In today’s City A.M., co-editor Laura Perrins debated Bright Blue’s Rupert Myers on the question: Should we take Jacob Rees-Mogg seriously as a leadership contender?

Laura’s answer was emphatic, telling us that it is about time the Conservative Party dropped “the wishy-washy failed mantra of the middle ground” for someone who “recognises the importance of family, community and civil society – all independent of the State.”

Should we take Rees-Mogg seriously, then? Absolutely, argues Laura – “it’s time for Mogg-mania.”

Read Laura’s piece in full here.


  1. Perhaps a trifle too early for Mogg-mania. He does seem to epitomize what might be called old style conservatism. Sadly, looking at May, Rudd, Morgan, Soubry et al it is such that he would be out-maneuvered and rendered somewhat ineffective. There really does need to be a shed load of Moggs before the Conservative party could be considered to be Conservative.

  2. He would have made a great James Bond, but alas Daniel Craig has taken the position even having said he would rather slit his wrists than play it again.

    • James Bond was originally a sporty-type/thug-with-brains rather than a reed-thin intellectual like Mogg, so I have to respectfully disagree. Mogg would make a better Sherlock Holmes!

    • How can James Bond ever be played by a Remainer like Craig. The antithesis of a Bond philosophy. There should be a law against it! When we leave perhaps we will make such a law. I don’t want to put money into this liberal luvvie’s pocket.

  3. We need a Trump not a Mogg. We need a leader with an edge always ready to attack when cornered. (Think Mrs T)

    If we want Mogg elected we should hope he looks at how Trump operates very carefully and starts upsetting people.

    Lots of people…..

    He needs a good twitter account writer and forget about doing interviews unless they are on his terms.

  4. Laura for PM! She explains what is required so clearly, utterly without PC nonsense, very firmly but politely.

  5. Jumping jeepers, “he tweets in Latin” that line from Myers, does he write Pollyanna’s drivel? Anyhow, what people need is a bit of elitism, too much salad not enough days in the classroom – I can remember only snatches of Lingua Latina but by God I can understand JRM.

    Also, well said, Laura Perrins. I am reminded of some of my extended family in Ireland, they are witty, lovely, articulate, witheringly scathing of the UK and their mates the Dublin-Belfast PC cultural Marxists brigate. Hmm, in actual fact most of sensible Europe looks askance at Britain and muses “what the heck happened to perfidious Albion?” We need a bloke with a blend, a message, a meld of; Edmund Burke [YES an Irishman and true!], John Churchill and Lord Salisbury.

    JRM must be allowed to reboot small c conservatism – here in the UK, not before time, and if……we ever get out of the Berlin Empire, we’re going to need to find out where our collective ‘cojones’ have been stowed and……… forgive me, fatum est in virtute.

  6. I like him, but then I’m over 60. I’m not sure how he’d play to 30-somethings asked to vote for him as PM. On the other hand he’d be an excellent choice for deputy leader, where activeness, charm and sure-footedness are at a premium.

    • I don’t know either, being a 40-something. However I suspect he does benefit just from being himself rather than being the product of careful media-training.

  7. I have become convinced that due to the BBC’s attempts at an hatchet job JRM will make an outstanding Prime Minister.
    There are a number of other reasons, most of far more importance, but that one will do for now.

  8. JRM was one of my favourite politicians whilst I was still left-wing. So yeah, I take him seriously. A real conservative party! That would be a start. Most front-bench conservatives today stand for nothing and have thus fallen for everything.

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