Lefty Lunacy: Cambridge University equality officer hates all white people

The head of Cambridge University’s Black and Minority Ethnic Society has launched a tirade against white people on Twitter.

In response to riots in East London over the death of a black man in a police chase, Jason Osamede Okundaye tweeted that watching middle-class white people despair over black people protesting was “delicious” and that “ALL white people are racist. White middle class, white working class, white men, white women, white gays, white children they can ALL geddit.”

Okundaye’s attempt to justify himself went very well indeed, saying that he "stated that regardless of sexuality, class, gender or age, all white people are racist - i.e. not just one type of white person.” That’s OK then.

Cambridgeshire Police are investigating the tweets whilst his mother Jennifer weighed in, saying that she has “told him off”. We wonder who he is more scared of, the police or his mother?

The Conservative Woman

  • evad666

    Can he not be sent down and his course cut completely?

  • Labour_is_bunk

    Please, please Mr Okundaye, go find a (non-white) country more to your liking – or perhaps your mother’s stopping you?
    What I’d like explained in general is why when a white person is killed or injured as a result of some sort of action taken by the police, the neighbourhood doesn’t tend to go up in smoke?

  • Sargv

    All white people are racist. We can not be ever changed. The only way to save non-whites from our daily bigotry that will never end no matter how hard we try is, then, to repatriate them.

    • Harley Quin

      Or self destruct. That’s the apparent present agenda of our ‘representatives’.

    • Coniston

      I read on the internet, some weeks ago, of an anti-white white woman who claimed that as whites were responsible for all that is wrong in the world, they should stop having babies, so that white people would eventually die out. As far as I could tell this was a genuine remark from some woman.

  • martianonlooker

    ” We wonder who he is more scared of, the police or his mother”?
    The cops will probably give him a community service award while seeing if they can turn this to a hate crime by Tommy Robinson. So, it’s his mother.

  • Bik Byro

    Yesterday there was an article on here basically saying that the police were wasting time investigating hateful “tweets” instead of ‘real crime’. To which many people agreed.

    Now that the police are investigating the hateful tweets of Jason Osamede Okundaye, would anybody like to reverse the opinion that they had yesterday?

    • martianonlooker

      Good point. However, aren’t equality officers meant to promote good relations between the different cultures in our diverse society? They wouldn’t lie to me would they? Or, do diversity bods have ulterior motives?

    • Sargv

      > would anybody like to reverse the opinion that they had yesterday?

      No. Because the society is in “eye for an eye” mode. The center can not hold. It seems that the West is on bring of new religious wars.

    • If the police stopped trawling Twitter period looking for easy targets it I doubt you would hear much complaint. But as they are not showing any sign of let up, I think they should continue to investigate all media post with the same vigour, regardless of the race the offending comment was to. In the name of ‘equality’ and all that.

      We all know that if you played the “other way round” game and a member of the Cambridge University’s White and Majority Ethnic Society made comment about all “blacks” being racist their feet would not touch the ground on the way to the Station.

      I am sure Mr Okundaye will only get a police caution and an academic tap on the wrist – with the hope this embarrassment will pass by the media soon.

    • SimonToo

      Yes, the police should not let it be any of their business.

      On the other hand, there is the schadenfreude of seeing a BMESoc guy being investigated for racial discrimination.

  • Harley Quin

    And only white people can be racist- according to the leftist ideological scam.

    So he’s off the hook, then. How convenient.

    • Sargv

      Their line of thinking goes this way: the only true racism is institutionalised racism. Hence the only racists are people in power. Which means whites, in the West.

      Of course, there are non-Western countries with diverse populations. But anti-white institutionalised racism in, say, Zimbabwe is “a reaction to Western colonialism”, so it’s okay with the Left.

  • Johannes Factotum

    Interesting: this is supposed to be a on-moderated forum, yet I have used terms that have appeared in other posts and are not offensive, and my comment is ‘awaiting moderation’; I wonder if it will pass muster?

    • You need to change a word or two and repost it, because it will sit in “moderation” indefinitely.

      It is not just a CW moderation, disqus.com also have a filter I think.

      • Johannes Factotum

        I have not used any words that have not already featured in the article or the comments: what’s the point of stating ‘un-moderated’ if they can be censored by a third party? Why should we have to remove perfectly acceptable words and terms that ‘they’ deem worthy of ‘moderation’? What a dangerous path to walk this is.

        • I remember having trouble posting a comment that included the sir name of a murdered MP named Jo – this triggered it as well as the name of the police commissioner of the Metropolitan police.

          My point is that it will not get moderated, it will just sit until comments close. Sometimes what you have typed is like my example above, just harmless – there are ways around it though, especially if you know which words are being picked up.

  • Ravenscar

    “The head of Cambridge University’s Black and Minority Ethnic Society”

    I’d have thought that, such an august and scholarly institution would shun such near interest groups, which are clearly archly at that, bent on trouble making and mischief.

    Cambridge university now slums it with the rest, what a waste.

  • Just the name “Cambridge University’s Black and Minority Ethnic Society” saddens me due to its divisive racialist name and motivations. If race does not matter (and it doesn’t) then don’t allow for the creation of organisations based on skin colour.

    The racialism of Mr Okundaye is evidence that if you create an ‘us and them’ concept, you will get this sort of friction.

    • Harley Quin

      I wonder what the reaction would be if a ‘Cambridge University’s White and Ethnic English, Scots, Welsh and Ulster Society’ got going?

      I think we can guess the answer to that one.

      • paul parmenter

        Imagine not just a society with that name; but one of its officers assuring the world that all blacks are racist. Every last one of them, without exception.

        I doubt if the police would manage to get to them before the lynch mob.

        • It certainly could trigger more looting of high street shops, er sorry “riots”

          • Harley Quin

            I don’t object to them for saying it. I support their right to say it. What I object to is the double standards involved – the sheer hypocrisy of it, underpinned by self serving far left assumptions.

      • Yeah I already answered that one to Bik Byro below.

        • Harley Quin


  • Liberanos

    In order to bring about equality in its most perfect form it is necessary for those struggling to achieve it to be non-white, deprived, left-wing, transgender and muslim. Although a form of equality may be established by those without these advantages, they are essential for the purest form.

    • martianonlooker

      I am surprised that your comment has not garnered any up votes. It is a succinct distillation of the fraud of diversity and illustrates why you are unlikely to find a white, heterosexual male being recruited into that job.

    • SimonToo

      You are holding up three fingers?

  • PierrePendre

    Why are the police involved? He’s expressed a free opinion in a free society on a legal platform and everyone is free to agree or disagree with him. It’s not a crime to be an idiot.

    • Harley Quin

      It is if you are white.

    • I agree, it’s like no one has ever heard of the phrase “sticks and stones…” we should be free to challenge the fool and prove he is wrong.

      But it is the evident unequal treatment of people based on skin colour that angers most people, like in another post I made, it fails the other way round test.

      • paul parmenter

        That is the vital point here. Yes, you can have absolute freedom of speech, where anyone is allowed to say anything with impunity. In such a society, idiots should be perfectly free to say that all whites are racists. Or much worse. Without getting prosecuted, threatened or assaulted. But such freedom must also be granted to everyone else; so all the other idiots must be equally free to say that all blacks are racists. Or much worse. Again without getting prosecuted, threatened or assaulted.

        But that is not what we have. Such absolute freedom disappeared long ago. What we have is a society that has enshrined laws punishing various kinds of “hate speech”.

        That in itself is a slippery slope, as we have seen too clearly already. The laws against free speech are badly constructed and invite abuse. But what makes it even worse, is that the law is not being applied equally to all. As indeed it never can be, because it is too far reaching. “Hate speech”, as defined, is happening all over the place every day. The police could never keep up with it all. So they have to cherry pick who gets investigated and who gets left alone to carry on breaking the law. Inevitably, it is those who shout “foul” the loudest who get listened to.

        It’s a shambles as it stands, and it causes more resentment. It’s like lighting a fire under a cauldron, while insisting that the lid must be kept on it, come what may. If you carry on feeding the fire and clamping down on the lid at the same time, sooner or later you are going to have an exploding cauldron.

        • JabbaPapa

          If “hate speech” were defined as it should be, i.e. “the incitation of hatred”, then things would not be so crazy as they have become — and of course, to simultaneously support pro-black anti-white demonstrations (i.e. riots), whilst claiming that “regardless of sexuality, class, gender or age, all white people are racist“, would most certainly qualify under that criterion.

    • SimonToo

      It ought not to be a crime to be an idiot. Sadly, I doubt that I can be bothered to defend to the death his right to say what I disagree with, but he should have the right to make a complete prat of himself. One would like to think that university is the place to get that sort of nonsense out of his system. But then, there are so many things one would like to believe were just so that it turns out are just not.

  • AJ

    I understand that the gentleman concerned is the Ethnic Minorities Officer for Pembroke college not the university. THere is a relatively small number of students at Pembroke, only a proportion will be minority ethnic and that of those that are general apathy and lack of interest will probably mean that he is the only one or there are only a handful who actually cares about this role or thinks it is necessary.

    The real headline should be ‘student obsessed with race makes foolishly racist remark’ which is not very surprising or shocking,

  • John Birch

    To be fair he’s probably correct to a degree because everybody likes to be with their own sort.
    Lefties present their utopian dream of us all loving each other and singing happily together.
    Everyone is terrified of being honest about this issue.
    His sort don’t like us or our ways , that’s not a problem our sort have the same feelings to him. (White flight from London )
    Chinese hate blacks, they think they are primitive, in Africa thousands of different tribes hate each other.
    Muslims hate each other, that’s why they kill far more of each other than us.
    Pretending otherwise is dishonest but that’s what we are always told we must do.

    • Harley Quin

      And which is leading to the disaster those with common sense can see coming a mile off.

    • jb

      I agree , there is a difference between wanting to be “With their own sort” and hating outsiders. We like the familiar. CS Lewis points out somewhere that because we like traditional British food we are in a better position to understand why the French for example prefer French food and culture to ours, it is soothing and comforting to them.,just as ours is to us. In other words the preference for one ‘s own people is a universal and understandable trait. Hopefully by feeling secure in our own culture we can be more tolerant of” outsiders “because we don’t feel threatened by them.

  • 3aple

    I don’t believe I heard about this on the BBC. Nor in The Guardian. Nor on Channel 4 News. Perhaps I just missed it.


    • paul parmenter

      I assure you that you would not have just missed it. If it was not reported, it would be because it was deliberately suppressed by the mainstream who do not want you to know that some black people are spiteful racists, and can sometimes occupy a position of influence from which their hatred can be propagated far and wide. And the reason they don’t want you to know this is because it cuts straight across their own bigotry and threatens to expose their cowardly, prejudiced narrative.

      Is that clear enough now?

  • 3aple

    Cambridge University’s Black and Minority Ethnic Society. Shouldn’t it just be an Ethnic Minority Society? Are Black’s not an ethnic minority? If so, why has Cambridge not taught them this? If not, isn’t it time this racist majority were banned? Why do Blacks get a special recognition in this society? Is it not racism?

    • SimonToo

      What would you expect those at Cambridge University to understand by “ethnic”?

  • c50

    The hollowing out of democracy by financialisation of everything-you are one step away from Reichstag burning mode and blame everyone for your insecurity. Perhaps you want to live on The Isle of Man-pure breeds there.

    • SimonToo

      That’s better out than in.

    • Budgie

      The hollowing out of democracy, for example the refusal to accept the Leave vote, is a characteristic of the cultural-marxist ideology that runs through our establishment. And it is those who champion it, from the BBC, to Corbyn, to Jason Osamede Okundaye, who are in “Reichstag burning mode”, though they use the control of language instead to try to subdue us. Why burn parliament when you can simply call anyone “waycist” to exercise your social control?

      • c50

        What are we leaving exactly-the Dunkirk spirit lives!

  • Dominic Stockford

    Is his mother called Dianne Abbot by any chance?

  • Alan Schenk

    While I agree with the comments here, Matthew Parris has gone on record in the Spectator naming all Leave voters as racist…why is he not being taken to task?

    • Paul Robson

      He’s not assigning people a characteristic purely because of their race (though the comment is cretinous, I agree). Its not calling a group racist that’s the problem, it is saying “All whites are racist”.

    • jb

      And why is it a legal offence to be racist but apparently legal to make completely unsubstantiated accusations of racism?

      • Reborn

        In the UK the greatest offence of which one can be charged is
        “racism”. Although now virtually meaningless, the gravity of the charge
        is comparable to heresy or witchcraft in medieval times.
        I do not believe that the scores of police officers, teachers & social workers
        who stood by while girls were groomed, drug addicted, gang raped & prostituted
        in Rotherham, Rochdale etc intended to be complicit in the vile crimes.
        They knew that merely being accused of racism would end their careers
        & probably bring violent attacks on their families.
        The problem has not gone away, anymore than has Female Genital Mutilation.
        Any crime to which an allegation of racism can be made against the police,
        or similar authorities becomes, in many cases, decriminalised.
        Of course if an indigene were to complain of hate speech in mosques, or racial
        abuse from immigrants, they might find themselves charged with racism.

        • Harley Quin

          You are right that to be accused of ‘racism’ is to be in the same league as to be accused of Heresy in former centuries. That’s because ‘racism’ is indeed a heresy in the secular Cult of Equality.

          Equality is a faith that people believe in despite the empirical evidence to the contrary. So great is this evidence that massive cognitive dissonance is required to sustain it. The hysterical denunciations which ensue are due to deep insecurity.

          The evidence is simply denied. As Hegel is said to have replied when a student pointed out that the facts did not conform to his philosophy, ‘So much for the facts’.

  • actthenpens

    people like this never should have never been given the opportunity to benefit from the work, inventions & progress of another group, either they will fail and punish that group or succeed and use the power gained to attack that group; this is becoming more apparent all across Europe

    • John Birch

      And America, and who makes the phones, trucks weapons and everything else Muslim terrorists use.

  • JabbaPapa

    It’s hardly surprising to see grotesque racism of this sort hand-in-hand with a cognitive dissonance so severe as to be frankly pathological.

    • Sheik Rhat el Anrhol

      `It’s hardly surprising to see grotesque racism of this sort hand-in-hand with a cognitive dissonance so severe as to be frankly pathological.’

      This might even have some meaning – who knows?

      I rather doubt it.

      • JabbaPapa

        I cannot teach you how to think, and I’m saddened that your schooling has failed you so badly.

  • Politically__Incorrect

    Its an amazingly reliable fact with these marxist idiots that you know what they are by what they accuse you of being.

  • RemAcuTetigisti

    SMASH cultural Marxism whenever and wherever you see it.
    Rally against it, attack it and never give up. The battle for the British and western civilization has come.
    We need heros to tell our children about so they can live free !

  • nanumaga

    I am almost routinely described as racist by another old fart of my generation who, is a Corbyn fan and has spent his working life in the education sector, tech support, without actually teaching or lecturing. He regards my Polynesian wife and our daughters as some sort of cover for my racism which, after 45 years I suppose would qualify as ‘deep cover’. It’s a calumny he hands out rather too freely when he’s loosing an argument in the pub – not an unusual circumstance. I no longer take it seriously but a close friend of mine was on the receiving end of this recently and was very upset. He calmed down after a while and a few weeks later when they met again the accuser had the grace to apologise, although he tried to qualify this by asserting that ‘we’re all a bit racist’. I told him that he was speaking for himself.

  • Sheik Rhat el Anrhol

    I hate everyone, to be on the safeside.