Leftie Lunacy: When is a girl not a girl?

Natasha Devon, the former ‘mental health tsar’, has told the Girls’ Schools Association that they should not refer to pupils as ‘girls’ or ‘ladies’ because they were constantly reminded of their gender and ‘all the stereotypes that go with it’.

Of course Ms Devon offered no evidence that calling a girl a girl (and, indeed, calling a boy a boy) can cause mental ill-health. Nor has she any evidence that not calling them what they are can help their mental health, because no experiments have ever been done in this area.
We can be thankful that Ms Devon is no longer 'mental health tsar’. But this leaves the question of why the Girls’ Schools Association would still want to listen to her.
Presumably to hear they must change their name too.

The Conservative Woman

  • Flaketime

    Who is this woman? So far as I can tell she one of a breed making a full time living out of continuous whining. She cites no professional qualifications on her website other than the honorary ones and awards, so presumably if you are going to cite these you would be pretty much certain to name the ones you’ve actually earned?

    So why is anyone listening to her, and why do they give her jobs such as the ‘mental health tsar’ which she then has to be removed from because she simply can’t stop herself whining about that too.

    It really is amazing that someone without any professional qualification or experience or insight can achieve a position like this purely on the basis of being an ‘activist’, and the questions we should really be asking is who appointed her and why. How many more people like this are there in our public sector and why are they even being entertained as serious holders of these offices?

    • UKCitizen

      Given that we worship talentless non entities on a day to day basis on TV, magazines and the internet why would we exclude this person?
      Bread and Circuses, just sit back and watch the show as the West burns.

      • Vera

        Some even manage a career out of it such as Joey Essex – lovely brilliant unnaturally white teeth, not bad looking but I heard he couldn’t even tell the time. And others make a career out of being immensely rich (money not earned by them) and reporting on their daily unproductive (kids apart) lives.

    • Sargv

      > It really is amazing that someone without any professional qualification or experience or insight can achieve a position like this purely on the basis of being an ‘activist’, and the questions we should really be asking is who appointed her and why.

      Back in USSR, it was called “party activist”, who was “promoted by following the party line”. Every organisation included them, usually on top management position (the actual experts were заместители, “assistants”). The only quality that required was absolute loyalty to the communist cause.

      You are living in a socialist country now, comrade. You’d better learn the new rules.

    • norman’s nonsense

      Read comment by Torybushug above for an answer

  • HardcastleCraggs

    When you write ‘mental health Tsar’ I presume you mean a health Tsar who’s mental?

  • Dave’s Taxi Service 1978

    The trouble is it’s not lunacy, it’s thought out strategy. Forty years ago the far left tried to wreck the country economically through their control of the unions. Today they’re trying to wreck the country socially through their control of the education system, as well as other institutions. The goal is the same – creating chaos out of which they can take over. Ask yourself why the two groups the left most enthusiastically champions are sexual revolutionaries and the most conservative religion on Earth.

  • Torybushhug

    I got a shock last night.

    15 years ago at a good friends party I was confronted with this self-style pop star in the making. Her name was Natasha Devon. She was awful.

    Word was that she had thrown everything at the task of becoming a star in spite of having no talent.
    To my surprise some years later I rented out an office to someone that turned out to be related to Natasha. She updated me that Natasha was now looking to become some other sort of celeb as the singing hadn’t worked out.

    I was kept up to date with this non-entity with no particular talents or expertise. She seemed to be latching onto anything that would generate a headline.

    So my shock last night was to learn she’d actually broken through and was now apparently a sage celeb, seemingly with a talent in dreaming-up eye catching headlines.

    Conrad Silver.

  • grrlpower

    James O’Brien finds out what Ms Devon REALLY said, NOT what was reported in the Daily Mail:


    • Royinsouthwest

      Anyone like Natasha Devon who tries to minimise the importance of biology is obviously an idiot. There is nothing wrong with the Daily Mail’s account as this passage from the article you linked to shows.

      James put it to her that, while she didn’t say the words should be banned, it is true that she would prefer for them not to use the words.

      Ms Devon responded: “For groups, not necessarily for individuals.

      “If you know that somebody identifies as a girl, that they see that as an incredibly positive and empowering thing, then call them girl, by all means.

      “But you have to know.”

      I do not think I have ever met a man or boy who thinks “identifying as a boy or man is an incredibly positive and empowering thing.” They simply regard their sex as a fact.

      By the way, although it is probably safe to assume that you identify as a girl you have not told us whether or not you regard it as an incredibly positive and empowering thing.

    • Paul Robson

      If Roy’s transcription is correct, then she’s still a moron.

    • norman’s nonsense

      So she did say it, but changed the word structure to make it sound like she didn’t. But clearly, it is the message she gave.. it’s what the cultural Marxist does, changes the narrative to fit the point that needs to be made at that time while ensuring the message rains the same

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    “Good morning, appropriate appellation for whatever you’re calling yourself…”

    • Ian Walker

      Your assumption that the so-called morning is ‘good’ is clearly an attack on those who have decided they are unhappy, as well as those who have chosen to live in alternate time zones.

      Your morigocentric chronophobia really sickens me

  • Sargv

    Isn’t the fact that Natasha Davon named Natasha and not Steve, – is another constant reminder of gender stereotyping? I mean, why on Earth she uses “female” name as if there is such a thing as a gendered name?

    I say, she must change her name to Steve to prove her credentials. Otherwise she just contributes to the problem.

    • Ian Walker

      It’s such a western name as well, clearly identifying her as a colonial oppressor. Not to mention using the Latin alphabet as if other writing is somehow inferior.

      • Sargv

        I just had a call with Natasha, and she explained to me that she took this name solely because it says “Ah, Satan!” spelt backwards.

        So she’s actually promoting progressive values after all, and we should be ashamed doubting her credentials for a second.

    • MacGuffin

      Indeed. Xse should be the change xse wants to see in the world. Xser name should be ‘Name Name’.

  • Sargv

    Why you people culturally appropriated the good old Russia word “tsar”? I mean, we Russians do not call our ministers “queens”.

    • ancientpopeye

      We call some of ours queens.

      • Colkitto03

        And in the case of Ted Heath, even the odd PM

        • ancientpopeye

          You may very well think that but I couldn’t possibly comment.

          • Colkitto03

            Lets agree, it wasn’t a can of spinach that made his muscles bulge.

    • Owen_Morgan

      I suppose it’s because British tsars are remote, unelected and answerable to no-one, too. They are not ministers, by the way.

      (For the record, “tsar” comes from “Caesar”. The Caesars appropriated quite a bit of Britain, even if Julius Caesar’s own expeditions here weren’t tremendously successful.)

      • Sargv

        > I suppose it’s because British tsars are remote, unelected and answerable to no-one, too.

        Now we are talking! Let’s do one more step here.

        Would you call a rule by a mix of unelected civil service officials and their NGO comrades (coupled with unelected journalists, in turn, influenced by unelected Left-wing professors from academia) – a democracy?

        It seems to me that your tsars have more power and much less accountability than your PM.

        • Vera

          ‘Would you call a rule by a mix of unelected civil service officials and the NGO comrades……………..a democracy?’ The EU does.

    • Colkitto03

      Last month I was in the Peter & Paul Fortress with my wife. All those Tsars and their spouses seemed pretty even in death. All the sarcophagus’s that they were buried in were quite simple. I was surprised by all these famous rulers buried so close together in what is not a huge church. Fantastic building and fort though.

  • norman’s nonsense

    Ms Devon is not a mental tsar, she’s just chicken oriental..