The Girl Guides will allow boys who identify as female to shower with girls, says a new policy from Girlguiding UK. Chief executive Julie Bentley says they are following the 2010 Equality Act, under which ‘organisations providing single-sex services must treat people according to their acquired gender’.

Not content with this, Ms Bentley is prepared to extend the girls’ hospitality to anatomically male persons to include sharing their lavatories and sleeping quarters. The Guides themselves are rather less keen on this addition to the ‘code’ than their indoctrinated Boss Brown Owl, but she has let it be known that she has no intention of giving way, let alone of informing the girls’ parents.

Given this former family planning officer’s rebranding of Girlguiding as a quasi-feminist organisation, which now tasks itself to tell its girls that they can do whatever they want – including, apparently, sexual activity – her views on the irrelevance of parents should come as no surprise.
However, it is somewhat contradictory that in her apparent enthusiasm for all ‘isms’, this dangerous dogmatist has gone from encouraging girls to ‘speak up on topics that matter to them’ to telling them to shut up and put up with males invading their privacy.
Perhaps it’s time to introduce a new badge to go alongside such modern Guiding specialities as Party Planner, Confectioner and Circus Skills. How about Resisting Unwelcome Visitors In The Showers With A Swift Kick In The Ging Gang Goolies?