The Bank of England has pledged to banish ‘gendered language’ from its documents. Offensive terms include ‘chairman’, ‘his’ and ‘her’.

So where would this leave erstwhile governor Mervyn King? Will history be rewritten to rename him Mervyn Monarch? It is also unclear how it will affect the Bank’s nickname of 300 years’ standing, the ‘Old Lady of Threadneedle Street’.

Old Person Who Identifies As Female Of Threadneedle Street? Oh no, that still leaves ageism rearing its ugly head! Ugly? Now we’re being appearanceist too! Where will it all end?


  1. Don’t worry!
    The bank of England remains dedicated wildly unjustified bias and will have no qualms about favoring one side over the other.
    After all that’s what they did in the Referendum.

  2. It’ll probably end where the Orwellian left want it to end: in a world where no-one is left with the vocabulary in order to think or reason. We use language to think, but ours is becoming so debauched in a few short decades we’ll be lucky if we an do more than just grunt at each other.

    I might be exaggerating a little, but you get the picture.

    • I think it must be gender neutral because otherwise it would have been called B-his-coin or B-her-coin and not B-it-coin.

  3. How about the gender-fluid person of indeterminate age who lives in Threadneedle Street.

    I was going to write “elderly” but that would be ageist so I had to change that.

  4. BoE has its priorities, though I might suggest that, they be better training their, its thoughts towards the almighty mess wrought by an insane drive to debase the £ and engineer a house price boom and equity bubble which will in time and inevitably cause another crash. Some might say, the only words to describe this forthcoming calamity would coalesce about; mental monetary laxity preserves a zombie economy but actually hurries cataclysmic implosion – I dunno if canadian cultural Marxists do economics but if he did, they’d call it [Fred] carn-o-nomics.

    Why is he (carno) still in a job? More…….why are, the Marxist Mafia aka Common Purpose suppurating sores allowed to infest The old lady of Threadneedle street surely that’s not in the national interest – is it?

    Militant feminists are? the generals of Common purpose – if we ever require to commence a purge of all the UK institutions then Common Purpose needs to be expurgated and forthwith.

    • It’s everywhere and now deeply entrenched in almost every institution that used to be politically impartial. And the fools peddling it think it’s “progress” rather than vandalism.

  5. Where will it all end”
    The cultural Marxists who, behind the scenes, orchestrate all these campaigns and changes intend it to end with the destruction of western society, as we have known it. They dream that from the resulting mess they will reconstruct a brave new one, heavily influenced of course by Marxism.

  6. Assuming the Royal Family aren’t just flung out onto the pavement and a republic declared, will there someday need to be a religiously-disestablished and gender-neutral anthem?

    “Something save our noble monarch
    Long live our noble monarch
    Something save the monarch
    Send that person’s pronoun of choice victorious
    Happy and glorious
    Long to reign over us
    Something save the monarch!”

  7. “Where will it all end?”

    With the complete and utter eradication of western civilisation’s, values, customs, culture and societal norms. That has always been the aim.

    • Agree. However (excuse the pun) to look at the other side of the coin, these wafer-thin slices of salami that keep getting sliced off our daily language mount up over the years and my concern is that we end up speaking some kind of government-approved way of talking that George Orwell would have been shocked by.

    • In recent years small beer appears to ferment quickly to a more toxic brew. Nudging becomes coercion and coercion soon begats criminalisation. Those who think they have a right to engineer society, demand concessions and then get them won’t stop. They always want more.

      But you carry on whistling in the dark – or perhaps even cheerleading for them in your own small and slightly repellent way.

  8. Take a look at Yuri Bezmenovs ideological subversion and you will understand how it all happened, and yes it was intended to destroy our society and make young people unfit to fight to defend their country.

  9. I notice the left will still allow us to use “men”, “he”, “his” etc when it’s time to blame someone for all society’s ills…

    • They are masters/mistresses of:-

      The Double Standard
      Selective Discrimination
      Anti-Hate which is Hate
      Anti-Fascism which is Facism
      Brain Dead Groupthink

      That list can probably be expanded. God knows why this country seems so ready to swallow their collective tripe.

    • Are you using the turtle’s script or is it something issued by Lefty Cyber Sheriff Central? Small beer alongside the decades of misery and mayhem caused across the globe by the political ideology you shill for.

      • Speaking of scripts, for a few minutes the other day it seems that Breitbart inadvertantly posted a prepared rebuttal template for the convenience of those trying to neutralise allegations of sexual misconduct against public figures.
        It was quickly taken down.
        One wonders what they’re expecting?

  10. The most ridiculous I’ve found lately was the election of a chair for an organisation. I proposed my comfortable armchair for the post but apparently it wasn’t eligible not being a member!
    I’ve no objection, but dislike, a “chair person”, but why once they are elected, do we have to continue with the charade as we will then know who is chairing the meeting.

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