Lefty Lunacy: German police criticised for trying to prevent rape

Efforts in Cologne to prevent a repeat of last year’s horrifying sexual assaults have been criticised by Germany’s Green Party.

Officers set up checkpoints to stop and search young migrant men in the city after more than 100 women were groped, robbed and sexually assaulted by mobs of migrant men at 2015’s New Year’s Eve festivities.

It seems their efforts paid off, with thankfully no repeat of last year’s scenes, but Green Party politicians scolded these preventative measures as “completely unacceptable” and “sweeping prejudice”.

The comments come after Angela Merkel’s mad New Year message called for worried Germans to tackle the terrorist threat with “openness”. Thanks for that Angela.

For all that, her approval ratings are above 50 per cent and she is on course to win this year’s German elections. Her people are an unusually forgiving lot.

(Image: Metropolico.org)

The Conservative Woman

  • Aaron D Highside

    It seems to me that Germany is raping most of Europe via the EU; meanwhile, after voting to leave the EU, Britain’s financial situation continues to look better each quarter – unless you get your news from the BBC or the Guardian, of course.

    • Colkitto03

      This is spot on! The euro creates a level playing field that allows German efficiency and work ethics to dominate. Germany does very well indeed now that all the other Euro members can’t defend themselves behind their own fluctuating currencies.

      • Vera

        Of course Germany does well in the EU, it was arranged to do so resulting in bankrupting the rest. But if Germany wants to save the euro, which it does, then Germany will have to financially prop up the other failing countries. Meanwhile it also has to fund thousands of migrant refuges. One can’t help but laugh.

      • Groan

        Indeed one of the “hardships” that the UK will face on Brexit will be having to wean ourselves off our addictions to German Cars etc. The German economy boomed on the basis of the increased consumption from its less productive neighbours. Our “trade” with the EU is pretty one sided, in that we trade globally but have a strong importing habit from the EU/Germany. Though we won’t like the hit on our consumption and importations from a lower £ it should give a push to sorting out some long term productivity problems. In a small case this seems to be happening in agricultural businesses as they invest in new technology in preparation for the end of seasonal cheap labour. A microcosm of the dis-incentive to investment of having cheap labour.
        Greece being the most extreme example of an economy at first boosted by the Euro (really DM) but actually consumption of German goods at the expense of local development. Not actually dissimilar to what occurred in East Germany. To some extent we too have been a part of the same game with the £ probably strengthened (and our debts looking less precarious) due to the link to the euro/DM .
        Tough times ahead but much more in our control (for instance we could mount an export drive or buy british campaign).

        • Colkitto03

          Great analysis as ever Groan. I cant help feeling that Germany planned all this decades ago.

    • Vera

      Or listen to Nick Clegg, Tim Farron or that fount of all knowledge George Osborne.

  • Bogbrush

    Well clearly the actions of the police were prejudiced. They decided that on the basis of ethnicity the men had a higher likelihood of presenting a risk to women and acted accordingly.

    To deny it was prejudice, and racially motivated at that, flies in the face of the facts.

    The interesting thing is whether this is a problem.

    We are all prejudiced. If I came upon a tiger while travelling in the Indian jungle I would make a judgement of threat based not on the acts of the animal itself, but on my prejudice. If I was out alone on a Friday night and a gang of lads were drunk, shouting and generally busting stuff up I would walk the other way rather than wait to see if they beat me up. Prejudice is an evolutionary advantage.

    I’m all for prejudice. The problem is whether our prejudices are well-informed, or responses proportionate. There are rules of decency (avoiding being rude or offensive) and of law (not harming people) that have to be respected but to pretend that the instinct to assess a situation on the basis of incomplete information is evil is really stupid. The police did the right thing, and hopefully any of the decent men who were stopped would appreciate that.

  • 3aple

    Perhaps the Green Party would be happier if police also stopped and searched women, to ensure there was also no sexism in their selection.

  • Colkitto03

    Its hard for people in the UK to appreciate how German media is I’m the pocket of the Government and the establishment. They sing from the same hymn sheet as public cash is distributed tactically to ensure compliance.
    If you think things are bad here in the UK, believe me its significantly worse in countries like Germany and Sweden.

  • TheCitizenAct

    When will we come to realise progressivism doesn’t subscribe to principles, ethics or morality?

    For this woman, advocating women’s rights stops at the border of Islam. Then again, it isn’t actually opposed to racism, sexism, homophobia or xenophobia: opposition to racism stops at the border of white victims, opposition to sexism stops at the border of female perpetrators, opposition to homophobia stops at the border of communist tyrants and opposition to xenophobia stops at the border of hating western nation-states.

    It’s the inevitable conclusion of subscribing to cultural and moral relativism, a moral framework which would, when extended, deem interfering in a National Socialist’s right to perpetrate the holocaust ‘ethnocentric’ or ‘racist.’

  • James Chilton

    It’s not “prejudice” but rational profiling: the police must focus on the most likely perpetrators in order to prevent crime. In this case, it would be “young migrant men”. Given their past history in Cologne, they and their Green Party apologists, have nothing to complain about.

  • HansMartinMezger

    “For all that, her approval ratings are above 50 per cent and she is on course to win this year’s German elections.”

    Let’s hope that the German polls prove to be as reliable as the polls for Brexit and the polls for the US Presidential election.

  • RingedPlover

    Alas, I think they consider ‘mobs of migrant men’ to be a vulnerable minority who can therefore do no wrong.

  • weirdvisions

    Her people aren’t an unusually forgiving lot. They are an unusually politically correct lot. Any none PC Germans, and they do exist, now know who their friends are. It isn’t Merkel and it isn’t the Greens.

  • Phil R

    The Germans are worried about migrants.

    However, Merkel has looked after the German people’s wallets.

    Wallets always win in Germany.

    Also, the is no effective opposition. The AFD are slowly gaining ground despite the leadership.

    Rather like Scottish Conservatives……

  • Bonce

    Germany: Better to allow the mass rape of your women, than to be called ray cist.
    Crazy, crazy, crazy.

  • Politically__Incorrect

    The best thing to do with greens is to chop them up, boil them and eat them with a nice piece of meat. Anyone who would prefer to see mass rape for the sake of political correctness belongs to the vegetable kingdom.