‘Don’t say “boys” – it could offend trans members.’ The latest diktat in the Scouts transitioning saga is that leaders must use gender-neutral terms when addressing children.

Instead of saying ‘boys and girls‘, a leader should say: ‘Hello everybody’. This comes just after Girlguiding UK said boys who identify as female can shower with girls and share their sleeping quarters, without any need for parents to be informed.

All this is about helping transgender Scouts feel more comfortable, the progressives who run Scouting and Guiding in this country tell us.

But since the best estimates put the number of those with gender dysphoria at around 0.6 per cent of the population, we wonder how many genuine transgender Scouts or Guides there are?

Should make for some interesting discussions round the campfire.


  1. Another example of rule by minority. Never mind the inconvenience and offence given to the vast majority, the ‘feelings’ of tiny groups take precedence.

  2. Do you think if we live long enough, we will find out who or what is pushing this b*llsh*t, and it is 100% b*llsh*t.

    • It’s all being done to a Common Purpose. Delve into any of this lunacy and they are always lurking, linked somewhere in the background. They don’t disseminate the dogma but just create the “leader” networks and group think to facilitate it.

      Since 1989 Britain has experienced a cultural revolution by stealth. It is every bit as nasty as China’s Cultural Revolution but has been perpetrated more quietly and without the commotion. This is not some inevitable evolution of society. It is an agenda, ruthlessly pursued by creating an unelected “leader” network in civil agencies and “charities”.

      Too easy to dismiss this all scornfully as tin foil hat stuff. That is part of its success.

      • What is it about those letters C and P. Communist Party, Political Correctness, and now Common Purpose. Your post, colonel, has cleared a lot of fog for me. It deserves a hundred upticks.

        • Some time ago I was refered to look up ‘The Kalergi Plan’ on the Internet, I did and was reading exactly what we are talking about here, many other parts of the Jigsaw of Life started to fall into place. To be honest I was shocked, speachless and the understanding is frightening, to read of the People in everyday life who are acknowledged ‘partners’ in it (Blair, Merkel +) makes one feel we must fight ever harder to protect future generations. This Kalergi Plan could have been written by the Devil himself, indeed it may well have been.

          • Democracy has been subverted into a pretence, as the EU referendum has revealed, and control is now in the hands of a network of unelected people operating in concert (and conspiracy) across borders.

          • Undoubtedly true. When you look at the ‘Bigger Picture’ you see it does indeed extend across Borders, Countries and Continents. Much of the trouble in Africa, the Near & Middle East is, I feel sure, connected to events that have been happening across Europe, the Uk and N America. Time lines add up, events add up even very small events add up?

      • You are of course absolutely correct. Wherever dysfunction is identified in modern society, the Common Purpose cultists seems to be there.

        “Leading beyond authority” is actually a euphemism for covertly pushing the Common Purpose agenda

      • Ever wondered how we are suddenly closing down diesel and going electric? The main NGO in London is CleanairLondon, run by Simon Birkett, a CP member. He appears on tv claiming that 9000 Londoners die every year because of diesel pollution. They don’t. Looking at the Green Lobby’s documents, they show that a small proportion of PM and NO2 pollution comes from cars and that, if the mayor’s ULEZ plans are completed and transport is electrified by 2025, the increase in lifespan for someone living their whole life in the most polluted areas will be extended by 1.28 days for PMs and 7 days for NO2. The 9k figure comes from multiplying the whole population and assuming that it stays in the middle of London for 80 years.

        To achieve this the diesel engine factories will close and black cab drivers will have to buy a hybrid taxi costing £57k or retire. The plan is accepted throughout government and the Nudge Unit is making sure we all are happy. Doctors claim that 40% of pollution in cities is from diesel cars but the stats show otherwise. It is all to do with the international plan to have renewable energy and the need for a lot of car batteries to store fluctuating electricity from many more wind turbines. The Nudgers are everywhere.

        • Thank you for that interesting example of one of the many tentacles of “the agenda”. These people have gone from being “public servants” serving society to self-appointed “leaders” presuming to control it. And the proliferation of fake charities engaged in political campaigning and activism have added to this very lucrative industry.

          Dodgy or selective statistics from vested interests fuel the demand for “change”, often sensationalising or exaggerating the problem. The media assist by going along with it and not investigating it properly. The government then “consults” the very same unelected “leaders” who were agitating for the “change” in the first place and hey presto, yet another repressive new law or regulation is created as “progress” and yet more bureaucracy required.

          And of course the problems are never solved because all involved must continue to justify their lucrative taxpayer funded or subsidised salaries. So instead their “change” campaigns simply extend the remit to create another “problem” with plenty of scaremongering, dog whistling and the infamous “reports” unquestioningly blurted by the media, which always precede the incremental erosion of our freedom by attempting to soften us up.

        • Yes, rather like bank bosses shutting local branches down and claiming its because more people are “embracing” online banking – when in fact its part of their agenda to force the public to do this “embracing” of course.

      • ie Cameron and Same Sex Marriage? No one apparently asked for it – he decreed it? Gay people I know were shocked, surprised and not bothered, they were quite happy with the Civil Partnership arrangement as a means to secure the right to inherit from each other etc., a legal way of ensuring that when one died the other would not be left homeless and so on. I have also read many Gay people say the same.

        • Same sex marriage was put forward by Lyne Featherstone, a LibDem MP and then taken up by the European Council. They met in Brighton. Then it was co-ordinated over Europe with opposition ignored. CP is now international and well into the UN and EU. CP don’t exactly approve of Brexit. The list of members on the net is out of date and it is not possible to check who’s who except for older members. Government should insist on a list in order to find conflicts of interest. But they won’t because they are government beyond authority.

      • My only disagreement would be on the timescale. Many of the significant points in our cultural revolution, from the decline of Christianity to the destruction of marriage laws, to the immense weakening of the drug laws, to the beginnings of mass immigration, to the abolition of the death penalty and changes to the justice system all began long before 1989. Many of them came in the 60’s, though some even earlier.

        Even though I didn’t live through it, I fear conservatives give more significance to the Thatcher era than it merited. She won some economic arguments, but not many cultural ones.

  3. It could all be solved by the odds and sods having a separate organisation called Other Scouts, where they could happily annoy each other and stop annoying us.
    That the Scout and Guide HQs connive with this abomination shows they have both been taken over by Common Purpose.

  4. [T]he best estimates put the number of those with gender dysphoria at around 0.6 per cent of the population.

    Where on earth does that figure come from? You would expect the number of people who have met a “trans person” to be many times greater than the actual number of “trans people” but I am not aware of ever having come across anyone who fits that description in my life.

      • I have met a few, can’t put a number to it, maybe 8-10 but as a Cab Driver I was maybe more likely to, by nature of the job. Had one chap who worked for me who liked to cross -dress, go out with a friend dressed as a women. They were very smart, not OTT I have to say but, to my mind you could see they were chaps. Strange thing is they were both straight in their sex Lives? No, don’t ask, I did not really understand how a 6ft, ex RN Aircraft Engineer, good looking chap wanted to be seen to be a woman either, but each to their own!

    • If I think hard, maybe 3. Common denominator being all big cities late in the evening. One of the reasons I tend to shun the Bright Lights in general.
      Saw one at the top of St Martin’s Lane in September, with fishnets to boot, but then again it was London, and close to Theatreland, so I suppose even today one must make allowances.

    • I think in terms of the world population it’s probably closer to 0.1 % or less, but I would guess that the % is significantly higher in the UK than elsewhere, simply just for starters because London is one location where such people are liable to congregate from around the world, but also of course because of the overt as well as covert political support for such a lifestyle from dodgy pervs in the Establishment.

    • I think you get it by asking all the children in infants’ schools if they feel happy being the sex they are born into.

      • Children will no doubt come to their own conclusions as they grow and develope, which is, to my mind, what nature intended. Children should be left to enjoy being children before taking on the problems of Adulthood.

  5. The Scouts, Cubs, Guides and Brownies are all having problems finding sufficient adult helpers as it is and this can only make the situation worse. It will exacerbate the existing problems of safeguarding where people are unwilling to be cleared, not because they have anything to hide, but because too many mistakes have been made in the past due to mistaken identity.

  6. Basically, people who go in for jobs that involve “writing guidelines” probably have a personality with a higher than average propensity for hand wringing and “wanting to be seen to do the right thing”. They are also likely to be surrounded by committee members with similar personalities.

    That’s it. No tinfoil hat conspiracy.

      • Yes, unfortunately that is very often the case.
        Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach.
        Those that can’t teach but enjoy writing guidelines for others become MPs and heads of policy think-tanks etc.

  7. Was in the scouts as a boy so disturbing to see this but why don’t the scout pack leaders just be less spineless and say no, especially as they are all volunteers?
    If I was still a young lad, I might just be declaring myself female – could be good fun!

  8. This is yet another step towards the aims of the Cultural Marxists (Common Purpose etc) to destroy western civilisation. The back room people, academics usually who remain hidden, intend to so confuse, debase and degrade the vast majority, destroying their knowledge of, and belief in, western culture, that society can be refashioned along lines heavily influenced by Cultural Marxism. The process represents a sort of non-violent (so far) version of what Pol Pot attempted in Cambodia, to first destroy the old society and then start a new one, with themselves as leaders.

  9. LBC’s confused chappy, O’ Balls came up with a lovely one this morning. He was justifying the need to accept all the Trans hype and children beeing asked about having a sex change.
    He said ‘gender fluidity’ was like ‘mixed race’. We had to accept as it was a fact. Unfortunately the DNA of races can be mixed and measured but a man who declares herself a woman and vice-versa cannot. No wonder the BBC chose him to present Newsnight because of his intelligence and insight.

  10. In my experience very few leaders call them boys and girls anyway.
    Most call them by the generic group name they are running i.e “Ok, Beavers/Cubs/Scouts, listen up/gather round!” etc

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