When commentator Owen Jones was asked about the crisis in Venezuela on television and radio, he twice deflected the question rather than fessing up that his brand of socialism has failed the people of that unfortunate country.

Instead, in a classic case of Soviet-style whataboutery, Jones chose to raise the issue that the UK exports weapons to Saudi Arabia. Needless to say, no interviewer pulled him up on this diversion.

According to this parliamentary answer a year ago, however, the UK is also exporting weapons to Venezuela. In fact, both countries are on the same ‘concern’ list. A pity our fearless media interrogators missed this.
British weapons may be being used by the Venezuelan authorities to oppress the hapless citizens of a South American country which is dying due to the kind of socialism that Jones has promoted.

We wonder whether Jones is turning a blind eye.


  1. Owen Jones appearing so often on every MSM platform is a reminder of the callous hatred held for ordinary people by

      • Why wouldnt political parties hate ordinary people. Ordinary people have for years voted for parties that work against their interests by representing the interests of the EU in the UK. People who will vote for a political party out of habit or tribal loyalty no matter what that party does deserve contempt at least.

  2. A further instance of hypocrisy the other day was Vince Cable lambasting arms exports to Saudi Arabia.
    Now who was that Minister overseeing such sales in his former Cabinet post?

    • Vince is now back to his old unelectable, miserable, very repellent objectionable self, and lo and behold! has now re found his old Socialist moaning bellyache voice, where his conscience went to – ‘everything’s relative mate’ probably he never had one.

  3. As Alexi Sayle once said about his ultra left Soviet worshipping parents – when the facts changed, they changed the facts!

  4. “…our fearless media interrogators”. Like Marr? Like anyone from C4? Like Toady? I still can’t understand why Brillo hasn’t been sacked for blatant impartiality.

  5. According to human rights organizations and other NGOs, the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN) of the Venezuelan government holds political prisoners in the lower levels of SEBIN’s headquarters, which has been deemed by government officials “The Tomb”.
    The cells are two by three meters that have a cement bed, white walls, security cameras, no windows and barred doors, with each cell aligned next to one another so there are no interactions between prisoners. Such conditions have caused prisoners to become very ill, though they are denied medical treatment.
    Bright lights in the cells are kept on so prisoners lose their sense of time and the temperature is below freezing, with the only sounds heard being from the nearby Metro Caracas cars.
    Allegations of torture in La Tumba, specifically white torture, are also common, with some prisoners attempting to commit suicide.
    Such conditions according to NGO Justice and Process are to force prisoners to plead guilty to crimes they are accused of.

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