Every so often, the Equality and Human Rights Commission pops up and reminds us they exist by saying something daft.

While welcoming the Government’s investment of £1 billion in the Edinburgh region, the EHRC’s ‘Scotland Commissioner’, Dr Lesley Sawyers, said that a problem with this investment was a lack of female and ethnic minority builders. Yes, really.

You see, giving a region lots of money to build shiny, impressive things and create new jobs is all very well, but if “only 17 per cent of employees in construction are female, and less than 2 per cent are from ethnic minorities”, moaned Dr Sawyers, what is the point of all this Government investment?

Stacked Stella and ripped Rachel: coming to a building site near you…or maybe not.

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  1. Sack this person and replace her with someone who actually cares more about Scotland than her right on, virtue signalling agenda!

    • You highlight the crux of the matter. These individuals should not be employed or connected in anyway with taxpayers cash. They are the most sexist, racist and anti-British individuals going.
      So much for the bonfire of the quangos.

      For several months I have been passing a building site. You know the sort: “small development of executive homes”. It is certainly small, 5 homes in total, but what I have observed is that the brickies, the groundworkers, the joiners, the roofers, the plasterers, the plumbers, the electricians have all been male. There have been two ethnic minorities. One was a young dusky, muscular, handsome chap that used to receive a lot of female attention, especially when he wandered around with his shirt off.

      Tell me something, given that the public sector is riddled with positive discrimination in favour of women and ethnic minorities, where else are these men supposed to obtain gainful employment? That bint is trying to narrow their already narrowed career opportunities to satisfy her own perverted lefty agenda.

      • The N.H.S. is skewed in favour of females -70/30, apparently – and I wonder how that breaks down in terms of ethnicity? I haven’t heard of the p.c./equality/diversity machine jumping all over that.

      • Having spent 20 years working in construction I don’t recall a single job application made by a female. Not sure of any ethnic minorities applications, however I guess that’s more related to the general population mix of the area.

  2. How does she propose to “force” women into construction? Because that’s what it will boil down to.
    Where are these “ethnic minorities” in the locality? I visited Edinburgh a couple of years ago and there are certainly a lot less than in London! Again, a case of the Left lacking arithmetical facility – if they ain’t there in the first place, you can’t employ them.
    Finally, as an interested party (taxpayer) DAK how much the EHRC costs to run?

    • there are certainly a lot less than in London
      In that case we can lend then a few, start with say Brixton

    • Did you not read of the Cheshire police Chief Constable’s recent dilemma? He was criticised for having a ‘all white’ force. Yes, that Cheshire, of practically no minorities status. They now have two non-white officers, ability unknown though I am sure they passed muster… Apparently, this is not enough, and the C.C. laments he may have to break the law and advertise for minorities simply to address a situation no-one but the equality/diversity maniacs thought was a problem.

      This story encapsulates all that is wrong, all I detest, about equality/diversity/p.c., and I am convinced the majority of people in this country are of like mind, so WHY do we tolerate it? I know why, of course, because our institutions, organisations, even politics, nay, especially politics, is riddled with enough of ‘them’ backed up by the full weight of the Law to ensure this madness continues and pervades every aspect of our lives. Nevertheless, I refuse to accept it and conform, and I can see the day the Law and I will lock horns.

        • I suggest you don’t wait. It will tell you all you need to know about this organisation, what an utter waste of time and money it represents, and why it is even more pernicious than it is extravagant. It needs to be disbanded, and quickly.

  3. Hmm, so I suppose any job sector without equal gender representation cannot receive more funding? Given that about 6-7% of primary school teachers and 40% of secondary school teachers in Scotland are male (2007 stats, see table 5b http://www.gtcs.org.uk/web/files/formuploads/current-demographics-in-the-school-teaching-population-in-scotland1763_324.pdf), I guess we must conclude that Scottish schools can’t receive more funding until they sort this out (if they haven’t already, but I doubt it). Must be the SNP’s excuse.

    It’s worth also noting that 95% of home economics teachers were women, but only 12% technical education and 24.3% physics (see table 6 – figures remarkably close to 17% in construction work). Sexism, or preference?

    • The absence of men in the classroom is a matter of huge concern, so we should have a positive discrimiation policy in favour of this oppressed minority (men) until there is a better balance between the sexes.

      • What man in his right mind would want to teach the kind of pupil one has to endure in this day? Friend’s in the past often urged me to go into teaching – well, the teaching, informing, part I’d enjoy, but the minute some smart mouth continued to disrupt my class I’d be reaching for the cane I’m not allowed to have.

          • The ‘wife’ bit of midwife is the old Norse / German for woman. (Actually it’s ‘Wif’ with ‘Vir’ being the male equivalent – as in virilitly, virwolf). Midwife actually means ‘with woman’ so is gender neutral, and all people, male and female are ‘man’.

          • Are you implying that ONLY women can have children? Oh, the sexism of it al!!! I must go and lie down…

        • When I was looking for a career change, every teacher or ex-teacher I spoke to advised me NOT to go into teaching!

  4. What about industrial accidents? What is the correct sex ratio, sorry I meant officially approve gender ratio for serious work-place accidents?

    • Well, if my ex wife’s attempts at D.I.Y are anything to go by, it is likely the equality nuts would be demanding male builders ‘self harm’, just to balance the ratio.

  5. I mention the following which sprang to mind reading the comments because of the p.c./ don’t offend connection.

    A couple of decades ago I lived in California. A single man, I was invited to my English expat friend’s young son’s birthday party. Now, my first thought was “Why would I be invited/want to attend a four-year-old’s party?”; my mate read my mind: “I’ve a bottle of ‘Macallan’ we can retreat to the summer house with…” He whispers. He and I are ‘small ‘c’ conservatives’, his wife has a lot of ‘Large ‘L’ liberals’. Scene set.

    The highlight of the party was the appearance of hirelings dressed as the characters from ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ (I know, I know…). One of the mothers, in a mock upper class English voice said: ‘Oh look, Brandon, it’s Sir Topham Hat” as a much larger than usual, frankly preposterously overweight, ‘Fat Controller’ hove into view; “More like ‘Sir Buster Gut”, I wryly observed. A chill descended. ‘That’s Sir Topham Hat”, blurted out Brandon. “Who, the Fat Controller?’ said I, still not cottoning on. Chillier. “We prefer not to use judgemental terms; here (America), he is ‘ Sir Topham Hat’, intoned the chief refridgerator. I couldn’t help but let out a involuntary snort-cum-grunt-cum- giggle. Arctic. I then, in best news hack tradition, made my excuses and left, to seek out my mate- or more truthfully, the Macallan.

    Now that I am familiar with the term ‘cultural appropriation’ I might have thrown that into the mix regarding Mrs. Frosty’s ‘appropriation’ of a upper class English accent, but I don’t think even the Libs had coined it at that time.

    • So, you were being culturally ridiculed by the ‘mock upper class English’ accent.
      Now would she have put on mock Southern black accent ??

      • We know the answer to that. Actually, a work colleague (in Los Angeles), of Mexican descent, used to – in jest – greet me first thing with his version of a upper class English accent (I’m not, by the way), which was awful; he’d say “Good morning, old chap”, and I would reply: “How are you, senor ‘homey’?” in a Speedy Gonzales voice Humour – the great divide conqueror.

  6. Have you seen those posters in motorway roadworks (equivalent of “we will not tolerate discourtesy to our staff, etc) showing a woman in a hard hat, with the slogan “My Mum Works Here”. I haven’t noticed anybody’s mothers doing any such work.

    • There’s rarely anyone’s daddy doing any work at these places so the chances of encountering someone’s mum must be vanishingly small.

    • The woman in the hard hat is probably the ‘diversity and equality’ officer on a inspection visit. I jest, but I wonder how long it will be before that is a realty?

      • As a matter of fact the larger Construction firms do in fact have such “officers” . Usually those that have a lot of commissions from the many branches of national and local gov.

      • At least here, many are also the safety directors for the site. Not that they have a clue, most of them haven’t even read the law, but they’re in charge and you’d best believe it, no matter how nonsensical.

        On the other hand, I have met some women in the trades, and for the most part they are superb, and usually doing the same things their dad did. Which is often true for guys as well.

    • There’s been a few adverts I’ve ssen recently it that vein on telly. The woman is invariably shown dressed in overallls with a hard had, and packing power tools, or she’s wearing a ‘science’ outfit (lab coat, safety goggles etc), whereas the bloke will be nursing a baby or working in design. If it’s sport, the women mustl be portrayed as a boxer, footballer or martial artist, and whenever there’s running or cycling, the women will be placed leading the men. It’s become cliché.

      • Totally agree! They are betraying the next generation. I feel so sorry for all of the boys who want to box, or do martial arts, or become scientists, or any traditionally masculine job. They have no role models at all from “progressive” media! It is a disgraceful manipulation of the next generation for the sake of promoting the lie of “progressive” gender ideology.

    • That statement is only there to stop complaints, if you complain they then say stop raising your voice! End of story!

  7. Diversity. Quotas. Social engineering. Political Correctness. Don’t you just love how it improves the quality of one’s life?

    This over-promotion of ‘diversity’, particularly in TV and film, is one of my bugbears.

    I can’t be the only one who waits in anticipation for ‘When will the ethnic appear?’ in a TV or Film production, regardless of how anachronistic or historically innacurate it is? It grates mainly because there is no call for it to be so in a script, but it gives the p.c. mob a chance to insert them into situations that don’t merit or call for it.

    If we are to believe the a ‘reality’ of such things, it appears every one of us has black (and, increasingly so, homosexual) friends. l’ll gve you a example. There was a series on, a year or so ago, about life for your average farmer/country bumpkin in the 15th century. The climax of the show was a local village fair. Sure enough, right in the middle, dressed in what looked like milk maid’s attire, was a black woman, not only that, but I noticed that in every camera pan, zoom, or wide shot, she somehow was, albeit fleetingly, centre stage.

    Another: in the film ‘Atonement’, a black character was placed centre stage alongside two of the main players, James McAvoy being one, for the Dunkirk beach scenes.

    Should I get irritated by this, or simply let it wash over me? Probably the latter, but somehow accepting a ‘resistance is futile’ attitude does not sit well with me.

    • I find a good game to play if I’ve not eaten recently is to see how far down I can scroll on the BBC webstye before I spot the first bit of feminist propaganda masquerading as a “story”.

      Yesterday I didn’t make it at all – the item about the terrible oppression of young girls by Clark’s Shoe Shop – which apparently is literally forcing every woman in Britain to wear pink high heeled shoes – was one of the three lead stories.

  8. My concern is why £1billion is being spent on a city in a country whose parliament is trying to leave the Union, yet remain in the E.U.. Shouldn’t we wait and see how the ‘Brexit’ and Sturgeon’s aspirations ‘dust’ has settled over the next two years before making such grand gestures? Where is the much-vaunted E.U. investment packages we are apparently to be deprived of, post ‘Brexit’?

  9. Did they ask Bob which gender he identifies himself as? If not, I think they should all be put against a wall and shot. It’s sickens me when people act in such a gender-binary, cos-oriented manner. Really.

  10. Seems the Scotland Commissioner has more interest in this than her EHCR position might indicate – Professor Sawyers is executive chair of a business she formed which is a “people science analytics and insights company that works with businesses and organisations to develop and align business performance metrics with diversity and equality strategies.”

    Meanwhile, Nicola Sturgeon has tweeted that it’s “beyond belief” that Clarks shoes are promoting the Dolly Babe range for girls, while the first minister herself shops at a boutique called Totty Rocks:


    • “People science”. Hmmm.

      Why doesn’t Professor Sawyers take up a trowel herself and join the building trade? That would help the balance. I can envisage her response to that…

      “Oh no, darling, I’m not suggesting we do it! Construction isn’t suitable for nice girls. I mean the hoi-polloi from those awful council estates. It would do those women good to get out in the fresh air and do an honest days work.”

      • I was in secondary school, a secondary modern as it happens, and in my final year there were lots of visits to industry and a couple of jobs fairs. At that time there was a campaign (can’t recall if it was national or local) to get Girls to join as apprentices in building trades. This was 1975 !
        So as I have observed many such campaigns in the many years since (the latest a local one based on a huge regeneration project ) I marvel at the continued insanity of doing the same thing and expecting different results. After so long of women’s “choice” and any number of campaigns it seems pretty reasonable to suppose the girls just don’t fancy it.

  11. Every man who applies for every job from now on needs to tick the “female” box on the diversity questionnaire.

    That is the only way we are going to get more women into construction. Women just don’t like it. I’m sure we could make it more appealing to them by making it indoor work with no heavy lifting, and nice and clean and safe. But then it would be secretarial work, not construction.

    Thank god I don’t work for Google, or I would be fired for saying that.

    • In one of the minor Universities (one that has Julie Bindel as an honorary lecturer or some such sinecure) it gave (probably still does) additional funds worth about £27000 to get more female civil engineering graduates. The adverts that accompanied this were revealing. Engineering it seems is different, jackets no more having to do site visits, wear hard hats or hi viz “vests” but lots more meetings, teambuilding and forming relationships. Of course utterly lost on the University but the message was quite clear females couldn’t hack it if it included leaving the office to deal with the reality. Seemed to be both the very definition of patronising nonsense and of course untrue, sometime the high heals would have to visit a real site.

      • Excellent way to kill any practicality left in engineering, although I suppose conditions might be a bit nicer in tech and software than you and I came up in. But in my world if you can’t give an answer in the field, even if subject to refinement later, you’re useless.

      • I know what you mean. I once escorted a female HSE inspector around. She came in a skirt and high heels. Silly me, thinking she would want to be all over the site like a rash. Nope, nothing high, nothing low, nothing where it was uneven…..basically nothing. She should have carried it out from google earth.

  12. While we are looking into the EHRC, who appoints the commissioners? Why, the Minister for Women and Equalities, of course. Who is a woman, of course.

    Which perhaps helps to explain why there is a bit of a gender imbalance among the commissioners, and why they routinely throw money at projects designed to further women’s interests while ignoring the problems faced by men.

    • On the subject of the EHRC has anyone heard a peep out of them yet about events in Rotherham, Rochdale, Newcastle, etc., etc., etc.? What could possibly account for their silence?

  13. It is relentless, the amount of these nonsense quota filling agendas just spirals upwards, even when total failure looms the goalposts are moved to make it easier for the failures to succeed even to the extent that all others are excluded from the application procedure, here is another wonderful example of that failure, time to lower the bar again.


    • “Germano was relieved as commander of the 4th Recruit Training Battalion
      in June 2015 after a command ­climate survey and subsequent reviews
      painted her as a toxic leader, but she claims her commanding officer
      undermined her for holding female recruits to tougher physical
      I never thought that the USMC would turn into a bunch of SJWs competing in the victim olympics. Obama seems to have a lot to answer for.

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