Laura Perrins: Ukip’s triumph is complete. The arrogant broadsheet columnists have been confounded

Do you hear that flapping sound? It is from the broadsheets columnists still at a loss as to why Ukip did so well in the elections. It has upset their brunch, and caused them to spill their lattes. What were the hoi-polloi thinking, voting for that lot? Surely they are just a bunch of racists; therefore anyone who is concerned about immigration must be racist too.

The fall-out from the last week’s elections has been interesting to watch, not just from the politicians but their comrades in arms, the columnists on the broadsheets. How it must depress to realise your influence is on the wane when all your previous calls not to vote Ukip were ignored.

Prior to the election, all four of the main broadsheets launched a fierce campaign against Ukip. It back-fired and the voters ignored it, registering their protest vote nonetheless. Did this prompt any change? Hardly. Many turned to insults.

At The Times, David Aaronovitch accused those voters who supported Nigel Farage of being “determined to jump off a cliff, believing that they can fly.” They were all “lunatics.”

On Monday, Matthew Parris, also at The Times, accused the voters of being “hysterical when they mouth off about Europe being the cause of our problems. They just like to have someone else to blame.” And those hysterical voters were speaking ‘nonsense’ and should be told so by the politicians – this would be brave. Clearly not a big fan of representative democracy, Mr Parris assumes he represents the views of the voters.

The Times leader, the day after the European results, put UKIP in with the ‘fringe groups’. Again any of the worries the voters might have about the EU ‘may be unfounded’. So there we have if from The Times. The voters who are concerned about the EU are hysterical lunatics talking nonsense whose concerns are unfounded.

Hot on the heels of The Times was Tony “Eight Houses" Blair. On the Today programme he dismissed Ukip as something ‘pretty nasty and unpleasant.’ But then it is easy not to worry about the uncontrolled immigration that you yourself created when you are part of the global elite.

Mr Blair said that those who voted for Ukip’s ‘repressive and reactionary’ policies were ‘close-minded.’ We assume this includes former Labour voters then? They are probably all ‘lunatics’, as The Times would say, to be worrying about their homes and families.

Currently Ukip have very few policies. Only one in fact – to leave the EU and in consequence return control of British borders to Britain. To some, the London elite, this seems like a crazy idea. They are already unhappy at having to go through the hassle of changing their currency and showing their passports when they go on their annual family holiday.

But many families outside London can no longer take that annual holiday because, they feel, of unlimited EU immigration and the resulting strain on services such as education and health. Calling them hysterical lunatics might make the columnists feels better but it is not going to change the voters’ minds.

Laura Perrins

  • Dogzzz

    “The Times leader, the day after the European results, put UKIP in with the ‘fringe groups’.”

    I guess every single political party across the whole of the EU is a fringe party now then. Because, as far as I am aware, UKIP had more MEPs elected than any other single party in the whole EU.

    Fringe parties? That would be the tories, labour and liberals then after Sunday’s results.

  • Jeff Evans

    The thing about democracy is, if the majority vote for a policy, by definition it is the right policy.

    There is no “wrong answer”.

  • Well, really, Mr Tony Bliar should know – “pretty nasty and unpleasant” he certainly holds the unbreakable patents for that ! Shared with his wife, of course.

    Alan Douglas

    • Vera

      When are we going to be rid of this discredited yesterday man once and for all. Sick to death of him, even his own party don’t want him hanging around like a bad smell.

  • Sapporo

    Actually, the media smear campaign was very successful, probably costing about 8%. Polls, that always underestimate the conservative vote, had UKIP on 32-35%, prior to the LiabLabCon and Media smear campaign.

    • I think that’s probably correct. The big question is: have all the people who can be turned off UKIP by smears, now been chased away?

  • Weygand

    Nicely put.

    And far from persuading voters to change their mind, such arrogant nonsense galvanises them to actually go out and vote UKIP – if only to respond to one insult with another.

  • Chris Barrs

    This is all down to the major problems of both Westminster and the press, they are all under the illusion that England is fully contained within the M25, hence the different voting pattern within the capital. If they took the time to remove their collective heads from their backsides and talk to people in the Shires, the towns, the villages, they would see that their views hold no sway away from the metropolitan “elite”.
    Politicians are paid to represent the views of the electorate, when Cameron wrings his hands and says he gives so much in foreign aid because he thinks “it’s the right thing to do”, he is putting his own personal thoughts before those of the people who are paying him to do the job of representing their views and not his. The press are merely following suit, they are simply puppets of the government. However they need to wake up and present the facts and not a leftie, rose tinted view of things. The news should be presented as balanced and factual, insulting large swathes of the population should not be an option.
    The thing we really need to get past is, the calling of anyone who questions immigration a racist. We are being bombarded at the moment with the “housing crisis” it appears to be blamed on many varying things and yet I have not heard one of them mention the elephant in the room. It seems perfectly obvious to me that the shortage of housing has surely come about because of the rising tide of immigrants entering this country. We cannot and must not concrete over all of this beautiful country, so someone tell me, when are we full?
    Rant over.

  • hereward

    Gosh . A fair and sensible article about the Party that dare not speak its name without the media and political elites flying off the handle . LOL .
    This lady is never going to get a job with the Telegraph, Times , Express, D Mail, Guardian, Independent , Evening Standard , BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and SKY writing articles such as this . Telling the truth is a bad career move in 21st century Britain Laura . Careful now .

  • Stuey Ukip

    Thank you Laura.

  • sandy winder

    It must be very difficult to understand that UKIP want merely the same rights that are enjoyed in over 160 other major countries of this world. Are UKIP voters lunatics and racists for wanting to be able to control who comes into the country? How can we possibly prosper without cultures that include stoning pregnant women to death? Racism, homophobia, misogyny and poverty are all imports we should embrace or be forever branded racists.

    Seriously though these journalists are immigration problem deniers, denying that many of the problems relating to housing, schools, hospitals, our energy and water needs, road traffic, train overcrowding, airport capacity, etc, etc are in any way affected by immigration.

    • Colonel Mustard

      Mass hysteria. Demonstrated on QT last night when the members of the panel were required to trot out the usual sanctimonious platitudes about enrichment to demonstrate their non-racist credentials. They also, except for one brave and articulate black ex-Labour UKIP voter in the audience, conflated a concern about the numbers and rate of immigration, the responsibility of idiot politicians, with hatred of the immigrants themselves. This man spoke gently, quietly but persuasively but what he said was completely lost on the fools on the panel and the fools in the audience, whose silly prejudices were being sharply confronted by him.

      Powell said “It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre…”

      And it is. In order to avoid the mere whiff of appearing racist they will continue to stand by as the world comes to Britain in increasing numbers and the “enrichment” they boast of becomes irrelevant as the creaking infrastructure of the country once known as England is utterly destroyed.

  • alphonsus44

    Good piece Laura.
    Shame you couldn’t find room for the worst culprit of all, Dan Hodges at the Telegraph.
    Rumour has it that since the results he’s been sitting in a dimly lit room, rocking gently to and fro and screaming “racist!” at the shadows………..(not Hank and the lads you understand)

  • warmingmyth

    “Prior to the election, all four of the main broadsheets launched a fierce campaign against Ukip.”
    Indeed that is correct and I entirely acknowledge that the writer of this piece has limited her article to them. However let us not forget that virtually all the mainstream media including the tabloids, radio and television was involved also in a fierce campaign against UKIP.

  • Vuil

    You got it spot on. The chattering classes are confounded.

    But the main culprit is the egregious Mr Blair who does nothing more sensible than mumble about right wing and fringe parties ignoring the fact that UKIP got the most votes. Funny kind of fringe.

    In a saner world Blair would be had up for treason for effectively destroying Britain at least for the British. Doesn’t seem to worry Tone though.

  • derekemery

    I suspect voters are disgruntled because they do not see politics from EU level down working for them. More and more globalism means going downhill for many ordinary people. They can see that terms and conditions of employment and pensions etc are going one way – down. Yes the rich are doing marvellously well but who’s going to vote to make the rich few percent richer? Big companies do nothing for the UK as they pay no tax (i.e. google) and low wages for ordinary people. They are a means of taking money out of the country to give to the world’s richest few percent rather than investing any returns in the UK.i.e. equivalent to a highwayman.
    Any deal between the EU and US will only respect the needs of the richest few percent who have 3,000 lobbyist to buy their interests. This means worst terms and conditions here to increase the return on capital out of the UK.
    None of the main parties are going to get people’s vote in future as the UK slides down the tables.

  • Grumpy

    Thank you for a sensible article. But don’t just thank the vilification by the four main broadsheets for increased UKIP vote, the sanctimonious, snide and dismissive BBC coverage must have given UKIP at last 5% of the poll.

  • Faceless Bureaucrat

    Seems the message from the ‘Lower Orders’ resonates with the Voters. Awkward for the political elite…