If you haven’t read this yet, it’s a gem and will brighten your day. The Mail on Sunday, to which full credit must be given, highlighted the latest manifestation of the gender wars.

Its report of a 60-year-old woman being shoved to the ground in a punch-up between transgender activists and their extreme feminist rivals in Hyde Park is a lesson in the perils of identity politics.

A group identifying themselves as the Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists had taken issue with something called ‘trans activism’. The feminists’ beef is not that trans ladies lack genuine female biological attributes but that they can’t claim to be women as they’ve not experienced patriarchal oppression. You heard. At least I think that’s the problem.

Anyway it was Jenni Murray’s point when she asked a while back: ‘Can someone who has lived as a man, with all the privilege that entails, really lay claim to womanhood? It takes more than a sex change and make-up’.

I am not – to be quite clear – identifying Dame Jenni with or as a member of the Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists. I would not dare.

To cut to the chase, the TERFs’ secret location for a talk they planned entitled What Is Gender? The Gender Recognition Act and Beyond was rumbled by offended transsexuals. Online warnings had revealed Trans Activists protesters to be on the march (including the LGBTQ+ Society from Goldsmiths, University of London, an organisation called Sisters Uncut, and Action For Trans Health London, just to be accurate).

They turned up and war broke out. Now the ‘gender critical feminist’ who fell to the ground has identified one of her alleged attackers as a trans-woman who is trying to raise £5,000 for vocal cord surgery to make her voice higher.

Police are investigating. TCW wishes them luck.


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  1. The idea that a man is automatically privileged by being a man is ridiculous. Especially these days when the promotion of and special treatment of women in the media and within the justice system has gone far beyond the rational. And women have a more influential role in politics, able to demand and get special treatment for their gender, which often involves dodgy statistics and unquestioned myths. Women can form exclusive committees, lobby groups and campaign groups for their own benefit in a way that men simply can’t. They can use the contradiction of being both “equal” and “vulnerable” to create double standards which privilege them. Most men in politics with a few honourable exceptions tiptoe around the political demands or pander to them, terrified to give offence and of being labelled with one of the pejorative terms invented to coerce conformity.

    There are men who have grown up and experienced life far from privilege and there are women who have enjoyed a privileged lifestyle from birth. Rough sleeping men outnumber women by a considerable margin – most of
    them are males, over 25 and British. Where is their “privilege”? Stereotyping men and women in binary identity groups as respectively privileged and oppressed is simply divisive bigotry.

  2. You are right ladies. It really has brightened my day. Two different species of nasty, bigoted, intolerant extremists tearing lumps out of each other is as disgusting, but also as satisfying, as watching plague-carrying rats fighting venomous snakes. You want both sides to lose badly, but as long as both are diminished, you can be happy that the world will be a better place for it.

    The only problem is that it is taking place in public and the police and medical services have to deal with the fallout. I would much prefer to lock the warring sister and pseudo-sisterhood in a bear pit and charge people for watching. All proceeds to go to childrens’ charities, so that some good can come of the degrading spectacle.

  3. The linked report contains so much in the detail to enjoy. Guest speaker Dr Julia Long “said she was going to sing a song she had written”. Priceless.

  4. Miss

    ‘Can someone who has lived as a man, with all the privilege that entails, really lay claim
    to womanhood?’

    I think it is far deeper than Murray’s point suggests, and far more serious.

    Transgenderism is a fundamental attack upon womanhood.

    For example; on the one-hand male – female (wo)men want to use women’s public toilet and shower facilities. Our wives, sisters and daughters object to that for obvious reasons.

    The provision of unisex toilets and shower facilities are rejected by (wo)men, precisely
    because access to women’s facilities marks their triumphal entry into ‘social acceptance’ by women and men.

    Gaining that access (to women’s shower and toilet facilities) ‘destroys’ the category sex (female), the very category that transgendered (wo)men need.

    This country, having detached itself from reality on the basis of the legal fiction of homosexual ‘marriage’ was left with no boundary line to oppose transgenderism. Now, the binary boundary of male and female is also erased.

    Why didn’t David Cameron and his Tories think through the catastrophic implications for
    all of us when he implemented the detachment from reality over homosexual ‘marriage’?

    All around the world (now even in Australia), wherever equality has been extended to pansexuality hard on its heels has followed children’s inequality – think about it.

  5. My bet is on transgenders – and not only due to higher testosterone levels.

    What always shocked me in academic feminism, is their devaluation of women’s effort across history. Some are proclaiming that for 6000 years (at least) women were submissive breeding cows, utterly useless except for producing new offsprings. They discard the motherhood and family domain as nonsense, a thing of a low, if any, value, a form of slavery – for who in her sane mind would prefer those annoying, useless deeds – to the REAL things? To things that matter! To a creation of material and cultural artefacts! To a competition for power in public domain! To a climb on top of a dominance hierarchy! To the exploration of new territories and new ideas! To a good fight! To all those glorious, distinctively male, masculine things.

    Paradoxical as it may sound, academic feminism disposes of femininity as inferior part of human experience – and puts the masculinity on a pedestal for all women to worship to, as an ideal to achieve. That theory explains a lot of things, including the popularity of “50 shades of grey”, feminist tremor in front of Muslims (“now those are the real men!”), anti-natal attitude, etc.

    It is, of course, complete nonsense that tarnishes traditional femininity – and immense power that it grants. For even the smartest men are just efficient, yet blunt tools that were mastered by a feminine instinct long ago – that instinct being a careful mix of adoration (to keep him proud and enthusiastic) and subtle discontent (to make him push for more) a wise woman shows to her man . Even the most industrious men are balls of chaotic lightning that require the feminine instinct to channel their energy properly. As a man, you can conquer the World and sit on top of it – but if no woman will bear you a child, this was all in vain – so, who is on top then?

    The worst part of feminism thus is that it jams that feminine instinct in women – an instinct, that is vital in raising real men. Not surprisingly, those are in short supply these days.

    But back to transgenderism. With this little funny theory in mind, transgenders are the closest thing to the God of Masculinity that feminists worship. Therefore, I predict for them to occupy the highest positions in the feminist hierarchy within the next two decades. The only sacrifice feminism movement will have to make to accommodate them fully is to discard whatever traces of femininity feminists still hold. I do not think there would be any problem with that.

    • Throughout human history and throughout nature, the male of the species is driven by one driving force; access to eggs!
      From strange mating rituals to conquering next doors tribe, it is all about access to females and procreation rights.
      Most male behaviour is moulded by what females want from a man whether it be strength, courage or resources.
      How many young men in Britain went to war because they didn’t want to receive a white feather and therefore no chance of creating a family?

    • One could say that it was a male privilege to send other men – husbands and fathers – to die in a stupid male dominance contest.

      Male privilege, or male entitlement might be a real thing. But if it is so, then the basis for it is male duty to society and all that sweat and blood it requires.

  6. This quote had me in stitches…
    “I think it was a girl, but I couldn’t tell because they had a hoodie over their eyes.’

    Sounds like a belief in ‘binary gender’ if you ask me!

    The victim had better have surgery to his eyes as well as his vocal cords if he doesn’t want us mistaking him for a man.

  7. My mother who knew a thing or two was a firm believer in the old saying-the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world-. She was right of course but it took me many years to understand .

  8. There is no group identifying themselves as the Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists. This is an acronym made up about feminists and used as a slur against us. Those of us who are against the removal of sex-segregated spaces for women and girls aren’t “extreme” either. We are just doing what is necessary to protect our safety and privacy. I really wish you had learned more about the situation before writing an article that contains misinformation. This gender war affects all women, including conservative women, so I do recommend getting the fact straight.

      • Once again, with feeling, for those in the back: radical feminism does not attempt to erase the differences between men and women, instead it criticizes the attempt to naturalize culturally-imposed roles and stereotypes, which are imposed on women AND men but for the benefit of the male class and the detriment of the female class.

        If you want to blame anyone for the current situation, ask yourself what you were doing while Janice Raymond and other radical feminists were fighting against transsexualism in the 80s when I was a child. At least have enough respect for women to learn about their issues and their work before spouting off.

        • Do you, as a feminist accept that if transgenderism wins then the category of sex ceases and feminism will have nothing to say?

          • Do you, as a person (man, is it safe to guess?) accept that radical feminists worked out that obvious point decades ago, and have been in favor of abolishing gender (NOT abolishing sex, which is medical fact) ever since?

            Gosh, what a condescending and arrogant approach you have for someone who clearly hasn’t spent much time thinking about it.

    • Also, this: “Now the ‘gender critical feminist’ who fell to the ground has identified one of her alleged attackers as a trans-woman who is trying to raise £5,000 for vocal cord surgery to make her voice higher.” She should have said “trans-identified male” and “his voice.” People who do not understand the gender debates really shouldn’t be writing about them.

      • Of course if s/he has a Gender Recognition Certificate – then the individual is a female. Correct?

  9. You ought to know that “TERF” is an insult thrown at women who do not buy trans mythology. It is not an organization at all. Further, we [Radical Feminists] rely on science and biology when we talk about the sexes. GENDER is an artificial construct of a society governing how members of that society should act and be. So–you did not “get the problem” at all. This is simply terrible reporting. What is wrong with you? How can you print balderdash like this and call it news?

    • Whether or not it is artificial – would you accept, as a matter of law, that a person with a Gender Recognition Certificate should be treated as the sex it says they are?

    • “GENDER is an artificial construct of a society governing how members of that society should act and be.”

      Of course gender is not a social construct, only an imbecele would believe that to be true.

      If it is truew, how do the feminists know men oppressed women in the past? You cannot know that without presuming someones gender from their appearance.

      Which is verboten by the feminazis.

  10. Whenever a woman on the internet declares herself a ‘feminist’, consider donating money so she can have a shave and glam herself up!

  11. The cat fight was about who can claim to be the greatest victim.

    These arguments over subtle nuances of doctrine, definitions that are in constant flux, are of the same nature as the theological arguments in the early Church or in Stalinist Russia. The fight is at its most fierce when the differences are the smallest.

    • Jolly Roger

      It’s not nuanced for the feminists. They can see that fake (wo)men (transgenderism) is a threat to womanhood itself.

      The transgendered fake(wo)men cannot help but demand access to women’s public facilities because they need authentication as women.

      The remarkable result is, that transgenderism is on a trajectory that destroys womanhood (and feminism): the very status that both need to survive.

      The Conservatives have abandoned the binary categories of male and female (once provided by Christianity through the Church of England) and the Left have done the same (once provided by Methodism).

      The Labour party’s ideologues are staring at the mutual destruction of their sectional interests (feminism and LGBTQI); and Conservative thinkers must be looking at the destruction of British womanhood and the family (both essential to democracy and capitalism).

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