Some people are devastated, absolutely devastated, that net migration figures are down to only 230,000 in the 12 months to June. I know. Awful.

Labour MP David Lammy said on Twitter: ‘So sad to see EU migrants feel unwelcome here because of Brexit, little England anti-immigrant sentiment and falling £. Who is going to do these jobs? It is really not good news that immigration is falling because UK is now a less attractive place to live.’

I imagine a lot of the ‘little England anti-immigrant sentiment’ resides in those Labour constituencies that voted Leave, but we all know they are racists through and through if they don’t want to maintain the June 2016 peak in net migration of 336,000 people.

Lammy forgot to tweet that despite all the racists more EU migrants are still coming to live in Britain than leaving – a total of 230,000 in the 12 months since the Brexit vote.



  1. The thorny question of EU migrants. Some groups seem to be very welcome here. Others such as Roma and Somalis with Dutch passports, less so. At the end of the day, the UK is full and doesn’t need anymore immigrants despite what some lefty thinks.

  2. Has anyone heard David Lammy talk about the exploitation of foreign workers? The dire housing conditions? The pay well below minimum wage? The excess hours? The abuse? Does he mention that London’s beggars and homeless are now nearly all foreign? Does he mention that the capitals prostitutes are almost entirely foreign now?.
    No of course not. The Remainers and the media know what subjects to leave alone.

    The record for immigrants in a 3 beedroom house in London is 35 :

  3. The Greek communist Yanis Varoufakis, “Remainer”, doesn’t appear to feel unwelcome because of Brexit. Unfortunately.

  4. Lammy’s views are well known and every time I see his gurning face on the box and listen to his inane output, I think now there is a good candidate for road sweeper, any vacancies?

  5. To paraphrase and plagiarise the question is “If we cut immigration how are the champagne socialists going to afford to pay proper wages to their maids, gardeners, window cleaners, au pairs, jobbing builders,etc.?”

  6. A Polish friendly tenant got ‘the hump’ last year after watching the finger pointing hate campaign from the Remainer side when smearing the opposition. She had been very helpful to me over 15 years and so I took her out for a drink in the hope of persuading her to stay. Her Polish friends had tried and failed to do so. “They wrote on our centre in London and told us to F off and now they murdered a Pole” was her explanation. I replied that the graffiti was probably by other idiots than British,as our morons can’t manage italics and that the murder was a low life incident. She agreed that all countries had low life.

    Then she left to live in Germany, where I understand she is happy and enjoying the stronger Euro. Recently, the verdict on the ‘murder’ case was manslaughter after some racist remaks from the Poles to a black youth. The graffiti was probably from Poles who referred to a Polish version of UKIP.

    I wonder how many other Poles were put off by the constant search for and reporting of racism by the BBC. On one occasion they went to Newark and found a young Polish lady that was more attractive than most film stars. Had she found any racial hate behaviour? No- unsurprisingly. Nobody pointed out that Poles are the same race as the British and live a days drive away.

    • Reporter fellow on the BBC on Thursday spoke about Poles going back home to Poland. Fewer Zlotys to the pound than there were eighteen months ago, apparently. That’s true – about 15% fewer.

      But the BBC won’t ask the obvious questions:

      (1) How much is due to the pound falling, and how much to the zloty rising? Against the Euro, it turns out to be around -12% for the pound, +4% for the zloty, against the dollar it’s -7% for the pound, +11% for the zloty. The moral, of course, is that it’s a complex picture. And the BBC know that, but hide it.

      (2) Why is is implicitly a good thing (for Britain) that Polish people living and working here are motivated at least in part by the desire to send valuable pounds back to Poland (including, let us remember, social security payments), and a bad thing when fewer of them are so motivated and leave?

      • Another aspect is that most Polish people are RC and quite religious. They see the overtaking of Christianity by Islam and the deeply offensive Labou/Momentum attitude to Religion, understandably they would rather live where they are comfortable, in their own Country which refuse to take in Migrants, respects Christianity and upholds Law & Order.

  7. It is a truth universally acknowledged that, when David Lammy opens his mouth, unfathomable idiocy will shortly emerge.

  8. These are the figures for EU Migrants, but conveniently Lammy forgets to tell us the figures for non EU migrants which rose 52% last year to a staggering 900000 making a grand total of over 1.13 million people.

    To further illustrate Mays failure this is not the tens of thousands a year which she promised, not even an order of magnitude higher in the hundreds of thousands, but it’s in the millions !

    I have formed the view that politicians promises should be legally binding upon them, and if they promise immigration at tens of thousands then that figure should be the maximum allowed, and after that no new citizenship granted. If a politicians tries to circumvent those, then it’s a prison sentence and disbarring from office.
    If a change is needed it’s a referendum which is binding on parliament

    • There is never any downside to a politician failing totally. Generally they are elevated to the HoL where they can draw a pension and continue to medle without any accountability at all.

  9. Once again “Net Migration Figures”. No-one tells us who is leaving. In that I believe that I’m the only one amongst my numerous acquaintances who does not have a child or grandchild who has permanently emigrated to somewhere in the ‘anglosphere’. Perhaps those leaving were not EU citizens going home but well educated British leaving for a better life elsewhere to the detriment of this country.

  10. People wouldn’t come here if Britain wasn’t (still) a much better place to live than wherever they currently are.

    • This is the key to it, which lefties cannot understand. It may not be perfect, but it’s a dam_n sight better than many other places.

  11. A lot more are going to apply to come here when our money stops paying for their superior standard of living and public jobs.
    Clearly, Lammy is an integral part of our Post-truth era.

  12. I will indeed pray for David Lammy; not for having to live in this vile, fascist, racist, homophpbic, hateocracy where we eat migrants and their babies for breakfast, but because he is only allowed to read from the one script – the PC orthodoxy one. I watched him on BBC Question Time trotting (pun intended) the prescribed lefty orthodoxy on migration to the approval of the “balanced” panel and audience, including, sadly, the new UKIP leader Henry Bolton who is also starting to see “reason” as defined by the BBC. Heaven forbid that Mr Lammy should deviate from that song-sheet written by his political masters. Step out of line and Momentum would consume his career in an orgy of racist slurs. Exercise some objectivity or critical thought instead of singing the prescribed cant and he would be slayed on the altar cultural Marxism. That is why I will pray for David Lammy, because he is a prisoner of Lefty thinking.

    • Could it be that Lammy sees the riches obtained by the likes of the Blairs and the Kinnocks? He knows that any deviation would result in being excommunicated by his masters and the withdrawal of Judas’s silver

  13. I love it when they lament over who will do jobs when we have a million NEETs, mostly white poor young men, and the Labour and Tory policies of comprehensive education and lax discipline, plus mass divorce, is what has caused this. Also their policies on abortion and pornography and casualised sex have wrecked our fertility meaning we’re missing some 9 million aborted British people who never were.

    • They lament becasue the million NEETs are generally currently supported by the government. More jobs for them, a smaller constituency for the statist left.

    • The Lammys of this world don’t seem to realise what the eventual impact of taking the “brightest and best” of other countries will be on these places – of course we take a lot of the rubbish as well, but that’s other story.

  14. How and where di the likes of David Lammy get onto the taxpayers tab as as “spokesman” for anything.
    A grade one race hustler, utterly talentness and a low bore thickie.
    Of course it`s not just him-it`s the whole political class of entitlement junkies who speak for nobody but their own student politics grievance mongers.
    Even the lowest form of old political pew filler, retro lobby fodder did less harm than the likes of Lammy and Rudd. How we ended up with THEM as political speakers only shows what a dung parliament we`ve got.

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