The Girl Guides will allow boys who identify as female to shower with girls, says a new policy from Girlguiding UK. Chief executive Julie Bentley says they are following the 2010 Equality Act, under which ‘organisations providing single-sex services must treat people according to their acquired gender’.

Not content with this, Ms Bentley is prepared to extend the girls’ hospitality to anatomically male persons to include sharing their lavatories and sleeping quarters. The Guides themselves are rather less keen on this addition to the ‘code’ than their indoctrinated Boss Brown Owl, but she has let it be known that she has no intention of giving way, let alone of informing the girls’ parents.

Given this former family planning officer’s rebranding of Girlguiding as a quasi-feminist organisation, which now tasks itself to tell its girls that they can do whatever they want – including, apparently, sexual activity – her views on the irrelevance of parents should come as no surprise.
However, it is somewhat contradictory that in her apparent enthusiasm for all ‘isms’, this dangerous dogmatist has gone from encouraging girls to ‘speak up on topics that matter to them’ to telling them to shut up and put up with males invading their privacy.
Perhaps it’s time to introduce a new badge to go alongside such modern Guiding specialities as Party Planner, Confectioner and Circus Skills. How about Resisting Unwelcome Visitors In The Showers With A Swift Kick In The Ging Gang Goolies?


  1. When my two eldest daughters were growing up there were guides and brownie packs in most nearby villages and towns

    We recently looked for our youngest to start brownies and there were very few left most had closed

    We did find one in a nearby town some distance away, however, despite my wife offering to train as a leader and the pack being oversubscribed, it closed last summer.

    The leaders said that they were totally fed up with regulation and interference. They also said they were just too tired, working full time and running the pack

    • There are a few such organisations still around. The various cadet corps, the Fire cadets, and St John Ambulance all offer youth groups, and they don’t seem to have been so badly infiltrated (I recently noticed in a handbook that until a few short years ago St John cadets still swore an oath to God, Queen and Country, remarkable as it may seem now). But yes, in general the regulations are making all such things more difficult.

  2. Probably like many others I was particularly self conscious of bodily changes going through puberty, especially being one of the first amongst my peers. At what point would that natural self consciousness be thought as ‘being in the wrong body’ as a reason? All quite sinister indeed.

  3. Given the stringent checks that any adult working with children has to go through,
    I found it astonishing that this individual is openly abusing the ‘duty of care’ of the organisation,
    without being arrested.

    • While we are told all men are (potential) rapists, chicks with dicks aren’t because they say so.
      I, by the way, am a man of colour who happens to be a genius, cos I says so.

  4. I could just about expect this nonsense if a far left labour government was in position .
    However the fact that this endless lunacy carries on and expands under an allegedly conservative government I find profoundly depressing.

    • This is directly down to the ‘Conservative’ government. The Equalities Act was Labour legislation which came in in 2010 – seven full years ago. Only this year with the government signalling that it’ll allow self-identification of gender has the gender-fluid ideology invaded our institutions.

    • Just as (to their shame) Camerons’ lot also allowed the Brown- motivated compulsory pension enrolment legislation through, when they could have killed it stone dead.

  5. In the Calais jungle this news will no doubt be celebrated. 33 year old males posing as 14 year old males transitioning to female will certainly have the opportunity to enjoy themselves. What is it they have been known to suffer from in Germany? Ah yes! A sexual emergency.

  6. Gems from the Equality Act 2010 Guidance:

    “Equality Act provisions which came into force on 1 October 2010:…

    “Changing the definition of gender reassignment, by removing the requirement for medical supervision.”

    That encapsulates the whole insanity of the “transgender” fixation. I guarantee that whoever wrote that twaddle is a vegan, who obsesses about her carbon footprint and probably counts the methane-producing cows that she sees from the train every morning, all in the name of “settled science”. Yet she asserts that a human being can switch from one sex to another just by thinking it, with any element of science (“medical supervision”) declared superfluous.

    And the bonus:

    “Harmonising provisions allowing voluntary positive action.”

    What does that actually mean? Anyone? Don’t be shy… Stick your hand up, if you know…

    • Good point, My instinct here is that this is a completely hypothetical debate. This subject has become media clickbait.

      • I take your point, but I think it is a lot deeper and more important than might appear. It is easy to conclude that nobody should really be bothered by a few oddballs arguing that boys should be allowed into girls’ changing rooms where they might, theoretically, carry out an assault (but haven’t yet done so and probably won’t).

        But this is the thin end of a very big wedge. The transgender issue is being bigged up by our major political parties, and the media. Laws are being changed to cater for the trend. Our schools are being infected. Children are being indoctrinated. People are being charged and turned into criminals for daring to take a stand against it. Boys will be coming into those female changing rooms, whether you like it or not. The bullies are winning and are being emboldened, and will become all the more aggressive for every success they score.

        The knotweed is maybe just a small patch in your neighbour’s garden right now, but it is being protected, manured and watered by the most powerful people in the land. How long before it starts coming through your fence, and will be unstoppable by that point?

        • theoretically, carry out an assault (but haven’t yet done so and probably won’t)

          How could you possibly ever know either way, given that it would be illegal for journalists to report such incidents in the British Press ?

  7. As I understand it nowadays, a 16 year-old boy may simply say that he identifies as being a girl and join the Girl Guides without wearing female clothing or displaying anything to suggest he (or should I say she?) is a girl?

  8. “2010 Equality Act, under which ‘organisations providing single-sex services must treat people according to their acquired gender”
    Proof that the law is an ass.

    • Separate services for men and women and single
      -sex services
      A service provider is allowed to provide
      separate services
      for men and women
      providing a joint service
      would not be as effective
      and is objectively justified

      A healthcare provider offering sexual health services holds
      at different times for women and men.
      Equality law allows this, as
      long as the service provider can show that a combined service would be
      effective (for example, because people
      are less likely to attend a
      mixed clinic) and that what it is doing is
      objectively justified
      Service providers are also allowed to provide separate services
      for men
      and women
      where providing a combined
      service would not be as effective and
      it would not be reasonably practicable to provide the service in the same way
      to each
      because of t
      he extent to which the service is required by one sex
      Equality and Human Rights Commission
      Last revised 09-
      Equality Act 2010: Summary Guidance on Services, Public Functions and Associations

      The healthcare provider in the previous example
      there is greater demand by women than by men for the clinic (which
      includes sexual health testing and family planning services). So as well
      as offering clinics at separate times for men and women, the service
      provides more clinics
      for women.
      In ea
      ch case, the organisation needs to be able to objectively justify what they are

      An organisation is allowed to provide
      -sex services
      (services just for men
      or just for women) where this is objectively justified and:

      only men or only women requi
      re the service, or

      if there is joint provision for both sexes but that is not enough on its own, or

      if the service were provided for men and women jointly, it would not be as
      effective and it is not reasonably practicable to provide separate services for
      each sex
      because of the extent to which the service is required by persons of
      each sex
      , or

      the services are provided in a hospital or other place where users need special
      attention (or in parts of such an establishment), or

      they may be used by more than one
      person and a woman might object to the
      presence of a man (or vice versa), or

      they may involve physical contact between a user and someone else and that
      other person may reasonably object if t
      he user is of the opposite sex.

      A healthcare provider
      can offer health screening services
      only to men or only to women, where the screening involves health
      conditions that affect only men or only women.
      Gender segregation is permitted for a few specifically defined purposes. For example
      there is an exemptio
      n permitting gender segregation in certain situations where it is
      necessary to preserve privacy and decency. However, unless a specific exemption
      applies, segregation connected to gender will be unlawful.”

  9. This looks very much like one of those situations where stupidity has taken over so completely, that you simply have to let things run to their natural – and usually disastrous – conclusion, before they have any chance of getting better. In this case, it would therefore appear to be necessary for female-only organisations to be flooded with pseudo-females resulting in too many examples of abuse for even the most PC zealot to ignore.

    However, something tells me that this particular game will not be resolved in that way. I understand the fear of females that they will indeed be overwhelmed by an avalanche of sexual predators taking advantage of the situation. But I suspect it will not happen in such a blatant and obvious way. To begin with, I do not expect a flood of leering, laughing boys to join the Guides under the guise of “I’m a girl too, init? Now where are the showers?” I think there will only be a trickle, and it will consist of those boys who, rightly or wrongly, have got it firmly into their heads that they really are girls trapped in the wrong bodies. As such, they will not be so much a threat, much more an embarrassment. They will not be raping girls, but they will be making them feel extremely uncomfortable.

    So I expect the backlash to come from the girls themselves – and their parents, once they find out what is happening. At the very least, they will demand a certain degree of segregation from these new creatures invading their space. They will not put up with sharing toilets and showers. This will cause conflicts. But browbeating females into accepting what they don’t want to accept is never going to work. It is very much a characteristic of the male sex to allow themselves to be trampled underfoot by loud, demanding females, and to cave in like a row of dominoes. That is exactly what has been happening across our society for the last 40 years and more.

    But women of the modern era are never going to do the same thing; and certainly not in the face of a handful of individuals with penises trying to claim membership of the girls club on the basis that they feel female and like the idea of wearing skirts instead of trousers. Hence, when the conflicts come, the real girls will win. As I note above, they have been doing nothing but win for the last 40 years. And I cannot see them letting a few weirdos and their cheerleaders change that now.

  10. Our local swimming pool as a single changing area (multiple cubicles), for men, women and families. It has done for several years. There are communal showers (where men, women and kids keep thier bathing suits on ) and private ones either sex can use. The lockers and changing cubicals are all shared. Keep in mind that this is all here is conservative, traditional old Lincolnshire. There are separate toilets for men and women.

    From what I understand from TV yesterday the Girl guides cannot confirm that there is a single instance of a ‘trans girl’ in the guides or that this showers ‘scenario’ has actually happened.

    I have always though this debate was a massive distraction. Diverting us from much more real problems that conservatives would normally dwell on.

    • From what I understand from TV yesterday the Girl guides cannot confirm that there is a single instance of a ‘trans girl’ in the guides or that this showers ‘scenario’ has actually happened or been requested

      This is because it has been defined as a “crime” with an associated prison sentence to engage in any discussion in the Press of individual cases involving minors.

  11. In an interview with Empowering Women, Bentley explained, “I have deliberately committed my career to the charity sector as it’s where I believe real change can happen. It’s also a fantastic environment for developing potential.”

    No guesses needed as to which political part Bentley supports. The so-called “charity sector” creates real change because it is now stuffed full of political ideologues (like Bentley) and political agendas which don’t need to bother with the inconvenience of having to get elected on a manifesto in order to become empowered to implement policy and legislation.

    The rules for charities were relaxed in 2008 to permit, in effect, political campaigning and they are now infested with New Labour’s unelected stay behind parties or led by people, in this supposed “age of diversity”, with astonishingly similar backgrounds. That is bad enough but we also have a wet, wobbling, left of centre government happy to be led by the nose by Blair and Brown’s has beens and less than deep cover “agents of change”.

    The so-called Third Sector is fully aware of this and have protesteth too much:-

    • Many large charities spend a lot of money lobbying the government. They simultaneously receive a lot of taxpayer funding. Our government uses our money to lobby itself, to do the things it wanted to do anyway. It’s no different than “spontaneous” demonstrations in favour of Putin or the Chinese Communists.

      • ” It’s no different than …” It’s worse actually, because our charities use emotional blackmail to lean on us. the communists are fairly straightforward in their aims.

    • I’m intrigued as to how the Sally Army is positioned in all this, as I support their work on a regular basis. Is there something hiding in the woodwork that ought to make me think again?

  12. Distractions, trivia keeping your eye off what is really going on. Watching the squirrels while the country goes to hell in a hand cart.

    What about the 900000 residency permits given out to non EU residents ? The UK has allowed this to rise by 52% last year and has taken 25% of all migration into the EU !

    Or what about the intention of the Left lunatic government (if we can call it that) of Theresa May allowing benefits for polygamous marriages which aren’t even legal in the UK? Especially when they are attacking the disabled British with ATOS assessments, and the jobseekers with ridiculous sanctions.

    But never mind you keep your eye on the one or maybe two incidents which might or might not happen while letting the elephant walk past without even noticing it.

    Oh look a squirrel !

    • No, not a squirrel. At the moment you are able to distinguish residents from citizens. The point here is to make it impossible to define male from female, and once that fundamental objective fact is reduced to a matter of subjective opinion, every other definition can be swept away.

      If you can define your sex, you can certainly define your nationality. It sculpts out meaning from language, leaving a husk which makes it impossible to resist the state in thought, and anyone who tries to do so can be discredited or – as has happened too often already – brought within the criminal law for disagreeing.

      N.B. Anti-semitism is still OK. Jews are defined objectively even if, like Marx, they would not subjectively describe themselves as such. Oh, and Rachel Dozeal is still white, even though she identifies as black.

      • Wow I had no idea that the Girl Guide movement had so much power! Of course this is just a silly worry that the Girl Guides will take over the world and force everyone to self define their own gender!

        There is of course a wider issue which has been missed.

        Back to the BLiar years. BLiar set up and also changed government departments to something referred to as ‘facades’. They appeared to the casual glance to be real and to have a purpose, but as son as anyone tried to use them, it became immediately apparent there was nothing behind them.

        So it was with the employment and discrimination tribunals where it might surprise you to learn that fewer than 2% of the cases heard were won, and those which did were awarded a pittance in compensation.
        It became so bad that the EU stepped in with the immortal phrase that ‘the UK has no effective anti discrimination legislation’ which was true. So the equalities commission was born which was another façade, and BLiar told the heads of the now renamed equalities tribunals to find for more claimants – which they ignored.

        In 2010 the Equalities Act came into force and now it is a legal requirement for all public facing bodies not to discriminate, and what you are seeing here is someone attempting compliance in a very difficult area.

        So don’t blame the Girl Guides, blame Cameron (yet again) for not being a Tory because all of it comes back to the requirements of this ghastly act.

    • No, of course not. After all no police officers, social workers, or councillors have been charged with aiding and abetting rape in Rotherham have they? Being PC means never having to admit responsibility for anything.

      • Regrettably the case. It’s time we started to press for changes to the law so that more people can be charged if something goes wrong as a result of their actions/decisions. Including our Judges!

  13. And that’s why rival organisations to the Scouts and the Guides are popping up like mushrooms internationally …

  14. In the Boy Scout Centre that was on my patrol area they had a massive revamp of the facilities including making individual shower cubicles for the boys. One leader said that they would nearly have to beat them into the communal shower to prevent them going home stinking like young boys on a outdoor weekend will get like, now with individual shower units there is no problem getting them to wash..
    I don’t hang around boy scout centers so I don’t know but I do know that many of the Gyms I’ve used you can undress in the shower cubicle, shower without getting your hanging clothes wet and dry off and get dressed all in the cubicle.
    So if the Girl Guides want to install new larger shower cubicles that allow for all that, who cares, as no girl / boy will be seen naked, and if they do they are obviously flaunting the rules and open to being removed.

  15. Evangelicals might usefully employ their current ascendancy in the Church of England to ensure that its parishes no longer sponsored those who allowed adolescent male genitals in the showers at the Girl Guides. Girlguiding UK, indeed.

    Incidentally, I don’t know why you think that any of this is left-wing. You clearly haven’t been reading the Morning Star. Expecting the whole world to accept that you are even the very sex that you say that you are is neoliberalism at its purest. The first principle of neoliberalism is, of course, the “free” market. Like any economic arrangement, that is not a law of nature, but a political choice, and every political choice is a moral choice. There cannot be a “free” market in general but not in alcohol, tobacco, gambling, arms, drugs, prostitution or pornography. Therefore, there must not be a “free” market in general.

    • good point — neo-liberalism (as well as the neo-cons) is just as ideologically blinkered as the worst of the Cultural Marxists and SJWs …

    • By definition, when you tell someone what to say and how to act then you do not have a free market. Much like transgenderism, I think these people are suffering from transpoliticism! They believe just calling themselves something makes it so!

  16. A small number of relatively unsuccessful members of my local golf club are thinking of claiming to feel feminine on the course and therefore to be able to play off the ladies’ tees, especially in competitions.

  17. By “encouraging girls to speak up on topics that matter to them” she really means encouraging girls to speak up on topics that matter to me. In the same way when university academics talk about teaching students “how to think” they often mean “what to think.”

  18. Have we ever had a generation of adults who seem obsessed with their childrens genitals in the cause of seeking kids to groom, stories to purloin and salaries in the therapeutic industries to follow?
    This is Savilisation, required by the BBC and the liberal left so our kids will be as incontinent, malicious and grievance seeking as they are.
    Paedophilia will be legalised or made a neuroscience tweaking issue very soon…the Left are determined to remove sex from crime-unless you`re a bloke who looks approvingly at a passing girl in which case, Lord help you.
    Gramsci can only purr at this provocative effort to turn the world upside down, so the Queen in Alice In Wonderland will think it all rational. Truly mad.

    • The party of Keir Hardie has come to this. I think I hear the faint background noise of him spinning in his grave.

  19. Are boys queuing up to get into Guides? I thought it was more girls trying to get into Scouts. In the case of most of the kids i know it is more a case of ‘a plague on all your houses’

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