Feminism victimhood

The card-carrying feminists are not happy that there are some women out there who have the temerity to call themselves Women Against Feminism. American blogger and Guardian writer Jessica Valenti “looks forward” to all these women “giving back their votes, credit cards, family leave, political representation, anti-rape laws and birth control. There’s a basket at the door, feel free to leave them there.”

First, establishing the vote for women was a victory for classical first wave feminism and had nothing to do with the likes of Jessica Valenti. As for political representation, very few female politicians represent my views.

Birth control. Well, as reported by The Guardian, many women are in fact leaving this in the basket due to side effects. Others refuse to medicate their fertility away for moral reasons and do not want to “break” their own fertility as has been encouraged by one prominent feminist. Funnily enough promoting violence against women’s inherent biological condition turns many women off.

Family leave. It is arguable that although it increases maternal participation in the work place it reduces the number of women ‘at the top’ which should worry feminists as this is what they care about. In any case, many women already leave their family leave in the basket as they run back to the office two weeks post birth, least their social status diminish or are shamed by the feminists for having a ‘magical mind-meld’ with their child (known as maternal bonding to normal people).

Rape laws. Rape was a common law offence in England and made a statutory offence in 1898 punishable by death. It is true that the rules of evidence were highly discriminatory and the marital rape exemption remained until 1991. But now, rape laws in the US include highly dubious procedures in universities designed to deny the accused his constitutional protections. So yes, I would like to leave those rape laws in the basket.

Credit cards. Access to credit for women was an important feminist victory, although it should be noted that between 1981 and 2001, the number of women filing for bankruptcy rose more than six hundred per cent and Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren points to two-income families and their access to credit as the undoing of the middle-class in America, The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Mothers and Fathers Are Going Broke” (2003).

The consumer-credit industry is worth six-hundred-billion-dollars so the victory benefitted many more than just the feminists. It benefited those who made a lot of money pulling more and more men and women into debt – but it hurt women disproportionately. So I think I will leave my credit card in your basket, that was probably bought on credit.

It is quite amusing now to view how those who are fighting for the “oppressed” having to convince the oppressed that they are in fact oppressed. No doubt it will all be the fault of the ‘patriarchy’ that many women do not view themselves as victims.

Feminists, who normally are such advocates of “agency” like to strip women of that very same agency when it suits them. You do not think you are victim? You have just been absorbing sexist norms. You do not feel oppressed? The patriarchy have brainwashed you into thinking that. It is a neat trick.

I can imagine that much of the panic caused by Women against Feminism is that if it became mainstream it would put a lot of women out of a job. The victimhood that is the sisterhood is an industry, what with the lobby groups, and the think-tanks and the journalists and The Guardian, and the Fawcett Society, and Woman’s Hour. Can you imagine if women came to dominate public life so completely they had to stop whining about being discriminated against and instead focus on the real issues? What would the victimhood do then?


  1. In many ways it is a victimhood and the victims do not even know it. In the recent “womenagainstfeminism” issue, many feminists seem to believe that the dictionary definition is true and absolute, not realizing that the higher power radical feminists are running the show and they are not pushing for equality but special privileges that ensure that females are valued more than any others – The feminists who believe in equality should be checking to see that their house is in order before victimizing young women who are able to see more clearly.

  2. Excellent analysis Laura.
    Could it be that the fraud of BigFem has been totally laid bare by the internet? BigMedia can’t control the information anymore & all the great strides by BigFem to take control of the MSM are now turning to ashes, because MSM is not where it’s at anymore?
    Next is BigFems massive influence in governance & social agencies.

  3. Tweeted the following to Laura, just so you know.

    … “Very strange. Have twice tried to post a comment that just says “Great piece!” below your article and your mods have blocked it!

  4. I noticed the comment section on the guardian is open for only a couple of hours. I could not believe that Jessica even tries to say that western women are disadvantaged in Education when drugging boys is the norm – along with bias in grading (against boys). To say that feminism does not have a cornerstone in victimology is laughable.

    In my opinion, a big reason that there is the womenagainstfeminism is that with the check your privileged debates, white women rank very close to the white male – and when feminists try to claim victim status, they only have one “box” to check off – that they are female – however they totally dominate higher education and now are making more than the boys upon graduation. Its hard to claim you are oppressed or marginalized, (such as Sheryl Sandberg did with the banbossy silliness) when you are starting the marathon at mile 18 – per the Victim Value Indices.

  5. Fascinating,

    “Can you imagine if women came to dominate public life so completely they
    had to stop whining about being discriminated against and instead focus
    on the real issues?”

    If you would like a microcosm of that concept watch Japan, and the Herbivore Men.
    As Jessica Valenti, walks around with her basket attempting to strip western women of rights like a member of the Inquisition going after Secret Jew’s in the 30 years war. The herbivore man walked out of the door, and dropped in the trashcans in the lobby…
    Dating, Marriage, Children, career over personal interests, stereotypes of men, social shaming, and concern over any future, but their own enjoyment. Right on his heels here in the west heading for the same trashcans in the lobby is the MGTOW.

    • Well said, however I think (from my armchair) that we need to change government, but we need to avoid government funding. I know that is a lot of money to leave on the table, but there are strings attached to that money.

  6. Another excellent piece Laura. As a former police officer and now stay at home mum (I had a career as a teacher in between) I find it hilarious when women who would describe themselves as feminists find out what I do now and my traditional view of marriage. They always lecture me as if I’m brainwashed. What makes me find this so hilarious? Out of the two of us I’m the woman who’s walked the walk. I’ve policed riots (video of me is shown in public order training for vocal control), dealt with violent offenders, taken a drunken grin man to the ground and cuffed him on my own, taken a knife off anothe and I could go on. They never presume to ask me what my background is, just lecture me. When I point this out there’s normally silence. There is such power in their self righteousness that, like a cult, many young women follow the mantra without questioning it’s claims.

  7. If they couldn’t whine about being victims cause they were women, I suspect they would find another reason they were victimised and keep whining

  8. I believe that modern gender-feminists are going to continue to pervert and twist American law enforcement, until we reach the point where hetero-relationships become a legal liability for guys, and than only poor and uneducated males with nothing to lose…will hetero-date. some are saying we are already there.

  9. Feminists like to take credit for access to birth control even if there is nothing to suggest on my side of the pond that they have any right to take such credit. That honor belongs to one Bill Baird–not a feminist. Pretty much every advance toward “progress” can be credited to men trying to make the world an easier place for women. Being ruled by one’s biology turns out to not actually be men’s fault. Moreover, whining doesn’t actually improve one’s biology by any measure.

  10. Im not a conservative, but this article is spot on. I think we a beginning to see a lot of non-conservative types fleeing the poison of feminist Ideology. Somewhere along the line they forgot mother’s have son’s and wives have husbands. I’d say woman have fathers but that is a quickly sinking ship. (Thanks again to liberal agenda and feminism).

  11. Your historical statements are open to dispute. The vote was given to women by men. Without the corresponding duty of going to war which was imposed on men. The Suffragettes may well have retarded the suffrage process because of their violent behaviour. Just because they were demanding the vote women then got, does not mean they won it.
    Birth control: did feminists really win it? No, not really, birth control is the result of work by predominantly male scientists. Crude methods of birth control, some of which had zero effect, have always been available.
    A read The Fraud of Feminism, or The Legal Subjection of Men by Ernest Belfort Bax reveal that the claims made by feminists and repeated by others are largely a rewriting of history.
    When the death penalty is being invoked, it is right and proper that their should be a heavy onus of proof on the prosecution. This is not discrimination, it is justice.

  12. Feminists will never stop whining about being oppressed. Ever. If every woman in the world lived in jewel encrusted solid gold palaces, and ever man lived in a cardboard box in an alley, they would still be proclaiming that it is a man’s world, and women are oppressed and victims of everything and men are privileged.

  13. “Jessica Valenti “looks forward” to all these women “giving back their votes,”…
    What’s more proof that women are not oppressed and powerful men are not evil misogynists, is that women got the right to vote by men in power giving them that right. If women were truly oppressed in Westernized countries by evil, powerful, controlling men, they would never have chosen to allow them to vote. Or run for office. Or possess credit cards. Or given protection and justice with rape laws using ever-expanding definitions of sexual assault, even at the expense of accused men. Or been given the freedom with a pill to control their own decision as to whether to bear children or not. Oh the oppression these poor women are still under because of Patriarchy.

    • It all happened because men are good and giving, but feminism must hide that fact to keep the money flowing.

  14. The Suffragettes did not fight for the right of women to get the vote. They fought to get the vote for middle-class white women (they cared not a jot about “common” girls) but without the responsibility attached to voting rights: conscription. This is why most women opposed the movement. Not all men had the vote at that time for the same reason; who wants to dragged off (on pain of death or prison) to get machine-gunned on foreign soil? Their victory – soaked in the blood of innocent men and women both – provided the bedrock of all women’s movements in the West since. Now women have more legal, social and human rights than men and enjoy almost total impunity from punishment for the crimes they commit, including the proven majority of domestic violence, sexual assault in the home and child abuse, but all of it almost totally hidden from public view by those who have vested interests in hiding the truth.

  15. Surely the entire system of government – including the sort of representational government that includes the right to vote instead of just being a slave or serf – was created by men? As well as the rule of law that decrees that rape, just for example, is a crime? Basically, in fact, the entire pie that women feel they got too small a piece of? I mean, I’m for equality but this all smacks of “what have the Romans ever done for us?”

    Feminists are people who have to keep trying to catch flies with vinegar because they don’t have any honey and don’t know how to get any.

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