Leftie Lunacy: Fanning the flames of prejudice

A 'too white' Red Cross struggled to help with the Grenfell Tower fire disaster, the Sunday Times has reported.

Mike Adamson, the charity’s chief executive, said: ‘There is a risk that in a very diverse community like Grenfell, an organisation with the words “British” and “Cross” in its title is confused with a Christian establishment organisation.’

Heaven forfend.

Instead of expressing his dismay that anti-Christian prejudice and ignorance prevented some Grenfell victims from accepting help, Mr Adamson has chosen to flagellate himself and his organisation for not being diverse (un-Christian and un-white) enough.

Just imagine the outrage if white Christian victims refused help from black workers from an aid agency perceived to be Islamic!

The Conservative Woman

  • disqus_N9Jawtu8Uw

    This is from the same organisation that penalised a supporter for being “Christian” and protesting against same-sex marriage.
    The BRITISH Red Cross (i.e. not the real Red Cross based in Switzerland) now shows that it declines to offer any support of Christians in distress in the world (i.e. the most persecuted religion of all), confuses religion with race like a number of thoughtless people in the mainstream media, and prefers to aid non-Christians in the world.

    My cousin was head of the Red Cross (the real Swiss Red Cross) in Cambodia and Thailand at the time of the Killing Fields and holds the record for administering the largest refugee camp in the world (on the Thai/Cambodian border), a record for which he was not proud at all and he always said it was too large. He would be truly appalled at how the senior people in the BRITISH Red Cross are displaying such fundamentally anti-Christian attitudes on their sleeves for all to see. He would have stood firmly against such discriminatory, thoughtless behaviour and he would have cared for people instead.

    • Bernard from Bucks

      Wasn’t it the British Red Cross that banned Nativity scenes in their shop windows at Christmas? I think it was, and I think that was the time when I stopped giving them my support.

      • Labour_is_bunk


      • secretpeople

        I stopped supporting them when they refused a cash donation from UKIP because they were ‘racist’.

    • Simon Platt

      What’s the difference between the British Red Cross and the real Red Cross, please?

      I mean, I thought the British Red Cross was a part of the international organisation.

      • disqus_N9Jawtu8Uw

        The International red cross is the real red cross.
        For some reason Britain decide to make its own red cross and hence it is the British Red Cross which is not the same as the International Red Cross based in Switzerland and founded by Henri Dunant

  • MorganCourtenay

    White people following Christian values and helping the disadvantaged of another colour!! God forbid!! I think I need to lie down.

    • Reborn

      I had been led to believe that the cross in question was derived from
      the Swiss flag.
      It’s certainly not the Christian cross
      The number of British organisations & their leaderships who are ashamed
      of being British & of our history is very troubling, in fact very dangerous.
      No civilisation is for ever, & no divided civilisation can stand against foreign enemies
      that are not divided. Indeed, fanatically united by a common religion.

      • Colonel Mustard

        It’s the “leadership”. They are invariably united by a common purpose now which involves destroying every last vestige of our identity, culture and heritage for a cultural revolutionary end.

      • disqus_N9Jawtu8Uw

        The RED CROSS, the real Red Cross in Switzerland is indeed derived from the simple inversion of the Swiss flag when the Red Cross was founded in Switzerland right at the beginning, so you are correct.

      • MorganCourtenay

        True about the cross part. I forgot that. But the outrage is pathetic.

        • Little Black Censored

          It’s still a cross though. They ought to change it. Would a green crescent do?

          • secretpeople

            Would that solve the problem of non-whites not volunteering?

  • The Duke of Umberland, England

    A study of history reveals that ‘foreigners’, in the past had confidence in the ‘British’ and the ‘Cross’. That explains why there are millions more Christians in non-Anglo-spheric lands.

    Once the Anglo-spheric lands lost confidence in the veracity of Judeao-Christianity, they also lost confidence in the ‘Cross’ and ‘British’. That, I believe, is the real reason for the British Red Cross losing confidence in projecting the idea to victims of the ‘Cross’ and ‘British’.

    The upshot is that once an institution, like the British Red Cross, loses confidence in the underlying world-view that drove its mission – the victims too lose confidence in it as a rescue organisation.

    The issue of race (rather than identification with action) has arisen because the collapse of the ideas of ‘Cross’ and ‘British’ creates an identification vacuum that requires filling.

    Filling with what?



    • Bernard from Bucks

      I notice the Daily Express are still using the ‘red cross shield’ on the header.
      I wonder how long that will last?

      • Little Black Censored

        That is surely just the cross of St George. I don’t suppose the Express is likely to drop it.

  • Uusikaupunki

    Charities should keep their noses out of identity politics…or any politics for that matter.
    Also, there didn’t seem to be any complaints about White, British firemen risking their lives in the Grenfell blaze….

  • Damaris Tighe

    My husband – once an HGV driver so definitely not PC – used to respond to racial comments at his local by asking whether they’d refuse to be treated by a black nurse in a medical emergency.
    The same applies in the opposite direction, or should do. Anyone who thinks that ethnic identity has any bearing whatsoever on medical care should be sacked for racism. Anyone who demands medical care from someone with the ‘correct’ ethnic identity should be told firmly to like it or lump it.

    Adamson is as racist as the skinhead in the pub who complains about black nurses. But he gets away with it, thinks he is virtue signalling, because anti-racism only works one way.

    • Bernard from Bucks

      Ah, but Muslim nurses are refusing to bare their arms as others do.
      Is it hygienic to wear long sleeves in hospital wards?

      • Damaris Tighe

        Apparently not. It’s either unhygienic or it’s not.

    • UKCitizen

      My Mum being in her 90’s frequented Hackney hospital on many occasions.
      The difference in interpersonal care i.e. how the nurses interacted with the patients, was quite striking with them chatting with the black residents whilst mostly ignoring the white ones. Not saying the medical care was not up to scratch but there is more to looking after patients than sticking needles into them. I would try to compare them to the white nurses I saw but there weren’t any and those that there were couldn’t speak English that well.

      • Harley Quin

        My first thought with black nurses, especially if they had an accent, would be where they got their qualifications.

  • Dougie

    Is there any evidence that the residents of the Grenfell block operated as a “community”, or were they, like the residents of every other tower block in the country, polite to their neighbours but unknown to and indifferent towards the great majority of them?

  • Colkitto03

    Yesterday on LBC James O’Brian told a female Christian caller that people believing in the old testament are in effect condoning incest as ‘the children of Adam and Eve bred with each other’
    Don’t listen if you are easily aggravated.


    A national radio presenters thinks this is fine to say? This shows how much the London media despise Christians. Can you imagine him say anything negative about some of Muhammads activities?

    • Paul Robson

      Given that Mo shagged a nine year old perhaps someone should ring him up and point out Muslims all condone paedophilia.

      Unfortunately that would require listening to him, which I refuse to do ; and I even put up with listening to Owen Jones.

      • Harley Quin

        Not only did Mo do that, but he had sexual relations short of ‘shagging’ between the ages of 6 and 9 : ‘Thighing’.

        Mo sucked the tongues of little boys; cross dressed and according to one Hadith, engaged in necrophilia.

        All four Sunni schools of Jurisprudence allow sex with babies from birth.

        Still, that’s their culture which, we are told, we must respect. So who are we to pass judgement?

    • evad666

      James O’Brian is an unmitigated prat.
      Protect your Cardio Vascular System do not listen to it.

      • Lucy Dawe

        I quite agree with your first statement!

  • Sargv

    White people in white robes with a red cross on it, storming a burning tower? Damn, it’s practically Crusades all over again! I would not be surprised if someone will report that they cried “Deus vult!” in the process.

    Poor tenants, how frightened they probably had been of that picture!

    We should establish some new, more inclusive organisation. Something along the lines of “green janissaries”.

  • evad666

    A ‘too white’ Red Cross struggled to help with the Grenfell Tower fire disaster, the Sunday Times has reported.

    Mike Adamson, the charity’s chief executive, said: ‘There is a risk
    that in a very diverse community like Grenfell, an organisation with the
    words “British” and “Cross” in its title is confused with a Christian
    establishment organisation.’

    Ha isn’t Multiculturalism wonderful? Doesn’t it help build trust?

    • Harley Quin

      Given that the Red Cross was founded by a devout Christian, Henry Dunant, and that he was inspired in doing so by Christian charity, to say that the red cross symbol has no religious significance seems obtuse or at least a piece of deliberate obfuscation.

      If the recipients of Red Cross help identify the organisation with Christianity, and they should, that is excellent.

      • Little Black Censored


  • UKCitizen

    Multiculturalism and diversity = Distrust and isolation at a community and individual level. A Marxists wet dream!

  • UKCitizen

    Please remind me, the UK is still 87 odd percent white northern European and mostly of Christian origin?
    Just wanted to confirm as it would seem that our elite seem to think otherwise!

    • English Advocate

      I think 87% may now be a touch on the high side.

      • Little Black Censored

        Rapidly diminishing.

    • secretpeople

      A lot has changed since the last census.

  • Flaketime

    Some of our hospitals now have policies which accept Muslim patients can refuse to be treated by non Muslim doctors, but if any other group refuses treatment from a Muslim doctor then it’s ‘racism’, and they may refuse to treat such a person.

    This is of course illegal and breach of the Human Rights Act, but when did following the law ever trouble the Fascist Left? Laws are for controlling the rest of us !

  • Owen_Morgan

    The Red Cross is just the Swiss flag reversed. While the Swiss cross has historically, no doubt, Christian connotations, there has never been any religious association to the Red Cross. In muslim countries, by contrast, the Red Cross symbol is replaced, very self-consciously, with a red crescent. How long before the British Red Cross holds a competition in carefully selected schools in Birmingham and Tower Hamlets, to find a new symbol, suitable for our multiculti age?

  • Labour_is_bunk

    I refuse to have anything to do with the RC since they “banned” Christmas a few years ago.
    This article doesn’t surprise me one jot – they’re only running true to their PC, virtue-signalling form.

    • I have almost no information on the British Red Cross, but the American Red Cross has built itself a reputation as a very poor steward of contributions using them mostly to fund raise and for salaries-I notice that in our recent disasters the the ARC has dropped off most reputable lists of worthwhile charities. Sad really, but I had been hearing similar stories from the military since Vietnam.

  • Simon Platt

    Quite right. If a Moslem foreigner were to refuse help from an English woman on the grounds of her race, sex, or religion, that would say a lot about the Moslem foreigner, none of it good. Likewise if he refused help from an organisation with “cross” in its title, because he hated crosses because of their religious significance (notwithstanding that the red cross of the Red Cross is not a Christian symbol).

    But did any of that actually happen? Were the residents of Grenfell Tower really so prejudiced, so intolerant? Or is this something dreamed up by Mike Adamson? I notice, for example “there is a risk”.

  • Which begs the question of why the Red Crescent didn’t get involved.

  • Old Tommer

    Next time someone rattles a red cross tin under your nose just tell them you are too white to contribute.