Something strange is going on with the working class men of America. Many in this class of men are no longer working, and it is not for the lack of jobs.

As Charles Murray explains in White America – while upper middle class men (and their wives) work more and more, working-class men work less and less to such and extent that we must insert those quotes – the working class man, is now the ‘working’ class man. This phenomenon has caught the attention of the White House and is said to have caused the rise of Donald Trump.

Both Murray and similar accounts confirm that although the collapse in traditional working class jobs is partly to blame, it is the collapse in working class culture that has driven this change.

In fact, an incredible ‘7 million American men between the ages of 25 and 54 are neither working nor looking for work. That amounts to 12 per cent of all men in those prime working ages – and that doesn’t count another 2 million who are looking for work but haven’t found it.’

These numbers are staggering and have commentators from Left to Right in a flap. In fact, “participation among prime-age men peaked in 1954, declined only slightly until the mid-1960s, and then began to decline in earnest in the decade between 1965 and 1975. Since then, participation has fallen persistently, with sharper declines in recessionary periods that were not fully reversed in the subsequent expansions,” according to this official White House report.

So it seems just as women were liberating themselves from the prison of the home, working class men have liberated themselves from work. Perhaps unsurprisingly one liberation – that of women – has been celebrated, but the other is causing panic.

Ah, but my feminist sisters say, these men are just the new modern man. They are taking over childcare and home duties while their partners go to work. That was our grand plan it is all coming to fruition. Not quite.

Instead, these men are having a bit of ‘me’ time. “They’re not spending any more time on child care or chores.” Instead these men spend up to 10.5 hours a day on media in all its form. They are playing Grand Theft Auto is what they are doing.

This commentator views this as an ominous sign, “the time and money these activities rob from relationships, work, and savings can hardly be overestimated.”

What has caused this collapse in work ethic in the ‘working’ class man – it cannot be solely the draw of the gaming experience? What, now remind me again, happened between 1965-1975 in the US? Ah yes that was second wave feminism telling men how they were ‘tying women to the kitchen sink’ while the husbands enjoyed the life of Riley outside it (The Feminine Mystique was published in 1963).

And the husbands were having a great time in the working world, were they are not? Here, Jack Arnold the patriarchal father in the classic Wonder Years, explains the fabulousness of it all to his son. “I get up at five in morning. I fight traffic; I bust my hump all day. I fight traffic again and then I come home. And then I pay my taxes. The end.” And Jack was middle-class – so you can just imagine what it was like for the working class man.

So should we really be surprised that the ‘working’ class man says, you know, thanks – but no thanks. What with welfare, he can just about make it through and no longer needs the often spirit crushing job he had to support his family.

Because this is something the feminists never thought through – men can opt-out and survive. They will not thrive, and I think ultimately it is at great personal loss to themselves and others, but if they don’t like the family and work deal offered, they’ll just opt-out of both. They will not organise, they will not take to Twitter they will just ‘socially withdraw.’

The truth is since the 1960s the working class man has not only seen his economic prospects hit, but more fundamentally his position in society has been trashed. The status he had as ‘head of the family’ no matter how menial and meaningless the job was on its own, had meaning and dignity as it sustained a family.

But this status has been gradually eroded over the decades, first by the feminists, who poured scorn on the husband who provides, then by the welfare state who said we can do this job better than you, and finally by the liberals who said fathers were surplus to requirements.

All of this spells disaster of course for the working class woman who is left scratching a living in low-paid jobs and welfare while holding the baby. This will cause the elite with their married dual career parents to pull further away, while the children of lone mothers fall further behind. And the liberals will continue to decry this ‘inequality’ without ever grasping the fact that they caused it.



  1. A great article, thank you. Couple this with the article on high earning women and things look rather bleak.

  2. These feminists may be evil, but they aren’t stupid. They can see the results of their policies as well as anyone else.

    The fact that working class people (men and women) are suffering is irrelevant to them. They are marxists and they want to destroy the old order to clear the way for their ‘utopia’. The ends justfy the means.

    So many people still labour under the impression that feminism was well-intentioned but just went wrong somewhere along the line. Why won’t these people wake up, even when the evidence is staring them in the face?

    • Indeed it is frustrating to see the bemused response to these things. As you say the core purpose is to destroy the social institutions. Thus the mayhem is not an accident or misfortune it is the desired result. The most extreme versions of this were the cultural revolutions in China and Cambodia. Russia too in the interwar years.
      Yet still even “conservatives” sleepwalk into the abyss apparently convinced that some benign programme has just gone slightly wrong. Thus far for the feminists the only thing that has gone “wrong” is that the middle classes still cling on to more traditional beliefs and behaviours.

    • The great irony in all this is as a working class man who has a clear view of who’s fault this is, if they usher in their so called utopia who do you think the working class ‘proletariat’ will go after. It’ll be open season on the elites and these feminists.

  3. In financial terms it’s probably not what the powers-that-be envisaged. One of the objectives of women’s lib was to increase the number of tax payers. A broader tax base enables more government spending and borrowing to take place – the latter being lucrative business for the parasitic banksters.

  4. This is indeed hitting a nail right on the head. As you say having trashed the primary reason men had for pushing themselves into being the wage slave then there is no reason for men to endure “the glass cellar” jobs on offer. Of course the majority still do work, and surprise surprise the hardest working are young fathers. stats still show a sudden upswing in fathers hours on the birth of a child. And in my experience many men do work but in a “black” economy cash in hand.Sufficient for their needs holidays etc. But taking the Elite at their word there is no need to be thinking of buying a family home or supporting a wife. Indeed according to some models of Domestic Abuse being the main provider (if your male) is abusive! (if you don’t believe me simply go and google DV treatment or risk analysis)
    Simultaneously all surveys show most people aspire to form a family. But our PC world has effectively airbrushed out the “how” this might be achieved. I know locally that a project found that many young fathers saw their leisure filled lifestyle as good for their children as they had the time to be with them, while earning extra cash as and when needed.
    Of course all this is underpinned in one way or another by welfare.
    One of the welcome effects of a strong Polish community locally has been the revival of a feeling of aspiration as local society is seeing people in families with horror of horrors “family values” and a work hard and get on attitude.
    There is a great deal of work being done and it supports what we have taught is important; selfish lives.

    • Whilst Eastern European immigrants such as the Poles have a bad effect on wage levels they do set a good example in terms of conservative social values.

      • Indeed. I’m constantly amazed that that the obvious effect of increasing the supply of forms of labour is so frequently sidestepped. Even at the time the then labour gov. argued for the introduction of the minimum wage partly to prevent any wage falls due to “accession state” migrations. It is such basic economics.
        I mention the Poles because they are a strong presence in my conurbation. This positive outcome is not to suggest the whole unfettered free for all has not been largely negative.

    • Yep, and never forget for many trades types, working under the table, utilizes what are commonly called ’50 cent Dollars’, because for many that is what the combined tax rate is. It’s a better deal for the tradesman AND the customer. What was it Churchill said about destroy a market and create a black market? Truer words were never spoken, especially when you add in all the costs of regulation involved – they end up being more like ’20 cent dollars’.

  5. Great article.
    Another huge factor that has missed by Feminists was the very strong bond between most mothers and sons.

    Its a generalization but i believe it is, on the whole, true. Many mums do not switch off the instinct to look after their sons even when they are well in manhood.
    Many men are still living at home well into their thirties now. Throw in the cost of housing and the leaving home is not only unattractive but often impossible. This completely enables the situation described by Laura above.

    I read recently that one factor in the rise of alcohol consumption in middle aged women was ’empty next syndrome’
    Its not unnatural. for the vast majority of our existence we all lived our lives in family groups with typically three generations living together.
    Its coming home to an empty house which is unnatural.

    • Actually the three generations living together bit is a bit overdone, at least in the UK since 1801 when we had the first Census and probably before – relatively few British households have had three generations living together.
      This does not mean the rest of the analysis is wrong, though, especially the unmarried children living at home rather than striking out.

      • On the other hand, that there weren’t all that many three-generational households could be chalked up to a shorter life expectancy– the grandparents may have shuffled off the mortal coil early enough in the game to hold down the numbers.

        • That’s part of it, though again overdone. If you got to adulthood you had a good chance of living to a decent age, the main issue was infant mortality. A young family (adults under 30) were still more likely than not to have at least one parent alive in 1801.
          The figures are there, see for example Wrigley’s books, or Hindle’s, England’s Population, or the Census returns.

          • I was referring more to disease and general debilitation from overwork that would contribute to the eldest household members slipping the surly bonds of Earth by age 60, as many of the youngest were still younger than marriageable age and liable to produce even a fourth generation under the same roof. There might even be a span of up to a decade where only two generations were under one roof, before the parents become the grandparents, repeat process of three generations, for another decade or so.

    • They work odd jobs, temp jobs and ‘under the table'(employment not officially reported to the IRS). The girlfriend’s brother is one of these guys. He squeaks by,rides a bicycle to work, has no official credit history, and lives in a rented house with four or five other guys. They play Xbox, drink, and smoke weed together. Occasionally, he’ll pick up a ‘hood rat'(his words not mine) for some ‘horizontal’ entertainment. The woman in question has as much chance of getting a commitment out of him as you do of hitting the million dollar lottery.

  6. I’m not an expert in the US welfare state. However, I believed that welfare payments to single men were very small or non-existent. If I am correct …. a single man not working is either supported by someone else, presumably family or the mother of his children, is working illegally or is deriving income from crime.

    PS Please either confirm what I have said or correct me if I am wrong.

      • Or, if they’re REAL lucky, are allowed to get “crazy money” (money for being “not right in the head”) from Social Security Disability Income. This is a bit of a slog to obtain, but some manage it– although there appears to be an irony in that, if the fellow was crafty and industrious, and assiduous enough to see it through, seemingly you would think he was “right enough in the head” to be able to find work somehow.

  7. Another factor in this which Murray highlights is the decline in religiosity. Seems to me you’re as likely to see an apparition of the Virgin Mary herself as a working-class white British man of working age in church these days – particularly if they’re not actually in work.

    • It’s a miracle…..I was in Church yesterday, do you think people might start a pilgrimage to see me?
      Just my little joke, it was a family christening..I don’t go at all usually.

  8. Men do not need much to get by here (in the mid-west). A $10ph job, grow your own veggies, don’t have TV or internet. Keep paying into the SS & get a decent pension at 65.

  9. Honestly, I have one real question. How can any reasonable person be surprised by any of this? We’ve had fifty years of women all but spitting on men as if misandry were a sport. Is anyone really surprised that these guys don’t really care anymore? Does it shock anyone that these men have zero attachments to a society that only cares because they’re not paying into a system that actively discriminates against them? Think about it. If it were you, would you break your back everyday for a society that at best regards you with contempt?

    • Women don’t have the emotional or mental capacity to have understanding, let alone empathy, of men. As is evident by the increasing number of post-wall feminist articles about how there are no “real men” around for her to date now that she’s 35 and wants a family and a dutiful provider. Or that despite all the tax subsidies she gets for the comfortable jobs they choose, women should still be at the top of everything with no responsibilities attached.

      Mgtow, darlings. The fun has JUST begun.

  10. It is just the white working class catching up with the black working class for the same reason as stated by Thomas Sowell…”The black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake of the liberals’ expansion of the welfare state”.

    • The dirty secret is, of course, that the figures are racially skewed. This is, however, not to imply that no black men in the prime of life are gainfully employed nor that there aren’t “white trash” men content to sit on their “laurels.” At National Review Online (the Digital Age product from William F. Buckley’s long-running magazine of US conservative thought), their writer, Kevin D. Williamson, has been writing about the “white trash,” and is predictably called an “elitist” among other things.

  11. 50% divorce rate with 70% divorces initated by his wife .   Lifetime Alimony.    Family courts won’t let him see his kids. With a 1% to 30% paternity fraud rate, his kids might not be his.

    Talking to females is now a crime (in parts of Britain).

    A progressive tax rate.  The more you earn the more you lose.

    Have consenual sex with a female.  She can change her mind a week later and you are now a rapist.

    The cost of college is the same as a small house.  Doesn’t matter,  there aren’t enough jobs to go around and hiring quotas favor females and minorities.

    If you go to college, you have to take mandatory classes to be told not to rape, because all men are rapists.

    Tell an off color joke at work , someone will be offended and you’ll be fired.

    Hold a door open for a female, it is sexual harassment (I have seen this happen).

    Under the current guidelines  if your female partner commits  domestic violence against the man, the man goes to jail. And now (in Australia) critiquing your wife’s housekeeping is domestic violence.


     They could work just the minimum,  play video games, be happy.

    • Forgot to add that if you aren’t over 6 foot tall, have 6 abs, and make 6 figure income, females don’t want you. What was the term you used, offcut?

    • Take the chip from your shoulder and..
      More women than men are physically abused by their spouse, more women than men are killed by their spouse. Why shouldn’t this be reflected in the gender of divorce instigation?
      Taking to women is not a crime, harrassment is. Ask someone out for a coffee, if they decline you know they’re not interested. End of, no law broken, everyone happy.
      There’s been a progressive tax rate for over a century
      Stop having casual sex with women and you reduce the odds of them changing their minds. If you want casual sex, pay for it from a professional.
      The cost of higher education has always been high that’s why most didn’t bother and employers paid for training.
      The rape classes are for you to hear your rights , what, behaviour can constitute a crime of rape, and as a man how to avoid being raped.
      Why does anyone need to joke about colour at work?, social skills involve getting on with minorities of all persuasions.
      Opening a door could annoy an extreme somebody concerned about sexism, but it isn’t the norm, and can’t be construed as sexual harassment as it isn’t verbal, and doesn’t involve touching anybody..
      Critiquing your wife’s housekeeping isn’t domestic violence, however long term continuous and manipulative behaviour intended to downtrod or grind your wife into submissive behaviour, is grounds for divorce.

      • Women generally apply for a divorce because they know they have much less to lose. Blindingly obvious.

        A man generally loses his home, part of his pension, easy access to his children, pays maintenance and has to fund a new and inferior home. It’s a completely rigged game that men are increasingly avoiding and I suspect it’s women who want children who suffer the most. “Where are all the decent men?” they cry. Avoiding the huge risks of marriage is the answer.

        • I think you’re using one set of figures to justify the fact that divorce for a man means losing the family home to his ex and children. Unfortunately the courts will not make children homeless and divorced men are still legally responsible for their upkeep. It’s a question of knowing what you’re getting into, and who you marry very well first, or using a prenuptial to agree on assets.
          Most marriages are a success, with many failures being the same divorcees divorcing multiple times over.

          • Yes there are patterns of report. With both repeated divorce being such. As is the fact that the marriages with considerable assets (outside actors and actresses) being far far more likely to last than for the poorer. As to the arbitrary nature of “ancillary relief” that is a less of a feature of many European (and Scottish) juristictions that treat pre marital assets differently to those built up during the partnership.

      • Where to begin shattering this gynocentric claptrap?
        1) female on male DV is DRASTICALLY underreported. Women are more likely to use a weapon by a factor of four. (I worked with a guy during a college summer job years ago who’s wife beat him with a jack handle while he was sleeping over some innocuous household chores.) According to the CDC, those relationships with the highest DV? Lesbians.
        2) YouTube is chock full of videos of men approaching women trying to politely get a date and getting a visit by the boys in blue for their troubles.
        3)stop having casual sex? Seriously? That’s your answer to being falsely accused of one of the most serious crimes on the books? How about CHARGE and CONVICT the false accuser and, sentence her to the same punishment he would have gotten for the crime she tried to frame him for.
        4)higher Ed. Has always been expensive. Yes but, if you’re a woman you will be given preferential financial aid, despite the fact that women are no longer a minority in college.
        5)Engaging with women at work is about the dumbest thing a man can do. Keep it totally professional at all times. No exceptions. They are not your friends. They are the enemy.
        6) Holding a door? That’s easy. Don’t bother unless she’s a granny with a walker.
        7) Nearly anything you say to your wife that can be construed as critical is ‘domestic violence’ these days. Solution: don’t marry.

        • Well I read your scrotalcentric claptrap mgtow are apparently creating all sorts of YouTube rubbish, as well as encouraging boys to hate women. Casual sex with the enemy, yes I’m serious. If you hate women and think we’re the enemy that kind of excludes all personal relationships. The boys in blue haven’t got the time to follow up on individuals asking for a date, if they have they need kicking off the force.
          There are plenty of ONS stats which show violence against women is overwhelmingly perpetrated by men, and if women are using tools against men it’s no doubt because their fists are inadequate.
          The idea women are top of the list for everything just doesn’t wash. Sorry, a lot of “victimisation ” claptrap. Presumptive reasons for failure.

          • No, not victimization, victimization is a game for feminists. Self defense is the appropriate phrase. Even guys like me who have no trouble picking up women need to constantly be on guard, especially in the workplace. Never pick up women at work. Never. At work you exist in a perpetual state of Cold War, if you’re smart. I don’t hate women but, I have been, for most of my life, smart enough not to fall in love with one. I have a girlfriend now that I’m in my forties but, I’m not dumb enough to tie half my accumulated assets to her whims.

          • So, apparently you know more about the reality of DV than the 1700 peer reviewed papers that tell us that DV is non gendered, and the current feminist inspired duluth model of dealing with it actually exacerbates the problem while providing zero solutions.

        • ” They are not your friends. They are the enemy.”

          Sadly, that about sums up the current situation. Thanks, feminists.

      • Lol. I love the differences between American and British English. “off color” has nothing to do with anyone’s skin color or ethnicity.

        E.g. I say to you pull my finger…

        That is off color humor.

      • ” Critiquing your wife’s housekeeping isn’t domestic violence, ”
        Tell that to the Australian law makers.

        • The problem in Australia is the friendly old Copper at the Courthouse who tells the bloke responding to the DV Application that if he just agrees to the DV Order, he hasn’t admitted anything, won’t get a Criminal Record, and everything is over and done with.
          The poor sap usually agrees.
          What he isn’t told: Should matters end in the Family Court, Judges will not Order unsupervised Contact [visits] with his Children over the Mother’s objections., because the Father’s agreement to the making of a Domestic Violence Order is considered evidence of Domestic Violence. Supervised Contact can only happen at a Government funded Contact Centre, is totally at the discretion of the Contact Centre management, and is considered by the Family Court to be a short term solution only.
          Result: Unless the Father has $100,000+ to spend seeking Justice in the Family Court, he won’t be seeing the Children for many years, if ever again.

  12. Interesting article. But…I do not think there is not enough data here to understand the phenomenon, let alone theorise about it, really.

    You need a lot more information about the demographics, life situation and motivation of the 12%, before you can really understand causative factors. The gaming aspect is an interesting factor – what does that contribute, if anything ?

  13. Not only is this phenomenon of men disconnecting from society true, there are even discussion websites springing up for men who are supportive of the new mode of alternate lifestyles and thinking.

    Just Google ~ Men Going Their Own Way or MGTOW

    • There will always be losers who can’t find a woman or have the social skills to build a relationship with one.

      • Another lazy stereotype. Many of these men are divorced and unwilling to be fleeced again. Only a fool plays a rigged game twice.

        • I’m sure there are all sorts of reasons to justify hating all women, but it still makes you a mgtow loser .

          • Why are you so obtuse..?

            Men, simply don’t care.

            It is not the ability to get a woman or wife, it is the desire to have one…

            …which is gone, as most women are simply men with vaginas now…

      • Or like me who have been burned a few times, notices that all the best ones hitched up in their early 20’s and accept that you can either be with someone who carries a lot of baggage or just stay single and focus on other aspects of life.

        I have seen several of what the MGTOWs call NAWALTs, but generally they
        seem to know what they want from life and settles down quite early,
        which leaves men like me with those who have other interests than family, or
        other issues that makes family difficult.

        Regrets, yes but I wont put myself through the wringer at this stage, one simply grows too old to play the games.

      • And there will always be winners who don’t and won’t associate with the current crop of self entitled women.

      • And there will always be people who prefer to characterise those who reject them as “losers”.
        You can’t dismiss us forever, Mez.

  14. Fundamentally yes… it hasnt helped. But the biggest kick in the nadgers has been because of globalism over the last decade and a half where jobs have been shipped overseas or unrestricted immigration has run rampant.

    Which is also the fault of the liberals. Why do these people still walk the earth amongst us, let alone have the capacity to vote?

    • I think you are spot on with that.
      Feminism may be a willing accomplice but it is not the main perpetrator

      • I’m not so sure. In the long term the cultural shift may turn out to have been the critical driver.
        Shipping jobs overseas and importing cheap labour has made it harder for working class men to find jobs. But there have been recessions – even depressions – before, and men have still bounced back into work when it became available. The loss of respect for the working man, inspired by feminism, has changed the outlook of working class men so that many of them no longer want to find a job, even if there is one available.

        • Its highly ironic isnt it. Radical feminists are very left wing and yet they enable the most brutal elements of global capitalism.
          I believe in restrained, measured, regulated capitalism. It still the best way for society. Maybe without radical feminism we would still have it?

        • Woman at Home. Yes ‘shipping’ jobs overseas is an issue – but it is not the crucial issue. These numbers are very clear – these men are neither looking for work or in work. The embedded links are really worth reading. The men are not working because they do not want to work.

          • Certainly if you watch some of the reality TV programmes on benefit recipients you will see some people of both sexes who have no intention of ever working, others do have genuine reasons for not working. Some are simply unemployable

    • That was really China entering the global trade block, Eastern Europe entering the EEC, all part of the collapse of communism. Next we`’ll have the collapse of socialism, because of the level of long term debt taken on to support it. The only thing backing state debt is their ability to squeeze cash out of taxpayers , and that is finite. Either the economic pie has to expand enormously, not by nos of people but by high level tax payers (and govt policy is against attracting the wealthy) , or we hit a ceiling on the debt/credit front.

  15. It’s the new plantations. It is not a working class but the welfare class. It has created a generation of dependency on the state through the twin evils of direct welfare and cheap credit.

    Governments love dependency, just like drug dealers love addicts. In the modern plantation there is a ready made group of supporters that will vote for more free stuff, which is a ready made sinkhole for politicians and bureaucrats to practice their benevolence with other people’s money. Entire industries have grown up tending to the wretched, whilst siphoning off larger and larger wads of tax payer cash.

    It should be obvious why it’s men that are the ones giving up work, because the available jobs are in the areas which are part of the supply side to the new plantations. Women have swapped caring for families to caring for the wretched. Men aren’t so great at nursery school teacher, carer, secretary or nurse maid. Women are easily absorbed into public services and those companies which public service has natural synergies.

    • Men do a great job as teachers. But why would a grown man want to be around children? He must be a pedophile! So men are shamed out of jobs where they could be role models for boys. The feminization of education.

          • Having been a school finance governor for many years, I am struggling to recognise your use of the word “pittance”. In fact it means that I know exactly what my teacher sister (currently enjoying her 7 weeks summer holiday) earns.

            My mum’s teachers pension helps to keep her above the poverty line too.

      • It’s parents who are creating the “he must be a paedophile if he wants to work with children” problem. So you have the double problem of unmarried mums, coupled with female infant school teachers, and boys growing up without enough men involved in their lives. Even married couples reliant on the man working 12/7 with wife at home, can have children who hardly ever see their father or have a relationship with him. I’m one of the latter.

        • And yet 50 years ago before feminism ‘liberated’ us all, male teachers were a norm at schools and I never heard an adult question their suitability and potential threat of being pedophiles. No sir. All this has risen since feminists took over education. Look now, if you can find a male teacher, you should buy a lottery ticket – you are obviously lucky.

        • I could name you an ex-headteacher who refused to recruit men because she believed all men who wanted to work with children were paedophiles.
          But she is now a magistrate and the female staff who heard her express that sentiment many times are still in fear of her.

          • Was this the same ex-head that had an article appear on a website. An article that she wanted taking down?

      • I few months ago i helped out in my daughter’s primary school.

        I counted the staff photo. 51 staff 2 of them men. One was the caretaker. No male teachers.

        I could not work there…….

  16. Thanks for a great article. If they bring in the guaranteed minimum income then these figures will be dwarfed …

  17. “I get up at five in morning. I fight traffic; I bust my hump all day. I fight traffic again and then I come home. And then I pay my taxes. The end.”

    I get up at 0400 hrs, employ five people, do a full day and pay a shed load of taxes. I wish I could go on the dole.

  18. The US is a big country with the space for some people to turn their backs on the economy and live in a cheaper way even off-grid and unnoticed without being chased by officialdom.

    Many will work for low pay in the shadow economy
    “Let us remind ourselves that the informal economy is, in fact, the
    larger part of the world’s total economy. When you add in the domestic
    and household economy of the world’s households, the subsistence
    economy, the barter economy, the volunteer economy, the ‘under the
    table’ economy, the criminal economy and a few other smaller players,
    you get something that adds up to 3/4 of the world’s total economic
    activity. The formal economy—the territory of professional and paid
    work, of tax statements and GDP—is only 1/4 of the world’s total
    economic activity.”

    There is little for them from the formal economy so they have given up on it.
    I suspect the same is happening here but perhaps on a smaller scale.
    Small UK businesses accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses at the start of 2015. The majority of population growth since 2000 has been due to
    non-employing businesses, which accounted for 90% of the 1.9m increase.
    These are just on the radar above the informal economy and illustrate a similar effect here.

    • Yep, I agree with that.Since 2009 there seems to be a move in the US towards building mobile “tiny houses” which can be built with no mortgage and run on a couple of solar panels. For singles especially , once you remove the burden of rent or mortgage it becomes much easier to live on a small irregular income. Let’s face it, once you’ve been made formally bankrupt your options drop pretty quickly.

  19. Great, accurate and chilling narrative. Video games are a factor, as is online porn. The whole family court system is a moving car crash and house affordability is another factor. Wildly unrealistic hypergamy is still another.

    But this will end, and end quite soon I think as the West as a whole runs out of money. Welfare isn’t easy but it’s not sufficiently tough to force men of the couch and women our of their R selected mating behaviour throughout their twenties.

    Political change won’t do this, but economic reality will be the force for change.

  20. There are some interesting behaviour changes further up the greasy pole as well. Plenty of my reasonably high-earning middle-aged male friends are now divorced (usually initiated by their spouse) or otherwise single. They have declined to (re)-engage with the traditional dating model as there seems to be an unlimited supply of younger women who are happy to “date” them with no strings attached, as it were. It seems a bit distasteful to my prudish sensibilities – but they’re having a whale of a time.

        • Hi Mike, Stephen – thanks for the comments. I’ve read my Jane Austen – I appreciate that many of these young women (who are emphatically not sex workers) may be in relatively precarious economic circumstances and perhaps they are happy to date these people against the chance that love will blossom. It’s this hint of (mutual?) exploitation that makes me so uncomfortable, I think. When I dated (aged 20) we were all in a similar boat economically and socially. Whatever – it’s definitely a trend and (I think) another example of the Men Going Their Own Way phenomenon.

    • Exactly..!

      I have two adult sons and knowing them quite well, as I raised them, I believe them when they say they won’t marry a “divorce threat woman” which they consider ANY woman from the western/feminist world.

      They are successful and literally have to protect themselves with cameras well placed and other recording devices…as they have become a target.

      Eldest is phd candidate, mma enthusiast and practitioner, and a tall pretty-boy

      Youngest is in grad school comp sci, 12 years kumite and karate instructor, same look as his brother.

      They are successful men and have absolutely NO INTEREST in any LTR with any woman from here…

      When an affair starts to get serious, they break it off and find someone new.

      They are applying for positions in other countries, when graduating, and hope to find a “normal country” to settle down in and have a family.

      The translation and other technology they tell me, will make this easier going forward than it has in the past.

      Sometimes when I post this people think I am lying or exaggerating…

      Think whatever you want, boys can wait as their clocks are not as rushed…
      It is not only them, but the MAJORITY of successful young men they hang with as well…

      The next 5 to 10 years we will see a plethora of unhappy women who have “missed the boat” due to this feminism BS, in my opinion…

    • Page not found. And unemployment rate is those on unemployment, not just those who aren’t working. Check out the labor force participation rate. As of May of this year, 94,708,000 Americans who were eligible for work, were not working and were not actively seeking work. In May the participation rate was only 62.6%, that means that over 1/3 of the population that can work wasn’t even looking for work. I would not be surprised if it continued to drop.

  21. Excellent article. The problem can be summarised very succinctly but the solution would require a staggering reversal of everything the bien pensants currently believe. The one-word summary lies in the word ‘honour’. Decent men of all social types have been vilely traduced. As a result nothing is any longer expected from them and if they go on doing their best to behave decently it is all down to their personal honour and their contempt for current mores.

  22. It could be that’s there’s a chunk of those people actually earning an income on the internet, from advertising sources, software development etc. So they’re not looking for work per Ce because they’ve already become self employed. Also the multi generation families who are being supported by welfare may be tied to a geographical area because of the low value of their home, as well as qualifications. E.g. the old mining villages. The state has had policies for decades which support training the young into various work opportunities, but that tends to exclude the over fifties who suffer age discrimination too.

    • Your point about age is important. In what are still predominantly industrial areas there still remains a real issue for over 50s men. Many many jobs remain physically demanding, not as grindingly so as mining or steel but still a slog when older. Thus there are many men who leave such work, usually after a final illness/injury. In the past care and health benefitted from the recruitment of such people with life experience and a desire to care. The development of so much such work as degree entry has not only choked off the recruitment of mature women but also such men. There really is an untapped resource in these men not only in “my” industry.
      Some minor investment in encouragement and “careers guidance” could pay dividends all round. Many industrial areas have suspiciously high levels of men “on the sick”. Talking to local GPs many admit to “signing off” men as a sort of kindness in a difficult jobs market.

    • I sit at home most of the day at my computer. It’s my job that I am paid -handsomely, thank Lord!- to do.

  23. “All of this spells disaster of course for the working class woman who is
    left scratching a living in low-paid jobs and welfare while holding the

    Surely not. She is after all a strong and independent woman who needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. She don’t need no man to own her! So shovel your own gravel darling and do us all a favour, shut up. I’m playing on my computer and the whinging is distracting.

  24. “Let not Ambition mock their useful toil,
    Their homely joys, and destiny obscure;
    Nor Grandeur hear with a disdainful smile
    The short and simple annals of the Poor.”


  25. Reposted from response below…

    I have two adult sons and knowing them quite well, as I raised them, I believe them when they say they won’t marry a “divorce threat woman” which they consider ANY woman from the western/feminist world.

    They are successful and literally have to protect themselves with cameras well placed and other recording devices…as they have become a target.

    Eldest is phd candidate, mma enthusiast and practitioner, and a tall pretty-boy

    Youngest is in grad school comp sci, 12 years kumite and karate instructor, same look as his brother.

    They are successful men and have absolutely NO INTEREST in any LTR with any woman from here…

    When an affair starts to get serious, they break it off and find someone new.

    They are applying for positions in other countries, when graduating, and hope to find a “normal country” to settle down in and have a family.

    The translation and other technology they tell me, will make this easier going forward than it has in the past.

    Sometimes when I post this people think I am lying or exaggerating…

    Think whatever you want, boys can wait as their clocks are not as rushed…
    It is not only them, but the MAJORITY of successful young men they hang with as well…

    The next 5 to 10 years we will see a plethora of unhappy women who have “missed the boat” due to this feminism BS, in my opinion…

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