced to spend more taxes and you will be considered a guilty, bigoted stealer of youthful opportunities.

  13. We are just getting closer and closer to the point where people will be prepared to fight for what is right.

    I welcome every stupid push to the left May makes. Soon it will be her undoing.

    • Now this I can agree but we cannot allow a vacuum UKIP had better get its butt shifting and rebuild the party by I dunno getting the Irish woman back in

  14. If the Tories actually mentioned the above topics and turned back to proper Conservative values I’d resume voting for them. But as it stands, having read that May seems to be giving ground on Ireland now, I can’t see myself voting Tory ever again.

      • Well he did go to a public school for a while so I suppose you could count him as a progressive Tory who is about 5 years ahead of Theresa May in his political views.

      • Yes and when i want a dirty old man fronting a horrific hate filled line up of Communists, Marxists , islamist’s all funded by foreign horror shows and nasty men who have a history of putting bodies in the ground I will think of voting ‘gas the ? sorry ‘new improved Labour Red ‘ lol

  15. Looking back, I am still astounded to be left politically homeless, even years after it happened. All my life I assumed I was one of those “tribal” voters people talk about, because I could never imagine voting for anyone but the Conservative Party. I was actually surprised how easy it was to ditch the Tories when they took their left turn, but I had just never thought it would be necessary.

    I’m still gobsmacked that they have totally and utterly capitulated to the mindlessly hollow and virtue-signalling leftist narrative. Theresa May seems determined to out-SJW the SJWs, and label the whole country as “the nasty country” with her vicious little inquiries into how racist we all are etc. From now on it will be tactical and possibly even single-issue voting for me, until a viable political home emerges.

    • Recently discovered him, I always admire those that started left and by sheer exposure to leftist policies saw that it’s all a terrible mistake.

  16. The national debt stands at £1.8trillion, and is on course to top £1.9trillion.

    Just to put those figures into context, 1 trillion seconds have not yet passed since the birth of the first human being.

  17. I don’t wish to sound pessimistic but it’s over. We are so stupid as a nation that we actually think house values mean wealth, that shifting money around in the City is wealth, and that immigration is wealth.

      • It’s a zero sum game, you don’t get any of that until you find some sucker to buy it from you. Who will pay for it with a lifetime of indebtedness. Good for you perhaps but bad for them, and not a source of wealth overall to the country. More of a wealth transfer.

      • We’ve had enough of remoaners , gay weddings, cultural marxists, feminists, sessonists, climate change believers, trump deniers, cross dressers, pinkos, corbynistas, Nick Clegg, people who don’t cheer for England at cricket, maIn stream media, the BBC, Justin welby, and Gerry Adams. Our day is coming. Yes!

      • The only one insane here is you. I really do despair that such people as you exist now.

        But then, you only do because of markets and capitalism. Think about it. Without everything you hate, you’d be grubbing in the dirt for vegetables and probably dead. Be grateful for the life support machine we’ve created. You’re free to leave it, of course. Go to a lovely socialist utopia but don’t fly there or take a ferry or cargo ship.

  18. “advocate true conservatism as the only compassionate policy and that Leftism/progressivism is in fact evil.”…and everyone laughs outloud

    • I know i lol’d to that bit i mean the left isn’t just ‘ evil ‘its long gone beyond that, evil is way too small a word to cover the lives wasted the millions up on millions buried under most of Europe ,Cuba ,China plus all the other failed socialist states the economic and social wastelands that they leave for others to clean up? lol ‘evil’ is the least that they are

      • For a “failed state”, China – the world’s largest economy – seems to be doing surprisingly well.

        • You know this only because they tell you they’re doing well. The real state of their economy is uncertain and their apparent political stability might, or might not, be illusionary, maintained only at the point of a gun.

          • China is doing just fine since it embraced the ideology of allowing markets to help allocate resources through price signals rather than relying on a panel of experts to do so. Ironically the west has gone down precisely the opposite route, allowing ‘experts’ to set the price of money, the price of (living) wages, the price of (green) energy etc

      • Socialist wastelands….
        As opposed to the wonders of capitalism in the 19th century.
        There weren’t millions of lives wasted of yours because things were so bad most of them weren’t born.

          • No we don’t. It’s capitalism that has improved everyones’ lives immeasurably. Socialism in its various guises has shown itself only to be destructive (excepting for the lives of the vlasti).

          • Except it wasn’t, since we had capitalism in the 19th century (and long before it) and peoples lives didn’t improve immeasurably.

            Only once we started with socialism, in its various guises, did things improve.

        • Capitalism in the 19th century was a hell of an improvement on the subsistence existence of the 18th – and all centuries prior. Non-aristos for the first time were getting hold of things like beer, fruit, clothes and cutlery without having made the vast majority of it themselves.

          • Yes, oh those poor workers – who ceased to exist and *became* middle class. With homes, jobs and pay.

            No doubt you’d prefer them kept in the fields, starving and dying at 30.

            Cripes you’re a nasty piece of work.

          • No actually, they’d always been middle class, and never workers.

            The real workers were kept in the fields until the fields became factories, and they were starving and dying all the way through.

            What sort of nasty piece of work wishes for that?

    • Only the Left.

      The Left are evil. Everything they do is wrong. Throughout history, their ideology has utterly failed.

      Now look at Conservative policy. Look at low tax, small state. Where has that failed? No where. Leaving people alone to live the lives they want with a small, responsive, efficient public sector is what people want. It is not what you want, but that’s because you’re a poisonous halfwit.

  19. Let’s face it Laura, anyone looking for copious evidence that conservatives are uncaring, compassion-free, selfish, bigoted and vindictive need only pick any article at random from this site.

  20. ‘The Tories seem incapable of explaining that it is conservatism that seeks to conserve the very best of British society’

    Yes well there’s a good reason for that… it doesn’t.

    • While I understand you are a malignant tumour obsessed with your own ideological failure, the truth is a confusion of ideals:

      The Left use institutions to get their own way and punish people – that’s nice, after all.

      The Right want to make them work. That requires them to be efficient, effective and functional. This means those expensive, bureaucratic institutions working, and if it something the state hates, it’s working.

      You are, simply, wrong. The Conservative party – when it’s being Conservative, does represent the best in Britain: a work ethic, strong values and self reliance.

      • Yes well the problem with talking nonsense is that it is nonsense.

        The left seek to use institutions to help people, the right seeks to use them to punish people, under the guise of ‘making them work’.

        And thus those expensive institutions are streamlined to cater to the needs of the super rich, but at least everyone else can comfort themselves with ‘strong values’.

  21. “It is the progressives who selfishly heap more and more personal and public debt upon those who cannot even vote and those not yet born. They do this to set up their useless, inefficient socialist utopia and to make themselves look good. Trashing the futures of children merely to make yourself look and feel good – that is wicked. That is Leftism.”

    One correction: These are not progressives. Nationalisation and overspending has already been tried many times over (even in the UK) and have been found wanting each and every time.

    They are not progressive. They are change-averse regressives masquerading as progressives under the label of the ‘Left’.

  22. An example of how opposing voters will NEVER give credit: earlier this week Trump issued a press release about Rosa Parks and he couldn’t have been more generous. My ‘nephew-in-law’ is a virulent anti-Trump man (it’s genuinely hilarious to watch his Twitter feed in absolutely furious meltdown over Trump and Brexit) and used Trump’s pro Rosa Parks speech to….attack Trump as a ‘racist’.
    Trump couldn’t win over this guy no matter what and the Tories are chasing a similar demographic here, with predictably dismal responses. Stop. Concentrate on being CONSERVATIVE and like a miracle the votes and seats will flood back in. It really is that simple.

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