Leftie Lunacy: Who’s the Daddy?

A non-gender-reassigned transexual female (meaning of course, totally a man) marries a non-gender-reassigned transexual male (meaning, again, totally a woman). Not surprisingly it’s the 'father’ who gives birth.

And the BBC says 'How wonderful!

Either way, Mrs May will be celebrating.

The Conservative Woman

  • Bernard from Bucks

    Probably the milkman? 😉

    • digoridoo

      Or his horse…?

      • paul parmenter

        I think it’s ze’s horse, unless the pronouns have changed since last week. Do I have to keep correcting everyone on this site?

        • a misplaced modifier

          You’re on form today, Paul. Upticks for both comments!

      • Bosanova

        Trigger? Who pulled the fastest milk cart in the West?

    • paul parmenter

      You mean milkperson, surely. Stop being so sexist.

      • Craig Martin

        I used to be a milkman once upon a time.

        Most of the stories are just urban tales though.
        Most of them.

  • Orvis J Sage

    Goodness gracious, how we managed before the thought police came on the scene I have no idea. It is odd that the vocal, and probably deeply troubled, 1%, want to re-organise the world in their own image. The rest of us look on in bemused shock. I used to be an engineer on the mines in South Africa and I know what happens when you ignore and mistreat people, trouble and lots of it. Brexit was the first warning but I fear a lot of people in London and Edinburgh have not heard it yet. (I do not wish to offend but no-one really cares too much about the kingdom of the Kinnocks and Ulster still seems quite sane.)

    • Ed McA

      Yes, Ulster is except for the nationalist parties, greens and Alliance, the latter being the equivalent of the Lib Dems.

  • Dollop

    Almost as ridiculous as a virgin birth or resurrection, eh?

    • JabbaPapa

      You are a MORON.

      • Dollop

        No, I’m not religious at all.

        • JabbaPapa

          Thanks for having demonstrated my point.

          • Dollop

            God is a moronic imaginary sockpuppet.

  • evad666

    With this current level of insanity prevalent in Parliament can we halve their expenses as a starter for 10?

  • UKCitizen

    Shouts the lunatic as the mob throws him off the cliff!